East Indies: August 1632

Pages 276-285

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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August 1632

Aug. 1. 291. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Request of Mr. Lee and Mr. Jennings, his partner, that their last payment for the second voyage be accepted although (through ignorance) not paid in time, deferred for the order to be looked out. Michael Waring and Richard Beresford allowed by the balloting box security for 100 bags of pepper to transport; Alderman Garway and Wm. Garway for other 200; Edward Abbott and Sir Morris Abbott for 100 bags pepper and 5 hhds. cloves; Robt. Austen and Wm. Honeywood for 100 bags pepper; Sir Hugh Hammersley and Mr. Havers, his son-in-law, for 100; Nathan Wright and Ald. Clitherowe for 50; Nathan Wright and Mr. Mico for other 50; John, Simon, and John Geering's son for 100; John Geering and Ald. Smith for other 100; Ald. Smith and his eldest son for a third 100; Richard Chambers and Joseph Davies for 100; and John Geering's and Ald. Smith for 5 hhds. cloves to be sold in Town. Free liberty to Mr. Buggs to transport his adventure to Mr. Langham or any other, the Court finding no reason to restrain him by reason of Mr. Humble's caveat. Resolved to send in the Swan for the coast 12,000l. in gold and 3,000l. in silver, Mr. Treasurer desired to cause same to be speedily packed into chests; this day sennight appointed for choice of master and officers, and bill to be set up to give notice to suitors. Friday sennight appointed for disposing of the goods brought home by Capt. Hall and others in the Palsgrave for private trade, of which those interested to have notice. Relation by the Secretary of the liberty given the Company by the Lord Treasurer to set their powder mills at work again; resolved to leave the payment of divers poor men, who formerly wrought in that work and are unpaid their wages divers weeks, wholly to Edward Collins, their powder maker, in regard he had given security for the work and they were no way liable for payment of the poor men; and that he should have 40l. over and above the 60l. lately paid him, as also 10 tons of saltpetre, the better to enable him to go on with the work and pay his men. Gratification of 100 marks to Mr. Sherburne, the Company's Secretary, for extraordinary services at Court, &c., according to promise, and as accustomed. Messrs. Lee and Jennings accepted as security for 200 bags of pepper by the balloting box. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 29–31.]
Aug. 1.
Augustine Bay.
292. Edward Kirkham to the East India Company. Departed from Portland 5th April, fell with the Grand Canaries 27th, and on 15th May crossed the line. The whole fleet arrived in this Bay 17th July, the Charles, Jonas, Dolphin, Hart, and Swallow. Some few men touched with scurvy but almost recovered, have only lost five by sickness and other casualties; ascribe it first to the goodness of God and secondly give thankful acknowledgment to their Worships that have so exceedingly well provided for them. Little happened in their passage, have cooled and aired the hold in which were the cloth and kersies, but there is some small damage in the Hart by stowing them on wet deals. Their speedy passage with fair weather persuades him that the time they had their dispatch will ever be the best for setting forth their fleets. The Royal James has lately lost her monsoon; and though the Pearl left England three months before, they arrived as soon within 25 days. It will deeply concern every factory to be very careful to the seasons. Three days before their arrival the Royal James departed for Johanna, where she will stay their coming till 25th Aug.; she left Bantam 28th December in company with the Palsgrave whom she left 7th Jan. bound for England, laden with pepper, whilst she with half her lading of pepper waits their consortship for Surat. The pinnace Intelligence from Surat departed hence 8th June, and would stay at the Comoro Islands till 20th Aug. The Pearl arrived 21st June and departed 3rd ult., resolving to touch at the islands to acquaint Mr. Burley with their coming; the master and men all in good health. Found a Dutch ship Graven Hagh, Sir Willibrand, Commander, in company with the Dutch ship Derver (Trevere) but lost her by foul weather. Their fleet furnished her wants which were not small, the Dutch not having been sparing on like occasions to our shipping. They came from Persia, and met off Cape Jasques 25th Feb. our ships Mary, Exchange, William, and Blessing. Will determine the point of going to Gombroon about which the pinnace was sent, when they come to Johanna and peruse President Hopkinson's commission; if they concur not with the present state of India will embrace what shall appear best for the Company's profit. For the state of Surat and adjacent countries, Sir Willibrand gives a very pitiful relation, by two years famine and a following great plague, which have so swept away the inhabitants that there were not in divers places [any] left to bury them. It has also pleased God to take away divers of the Company's chief merchants, also President Rastell, whose death will cause distraction in the Company's business. This miserable time at Surat, where they ground their chiefest designs, has much startled them but will leave nothing unattempted. Presumes the Company never employed any that had better intendments than those on this fleet. Capt. Weddell deserves very well, and he hopes his execution may not fall short of his desires. Believes their business this year will depend much on Persia. Now on departure for Johanna, having found such refreshing here as India affords not such a place considering the cheapness and goodness of things; the air good, meat wholesome, wood and water plentiful, and the people reasonable humane, so that it will be an excellent place of rendezvous. Mr. Fuller having left Persia they will be destitute of a minister there; beseeches that by the next ships they may be furnished with one whose life may be as free from scandal as his doctrine from error. Cargo of the "Scrave van Haug," 400 bales silk, 886 churls indigo, 200 bales calicoes, 80 bales cotton yarn, 60 tons pepper, 120 tons saltpetre, lac, rhubarb. Cargo of the "Derver": 350 bales silk, 800 churls indigo, 150 bales calicoes, 40 tons pepper, 80 tons saltpetre, lac, rhubarb. Endorsed, "Mr. Edward Kirkham in the Charles . . . . . . rec. 10 Apr. by the Dutch Gravenhagh." 3½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1442.]
Aug. 3. 293. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Acton's bill of 8l. 14s. 6d. for law causes to be paid. Symon Lawrence and Francis Perrott allowed by the balloting box security for 100 bags pepper, and Daniel Gorsuch and Stephen Bourman for 100. Ordered that the third payment of 100l. to the second voyage be accepted from Messrs. Lee and Jennings, for the reasons stated. Petition of John Short against Mr. Verneworthy concerning the estate of Short's brother deceased, and Mr. Methwold's account for the parcel of coral stayed by the Company at Sandwich, referred to next Court. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 32, 33.]
294. Instructions for Sir William Boswell, his Majesty's Agent with the States of the United Provinces. Since the Dutch have learned by English example to raise companies for trade to the East and West Indies, he must observe in what they differ and agree; what orders and instructions they give to Commanders and Factors; what provisions and commodities they send; what returns; how proceed in their voyages; how their adventures rise or fall at home; how their stock multiplies or decays; and whatever may be known of their undertakings and success, particularly in the Moluccas, Persia, and Brazil. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
295. Draft instructions to same, to the same effect as the above. Also touching debates still depending between the two East India Companies, especially concerning the cruel execution of his Majesty's subjects at Amboyna, because his Majesty's honour is much engaged to have a real satisfaction, he must procure from the Governors and his Majesty's Secretary the memorials of former Treaties and his Majesty's proceedings thereon, with a view of the complaints, replies, answers, and what else may be necessary for his information. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
[Aug.] 296. Instructions to (the Earl of Leicester) concerning his negotiations with the King of Denmark. Another difference between his Majesty (of England) and the States of the United Provinces has long hung for want of reparation in justice of a barbarous cruelty committed on his subjects in the East Indies; a wrong of that high nature that neither God nor man forgives without satisfaction, revenge coming always from Heaven for such bloody facts; but hitherto his Majesty has had patience, though years have run out since that accident. [Extract, Denmark Corresp.]
Aug. 7. 297. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Committees nominated to be present tomorrow afternoon at the hearing of the cause between the Company and Gabriel Hawley before the Lord Keeper at Canbury. Acton's bill for law causes, amounting to 17l. 4s. 6d., to be paid. One White, who came home in the Palsgrave and was understood to be able to give a true relation of the differences between Willoughby and Sill, to be inquired out and commanded to attend the Court. Observing that by their patent granted by King James for transportation of 100,000l. yearly in foreign silver or bullion of silver they have no power to send out any gold, but are constrained every year to be suitors to his Majesty for special license to transport gold, ordered that a petition be exhibited to his Majesty, desiring, on surrender of their patent, that his Majesty would give them power by a new patent to transport as well gold as silver, so as the whole exceed not in any one year 100,000l.; and that the Secretary prepare the petition, so that the patent may be procured before the departure of the ship to be sent to the coast of Coromandel. George and John Clarke approved security for 100 bags pepper by the balloting box. At the suit of Robert Tempest for the estate of Thomas, deceased, ordered that he be paid 100l., and that the rest be detained till the return of the London. There being 2,700l. unpaid by the adventurers of the Third Joint Stock due at Midsummer, ordered that Spiller warn those in arrear to send in their moneys, or their names will be publicly read in Court, which will be a disparagement to them. The choice of Master, Stewards, and Factors for the ship Swan appointed for Friday next. Ingenuous confession by Jeremy Harrison, Mate of the Palsgrave, that divers goods were taken out of the Palsgrave and put aboard the Pearl by direction of Capt. Hall, carried to Calais, and there consigned to one Lemans, a Dutchman; but he knew not what was become of them, but being required he presented the several parcels in writing. Information that Robert Tottell, Factor, deceased, carried out with him a boy, his kinsman, named John Castricke, and at Surat "procured him to have wages made him by consultation, of a noble per month"; finding that Castricke was not sent out by their allowance and therefore not capable of wages, yet on good testimony was likely to do good service, "being a witty & apprehensive boy," ordered that he receive out of Tottell's estate 5l., which it was conceived might justly be defalked for Castricke's diet. Committees nominated to examine the complaint of John Short against Verneworthy, charged by the Administrator to have gotten into his hands the state of his brother, Henry Short, who died in the Indies. 3½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 33–36.]
Aug. 8.
298. Raphe Cartwright to President Joseph Hopkinson, Surat. Perceives by his general [letter] to the Agent of 10th May that theirs from Mr. Norris of 20th Feb. came to his hands 2nd May, with the writings mentioned; gathers thereby his receipt of a particular from himself, enclosing several letters desiring his friendly assistance in their delivery, not having any other friend in Surat, but by the tardiness of the pattamar they came too late for transport home; prays him to do with them as he earnestly entreated by the last pattamar. Gives hearty thanks for his promise to write to the Company on his behalf. Will not forsake the Company's service here till their factories be further supplied, which he desires may be ordered in that manner that mutual amity may be continued, as it has been by their good Agent, with whom he is not a little sorrowful to part. Understands the President intends Mr. Hunter hither again, with whom it is impossible he should accord. If it happens, prays he may be removed for his country, from which he has been long absent, conceiving his abilities in the Company's service come not short of Mr. Hunter's, wherein he refers himself to their censure. The charges of pattamars misliked by the President was done by Mr. Sill's appointment, who is to make satisfaction if they are not allowed; into whose hands begs him deliver the letters formerly sent for him. Endorsed, "Recd 10 October 1632." 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1443.]
Aug. 10–15. 299. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Report of Mr. Deputy that the Lord Keeper had referred the cause between the Company, the executors of Henry Hawley and Gabriel Hawley, to Ald. Moulson and Mr. Aldersay to examine their accounts and report to his Lordship. [Thos.] Mustard authorised to give fitting allowance for the diet, lodging, and apparel of divers boys the Company's apprentices, come home in the Palsgrave. Ordered, on motion of Mr. Treasurer, that any who have bought pepper and cloves may rebate at 8l. per cent. from 24th Aug. and have allowance from that time of one month. Ordered to build a spar deck in the Swan for preservation of her men, and that Stevens search the Palsgrave, and report the needful reparation. Edward Austen, late Master of the Palsgrave, entertained Master of the Swan at 7l. 10s. per month, his goods to be delivered him at the Custom House, he submitting to the freight that shall be imposed. Request of Capt. Hall for delivery of his goods and remission of the freight; he confessed the butt of cloves and of mace he brought home were Mr. Skibbowe's, which the Court resolved to dispose of for the Company's account, being prohibited for any but themselves to deal in; but Capt. Hall submitting himself touching freight, ordered that all his goods, except his cloves, be delivered to him, and the Court will consider what freight to impose.
Aug. 15. Mr. Metwold's coral accepted, being found good and of the sort the Company usually send for India, and payment ordered. Ordered that 300l. owing to Mr. Rastell by Capt. Bickley deceased, Mr. Vian, and George Pettus deceased, and consigned by Rastell to his wife, be paid for her use out of the moneys arising on the sale of the goods which by former order were appointed to be sold; Mr. Ellam undertaking that if it appear Widow Pettus has no interest in those goods, she shall pay her part to the executors of Bickley and to Vian. Request of Derick Hooft for Jambi pepper brought home in the Palsgrave, in exchange for a parcel formerly bought by him, granted. Petitions of divers of the Company's servants to be remitted freight of their goods brought home in the Palsgrave, referred to Committees with power to make the allowance they think fit. Relation by Mr. Gayre that on examination of the complaint of Lewkenor Petley, Steward of the Palsgrave, against Capt. Hall, he could not make good his accusation in any part, whereas Capt. Hall produced many witnesses to clear himself; Capt. Hall was then called in and told the Company were satisfied and clearly acquitted him. Report of Mr. Mustard, that having examined the complaint of Short, who could not make any further discovery of his brother's estate than was formerly confessed by Verneworthy, yet he and the other Committees conceived the proceeding of Verneworthy had not been fair carried, but so suspiciously as gives the Court just cause to think that Verneworthy had concealed a great part of the estate; but forasmuch as there were no direct proofs other than Short's boy, who can neither write nor read, and whatsoever he averred Verneworthy denied, the business was brought back to the Court, as not able to make any conclusion therein. Ordered that 40s. be paid to Mr. Mesey and other farmer's deputies for seizing divers parcels of goods brought home in the Palsgrave and secretly conveyed to the Bell, in Carter Lane. 5 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 37–41.]
Aug. 22.
Aboard the Jonas, Isle Johanna.
300. Tho. Rosse to the East India Company. Departed from Weymouth 5th April. Their whole fleet arrived at St. Lawrence in Augustine Bay in safety 17th July. After a lingering passage arrived at Mohilla 17th, and at Johanna 19th, where they met the Royal James, Jno. Whyte, Master, and pinnace Intelligence, Jno. Burley, Master, who confirmed the ill news of the famine and mortality in all parts of India, in circa Surat especially; also the death of President Rastell, with most of the rest there resident, and the election of Mr. Hopkinson in his place, and Mr. Mountney second, by whose letters we are strictly enjoined, contrary to their Worships' orders, to go first for Persia viâ Jasques, the reasons whereof shall be expressed by the next. This being sent by Capt. Richd. Quayle, whom they found at Johanna in the Seahorse, about 100 tons, producing his Majesty's commission "for his ranging the seas all the world over," not offending his Majesty's friends, allies, and subjects, &c., but to be assisting to him in all he shall require. Whereupon spared him some small supply of provisions, he returning in lieu thereof rice, gravances, cuscus, &c., and for the remainder his bills on the Lord Treasurer (in conformity with his Majesty's commission) for the Company's satisfaction in England. They report to have chased six junks, whereof two were made prize; they are partly laden with rice, opium, silk stuffs, bullion and gold, and pretend to depart hence for Isle Mayottees to careen, and thence for England. The fleet intends to sail tomorrow morning, with the Royal James and Intelligence, for Jasques to meet the former fleet, and so for "Comoroone" (Gombroon). Since leaving St. Lawrence only one man lost in the Jonas by the flux, and two, besides the old black carried out of England, who stayed ashore there. Conceives they will send a general letter likewise the morning before departure. Endorsed, "Rec. 20 Junii 1634 from Plimoth out of Capt Quaile's ship." 1½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1444.]
Aug. 22. 301. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Acton's bill for law causes to be paid. Mr. Mustard intreated to join in the room of Mr. Keridge in composing the difference between the executors of Bickley, Vian, and Widow Pettus. George Edwards, lately returned in the Palsgrave, recommended by Sir John Wolstenholme, again entertained Steward of the Swan. Account subscribed by Hoare, Verneworthy, and others of the Council at Bantam, acknowledging their receipt of 1,777 Rs. of 8 from Capt. Hall, presented by him for allowance, but payment suspended till the account be further examined, as being not merchantlike and orderly charged. Petition of Mr. Bix for repayment of the fine of 200l. lately imposed upon him for private trade; but the Court were of opinion they had dealt very gently with him, and advised him not to have the least hope of mitigation, for they had already considered all the reasons he alleged. Alexander Bannester, who demanded 150l. per annum, entertained a prime Factor for five years at 80l. for the first year, and 100l. per annum for so long as he shall remain in the Company's service. Wm. Budd, qualified with the Spanish and French languages, having lived in Spain and other places many years, entertained at 40l. the first year and 50l. per annum the other four years. Gratuity of 20s. to Joane Luskyn for burying her son, sometime the Company's apprentice. Information of Mr. Blythe, late the Company's powder maker, of a new grant made by his Majesty to Sir Arthur Mannering and Mr. Pittacrues, Groom of the Bedchamber, for making powder by a new engine that goes by means of a horse; the petition upon which the grant was made, produced and read, and Mr. Mountney ordered to deliver to Blythe 2 or 3 hhds. of saltpetre for a trial, or so much more as he should desire at 4l. per cent., the price at which it is sold to others. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 42–44.]
Aug. 23.
302. Letter to President Joseph Hopkinson at Surat. Understood of his good health. Met the pinnace Intelligence at Johanna. Since the writer saw him at St. Lawrence, the Company's just dealing in matter of private trade has hastened his "approach into India," where they have employed him for five years at 40l. per annum. Begs his assistance and favour for "your ancient love showed my father whilst he was yet alive." The good news of the Company's cargazoon by next fleet for disengagements at Surat with the augment of their Joint Stock, will be received with welcome by this conveyance. Victory of the King of Sweden over the Imperialists. "Our Queen" had a daughter in Sept. last. Marq. Hamilton gone for the Low Countries. No news of a parliament. The Earl of Holland and my Lord of London in great favour with the King. Capt. Weddell, Commander of the Charles, Jonas, Hart, Dolphin, and Swallow for Surat; the Discovery and Reformation safely arrived at Gravesend at our coming away; and a small ship, the Jewel, bound for Bantam. Endorsed, "Copy of letter sent the Worll Joseph Hopkinson Presidt in Surat. August 23rd, 1632 from Armagon overland." On this page is also written by another hand, "Grua-redge. Chiefe was of Mondrero. Leomaque quistonia. 2. Calipolon. the Island ¼ league (?). Commenenny Kistama was kild. Morador d'Bapusta. Mier ahassan angry." 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1445.]
Aug. 29. 303. Court Minutes, Es I. Co. Capt. Hall's account signed by Mr. Hoare and the rest of the Council at Bantam of 1,777½Rs. for ready money delivered at Bantam and other disbursements there was presented, but allowance of same deferred till next Court. Suit of John Tuesly and Robert Litler, late servants of Sidrack Williams and John Williams to be entertained Factors referred to Committees, also for dispeeding the ship Swan, bound for the coast of Coromandel. Petition of Nicholas Norbury to remit the freight of his calicoes and China roots granted in regard he had served eight and a half years, part of which as a Master, at small wages, and knew not of the proclamation; also to John Carter who had served the like time, for his calicoes and other linen, and half of his 12 bags of China roots. Proposal of Alderman Garway to sell their rich indigo deferred till next Court, also an offer to buy the 10 hhds. of cloves for transportation, but not to send them into the Straits. Tender again made by Capt. Crispe of his new ship Crispian of 500 tons burden, but the Court of opinion not to send too much shipping to Surat in regard of the famine there, and that for their occasions they had shipping of their own for this year, he also offered a parcel of elephant's teeth "at 7l. 15s. per cent., being about six in the cent," upon which Mr. Ellam was ordered to report. Ordered that Jeremy Harrison, Mate of the Palsgrave, receive his wages, notwithstanding the former restraint by reason of his going to Calais. Petition of Zachary Gilby, the Company's tennant at Blackwall, that they would repair their wharf there; Fotherby and Swanley ordered to view and report. 2 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 44–46.]
Aug. 29.
304. John Norris and Ra. Cartwright to President Hopkinson and Council in Surat. Gave answer 8th current to theirs of 10th May three days before received. The Pearl, of 250 tons, arrived at Armagon 20th inst. with a cargo amounting to 10,300l. for the Old Joint Stock and Factors to manage it with their assistance. It is strange to behold what small esteem these parts are in with the Company, and how not only their ancient servants, but their affairs would suffer by the ignorance of those they send forth, were it not by you prevented, whose authority conferred on us we resolve to continue till either from their Masters or Hopkinson it be expressly contradicted, hoping nevertheless to find good conformity in them now arrived. The season is very late to accomplish their design this year for Macassar, and would doubtless have been past hope had we omitted the contract made last year in Pettapoli, and the investment lately commenced in Virasheroone; what remains will endeavour to effect with all celerity. Our suit to this King met with opposition by Mirzarosuan Rendedare of this place, and Chancellor of this Kingdom, who with some other great men expects a bribe, without which nothing can be effected here except per force, which the Dutch make use of and are the better esteemed. Such is the miserable condition of this country whence justice and truth are fled long since, the poor exceedingly suffering the rich's tyranny without redress. Our accounts for the third general voyage shall be sent per the next conveyance, with valuation of the remains in Armagon, which, according to former orders, we intend to transport to the voyage now in action. P.S.—By the Factors instructions on the Pearl they will perceive an inclination of the Company towards provision of a cargazoon here for England, whereto they will be the more induced, when they understand Baftas of Surat to fail them; should be glad of such an occasion to have employment for the whole year, without which and means aforehand little hence in that kind can be expected, the sorts the Company require being not so suddenly as they imagine to be procured. Of late there has fallen such an abundance of rain as has not been known for years, through which they are in great expectation of a plentiful harvest, to the exceeding joy of all poor people by famine and mortality reduced now to a small number. 2 pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1446.]
Aug. 31. 305. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Report of Mr. Lawrence that he can hear nothing about John Tuesly to encourage his entertainment, but Robert Litler is reported to be a fine penman, a good accountant, and very capable of employment though no bred merchant. Proposal of the Committees for freight of private trade to take 8d. per lb. freight for pepper; the Court rather inclined to 6d., but wholly left the business to said Committees as also of Lewkenor Petley, Steward of the Palsgrave, touching the freight of 600 lb. of cassia lignum, 150 lb. cubibs, 50 or 60 pieces of calicoes and a pecul of Benjamin; he affirmed that in the voyage outward the ship's company had but 54 gallons of canary, but by order from the Captain he had charged to account many hundred gallons, the Court observed the great abuse practised by Commanders in the ordering and expending the Company's stores. Resolved rather to maintain the price of indigo at 5s. 10d. per lb. than to fall the price, conceiving there will be no loss therein. Mr. Bannester entertained Factor at 100l. per annum, which he thankfully accepted, promising to forbear private trade, and restrain it in others. The abuse of principals in factories in not permitting their assistants to be acquainted with their proceedings, utterly disliked by the Court as savouring of fraud; Mr. Ellam required again to write effectually to every factory that the books of accounts lie open to the perusal of assistants, and be made up and firmed by the merchants residing there every 14 days. Ellam and Mountney to make ready their letters and stores for the Swan, which will in 14 days be laden. Mr. Austen to make haste, ordered that half his freight of 90l. odd be remitted and his account cleared; information that he had carried out a boy Thos. Dison not shipped by the Company, but it appeared that he was shipped at 8s. per month, "which gave satisfaction to the Court." Resolved to repair and trim up the Palsgrave to be in readiness if there come encouraging news from India. Resolved, in regard of the present dearth in the Indies, the mortality of handicraftsmen, and the scarcity of commodity, to send little shipping to the northern parts, with a competent stock not only for this year's return but to provide for the next; and taking notice that 47 chests coral were bought, and 500 cloths ordered for Persia, which with lead, quicksilver, amber, and Indian commodities will accomplish the cavidal to comply with the contract there, the goods amounting to about 25,000l.; also to send out this year in shipping, goods, and money to the import of 160,000l., including the coastship, and the Committees were desired to buy quicksilver at reasonable rates. Ordered that 100 barrels of old powder be delivered to Mr. Collins" to be mended." At the request of Mr. Geering, behind with his supply of 100l. for the second voyage, by a mistake of his man that paid it in for the third account, ordered that his 100l. be received paying broak at 12 per cent. according to the preamble to the book of subscription. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIII., 46–49.]