East Indies: October 1581

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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. "East Indies: October 1581", Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616, (London, 1864). 67-69. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol2/pp67-69.

October 1581

Oct. 1 156. Martin Frobisher to the Earl of Leicester. Has agreed with Mr. Ughtrede for the price of . . . ., 2,800l., with all necessaries belonging to her, and her furniture. His honour to pay 2,000l. at three several times; Mr. Ughtrede contented to venture the other 800l. [see No. 180.] Hopes the ship will be sheathed in 15 days. No answer as yet from Lord Shrewsbury. Has not moved Sir Fras. Walsyngham, nor any of the rest but my Lord of Oxford, “who bears me in hand,” and would buy the Edward Bonaventure; 1,500l. offered, but 1,800l. wanted for her. [One page. Holograph. Mutilated by fire. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII., fol 86.]
Oct. 10.
“From my house in London.”
156. Dr. Hector Nunez to Sec. Walsyngham, Notwithstanding he does not visit any who are sick of the plague, yet being a physician and a Londoner prevents him from carrying the inclosed writing. Great riches arrived at St. Michael in 47 ships, on 13th August, for the King of Spain, who was received sovereign of the East Indies conditionally, that is, if chosen by the Governors of Portugal, to whom the people were sworn after the Cardinal's decease. Seven men from the Isle of Tassira [Terceira] sent on board the three ships from the East Indies to entice them to put into that port; but the Admiral perceiving their purpose took them prisoners to Lisbon to be punished. Refers to his long suit, and to the old saying “he that doth give shortly, gives double.” [East Indies, Vol. I., Nos. 7, 7. i.] Incloses,
157. i. News from Seville of the arrival of the Spanish fleet from the Indies, and account of the goods brought from New Spain, St. Domingo, and Peru for the King of Spain and other persons. September 14, 1581.
Oct. 10.
From the Court
158. Arthur Atye to Mr. Customer Thomas Smythe. Requests him to pay his adventure of 200l. in the voyage to the East Indies with Frobisher, to Martin Frobisher himself, and to take a receipt for it. Annexed,
158. i. Mem. that “Marten Furbusher, gent.,” has received of Thos. Smythe, of London, Esquire, the sum of 200l. Signed by “Martin Frobiser.” 1581, October 12. [One page. Brit. Mus., Harleian, 6993, fol. 10.]
Oct. 14.
159. Sir Francis Drake to Earl of Leicester. Is well pleased . . . . any adventure that his lordship … far forth as his ability will … this especially for that Leicester is . . . . famous an action. Nothing shall be wanting in him to be assistant to bring it to good effect, both with … sum he is able to give, and also that Mr. Frobisher . . . . with such sufficient men of Drake's late company . . . . some experience that way. Offers his . . . . in three several ways; will adventure in money … value of 1,000 marks, for which he will make some trial of his credit to furnish this action. Thinks he has a ship of at least 180 tons, as fit for the voyage as may be had, wherein he will bear the adventure of 1,000l., and furnish her very sufficiently in a short time; but if Leicester and Frobisher think it best to have the little new bark and the two pinnaces, Drake will bestow the like adventure. Will gladly attend his lordship's answer, being very desirous to show his dutiful service, and is willing to follow the directions of Leicester and Frobisher in every respect. [Two pages. Mutilated by fire. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII. fol. 97.]
Oct. 20.
160. John Hawkins to Thos. Smythe, Arthur Atye, or Richard Bolland. Has received his letter of the 19th instant, with letter inclosed from Sir Fras. Drake, of the 14th. Would be glad if his ability and estate were such as he might be an adventurer in this journey, but is hardly able to overcome the debt he owes Her Majesty, and keep his credit. His sickness continually abides with him, and every second day he has a fit; is more like to provide for his grave than to encumber himself with worldly matters. Neither adventurers nor any thing that is good can lack for the furtherance of so good an attempt; has had always a very good liking to the enterprise. [One page. Brit Mus., Harleian, 6993.,fol. 11.]

Oct. 26.
161. Earl of Shrewsbury to Earl of Leicester. Seeing Frobisher doth so far . . . . must needs think himself . . . . therein, trusting Leicester will persuade . . . . had rather . . . . attempted providing (?) his own ship than . . . . any other. Is bold to write . . . . to his lordship. Incloses his packet to Jolly, his own man, who hath the . . . . ship under himself, so that he may perform all [One page. Mutilated by fire. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII., fol. 96.]
Oct? 162. Earl of Shrewsbury to [Earl of Leicester?]. Delivered . . . . 20 days past to Mr. Carew, to be conveyed from Non–such. Strange he can hear of no man about the furnishing of his [ship?] Shrewsbury's servant, Baldwin, made Frobisher acquainted with the purser . . . . at Limehouse, where the ship is built. Baldwin gave orders to the purser, in Frobisher's hearing, to embark provisions in Shrewsbury's ship to the value of 500l., which Frobisher and the purser conceived sufficient for Shrewsbury's part. Believes this has been done unless countermanded by Frobisher which he has not heard of. [One page. Mutilated by fire. Imperfect. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII., fol. 80.]
Oct. 31.
163. Edward Fenton to Martin Frobisher, and in his abseuce, to Mr. Atye, secretary to the Earl of Leicester. The whole burthen and charge for furnishing . . . . ship will not exceed 2,600l. Sir Fras. Drake will not adventure above . . . . Wishes therefore, before young Mr. Hawkyns departs, that all things might be considered, young Mr. Hawkyns being of opinion that a bark fully furnished will cost nearer 3,000l. than 4,000l. Has conferred with John Hawkins, and finds, allowing 500l. for merchandise, that the charges cannot exceed 2,600l., to set her royally out. Desires things may be carried with a sound foundation, and young Hawkyns so employed, as he may have both countenance and credit, and the action not hindered, or he deceived by overmuch trust in his friends. [One page. Mutilated by fire. Brit. Mus., Otho, VIII., fol. 81.]