East Indies: June 1578

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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'East Indies: June 1578', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616, (London, 1864) pp. 37-38. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol2/pp37-38 [accessed 12 April 2024]

June 1578

June 1. 96. Articles and orders to be observed by the fleet, set down by Captain Frobisher, general, and delivered in writing to every captain. To banish swearing, dice, cards, playing, and all filthy talk, and serve God twice a day; “and to clear the glass [every night] according to the old order of England.” No man to go ahead after the Admiral's light be once put out; nor depart further from the Admiral than an English mile. Signals in case of fogs or contrary winds. The Admiral to be first spoken with before chase is given to any vessel. Each vessel in the fleet to speak with the Admiral or Vice–Admiral every evening between seven and eight. Watch–words_“Before the world was God;_“ answer__“After God came Christ His Son._”" In case of fogs, trumpets, drums, &c., to be sounded, to keep the ships clear of one another. Warnings for thick and misty weather, and if land be discovered at night. If any ship lose company, she shall get in latitude [60], and so keep that latitude till she arrive at Friezland; and after she be past the west of Friezland she shall get in latitude [62] and [63], and not to the northward of [62½, for that is the midst of the strait, and 63 is the northermost part of the strait]; once having entered the strait, to shoot off a piece every watch and look out for smoke and fire, until all the fleet be come together. Signal for the whole fleet to repair to the Admiral. Disposal of the ships in case they meet with enemies. [The Armenal should be written and printed Emmanuel.] Punishment of disorderly or mutinous persons. [Five pages, mutilated by fire. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII., fols. 110–112. The words in brackets are not in Hakluyt, III., 106–107; nor the following:–“I am to require you in Her Majty’s name, that you fail not to observe these articles as near as you may. Given this first day of June 1578.–Martin Frobisher." There are also other deviations from the copy printed in Hakluyt, which is dated 31st May.]
[July 2.] 97. “Description of Meta Incognita voyage,” written on board the Judith, Edward Fen ton captain, Chas. Jackman master. Imperfect, extending to 2nd July only, on which day the fleet having entered Frobisher’s Strait, were choked up with ice and narrowly escaped destruction. The account of this disaster, in which one of the ships was lost, is incomplete. [Two pages. Brit Mus., Harleian, 167, fols. 181–182.]