East Indies, China and Japan: June 1620

Pages 375-378

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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June 1620

June 2/12 Jacatra. 857. Instructions from the Council of Defence to Robt. Adames, admiral, Wm. Jonson, vice-admiral, and the Council of ten ships belonging to the Companies of England and Holland trading to the East Indies, ordained to sail from Firando to the Manillas ; that the five English ships, the Moon, Palsgrave, Elizabeth, Hope, and Bull, and five Holland ships, the Bantam, Trow, Harlem, Hope, and St. Michael, with 600 men in each of the five ships, sail for the Manillas, both for the weakening of our common enemy, and to draw the China trade to themselves. The Council of the fleet "to determine of all ensuing accidents," to consist of 12 persons, Robt. Adames, president ; Chas. Clevenger, commander of the Palsgrave ; Edmund Lennis, commander of the Elizabeth ; Joseph Cockram, Cape merchant ; John Mundayne, commander of the Bull ; and Henry Carnaby, commander of the Hope ; also of the Hollanders, Wm. Janson, vice-admiral ; Douwe Annes, Jacques la Feuir, Wm. Janson, Henry Vaecht, and Leonard Jacobson. To leave Firando about beginning of January 1621 new style, for the Manillas, where they shall remain till the end of June, &c. [Three pages and a half. Endorsed, "Instructions for fleet of Defence from Jacatra, 1620. Received in Firando out of the Moon, the 25 July, Capt. Thos. (sic.) Adams, admiral." O.C., Vol. VII., No. 871.]
June 9. Ispahan. 858. Robt. Jetferies, John Amye, John Purefey, and John Benthall to Wm. Bell at Shiraz. Purchase of pepper at Shiraz by commission from Edward Monnox. [Indorsed, "Received 27 January 1620(-1) by the way of Aleppo by Mr. Taverner. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 872.]
June 10 The Hague. 859. Carleton to Chamberlain. Is heartily sorry for the blow our men have received in the East Indies, and wishes it lay any way in his power to repair it ; "for howsoever the committees of the Company have used me first by neglect and since by mocking both myself and my friends who sought to have me remembered, yet their discourtesy cannot make me forgetful of the honor of our nation in general, nor insensible of the Company's loss in particular, and as I have always done, so shall I continue to furiher their affairs as if I had an adventure amongst them." Believes more blows will be heard of before news of the accord can be with them in the East Indies, for our men will assuredly seek revenge, though they be much weakened by their loss. Has received his Majesty's orders to complain and require restitution. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
June 12. The Hague. 860. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. Has acquainted the Prince of Orange with the outrages of the Hollanders upon his Majesty's subjects in the East Indies, the men they had slain, the ships and goods taken by open hostility, and their scornful speeches and actions in contempt of his Majesty, of all which he was very sensible, but doubted whether they could have received news of the accord betwixt the two Companies ; however, he concluded that restitution must be duly made. Hopes to find the States no less well inclined, intending next week when M. Goch is to be President to demand audience of them in their assembly. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
June 12. Ispahan. 861. Jefferies, Purifie, and Amye, to Edward Monox (at Court). Arrival of Morat, their servant, with the caffila of 150 asses ; send him to Monox according to his order. Commodities sold and their value ; the English factory has been much abused. Their present of dogs is almost come to nothing, Twig, Swan, and one of the beagles grew mad, whereof they died, albeit Fras. Mason hath taken great pains with them. "The coach is brought again into his pride," and will he believes prove an acceptable present. The pictures dried and spoiled. "We took out the horse, which was in best condition, and washed him in white wine, and have put him up again." Remembrances to Hobbes. [Three pages and a half. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 873.]
June 13. 862. Extract from the Resolutions of the Governor-General and Council of the Netherlander Company in the East Indies. Concerning restitution of the Dragon and Attendance, "by us overcome from them in the war." [One page. O. C., Vol. VII., No. 857.]
June 13. 863. Rough draft of the preceding. [O.C., Vol. VII., No. 866.]
June 15. The Hague. 864. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. Incloses a proposition he presented to the States General complaining, in his Majesty's name, of the late outrage committed upon his subjects in the East Indies, and demanding restitution. The President's answer ; he could not conceive the accord between the two Companies was known there at the time. Carleton referred to Sir Thos. Roe and the Dutch admiral's letters in the Bear, one of the ships taken by their men. Complaint of Sir Thos. Dale's first attempt upon their men in those peaceable parts by Bantam. Assurances that the article of mutual restitution should be faithfully performed, and those who had so much forgot themselves towards his Majesty by their insolent words and demeanour severely punished. The pinnaces of advice only left England the end of August last, and Holland the beginning of October. Incloses,
864. I. The proposition of Sir Dudley Carleton to the States General above referred to. Draft with numerous corrections by Carleton. French. 14 June 1620. [Three pages. Holland Corresp.]
June 19. Acheen. 865. Sam. Bass to the East India Company. To pay the bearer, Seth Hudson, 24l. out of Bass's wages, for money lent to him during his long illness. [One page and a quarter. O.C., Vol. VII., No.874.]
June 26. Aboard the London, Saldanha Bay. 866. Orders signed by Capts. Andrew Shilling, and Humfry Fitzherbert for the good government of the men and safety of the fleet at Saldanha Bay. [One page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 875.]
June 26. "Late in the night," Greenwich. 867. Sec. Naunton to Carleton. To deal freely with him as his Majesty's secret minister, believes firmly that the foul and base abuses offered by the vile speeches their men have needlessly and impertinently used towards his Majesty's person with a boorish insolency, when they so treacherously and savagely abused his Majesty's subjects both in Greenland and in the East Indies, and their delays of restitution, notwithstanding their promises to have made all good within three months after June last, and their universal undermining our men's trade in all places, "I say all these continued provocations accumulated I fear have already bred that disdain in his Majesty's generous heart, that he is apt to expect better and more sincere dealing from the Spaniard than from them, and will find it more kindly for him to join with a monarch that seeks his friendship than with them that bear themselves as natural enemies to all monarchies. I pray God this impression be not too deeply struck already. Sure I am there want not prompters at his ear to make it their advantage for their private ends, go the public of either church or common wealth on as they may. And I pray God that these misunderstandings prove not an occasion to prejudice the common profession of religion, which I know our master loves in his heart, and hates nothing more than that men should make a pretext and a bridge of it to pass over to their own designs which they are ashamed to profess." Has thus delivered our master's answer to Carleton's proposition with his own true conceit, which he knows Carleton will keep secret and make the best use of he can for rectifying all misunderstandings. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
June ? 868. Depositions taken before the High Court of Admiralty of the Hollanders "vile speeches" against the King and Queen of England, on seizing the Dragon at Tecoe (see ante No. 760.) ; also of Barth. Churchman, who was removed prisoner from the Angel to the Hound, and hearing a Dutchman call the Queen of England a -, boxed his ears, for which Churchman was "put into irons with both his legs." [Half a page. East Indies, Vol. I., No. 80.]
June ? 869. Offer of the States General concerning restitution of the property taken on board the English ship Dragon. [French. Half a page. East Indies, Vol. I., No. 81.]