East Indies, China and Japan: February 1620

Pages 351-353

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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February 1620

Feb. 17. The Hague. 807. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. The King of Denmark found a difficulty in purchasing a ship of about 1,000 tons in North Holland, for which he pays 50,000 florins, unless he would give caution to the value of 100,000 florins that the ship should not be employed in the East Indies. This was represented to the States as an unreasonable condition, and unfit for a friendly Prince, and is laid aside. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Feb. 18. 808. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Things provided by Woodall for the surgeons' chests to be shown to Drs. Torye and Raven, and if approved, to be sent down to Gravesend. Wages allowed to Richard Swanley, prisoner with Mr. Davies in the Moluccas, in consideration of his long and tedious imprisonment. Letter read from Mathew Moreton, master of the Unity, about the ship's furniture. Suit of Ferris, Poole, and others, on behalf of John Holland, a factor, formerly entertained but dismissed. Gratuity to John Holland, purser of the Anne, for his service in the country house. Motion of the Governor in behalf of Jeremy Sambrooke, who has long served the Company as an acconntant. Concerning Barlowe, formerly entertained to proceed as the Company's agent to the Low Countries ; some more eminent man to be thought on. The salary of Thos. Rastell, who is to succeed Browne as chief at Surat, to be increased to 200l. pr. ann. A sufficient man to be sent to Bantam to keep their stores there. Advice of Sir Thos. Roe to write to Surat to put (give up) the house at Sarqueis, of which there is now little or no use. Petition of John Woodfall on behalf of John Peirson, who went out with Raph Presson, and hath served six years for a salary. [One page and a quarter. Court Bk. IV., 523-525.]
Feb. 20. Lisbon. 809. John Stone to Sec. [Naunton ?] Four carracks provided to go hence this spring to the East Indies ; a general press of men to serve in them. Dissolution of the fleet that had been so many years preparing for China. The Admiral and Vice Admiral cast away by foul weather near Cadiz. [Extract from Portugal Corresp.]
1620. Feb. 21. 810. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Committee to go to Gravesend, to dispeed away the Surat fleet. Letter read from Barlowe, concerning the Company's purpose to choose some more eminent man skilful in the civil law, to proceed as their agent to the Low Countries ; discussion thereon. "Long debate" on the contents of a letter from the King of 17 February, requiring the Company to satisfy Lord Warwick's charges for his voyage, which charges to be agreed on by arbitrators indifferently chosen, and if they cannot conclude the King then to nominate a person of quality to be umpire between them. Information of Alderman Halliday of what took place when he and the rest attended the King, therefore the letter seemed to be obtained upon undue suggestions. Committee appointed to attend his Lordship at his house in Holborn, and insist on their former resolution, in which case "the Company would be no gainer by my Lord, and that they had always understood the King's pleasure to be that they should be no losers." Motion of Mr. Fitzherbert on behalf of a minister of the west country who hath a living of 200l. a year, and yet desires to proceed on the voyage. Minutes of a meeting for the United Companies. Debate on the propositions argued at the last court concerning the stock of the United Companies in Muscovy ; committee appointed to receive any offer, &c. Feb. 25.-Gratuity to Raph Harries, surgeon of the Hart, for his assistance to Woodall. Henry Short, factor, to sail in the Anne, and Edw. Meade, factor, in the Exchange. Feb. 28.-Capt. Shilling's wages. Edward Withers to carry his Majesty's letters to the Great Mogul overland. The good offices of James Bag, of Plymouth, to be retained. The white wine, which cost 16l. per ton, judged weak and dear. March 3.—The Unity, at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, to proceed on her voyage, and not wait to sail with the Surat fleet. Request of Fras. Taylor concerning his debt ; also of Richard Poulson. Motion of Rowland Reynolds touching his suretyship with Wm. and Robt. Angell. Debts of Roger Dye, John Shipton, and Raph King. Gratuity to John Goning employed in the country house. Petition of Nicholas Rawlidge on behalf of Raph Robinson, his apprentice, prisoner in St. Katherine's, for having neglected his duty abroad. Letter read from Lord Warwick on behalf of John Garret, a sailor, for a gratuity, Garret affirming that he and one other only were mariners and knew their labour at sea. Motion on behalf of Thos. Jones, factor at Patani, about his further entertainment. Petition of Jeremy Sambrooke, who has served eleven years (in the country house), for increase of wages ; 60l. a year allowed. Petition of John Alkin for allowance for four or five years' service on shore in the company's service ; finding he ran away at Surat from Sir Henry Middleton, and was with Sir Robt. Sherley during the time he pretends to have been in their service on shore, and that no wages are due, but rather punishment. Mr. Totten concerning his goods. Wages of Quoitmore, wounded in fights with the Hollanders. Letter read from the Lord Chancellor on behalf of one Spring, for employment. Letter to be written to M. Boreel, that if the Dutch think fit to hasten their fleet they may be in time to sail in consortship with the English fleet. [Five pages and a half. Court Bk. IV., 525- 530.]