East Indies: March 1623

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 4, 1622-1624. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1878.

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March 1623

March 6/16.
277. Extract out of the Records of the Council of State between Andrew de Launay, merchant and citizen of Roscoff, in Brittany, with Thos. Marteau substituted in the right of Helias Frute, one of the directors of the Company established in France for trading into the East Indies, plaintiff, and Mathew Harvey, Wm. Noel, Rich. Beavis, Jas. Goulde, Edward Blacarell, Thos. Helcott, and their partners, English, merchants, defendants; and again between Harvey and partners, appellants of a sentence given by the Lord Chambriers, and Launay and Marteau, respondents. [Printed. Seven pages. East Indies, Vol. II., No. 79.]
March 8.
Swally Sands.
278. Christopher Rosons to John Banggam, at Surat. About investment of moneys specified in his letter by Mr. Lancaster. [Half a page. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1104.]
March 9.
Custom House, Surat.
279. William Hoare to Christopher Rosons. To give notice to Mr. Woodcock of the arrival of the six bales, "which belong to him and me." Some trunks of his, &c., which came down with John George, if not already aboard the Dolphin, to be put aboard the Whale, in which ship Hoare is appointed to go with [Edw.] Heynes. Concludes he will remain at Surat. [Half a page. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1105.]
March 10.
280. Joseph Hopkinson to Christopher Rosons, or in his abscence, to Thos. Hawkeridge. Had always assisted him when required as Jno. Banggam and Tho. Hawkeridge will no doubt have advised him. Entreats him to see five bales, marked with the writer's name, sent aboard the Whale. [Half a page. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1106.]
March 25.
St. Martin's Lane.
281. Sec. Calvert to (Carleton). Marvels that the States Ambassadors should pretend ignorance of the King's declaration in those points concerning the East Indies and Greenland [see ante, No. 250], seeing that his Majesty delivered it to them vivâ voce in every particular at Whitehall at their last audience, as my Lords Commissioners can witness who were then present and himself amongst the rest [see ante, No. 258], besides it was sent unto them in writing by Sec. Conway the next day. But a man may see by this omnia quœ curant senes meminerunt, and nothing else. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
March 26. 282. (Carleton) to Sec. Calvert. The States have been chiefly busied in according the difference betwixt the Bewinthebbers of their East India Company and the Participants, and in finding money for the satisfaction of our East India Company, on which those of this country do labour to put a great part on the Generality, and these things remain still undecided, though the Assembly which hath the chief voice in the chapter of the Generality separated on Saturday last. * * * * * * The fleet fitting out at Gore, is augmented to 13 sail, in which are to go 1,500 land-men. The design remains yet secret in three men's breasts only, but in all conjecture it is for the West Indies or the islands that way. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
March 27. 283. Locke to Carleton. The business between the East India Companies is concluded, yet a little difference has lately fallen out about security to be given by our merchants for transporting some pepper in which the merchants adventurers should have joined with our East India Company, but refused. Sends copy of an absolute order from the Privy Council to make them do it. [Extract from Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CXL., No. 5, Cal., p. 541.]
March 31. 284. Thos. Benson to Edward Nicholas, secretary to Lord Zouch. Sir Henry Mainwaring has three projects for his own future employment, one of which is to go to the East Indies, whither Benson wishes him a very prosperous voyage. [Extract from Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CXL., No. 77, Cal., p. 544.]
March ? 285. Petition of Robt. Salmon and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Capt. Robert Bonner, deceased, to the Privy Council. Robt. Bonner, captain of the Dragon, who was slain by the Hollanders in the East Indies in 1619, before his death, delivered to the factors of the East India Company 1,000 ryals of eight, to be repaid to his executors in England. The Company after detaining the ryals three years and five months paid the petitioners in February last, but allowed only 5s. upon the dollar (sic) the ordinary exchange being 10s. the ryal. The Company being too great for the petitioners to deal with by ordinary course of law, they pray that the Governor and committees may be summoned before the Privy Council, and order given for them to do what is reasonable. [Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CXL., No. 83, Cal., p. 545.]