East Indies, China and Japan: April 1620

Pages 365-367

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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April 1620

April 1. Surat. 830. Instructions to John Banggam going to Agra from Surat. To be assistant in the factory at Agra or Lahore, Walter Harvey, intended for those parts, not being able to undertake the journey. To go by way of Ahmedabad with certain cloths to be delivered to Robt. Yong, and if necessary intreat Mr. Browne's assistance in procuring camels. Directions as to money to be delivered to Fetiplace at Agra, if he go with the Prince's convoy, to give out that it is quicksilver, "under colour whereof it hath proceeded thither, being made up alike." Martin advised touching his visit to Baroach. Signed by Thos. Kerridge, Thos. Rastell, Giles James, and Edward Heynes. [Two pages. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 848.]
April 1. Surat. 831. Instructions to John Banggam from Ed. Heynes for sale and purchase of goods on the latter's own private account. [One page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 849.]
April 3. 832. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Gratuity to Anthony Morbeck, a Dutchman, one of Lord Rich's company who returned in the Bull. Opinion of Sir Thos. Roe touching Christopher Farewell ; resolution to let matters rest until the return of Browne or Keridge, who are expected shortly. 50l., a fourth part of the gratuity voted to Sir Thos. Roe for this present year, to be paid to him. April 4.-Request of Lady Lee, lately Mrs. Tomazin Quarles, to have her adventure of 1000l. in the new stock, in her name of Quarles, set over to her account by the name of Dame Tomazin Lee. Touching the recovery of the Anne. Letter read from Sir Henry Marten on behalf of Edward Gravenor, a decayed woollen draper, for employment. Note from Mr. Crispe concerning Sir Thos. Lake's adventure. The musk to be sold ; George Ball condemned for its bad quality. Minutes of a General Court. Concerning Mellyn's violent and factious behaviour ; the Governor of opinion he should be forbidden their Courts. Touching a sixth capital for the indigo ; the price of the flat indigo to be 4s. 10d. per lb. and of the rich 5s. 6d. per lb. Sale of commodities, with names of the purchasers and the prices. [Four pages and three quarters. Court Bk IV., 553-557.]
April 12. Aboard the London. 834. Consultation concerning the outward passage of the fleet, signed by Andrew Shillinge, Rich. Blyth, Rich. Swann, Christopher Browne, Wm. Baffen, Justinian Offlye, John Clarke, Fras. Pinder, and Nicholas Crisp. [Half page.] Also, May. 6.-Consultation held aboard the Hart. The London and Roebuck to ply for Surat ; the Hart and Eagle to accompany each other to Jask, according to the Company's order. Signed as above, but by Henry Darell and Thos. Thomson instead of Fras. Pinder and Nich. Crisp. [Half page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 850.]
April 15. Aboard the Unicorn, Bantam Road. 835. Thos Brokedon and Aug. Spaldinge to the factory at Jambi. On their arrival on 8th April with eleven sail, in the Straits of Sunda, met the Bull sent from England purposely to give notice of the happy union and peace. Heard also of the loss of the Sampson and Hound, death of Jourdain, and divers others slain in fight. Have received letter from John Smelt, factor, dated in Aniar, 12 Feb. last, directed to Phil. Badnedge, concerning the factory of Jambi ; remarks thereon ; also concerning the sailors who came there with Welden from Patani, and their agreement with the President and Council of the Holland Company concerning the pepper. Require them to live in love and amity with the Hollanders. The Company have made choice of him, Brokedon, to succeed the late Jourdain as President until Rich. Fursland arrives from Acheen. [Two pages. O.C., Vol. VII, No. 851.]
April 15. Surat. 836. Joseph Hopkinson to John Banggam at Ahmedabad. Departure of Martin from Baroach, and sale of some of his goods. Glad to hear that himself and Heynes go to Brodera within a month. Were all at "the Dutches" (Hollanders) on Sunday night, where they had such extraordinary cheer as he has seldom seen. Yesterday, Good Friday, they had a sermon, and to-morrow night feast the Dutch. The goods for Burrampoor in state of forwardness. A man has had his head cut off, and was afterwards hanged upon a stake, and there he hangeth, for robbing a Doobee. Remembrances to John and Robt. Young and his brother Jos. Walker. [One page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 852.]
1620. April 20. 837. John Banggam to Thos. Kerridge at Surat. Death of John Browne, who changed this life (no doubt for a better) yesterday morning (19 April). He made his will the night before, copy of which Mr. Bickford sends herewith (wanting), and was buried yesterday afternoon. Doubts not but he heard of his safe arrival with his charge at Baroach. On arriving at Agra will be diligent in his service. [One page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 853.]
April 21 to May 30. 838. "Extracts taken out of the several joint consultations of the English and the Dutch in the Indies, after the arrival of the ship the Bull, and before the arrival of the ship Vrode, proving both publication and execution of the treaty." [Holland Corresp.]
April 29. London. 839. Chamberlain to Carleton. Here is speech that the King of Denmark hath discovered the North-west passage by means of an English pilot. [Extract from Domestic., Jas. I., Vol. 113., No. 92. Cal. p. 140.]
April 30. 840. Penal Orders to be observed of all men aboard the Royal Exchange, signed by Humfry Fitzherbert. Endorsed. Capt. Fitzherbert's orders for his fleet. [Five pages and a half. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 855.]