East Indies, China and Japan: August 1620

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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August 1620

Aug. 4. The Hague. 888. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. Arrival of a pinnace which left Bantam in January last, with news of two ships left at St. Helena richly laden, and that there had been another fight between three Dutch and two English ships, in which the latter were taken, and many English slain, Jourdain, a man of note, among them, and 50 wounded ; only 10 Dutch being killed, but many hurt. Sir Thos. Dale dead of sickness. These men say no news of the accord had then arrived. A pinnace of the King of Denmark's fleet taken by the Portugals ; the other three Danish ships, with that they took from the French, said to be arrived at Ceylon. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Aug. 10. Whitehall. 889. Sec. Naunton to Carleton. The State's answer to Carleton has given his Majesty no contentment at all, and so much the less for the ill news of the second blow the Dutch have given our men in the East Indies. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Aug. 14. Ispahan. 890. Consultation in Ispahan ; present, Robt. Jefferies, Thos. Barker, and John Benthall. John Purefey and William Blunderstone despatched on their journey to Jask. Account of a drunken disorder, and punishment of two runaways from the fleet, "whom wine bereaved of footmanship," and interference of Mr. Cardro, the minister. [One page and a half. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 887.]
Aug. 23. The Hague. 891. Carleton to Sec. Naunton. The small satisfaction the King receives in the States' answer is answerable to his accustomed wisdom, until it be seen what reparation they make in effect ; meantime they have commanded the advocate of the East India Company to take information upon oath of the insolent speeches and actions against his Majesty, with purpose to punish the offendors exemplarily. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
1620. Aug. 23./Sept. 2. 892. Extract from the Resolutions of the Dutch Governor-General and Council at Jacatra ; protesting against the reason of the English Commissioners for refusing the proffered restoration of the "subdued ships" Dragon and Attendance ; the Star they accepted. [One page. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 888.]
August ? 893. George Strachan to [Edw. Monox and factors in Persia]. That he may have justice, and his innocent and honest life restored to him free from the malicious craftiness of this wicked man (Jefferies), or else license to go out of this house and the Company's service. [This fragment (?) of letter is endorsed, "Copy of a consultation held in Ispahan the 27 August 1620, whereby Robert Jefferies and Mr. Strachan are both of them dismissed from the service of the Right Honourable Company. Packet No. ]. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 889.]
Aug. 29./Sept. 8. Ispahan. 894. Declaration by Pietro Chevart and Estefano de Sant Jaque, that they had heard two Portuguese friars report that Strachan had poisoned Wm. Robins and Thos. Barker, the late agent, and that he would poison all the English in Ispahan. [Italian, "Copied from the original in my possession," &c., "Jefferies." Indorsed with a protest signed by Jefferies, that in his hearing they reported the same without any one demanding any question tending to that meaning, and that he was warned to be careful of "that idiot Strachan, the only councillor and director of the silly agent Signor Monox." These, fearing Jefferies would diligently enquire into the truth of this report, lost no time to invent some project to deter me from Persia. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 890.]
Aug. 30. Ispahan. 895. Attestation by John Benthall, Richard Smith, and John Hautrye, that George Strachan exhibited certain articles to Ed. Monox against Jefferies, in whose absence at consultation Jefferies was dismissed the Company's service, and ordered to repair to Jask, to answer said articles on the arrival of the fleet. [With note signed by Jefferies that "Bell and John Purefey were also absent from this consultation and publication of that monstrous sentence" and endorsement, "their own accusation will sufficiently confute them, though your agent, your minister, and physician, and their devil have taken much pains to make themselves scandalous to all honest and reasonable apprehensions." Refers his answers to their Honours censures. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 891.]