East Indies: September 1599

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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'East Indies: September 1599', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616, (London, 1864) pp. 99-102. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol2/pp99-102 [accessed 24 April 2024]

September 1599

Sept. 22. 256. “The names of such persons as have written with their own hands, to venture in the pretended voyage to the East Indies (the which it may please the Lord to prosper), and the sums that they will adventure, the xxii. September 1599, viz.”—
1. Sir Stephen Soame, Lord Mayor of London 200
2. Sir John Hart and George Boales 1,000
3. Sir John Spencer 800
4. Nich. Mosley, alderman 300
5. Paul Bannyng, alderman 1,000
6. Leonard Hallyday, alderman 1,000
7. Rich. Goddard, alderman 200
8. John Moore, alderman 300
9. Sir Stephen Soame, Rich. Carter, &c. 400
10. Edw. Holmden, alderman 500
11. Robert Hampson, alderman 300
12. Rich. Staper 500
13. Thos. Symonds 200
14. John Eldred 400
15. Robt. Coxe, grocer 250
16. Nich. Leat, ironmonger 200
17. Thos. Garway, draper 200
18. Geo. Holman, grocer 150
19. Thos. Hiccocke 100
20. Robt. Sandy, grocer 200
21. Nich. Pearde, clothworker 100
22. Thos. Edwardes 200
23. Nicholas Barnesley grocer 150
24. William Dale 100
25. Nicholas Lyng 100
26. Nich. Style, grocer 200
27. Lawrence Greene 200
28. Edward Collins, clothworker 200
29. Fran. Chery, vintner 200
30. Oliver Style, grocer 300
31. Rich. and Jas. Wyche 200
32. Thos. and Robt. Middleton, Robt. Bateman 500
33. Nich. Farrer, skinner 200
34. Francis Terrell 200
35. Thos. Farrington, vintner 200
36. Richard Wragge 200
37. Rich. Aldworthe 200
38. Wil. and Ralfe Freeman 300
39. William Romney 200
40. William Paule
George Canynge
41. John Newman
Reinold Greene
42. John Woodward, ironmonger 300
43. Baptist Hickes, mercer 400
44. Rich. Cockayne and Comp. 3,000
45. Clement Mosley
Jerome Suger
46. Richard Stephens 200
47. Thomas Wheeler
Lawrence Wethrall
48. William Chambers
William Stoane
49. William Adderley and Thos. Henshawe 300
50. Thos. Cambell
Miles Huberd
51. Wil. Garway, draper 500
52. Rich. Cocks, grocer 200
53. Ralfe Hamor, merchant–tailor 200
54. Walter Fletcher 200
55. John Robinson, senr., merchant–tailor 200
56. Leonard White 200
57. Thos. Cordell, mercer 300
58. Rich. Wiseman, goldsmith 200
59. Rich. Browne, &c. 500
60. Roger Owfield 300
61. Wil. and Edw. Turner 200
62. Thos. Cutteler, grocer 200
63. Edward Jaymes 200
64. Robt. Bell
John Potter
65. John Highlord and John Morris 200
66. Wil. and John Gore 300
67. Rich. Howse and Hen. Robinson 200
68. Thos. Bostocke
John Ramridge
69. Roger Howe 200
70. Wil. Harrison and Wil. Bonde, merchant-tailor 200
71. Robt. Lee, alderman 300
72. John Buzbridge
James Turner
73. Urye Babbington 200
74. Thos. Smythe, haberdasher 200
75. Nicholas Crispe and Comp. 200
76. Rich. Burrell, grocer, &c. 200
77. John Hewett £333 6s. 8d.
78. John Cornelis, goldsmith 200
79. Wil. Hallyday, mercer
John Duckett
80. Hump. Wymers
Rich. Edmonds
81. Augustin Skynner
Robt. Brooke
Thos. Westwray
82. Thos. Hines
Robt. Barley
Mathew Hamond
83. Rowland Backhouse
Barth.and Edw. Barnes
84. Sir Rich. Saltonstall and his children 200
85. John Coghill
Henry Parkehurste
86. Thos. Juxon, grocer 200
87. Rich. Barrett
Wil. Allen, mercer
88. Thos. Eaton
William Essington
89. John Cowper, notary 200
90. Jas. Deane, draper 300
91. John Coombe 200
92. John Swynerton, junr. 300
93. Giles Doncombe
Rich. Welbye
94. Edm. Nicholson, grocer 200
95. Henry Bridgeman, leather seller 200
96. John Suzan
Sam. Garrard
97. William Barrell
Walter Porter
98. Wil. Offeley, the elder 200
99. John Harbie, skinner 200
100. Ralfe Buzbie, grocer 200
101. Henry Poalstedd
George Whitmore
£30,133 6s. 8d.
—[Three pages. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I.]
Sept. 24. 256. Minutes of a meeting of the Adventurers in the intended voyage the East Indies. Resolution to apply to the Queen for her royal assent to an intended project, "for the honour of our native country and for the advancement of trade of merchandise within this realm of England _ to set forth a voyage this present year to the East Indies and other the islands and countries thereabouts," to make trade by the sale of commodities to be hereafter provided, or otherwise by buying or bartering of such goods, wares, jewels, or merchandise as those islands or countries may yield. Rules for preparation of the voyage: no ship to be received as the stock of any adventurer; all shipping to be employed, to be bought for ready money only; no commodity to be accepted as any man's portion of adventure, but all merchandise to be purchased by a committee of directors; fifteen persons named "Committees or Directors" to manage, order, and direct the affairs of this voyage, and concerning the suit to be made to the Queen for sole privilege to be granted to the adventurers for so many years as can be obtained, and for such immunities and freedom of customs as may be gotten. The names of the directors are:_
Alderman Goddard. Tho. Symonds.
Alderman Moore. Nich. Style.
Richard Staper. Nich. Lyng.
Thos. Cordell. Rich. Wyche.
Wil. Garway. Roger Howe.
Thos. Middleton. Wil. Cockayne.
Thos. Cambell. Nich. Leat.
Rich. Wiseman.
John Highlord and William Romney appointed treasurers, to whom the adventurers are to pay their contributions in November and December. The share of no future adventurer to be for less than
1599. 200l. Twelve pence upon every 100l. to be paid at once to defray present petty charges. [Two pages and a half. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I. Vide Bruce's Annals of the E. I. Comp., I., pp. 111, 112.]
Sept. 25. 258. Minutes of an "Assembly of the Directors of the voyage" [to the East Indies]. Resolution to divide themselves into two committees; the one to manage the business of the voyage and solicit the Lords of the Privy Council for privileges, the other to seek for shipping. Names of the two committees. A petition to the Privy Council approved of: which sets forth that divers merchants, induced by the success of the voyage performed by the Dutch nation, and being informed that the Dutchmen prepare for a new voyage, and to that end have bought divers ships in England, were stirred up with no less affection to advance the trade of their native country than the Dutch merchants were to benefit their commonwealth, and have resolved to make a voyage to the East Indies; they therefore request to be granted a privilege in succession, and to be incorporated into a company, "for that the trade of the Indies being so far remote from hence, cannot be traded but in a joint and a united stock;" that their shipping should not be stayed on any pretence, as the stay of one month loseth the opportunity of a whole year's voyage; that they may be permitted to send out foreign coin, and if there should be a want of it, that so much may be coined for them in the Queen's mint, out of bullion or plate brought in by their means; and that they may have freedom of custom for six voyages, "for that many experiments are to be made before the country shall be fitted with merchandise vendible there," and the Dutch merchants are freed for divers years both of custom outward and inward. [One page and a half. Court Bk, E. I. Comp., Vol. I. Vide Bruce's Annals of the E. I. Comp., I., pp. 112, 113.]