East Indies: Miscellaneous, 1624

Pages 1-2

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6, 1625-1629. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1884.

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Miscellaneous 1624

1. Contract of peace made between [Thos.] Rastell, Captain of the English, and the Government of Surat. 1. That the English shall freely trade in the ports of Surat, Cambaya, Baroach, Goga, Bengala, Scinde, and all other cities of the King's dominions, and have liberty to import and export all sorts of goods without question, excepting coral for one year, after which the import of that also shall not be prohibited. 2. That it shall not be lawful for the Governor or officers of the Custom House to require any goods for their own profit, but only what shall be necessary for the King's use. 3. That the house belonging to Coja Hassan Allee be continued to the English. 4. That they be furnished by the Governors of Woorpar with carts for transporting their goods, also with water and provisions for their ships. 5. To be answerable for any offence committed by any Englishman, but not by any other Christian. 6. No land customs to be demanded at Baroach, Brodera, Uncleastar, Kurkeh, Berchau, or molestation offered for matter of Jagatt; and Baroach being a port town, and though the English ship not their goods, that order be given the English receive no trouble. 7. Nobody shall enter forcibly the English house, but the Captain shall accommodate any difference with the Governor. 8. That their Caffilas shall pass freely through the country, and if any man have exception to make he is to appear before the Governor of Surat and the English Captain. 9. Neither the Governor of Surat nor Droga of the Custom House shall detain any English goods nor endeavour to put a price upon them, but shall instantly deliver them to the owner to be conveyed to the English house, where any one may repair to buy. 10. The English to have free exercise of their own religion, and their Captain to decide any quarrel or difference between themselves; any difference between an Englishman and a Mussulman to be examined by the Governor of Surat and the English Captain together, and if the fault be in the Mussulman the Governor shall punish him, if in the Englishman the English Captain, but if he refuse to do justice upon his people that offend the Governor of Surat may. 11. If any English die the goods in his custody to be taken charge of by an Englishman, but if no Englishman remain to take said goods the Governor of Surat or of the place shall cause them to be safely housed till some Englishman appear to receive them. 12. That the English administer to the King's ships all friendly assistance, and if the English surprise ships belonging to Portugals or any other their enemies, that the King's people lay no claim to them. 13. AS an acknowledgment of the Governor's authority that no English go aboard their ships without his licence, which while this friendship continues shall be denied to no person. 14. That from whomsoever the English have any just demands within the Province of Guzerat satisfaction shall be made, and that the Governor of Surat will petition for the grant of his Majesty's Phirmaunds to recover what shall be due to them in any province of the King's dominions. "Given the 25th day of the moon, Shahur Noor Alle, in the 25 year (?) of the reign of Shaw Jehan Geere." Anderson in his Royal Genealogies states that Jehan Guir died in 1627, having reigned 22 years. Signed. Isseff Chaun [Aseph Chan], Governor, and twenty-one others, Mussulmen. N.B. Similar articles of agreement had been signed on 12 Nov. 1623, see previous volume of Calendar, No. 341. See also No. 657, 26 Oct 1624, in which letter copy of this "contract of peace" was enclosed. 3 pp. [O.C., Vol. XII., No. 1295.]