East Indies: April 1579

Pages 54-55

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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April 1579

April? 136. “An order set down by the Queen's Majesty's express commandment, touching the supplying of such sums of money as are due by the adventurers in the North–west voyage, otherwise called Meta Incognita.” Divers adventurers, notwithstanding letters from the Privy Council [see ante, 7 Dec. 1578], have not brought in their money as directed, to the utter undoing of some of the owners of the ships, “and greatly to Her Majesty's dishonour being an adventurer, and having paid all such sums of money as were due by her.” It is the Queen's order that all adventurers, who have not yet paid, shall do so to Thos. Allen, treasurer, one moiety within ten days, and the other moiety within a month after, or be excluded from the Company and lose the benefit of what they have put in. All who mean to pay are to subscribe their names to this order. That no man shall pretend ignorance, the bearer has a schedule of the names of the adventurers, with the sums they, have paid, and what is due, subscribed by the authorized Commissioners. [Two pages and a half. Draught, with directions by Burghley. Indorsed, “Orders touching Adventurers in the North–west voyage.” DOMESTIC Eliz., Vol. CXXVII., No. 11. Cal., p. 608.]
April? 137. Fair copy of the preceding. [Two pages and three lines. Indorsed, with the names of the Lord Treasurer, Lord Admiral, Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Warwick, Earl of Leicester, Lord Hunsdon, Mr. Treasurer, and Secretaries Walsyngham and Wilson. DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVII., No. 10. Cal., p. 608.]
April 25. 138. Names of the Adventurers who have not paid at this 25 April, 1579, with the amount due by each; total, 2,167l 3s. 4d. due from 30 different persons, including 450l. from the Earl of Oxford (with a note whether the Earl or Mr. Lok is to pay), 77l. from Philip Sydney, 57l 10s. from Anthony Jenckynson, and 270l. from Martin Frobisher. Also the names of [seven] Adventurers in the second and not in the third voyage. Owing by Lok for the foot of his account. 1,217l. 19s. 4d., to be referred to the determination of the Council: also his rear account for goods returned in the ships and sold by him. Frobisher's account not yet audited. [One page and a half. Indorsed, “A note of the account touching the Northwest voyage.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXX., No. 42. Cal., p. 622.]
[April.] 139. The Privy Council “to the Adventurers to the North–west that be behind hand in their payments.” For want of such sums as are due, many that served in the voyage are yet unpaid, and the ore remains untried, and so unprofitable. It is the Queen's pleasure that so many as be behind hand, and intend to continue in the Company, shall subscribe their names for the sums due by them, to be paid, as expressed in an order set down by the Council. The bearer will also exhibit one other bill, to be subscribed, if refusing to be any longer an adventurer of this Company; he has a note, under the hands of the Commissioners, of what is to be paid by each. [Draught, with corrections. One page. Indorsed, as above. DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXX., No. 46. Cal., p. 623.]
"From the Court."
140. Copy of the preceding. [Half a page. DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXX., No. 47. Cal., p. 623.]
April? 141. “Names of them that be left out of this last bill, and those that be set less in this last bill than in the other.” This list includes Michael Lok 460l., Edmond Hogan 115l., and Thos. Randolphe, Geoffrey Turvyle, John Dee, Sir Lionell Duckett, Lady Martin, Mathew Fyeld, William Borowgh, and Wm. Harrington, for lesser amounts; in all, 835l. [Three quarters of a page. DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVI., No. 36. Cal., p. 603.]