East Indies, China and Japan: October 1618

Pages 201-209

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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October 1618

Oct. 2. 450. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Petitions read from the widow of George Barkeley concerning her husband's goods, and from Catherine, widow of John Wallis, master carpenter of the Solomon, on the same subject. Barwicke to be entertained as chief commander in the next fleet. The allowances to John Hinchley to be increased in consideration of his having served the Company from the beginning of their trade, and his promise to set down in writing "a relation of the Dutch towards the English in the Indies." The letters for India and Barwicke's commission to be got ready against the departure of the ships. Powder to be bought from Lord Worcester at 3l. 16s. 8d. per barrell, being cheaper than is paid to Mr. Evelyn. William, father of Henry Walter, to pay 12d. a freight for his pepper. Petitions read from Katherine Coker for part of the wages of her husband, who is with Rich. Cocks at Japan, and from Margaret, widow of John Harrison, cooper in the Charles. Suit of Joseph, brother of John Tucker, deceased, at Jambi, concerning his brother's wages. Petition of Parslowe to have Thomas Elkington's estate stayed for a debt. Suit of Mrs. Barkeley concerning her husband's goods and wages. Estate of Thomas Byll, deceased, surgeon in the Charles, charged upon Wm. Methwold's account. Agreement with Edward Charley for the maintenance of Edward, son of John George, deceased. Petitions read from Elizabeth, wife of Simon Smith, brother and executor of Henry Springoll ; also from Thomas Taylor, John Baylie, Wm. Cotton, Richard Hales, administrator of John Washington ; from Margaret, widow of John Sparkes, concerning freight for pepper ; from Joane Bedford, sister to Alexander Trevell, killed at Bantam by the Flemings, for part of his wages. Suit of Capt. Geo. Wood and Patrick Kennydye, executors of Jas. Kenneydye, deceased, for his wages, and pepper free from freight ; also of Anna Partner, sister of Thos. Griffyn, on the same subject. Gratuities to Thomas Doughty and John Staple. [Four pages. Court Bk. IV., 215-218.]
Oct. 2/12. 451. Copy of the first complaint made (by Monox and Pettus ?) to the Governor (of Moghistan ?) upon their being detained prisoners contrary to the terms of the King of Persia's capitulations to English merchants. [In Persian. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 701.]
Oct. 3. London. 452. Sir Thos. Smythe to Carleton. Acknowledges his careful respect in "tendring the honour of your Prince, welfare of your country, and good of the East India Company here." The informations he has received from Mr. Bell are daily more and more confirmed by the testimony of witnesses now returned from the East Indies. If so worthy a trade be overthrown, they (the Company) will hardly sit still and not attempt revenge, which may in time turn a mischief upon themselves (the Hollanders), with repentance when it may be too late. Begs Carleton's mediation to hasten those Commissioners intended, and to press for satisfaction for our wrongs and losses and damages sustained. [Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 3. The Hague. 453. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. Has acquainted the Prince of Orange with our merchants' complaints at large, and finds him very sensible and desirous to procure his Majesty and his subjects, by his best endeavours with the States, all possible contentment. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 5/15. Nangasaki. 454. Alvaro Munos to Edmond Sayer at Firando. Transactions relative to the price and purchase of Japanese silk. [Spanish. One page. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 702.]
Oct. 6. 455. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Two chests of drugs and medicines to be sent to Bantam, there to remain, as other ships may have occasion to use them. Letter read from Wm. Methwold, from Bantam, of 20 January 1618 (see ante, No. 246), concerning the estate of Henry Patteson, deceased ; refusal of Swanley to be executor. Hanson's demands for Capt. Pepwell's goods. After conference with Lucas Antheunis as to what goods were fit for the East Indies, resolved that no cloth be sent to Bantam, but 400 pigs of lead. Barwicke's request for a double proportion of aqua vitæ for his ship declined because the country "affordeth good store of rackye, which moderately taken is as sovereign as aqua vitæ." The best means of having a good supply of provisions always ready at the Cape to be considered, whether from the Saldanhians or by planting in the country or leaving a ship there. Pennington, Sir John Holmeden, and Lord North's brother, suitors for the command of the next fleet ; can come to no resolution until the Company find the success of the business betwixt the Dutch and English upon the coming over of their Commissioners. Concerning the payment of the wages of Snell, deceased. Thomas Nutt's fine for his freedom to be lowered to 50l. Alteration of the names of ships ; the Merchant Royal to the Bear and the William and Ralph to the Star ; the new ships building at Blackwall and Deptford to be called the Ruby and the Diamond. Whitinge, Charles Clevinger, John Bardon, Saml. Squier, Barwick, and John Hinslow recommended for employment in the next fleet. Petitions read from John Fells concerning his goods. [Two and a quarter pages. Court Bk. IV., 218-220.]
Oct. 8. 456. Memorial of the Ambassador of the King of Great Britain to the States General. Wishing to know their resolution touching the sending of deputies to his Majesty, as he is detaining the courier expressly to send away their answer. [Draft. French. Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 8. Madrid. 457. Fras. Cottington to Sec. Lake. Hopes the rumours of the Hollanders having beaten the English at sea in the East Indies and at Greenland exceed the truth. Heartily wishes that fame had been a little more sparing, for wherever he is seen, especially in the best places and company, there passeth little other discourse. [Extract from Corresp., Spain.]
Oct. 8. 458. Fras. Cottington to Sir Dudley Carleton. The Court is full of advertisements of divers disgraces done to the English nation by the Hollanders both at Greenland and the East Indies. Is sorry to hear it so much discoursed among a people with whom in former times we had gained so much reputation, and with whom nothing is held so dear as point of reputation. [Extract from Corresp., Spain.]
Oct. 9. 459. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Swanley to pay 12d. a lb. freight for all his goods brought home. Silvanus Man recommended for employment. Committee to confer with Sir Henry Marten how far the Company may proceed in the business concerning Cartine. John Young, recommended by Sir Thos. Lowe, entertained for a purser. Gratuities to Richard Atkinson and Robert Washbourne. [One page and three quarters. Court Bk. IV., 221-2.]
Oct. 9/19. 460. Resolution of the States General to send over to England their Commissioners with the deputies of the East India Company with instructions to treat to the satisfaction of his Majesty and that of their own country. [French. Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 12. The Hague. 461. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. Has had audience in the assembly of the States General, and presented the petitions of our merchants (translated into Dutch) according to his Majesty's instructions. They afterwards resolved to send over three Commissioners of their body, besides the deputies formerly appointed by the Dutch East India Company. Two of these Commissioners, MM. Gogh of Guelderland, and Vanderdussen of Holland, visited Carleton and brought him the written resolution. Has had three visits during the week from the Prince of Orange, who Carleton desired to remind the States that his Majesty would expect the Commissioners to be particularly instructed and fully authorized in all the points specified in Carleton's proposition. His speech in particular with the deputies of Zealand, also concerning Sir Wm. Cockayne's business. The deputies of the Dutch East India Company to be at the Hague by the end of the month (20/30), and the ships of war to be ready to carry all the Commissioners over by the 23 Oct./2 Nov. so as to be in England within a fortnight. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 12/22. Nangasaki. 462. Don Ferdo. de Figuero to Maestro Sers [Edmund Sayer] at Firando. Is just starting for Manilla, and wants the printed cottons sent there the first opportunity. Will pay for them on knowing what they cost. [Spanish. One page. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 703.]
Oct. 13. Royston. 463. Marquis of Buckingham to Sir Dudley Carleton. The King thanks him for sending copy of the Act made by the States in May last against the English in the East Indies ; which his Majesty never heard of before, and would know whether Carleton had any intelligence of it while he was last in England or only since his return to Holland. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 13. 464. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Concerning the sale of commodities, including morse teeth, beaver and squirrel skins, whale fins, isinglass, and indigo. Account between the Muscovy Company and Sir William Russell Theodore Fall appointed purser's mate in the Palsgrave ; John Wetherall purser's mate in the Star ; William Kerford purser in the Bear ; Guy Tildesley purser in the Palsgrave, and John Booth purser's mate in the Bear. Letter read from the agent from the King of Sweden discovering the intention of an English captain to get his Majesty's leave to transport 1,000 men into Poland, as if to be employed against the Turk, but are found to be meant against the Muscovites, which may prove the overthrow of the Muscovy trade, and a breach of the peace with Sweden. Gratuity to Thomas Mills. Minutes of committees for Deptford and Blackwall concerning alterations and improvements. Honesty and sufficiency of boatswain Ingram, his allowance to be increased to ten shillings a week. Agreement with John Bickley, who went forth master mate at 4l. per month five years since, now returned master in the Hope ; the freight for his spices brought home, amounting to 155l., allowed him as a gratuity for his services, and concluded with at 8l. per month. Charles Clenningham appointed a master at 6l. a month. [Four pages and a half. Court Bk. IV., 222-226.]
Oct. 14. London. 465. Chamberlain to Carleton. Hears this night that Sir Dudley Diggs is come back from Muscovy. He has brought 11,000l. of the 27,000l. that he carried in coin, leaving the rest, together with the cloth and other commodities, rising to the value of 60,000l., which was the sum of the whole loan, in some trusty hands there. Knows not how his coming away will be taken, but makes no doubt he will make some good apology for his doings. [This was a joint loan by command of the King from the East India and Muscovy Companies to the Emperor of Russia, then at war with the Poles. Extract from Dom. Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CIII., No. 33, Cal. p. 585.]
Oct. 16-23. 466. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Agreement with Edmund Linngs to be master. Sylvanus Man's suit for employment referred. Difference between Sir Richard Smith and the treasurer respecting payment of a loan. Suit of Henry Danyell for a purser's mate referred. Concerning the accounts of the Muscovy and East India Companies. Bond of Edward Harvey and John Damaron, not to proceed to the East Indies in the Jason, to be delivered up to them. Petition of William, brother and executor of Geo. Pybourne, deceased, at Tecoe, for his brother's goods ; also of Edward Charley, surgeon, for his pepper free of freight. Minutes of a General Court. Sale of commodities, with names of purchasers and the prices. Concerning a claim of Catherine Gibson to the estate of John Brackstone, deceased. The accounts of the seventh voyage to be ended. Respecting the money proffered by the executors of the late Sir James Lancaster for his adventure ; declined until further advice, for the reasons stated. Gratuity to Thomas Brockedon, a factor, employed since 1611. Letter read from the Lord Chamberlain recommending Sir John Holmeden as a captain ; deferred "until some further time shall discover the passage of business betwixt the English and Dutch." Message from the Prince by Sir John Douglas, recommending James Erwin, kinsman to Capt. Wood, for employment. Letter read from Sir Dudley Carleton, from the Hague, of 12/22 inst. (see No. 461). Thanks received from the Admiral of France and other French noblemen for the kindness shewn to Mons. de Cane during his passage in the Company's ships from the Indies ; present of a bason and ewer weighing 100 ounces accepted from De Cane. Silvanus Man and John Bardon to be employed as masters. Gratuity to James Ferdinandus. Concerning the estate of Henry Patteson, late factor at Tecoe, deceased. Letter of Sir Dudley Diggs requesting that all censures be stopped concerning him until he has been with the King and delivered his reasons to the Company. Oct. 21.-Concerning the estates of Wm. Marynell and Henry Patteson deceased,. Suit of Diego Fernandus for a further recompence for his services at Surat, Acheen, Tecoe, and Bantam. Suit of William, brother and administrator of Robert Lorkyn, touching his brother's estate. Oct. 23.-The King to be acquainted with the proceedings of Lord Rich with his ships in the Indies ; also with a brief relation of the hopes of trade with Persia, and the dangers that might have ensued through Lord Rich surprising the rich ship appertaining to the Grand Mogore's mother. Sir Lionel and his brother, Randall Cranfield, to enjoy all the privileges of their freedom. Examination of the business of Henry Patteson, deceased ; found guilty of dishonesty ; Methwold, his executor, to be sent for home, who abetted him in his wrongs, and the charges against him set down in writing. Arthur Hatch to preach from the first verse of the first psalm before the Company. Concerning the late Robert Lorkyn's wages and debts. Gratuity to Libby Chapman, consul at Aleppo. Wm. Nelson's account to be audited. Claims of Richard Widdowes and Aaron Crowe Debts of the old joint stock to be called in. Committee appointed to meet two days a week about the Persian business. The accounts of the seventh voyage to be concluded. Concerning two houses built for the Company ; one very fair at Sia [? Siam], which is as great a city as London, and the trade great that may be made there ; the other at Patani. Henry Bates, now returned after seven years' service, to be retained in the Company's service. Petition of Thos. and Wm. Gourney and Anne Eyens, brothers and sister of John Gourney, deceased, concerning their brother's wages. Gratuity to Diego Ferdinandus. A court appointed for the fourth voyage. [Fourteen pages. Court Bk. IV., 227-240.]
Oct. 25. London. 467. John Pory to Carleton. Letters from Persia to the East India Company relate how Capt. Pring, who went general of the East India fleet last February twelvemonth, found Lord Rich's ships with a prize worth 100,000l., the goods of the mother of the Great Mogul, which Pring conducted to Surat, where it was restored to the true owner, for which act the ambassador and the merchants had great thanks and have purchased themselves much favour. "This is the fair tale which the East India Company do tell for themselves." There is news also which hath recompensed Sir Dudley Diggs for his defeat in Russia and his return home ; having lent the Russian Emperor 60,000 marks in the King's name, towards the maintenance of his wars against the Poles, he has obtained privileges for the silks of Persia to be conveyed across the Caspian Sea up the river Volga, and so through all Russia ; the same trade is settled to the use of the East India Company by way of the Persian Gulf, Jask being their port, and Shiraz, a city some ten days' journey off, their staple town or place of their factory ; the principal factor, Edward Connok, died a year ago. [Extract from Dom., Jac. I., Vol. CIII., No. 46, Cal. p. 587.]
Oct. 26. Lambeth. 468. The Archbishop of Canterbury to Carleton. It is well that the States are sending Commissioners hither to treat of all differences between our people and them, for albeit the East Indian business be a matter worth the congratulating against the Portugal, yet other things in Greenland are fit to be accommodated also. Their insufferable acts and lewd speeches against the King and English nation no wise man can imagine but that they were fomented by Barneveldt and his accomplices. [Extract from Holland Corresp. Entry Book.]
Oct. 27. 469. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Conference on the best course for procuring coral to be sent to Persia ; the unpolished yields 25 per cent. profit, of which 300 chests go yearly to the Red Sea. Letter read from Wm. Hatcher from York House, giving notice, by direction of the Lord Chancellor, of a patent brought to the Great Seal granting Lord Rich, Sir Robert Mansell, and others sole trade in Guinea and Binney, "which his Lordship caused to be stayed until he might be satisfied from Mr. Governor whether it would be prejudicial to those Companies he is interested in ; the Company, much bound to his Lordship, appoint a committee to attend him with explanations and let him know how far other adventurers have proceeded in the voyage to Senegal. The commission and letters for Persia to be sent by the next ships. Finch to be present at the examination of Gourney's business. Richard Haselwood to be a factor, and Francis Stephens a purser's mate. Thomas Thornton appointed steward. James Erwin on the recommendation of the Prince's treasurer, "hearing that he is a pretty artist, yet never brought up to take pains as a seaman, they resolved of entertaining him for a master's mate." [Two pages. Court Bk. IV., 240-242.]
Oct. 29. The Hague. 470. Carleton to the Marquis of Buckingham. The States Act of authorization of the resolution taken by their merchants in the East Indies against the English came casually into his hands before his journey to England, but he would not presume to take any public notice of it until he found by sounding some of the States that it could not be disavowed. Design to frame a West Indian Company after the East Indian Company ; if the King allow of the proceeding, and there be any concurrence in England, it will soon be resolved. Mons. Gooch, the Deputy of Guelderland, is much devoted to his Majesty's service and well affected in religion ; with him more confidence may be used than Carleton can promise for the rest. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 29. The Hague. 471. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. The ship is in readiness at Rotterdam, and the Commissioners promise to be within the space of a week. Is intreated by the States to request the King to countermand any order for making stay of their East Indian ships, lest proceeding by force should interrupt a treaty wherein they profess to go sincerely minded. Told them he understood of no such order given. Thinks no time so improper to alienate the minds of these people, as they are in a fair way of stricter conjunction to his Majesty than ever. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Oct. 29. Jambi. 472. Henry Parkin als Woollman to President Ball. Arrived in safety seven days after his departure from Bantam. Thanks for his preferment. [Half a page. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 704.]
Oct. 29. Jambi. 473. Richard Westby to President Ball. The Francoise arrived on the 12th. Hopes the Hound will be ready to sail within ten days, fully laden, and that he will be in Bantam shortly after. Price given by the Flemings for pepper. The James not yet arrived. Thinks when "the Mallancaboes" come down there will not be a cloth left. [One page. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 705.]
Oct. 30-31. 474. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Letter read from the Lord Admiral desiring to be informed of the truth of a report of the capture of two of Ld. Rich's ships in the Indies ; his Lordship to be given an inkling of the business to the same effect as to his Majesty, that the relation came overland, but nothing can absolutely be known until the return of a ship which is daily expected. Letter read from my Lord of Buckingham signifying the King's good acceptance of the news sent, saying that Sir Thos. Smythe's letters ever brought such news as he liketh. The Charles, Diamond, and Ruby to be sent to Surat. A good capital in money to be sent to, and all the Muscovy Company's dollars bought for, Persia and Aleppo. Extraordinary report of Mr. Pennington, who was captain in a ship with Sir Walter Raleigh, for his knowledge and sufficiency to command. Oct. 31.-Petition read from John Helmore, a gunner at Pooloroon, subscribed by Nath. Courthope, to allow his wife four months' of his pay yearly. Suits of Matthew Saywell concerning the freight of his pepper, and of Cuthbert, brother and executor of Thos. Armestrong, on the same subject. Petition of Joan, wife of Josias Underhill, who was taken by the Flemings in the Swan and remains with them in bonds for part of her husband's wages. Petition of Anne, who asserts herself to be the widow of Simon Score, for her late husband's wages, refused, as he was never married, and she is found a "consoninge quean." Suit of Samuel Squire, having served nine years and as commander of the Endeavour to Jambi, and of Henry Crosby for gratuities. [Two pages and three quarters. O.C., IV., 242-245.]
Oct. 31. London. 475. John Pory to Sir Dudley Carleton. Our East India Company have contracted with the King of Persia to bring their silks by the Persian Gulf, paying one-third in money and two-thirds in commodities. This will undo the Turk, who bring that for 150,000l. by the year which costs Christendom 800,000l., and unspeakably enrich our kingdom, themselves at least. [Extract from Dom., Jac. I., Vol. CIII., No. 61, Cal. p. 588.]
Oct. 31. Succadana. 476. Geo. Cokayne and John Hayward to President Ball. All the cloth, copper, iron, and some lead sold. Goods which are vendible at Succadana and which the factor is in want of. Cokayne hopes a pinnace will arrive in time to prevent his losing this year's passage for England. No Dutch ship arrived since the Rose departed. Hears no news from the eastward except that at Japara the Mattaram has put the swaggering Flemings all to the sword. [One page. Indorsed, "Received 30 November 1618." O.C., Vol. VI., No. 706.]
Oct.? 477. Articles of peace, intercourse, and concourse between the high and mighty King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, and the renowned King of Jacatra, treated and concluded by the King himself on his part, and in the behalf of the King of Great Britain, &c., by George Ball, supervisor of the English factories, and Martin Pring, captain of the James Royal, Octo [mutilated]. [In a minute made at the India Office, this paper is called an "Unsigned Project of Articles of Peace," and it is stated "that the treaty actually concluded was dated 14 January 1618-9." One page, mutilated by damp. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 789.]