East Indies: June 1608

Pages 173-176

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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June 1608

June 1–21 411. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Letters from Towerson, Browne, and Sydall, factors at Banham, dated September 3, 1607, read. Wilford's accounts in the East Indies and his request for shares of the carack taken there. Overplus of 2,500l. in cash, belonging to the third voyage to be set apart to buy timber, build new shipping, and prepare a dock, for which a committee is appointed. Concerning Sir Leonard Hallyday's debt to the Company. Tristram Eldrick's account in the third voyage to be audited. The garbler's account referred.
June 3.—Robert Pennington, adventurer of 137l. 10s. in the fourth voyage under Richard Stratford. Concerning Alderman Clarke's admission as an adventurer of 550l. in the fourth voyage.
June 10.—Money due in May last to be called in. Difference with Edmond Scott, touching his demands for wages, &c. Mr. Paslowe's account for rents received of the cellarage in the Exchange to be audited. To clear the account of the North-west passage, and give orders that the remainder of the money be paid to Mr. Farrington, treasurer, for the Company's use. Demands of the King's officers to be satisfied out of the money in Mr. Cordell's hands. About Mr. Bramley's adventure and the claim of Agnes Smyth; the Lord Chancellor to be made acquainted with the state of the case. Money due on the bill of adventure of Thos. Salterne, factor, who died in the Ascension in the East Indies, to be paid to his executors. Committee to consider whether shipping should be sent about Christmas next to fetch home the men and goods at Bantam, or not before the return of those dispatched in the third voyage.
June 14.—For supply of 2,500l. which the adventurers for the fourth voyage are indebted. Allowance of Robt. Earle for going to Hull about buying a ship. Concerning the admission of Alderman Roger Clarke, adventurer of 550l, in the fourth voyage. Bill of adventure to Phillip de Graeffe [Grove] and allowance for boat hire. George Eyre, servant to Thos. Farrington, treasurer, an adventurer of 100l.under his master in the fourth voyage, sworn a free brother. Mr. Mountney desired to make up the account of the fourth voyage, it being doubtful if any ships this year be prepared for a supply to that voyage.
June 21.—Committee to report as to reducing the third and fourth voyages to one stock, and for a supply to the third voyage. Committee to provide timber, and prepare a dock at Deptford. Letter received from John Mednoll to his master Rich Stapers, declaring what privileges he had obtained in the Indies, and offering them and his service to the Company for 1,500l. in hand; the consideration left to his return home or to the Netherlands. Gratifications to divers persons according to an order of July 11, 1607, to be agreed to with expedition. [Six pages and a quarter. Court Bk, II, 94–97.]
June 22.
on the coast of
412. Anthony Marlowe to the East India Company. Account of the voyage of the Dragon and Hector since 17th April [1607], the day they lost sight of England ; arrival at various places; obliged through sickness of the men to anchor in Sierra Leone river, which proved a happy place to them; the Portugals trade there for gold and elephants' teeth; the king and people negroes, simple and harmless; on 18th Dec. "for pity taken of our weak and sick men" the general [Capt. Keeling] anchored in Saldanha Bay, "the best and cheapest place to refresh men in these voyages that ever ships can come into," price of "a good large beef," a hoop of iron not worth 2d. in England, and good sheep at the same rate. Anchored 19 February [1608], in the Bay of Augustin; description of it, "no place to refresh weak mean at;" 20 April, in a bay upon the coast of Zaccotora [Socotra], and on the 26th before Tammorie [Tamarida], the chief town of the island, where the King lieth. Here the general spake with two ships of Surat who advised him touching his voyage to Aden and Cambaya. Of the coast and navigation of Aden, the governor and people, its nature and strength, the commodities it affords, and how our lead, cloth, and iron will sell; of the coast and navigation of Cambaya, Surat, and Dabul, and of all matters material to be known; our general by the help of his Arabic was by the Guzerats and Moors informed to the full Great danger by getting on shore at Socotra. Westerly winds forced the ship to Tamarida, where the general landed with 100 men and spoke with the King, but was discontented with him about the price of goods; Delisha six miles to the east of Tamarida. The general, having called a council, determined that the Dragon, with Mr. Hearne, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Savage, and Mr. Bidgood, should go for Priaman, Bantam, and the Moluccas; and that the Hector, with himself, Mr. Bucke, Mr. Femell. Mr. Finche, and Mr. Dorchester, should stay at Delisha till the middle of August and then go for Cambaya. Transfer of merchandise from the Dragon to the Hector. In great hopes to have a good and peaceable trade at Cambaya and Surat. Places where the different goods will sell. No man in England could have performed their long and tedious passage better than the general; commends his care of his men, his wisdom and his ability in language; fears he will be much wanted in the first settling of our trade at Surat. Capt. Hawkins has received instructions from the general. Commends Mr. Hippon as honest, careful, sufficient, and worthy; Mr. Mollineux doubtless sufficient in mariner's art, but will write more of him hereafter; Mr. Churchward very sick of the service; Mr. Savage a man of no command, but honest and a proper mariner; Gargrave, Dale, and Lane, young men worthy to be put forward. Advises that the ships should leave England by 1st of December, to prevent so long a voyage as they have had, "to your great charges and our bitter grief" [Wm.] Wallis and [John] Pawling, sailors, dead; [Jas.] Goodman, carpenter, and [John] Jones, sailor, lost overboard; also have died [Robt.] Dryhurst, steward's mate, John Newcome, John Asshemhirst, purser's mate, Mr. Quaytmore [Coytmore], purser, and [Edmond] Clarke, merchant; and five men sick ashore [out of the Hector]. Socotra a good refuge at all times for our shipping; the island very barren, yielding no commodities but aloes. Account of goods taken out of the Dragon. On 19th inst. died Mr. Blastock, master surgeon, “to our much discomfort. This day the Dragon is ready to depart, God bless her and us.” Hopes to sail about 15th August [in the Hector] for Surat. [Four pages and a half. O. C, Vol. I., No. 3.]
June 22.
on the coast of
413. Journal kept by Anthony Marlowe, on board the Hector, of the [second] voyage from England to the East Indies, Sir Henry Middleton, general, begun 12 March, 1607, until the departure of the Dragon for Bantam, now at anchor in Delisha on the coast of Socotra this 22 June, 1608. [Imperfect copy, sixty-five pages, the first ten wanting, made by Wm. Speede by the appointment of Sir Thos. Smythe, governor of the East India Company. Brit. Mus., Titus, B. VIII., fols. 242-269. Thos. Clayborne's account of this voyage is printed by Purchas, I., 185–187.]
June 25. 414. Certificate by Sir Thos. Smythe, Sir Wm. Romney, Wm. Greenwell, and others, merchants of the East India Company, in favour of Tristram Eldrick. By his former service in their behalf, very well experienced and capable to discharge any business appertaining to the place of a waiter or controller DOMESTIC Corresp., Jac. I., Vol XXXIV., No. 45. Cal., p. 442.]
415. Hugh Lee to Salisbury. A carack richly laden, newly arrived from the East Indies; but one more of the four that laded expected, one having been cast away in the Indies and another taken there by the Hollanders, yet they are very well both at Lisbon and in Spain, and are more free than His Majesty's subjects. [Extract from Corresp, Portugal]
June? 416. [Fras. Bucke] to the East India Company. Difference between Anthony Hippon, master of the Dragon, and William Tavernor, and endeavours of the general [Capt. Keeling] to make them friends. Names of the merchants with the general in the Dragon, and with Capt. Hawkins in the Hector. Thinks the voyage to Aden will not be attempted this year for want of time, but of necessity must seek for other places. Has related the miseries they have undergone in this long voyage. Certifies the names of the men who have died, with the dates of their death, in all ten persons out of the Hector. [Two pages, imperfect. O. C., Vol. 1, No. 5.]