East Indies: May 1629

Pages 662-668

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6, 1625-1629. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1884.

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May 1629

May 2–8. 835. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Bill of John Tapp, stationer, for printing mariners' bonds, ordered to be paid. Gratuity of 20s. to Bryan Harris, chirurgeon, for cutting off the leg of Adrian Mooter, who was hurt in the Reformation in the fight with the French, though they knew no reason to give him anything in regard the poor man died under his hands, and the like sum to Mooter's wife. Ordered that Collins, the Company's powder maker, be paid 50l. on account, and Ezekiel, brother and executor of Thomas Mills, 10l. on account of his brother's estate. Report of Mr. Governor that none of the ropemakers are willing to deal for the Company's cables of 11 and 12 inches, but Mr. Burdett, who will take them at the price and time the Company paid for them; whereupon motion made that owners of ships may be treated with, or the next underwriters for Persia, but in the end Job Harby from whom the cordage was bought to be conferred with thereon. Consideration about the remains of the stores belonging to the old stock at Blackwall and Deptford, ordered that Mr. Mountney endeavour to make sale of 100 barrels of powder and present to the Court a valuation of their old iron, broken anchors, old sails, brass shivers, old lead, and other stores; but for the 273 serviceable pieces of ordnance, and the serviceable anchors, resolved to keep them to be taken off by the new Adventurers for the second intended voyage. Disposure of unserviceable masts deferred. Consideration whether to repair the ships or sell them, the Court being informed that the charge to make the Palsgrave serviceable could not be less than 700l. or 800l. and the William 650l., besides great iron; suspended a resolution, but ordered that the Great James be forthwith finished and launched, to make way for other ships in the dock. Resolved that the Company be suitors to the Lord Treasurer for satisfaction for the cables and anchors disposed of by Sir James Bagg for his Majesty's service. Motion whether to advise the generality to a joint stock or a second voyage for the continuance of the trade to Persia and the Indies, and that a preamble be agreed on and presented to the General Court on Friday next, that no time be lost for raising stock and making provisions, and not to be straitened as in the last voyage in dressing their cloth in the winter and going out so late in the year; thought fit to leave the generality free to their own choice, as likewise to the freighting or not of ships, but ordered that the particular charge of the two ships now sent for Persia with their stores and provisions be drawn out against Friday next.
May 6.—Ordered, as Mr. Benthall has not according to promise returned answer whether he will accept the Company's offer for his silk, that they be absolutely freed and discharged from the same. The parcel of cordage bought of Job Harby to be sold. Concerning the difference between Sir Francis Crane and the Company on account of his tapestry hangings, referred to arbitrators. Information that some of the contractors for silk are much aggrieved it was not delivered according to their bargain. Resolved to leave it to the General Court to determine whether the owners of pepper and calicoes yet in the Company's warehouses shall have liberty to sell it in town without paying the 20s. per bag in regard of their long forbearance. Allowance to Mr. Poynett for pilotage of the London, Discovery, and Reformation. Ordered on request of Edward Heynes, a prime factor, that 30l. per annum out of his wages be paid to Mr. Rastell for the maintenance of his three sisters. Old stores to be sold, viz., nine cwt. of old iron, broken latten ware, Surat butter, sweet and rape oil, old nets, pieces of leather for quicksilver, broken iron hoops, old streamers and flags.
May 8.—Motion of Alderman Garway to weigh and receive the silk he had bought as it was wet, and the contractors refused to receive it without allowance. Request of Deodatus Staverton, brother and executor of Thomas Staverton, deceased, for remainder of his brother's estate, allowance to be made for maintenance of the son for the six years he lived after his father's decease. And whereas Staverton made bad debts at Jambi to the value of 5,000 ryals of 8, resolved to refer the business until they should hear out of the Indies; the Remembrancer to record the certificate of the child's death in their books. Agreed, after debate, to propose a particular voyage to the General Court in the afternoon, here being more hope of a large subscription for one voyage than for a joint stock, and to intimate that if they resolve to follow the trade, stock must forthwith be had for the seasonable providing of ryals, cloth which must be dyed and dressed in the summer, coral, and other things. Consideration of freighting ships, the Company's freight hath formerly stood them in 36l. or 37l. per ton, so resolved to allow 40l. per ton to encourage those inclinable to freight their ships to the Company. Petition of Boatswain Ingram, showing that he had served the Company 18 years and spent 160l. in their service, and praying for a piece of waste ground, 40 foot in length, at Blackwall Causeway, near the ropemaker, to build himself a little house for his own dwelling, and for five old masts, such as have been sold for 4l. a mast, towards the building thereof; the Court finding his request very moderate, and that he hath been a diligent careful servant, were pleased to condescend to his request. 9½pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. XI., 416–425.]
May 8. 836. Minutes of a General Court. Mr. Governor made known that the late disturbances amongst them have been well accommodated, and their differences are now fully absolutely settled, insomuch that many of the Lords and others have underwrit for the Persia voyage, some one, some two of their divisions; that care had been taken for valuing the Discovery and Reformation and whatsoever else the new Adventurers have had from the old stock; that after several conferences about the freighting of ships they have at last agreed to give 40l. per ton, the Committees being of opinion if stock be found to set out four ships this year then to freight two, if but two then to freight one. That the cause of their meeting was to consider how to raise means either for a new stock or a second voyage; but he remembered that it was their part first to give God thanks for the prosperous success given them in setting forth their ships, which, considering the late subscription, the unseasonableness of the year for dyeing and dressing cloth, by reason of the abundance of rain, and the providing of ryals and provisions, is almost incredible, yet such has been the care of the Committees and the diligence of their officers as the ships are gone out so fully and largely furnished as never any ships before them have done the like, having also had so prosperous a wind as they will recover their desired port in a seasonable and opportune time. He declared that all ordered to be sent out was done to the full, and for Persia the value in goods and money sent came to 120,000l., so that adding 16,000l. for the charge of the two ships the whole stock is fully employed or within 1,000l. Mr. Governor then desired them to give their helping hands for a new supply to the end the trade may not now be lost, not doubting but those who in the last voyage began so well would do the like again to encourage others. The reason why a new subscription is so soon propounded and before the last payment of the former is made. Also in case a stock be raised for a second voyage what the Company will do with their ships, but it was hoped their voyage would hereafter be made in 18 months. After debate whether to proceed upon a new subscription, it was proposed that leave be given to those that will, and argued that 50 or 60 men will be found to undertake the prosecution of the trade. To which it was answered that 300,000l. will be little enough to manage this trade as it ought to be, and that 50 or 60 persons will hardly be found to adventure so much. But it was urged not to defer their resolutions, but to assent at once to the setting forth of a book for a new subscription for the several reasons set forth, including the providing of ryals and coral from Venice, Leghorn, and other parts. Whereupon ordered that a book be set out for a new subscription for a second voyage next year for Persia and the Indies; that the preamble be drawn as accustomed; that any free brother that underwrites for 100l. be admitted, the limit of 200l. having been complained of as too great a sum; and that time be given for those in town until the last of this month, and for the lords, gentlemen, and others out of town until Midsummer; times of payment and for defaulters' penalties. After large debate upon the three propositions of the Lords and other old Adventurers, viz., (1), that there be General Courts yearly, to which should be reserved the making of laws and setting out of voyages; (2), that the election of officers pass by the balloting box; (3), that at each of said Courts the Auditors deliver balance of their accounts and stock, both here and in the Indies. The first two propositions were ratified, and the last Friday in each term ordered to be the day for the said Quarter Courts. Motion that acts or orders made and confirmed by a Quarter Court be not altered by any other Court or Court of Committees, utterly rejected. The third proposition generally conceived to be impossible, but ordered that a balance be made once a year at the Court to be held every Midsummer term. Suit of those who have not taken out their divisions in pepper, there being 99 bags in the Company's cellars, for leave to sell in town without paying the mulct of 20s. per bag, absolutely denied, divers in the like case having paid the said mulct. Ordered that the linendrapers have the refusal of the remainder of their calicoes. The disposal of the aloes and gumlac deferred. 6 pp. [Ct. Min. Bh. XI., 426–431.]
[May 11.] 837. Sec. Lord Dorchester to Dudley Carleton. M. Joachimi has had audience of the King and Lords Committees for Foreign Affairs touching the language the Deputies of the two East India Companies should treat in, and the sending over witnesses in the business of Amboyna; which he delivered in writing, and copy of which and of the merchant's reply are inclosed [see ante, Nos. 823–4.] For the first point the Lords have thought of this middle way, to have both Companies express themselves in what language they best may and to set down their conclusions in Latin; and for the second point, his Majesty has declared himself well content the witnesses should go over of themselves, but he cannot constrain them, and it appears the Company has no will to send them; believes this will be the final answer, that in case the States will send or authorise any here to take the examination of those witnesses anew, on such interrogatories as the judges on that side shall think fit, his Majesty will use his authority to have them examined, and confronted, or otherwise dealt with as shall be reasonably required. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
May 13–15. 838. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Examination of the business of Mr Staverton concerning the settlement of his accounts with the Company. Complaint against Morgan, the Company's brewer, referred to Committees, being a business of intricacy. Payment ordered to Mr. Hatch, the minister returned in the William, for 17 pieces of calicoes delivered to Dutch passengers by direction of Mr. Kerridge and Capt. Browne after the rate of 1ls. per piece. Report of Mr. Abdi concerning the defective silk sold to Aid. Garway and partners. Declaration of Mr. Governor in reply to Sir Wm. Russell, that the whole of the Persia subscription within 1,000l., or thereabouts, was sent out in the Discovery and Reformation; and that the work of valuing the provisions, stores, &c, delivered from the old stock is already begun, the valuation of the hulls of the ships being done, and that of the materials and stores ordered to be hastened. A particular to be made by the Auditors of the charge of officer's and servant's wages, gratuities, &c., both here and in the Indies, that it may be equalised between the old and new Adventurers. Also that the Beadle repair to the houses of the new Adventurers with tickets to give them notice that unless they take out their warrants for their 12th and 13th divisions on discount before Whitsuntide thereby to settle their adventures, they shall be excluded from any benefit by their subscriptions in the Persia voyage.
May 15.—The balance due to William Hill, of Plymouth, for the lodging and diet of Adrian Mooter, deceased, who was hurt in fight with the French, to be paid to his brother. Bolt to be allowed to take copies of accounts in the Company's books for a business depending in Chancery between Burrell and himself, referred by the Lord Keeper to Sir John Wolstenholme and others to end. Confession of Capt. Browne in reference to his private trade; ordered that the books be searched to see what he is charged with. The clearing of Mr. Kerridge's account likewise deferred till Wednesday next, there being no objection against him but the bringing home of eight hhds. of cloves in the William for his own account. Bill of the coachmakers to be paid. Note of cables wanting for the Great James and William. Request of Bartholomew Noakes for interest on divisions which had remained in the Company's hands, denied, in regard the precedent may prove very prejudicial. 5 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. XL. 432–436.]
May 20–22. 839. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Mr. Sherburne required to attend the Lord Treasurer and the rest of the Lords Commissioners for Foreign Affairs, and acquaint them that forasmuch as at divers meetings with the Dutch they cannot agree upon the language wherein each party is to treat, therefore that their Lordships would appoint a time for the States' Ambassador, the Dutch Commissioners, and those of the Company to attend their Lordships to hear and settle this difference. Request of Jacques Oyles for permission to waive his 200l. division in calicoes and transfer same either to the Persian voyage, in addition to his subscription, or to adventure in the second intended voyage, denied, as it cannot be done without exceeding prejudice to the Company. Committee appointed to clear the accounts with the Farmers of the Custom House. Demand of Mr. Jacob's deputy for 100l. composition for a quarter's spices for his Majesty's household, but Jacob being indebted to the Company 4,000l., it was thought reasonable to forbear payment. Letter of attorney presented by Mr Staresmore to be perused by Mr. Acton. Motion on behalf of Thos. Kerridge, late President at Surat, for freight of eight butts of cloves brought home in the William; ordered that his account with the Company be cast up, and all due, either for wages or by contract, to be paid him excepting 400l., to be detained until the Company had made an end with other men in said ship for business of this nature.
May 22.—Request of Mr. Collins for the baskets and cloths in which the saltpetre is brought home to manure his ground, for allowance for wet saltpetre or what is mingled with straw, and for payment for repairs to the powder mills. Request of Mr. Mustard, in reference to the difference between Waller, late master of the Morris, and the executor of his apprentice, Robert Banggam, concerning a pretended debt to Waller. Petition of John Blackwell, his Majesty's grocer, for remission of brokes on pepper bought of Sir John North and H. Knowles, in regard it was wholly spent in his Majesty's household and not sold in town. Petty charges for money procured in Holland to be equally divided between the old and new accounts. Authority given to Mr. Kirby to let Capt. Bickley's house at Deptford at 5l. per annum. Petition of Mr. Tynes for his salary to be raised to 80l., which in May last was reduced to 100 marks; also of Thomas Rilston for his salary to be raised to 40l., agreed to, as well as a gratification of 10l. in regard of his many particular services and pains in transcribing grievances, petitions, &c. to the State. Consideration of the freight to be imposed upon goods brought home in private trade in the William; Capt. Browne and his partners cleared; the purser required to attend the next Court. Petition of Christopher Farewell for salary pretended to be owing and for freight; answered that what the Court did 14 years ago was done on just grounds, yet in respect of his poverty he was given 10l. out of the poor box in mere charity. Ordered that Capt. Arnold Browne's bond be cancelled on a release to be given by his wife and executors. 6 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. XI., 437–442.]
May 27.
840. Sec. Dorchester to Dudley Carleton. Have at last agreed for the language the two East India Companies are to treat in, but not about the witnesses. Knows not how, considering the advantage taken when there of any light circumstance, they will be able to persuade the Company to send them over, yet Misselden has written that Persin had told him Carleton had assured the judges the witnesses should go over, and had therefore persuaded them to attend their coming, which I am sure you would not undertake, and the best for you in this ticklish business is to say or do nothing without order from hence. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
May 29. 841. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Notice taken of the remissness of the purser of the William in not presenting himself since he first brought news of the ship's arrival; ordered that he attend next Court to give satisfaction concerning private trade and otherwise as shall be required of him. Report of Mr. Governor that on Saturday last it was finally concluded by the Lord Ambassador and Lords Commissioners for the Treaty in presence of the Committees on both parts, that they shall treat in any language they best understand, and that the English shall exhibit all their papers and demands in English or French, and the Netherlanders in Dutch or French, at their pleasure, and that all conclusions in this present treaty shall be drawn up in French and Latin, and signed reciprocally by both parties. Motion that certain semianoes that will not vent in town be delivered on the 13th division to such as will take them, but Mr. Governor was rather of opinion to deliver the gumlac, &c. upon that division, yet nothing concluded. Burlamachi's security for 5,000l. for 1,500 bags of pepper and promise to accomplish security for 3,000l. odd more, and as the security amounted to more than the pepper received, he desired 200 bags of mouldy pepper ungarbled at a penny less, and offered for 500 bags Daniel Harvey's security and his own, which was approved. Report of Alderman Garway upon the silk business in the Custom House, the Farmers having allowed 500 great pounds on the first parcel for wet defective silk and 300 on the latter; also upon the difference with Sir Francis Crane concerning his tapestry referred to himself and others, now settled at 3,000l. Petition of Andrew Ellam that his former wages, reduced in June 1628, 33l. 6s. 8d., per annum be confirmed; the Court duly considering his abilities and diligent attendance were pleased readily to condescend to his request. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. XI. 442–444.]