James I: Volume 1, March-May, 1603

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 1, March-May, 1603', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp1-13 [accessed 14 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 1, March-May, 1603', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp1-13.

"James I: Volume 1, March-May, 1603". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp1-13.


March-May, 1603.

[March 24.] Account of Queen Elizabeth's nomination of the King of Scots as her successor, during her last illness, and of the sitting of the Council immediately upon her decease. [Domestic Correspondence, 1616, April 25.]
[March 24.]
1. Proclamation by the Lord Mayor of London and Privy Council, declaring the hereditary right of King James to the Crowns of England, France, and Ireland.
March 24.
Copy of the above. Printed. [Proclamation Collection, No. 1.]
March 25.
2. Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State, to King James. Hopes his sincere and undivided service to his present mistress [England] will be an argument of future fidelity. Will hasten to him as soon as his public duties will permit.
March 26. 3. Discourse by Sir Robert Cotton of the descent of James I. from the Saxon Kings.
March 26. 4. Copy of the above.
March 28.
5. Alexander Lord Elphinstone to the Master of Gray. Tidings of Queen Elizabeth's decease and of his Majesty's proclamation were brought by Sir Robert Carey on Saturday at midnight [March 26]. The King "thinks best of Master Secretary [Cecil] of any creature living." Will be glad to speak with him.
March 30.
6. John Chamberlain to Dudley Carleton. Particulars of the sickness and death of Queen Elizabeth. King James proclaimed. Sir Robert Carey first carried the news to Scotland. State of parties. The principal Papists made sure during the Queen's sickness.
March ? 7. Minutes of a conversation with Griffin and Roberts, two Romish priests, on the policy intended to be followed by the Catholics on the accession of King James. Lurking places of priests and Jesuits. Lord Montague the only Catholic nobleman in England. The Archduke of Flanders and the Infanta are proclaimed King and Queen of England.
March ? 8. Account of moneys paid to Thomas Felton, between the 29th and the last year of Queen Elizabeth.
March ? 9. Eulogy of the late "glorious and invincible Queen Elizabeth."
April 1.
Holyrood House.
10. The King to Wm. Bowyer, Captain of Berwick. Requests him to assist the Commissioners and Wardens of the Marches in reducing outlaws.
April 3. 11. Thomas Howard, Viscount Bindon, to Sir Robert Cecil. Recusants, being so forward to present themselves to the King, will now probably come into the Church.
April 4.
Warrant to Chas. Anthony, the King's engraver, to make two new signets with the union of the arms of England and Scotland, with inscriptions for the same. [Warrant Book, I., p. 59.]
April 4.
12. Account [by Dud. Carleton] of the death of Queen Elizabeth, as caused by melancholy on the death of the Earl of Essex. French.
April 5.
Christ Church, Oxford.
13. Tho. Ravis to Dud. Carleton. They have given him (Carleton), at the last audit, as large an allowance as the church can make to any absentee.
April 5.
Proclamation for persons in office, at the death of Queen Elizabeth, to continue therein. [Proc. Bk., p. 3.]
April 8.
Proclamation declaring at what values certain moneys of Scotland shall be current in England. [Ibid., p. 6.]
April 8.
Proclamation for the dispatch of packets between London and Berwick, for the service of the King. [Ibid., p. 7.]
April 9.
14. Geo. Carleton to Dud. Carleton. The latter's prospects of advancement under the Earl [of Northumberland.] General tranquillity on the Queen's death. [See April 12.]
April 9.
Golden Lion ship, off Harwich.
15. Fras. Tilletson, priest, to Sec. Cecil. Details a conversation with Capt. Fras. Burnell, about the feelings of the Jesuits and Papists on board his ship. They hope the speedy death of the King and his posterity, but mention no means of accomplishing it.
April 9. 16. Sec. Cecil and Edw. Bruce, Lord Kinloss, to Lord Henry Howard. They have stayed the journey of the Captain of the Guard [Sir Walter Raleigh], who was conducting many suitors to the King.
April 9 ? 17. Declaration addressed to the King of the foreign relations of England, particularly with Spain. The policy of friendly intercourse with Holland urged. [Probably by Sec. Cecil, imperfect.]
April 10. 18. Lord Keeper Egerton, Lord Treasurer Buckhurst, Lord Admiral Nottingham, and Sec. Cecil to [Sir] Tho. Lake. Have received the King's dispatches by Mr. [Sir Rob.] Carey. They discourage supplicants from going to the King. The Earl of Southampton and Sir Henry Neville delivered. Thanks to the King for sending Lord Kinloss.
April 10.
Proclamation for the King's attendance and reception, by the Sheriffs of the several counties. [Proc. Bk., p. 8.]
April 12. 19. Sec. Cecil to Sir Tho. Lake. The French King having sent a new credence to his Ambassador, His Majesty should do the same. Advises dispatching an agent to the Low Countries, notwithstanding their position in reference to Spain.
April 12.
20. Thos. Edmondes to Dudley Carleton. He has always endeavoured to maintain Carleton in the Earl of Northumberland's good opinion. Advises him to return to England. Court news. [See April 9.]
April 12.
21. John Chamberlain to Same. Sir Edw. Norris ill. Proclamation against undue resort to the King. His gracious manners raise the hopes of all parties. Intended stages of his journey. Arrangements for the late Queen's funeral. The Earl of Tyrone has submitted, and is brought to Dublin. Young Peyton is knighted.
April 13.
22. Commission appointing Edward Lord Zouch, Lord President of the Council in Wales, to be the King's Lieutenant in Wales.
April 14. 23. Lord Admiral Nottingham and Sec. Cecil to Lord Henry Howard. As it is impossible for the ladies to wait on the Queen, at Berwick, till after the late Queen's funeral, the King should come towards London after Easter, and remain within 12 or 20 miles, to wait for the Queen.
April 15.
24. Sec. Cecil to the Council. Incloses letters from the King and from Ireland. Has been detained on his journey towards York, by his fat horses failing him.
April 15. 25. Vincent Skinner to [Sec. Cecil]. Account of an assembling of women at White Webbs, near Enfield Chace, to maintain a right that the wood of the Chace should not be carried out of Enfield town, but burnt in the King's house or given to the poor.
April 15.
26. Thos. Edmondes to Sec. Cecil. Sends a document after him for signature.
April 16.
27. Thos. Smith to Same. Sends transcripts of the contents of a packet from the Commissioners at Bremen. Has received his packet from Royston.
April 17.
28. The Council to Same. Request him to obtain the King's decision on a letter, enclosed, sent from the Commissioners at Bremen. They have received a letter from the King about coining new moneys against the Coronation, and one from the Lord Deputy of Ireland. Submission of Tyrone. Ireland discontented with the mixed coin. Sale of Carrack goods, &c.
April 17. Brief collection of the outrages, &c. committed within the West Marches, since the proclaiming of His Majesty King of England. [Laws of Marches, Vol. 2, fol. 170.]
April 17. Similar statement of outrages on the Middle Marches. [Ib., fol. 96.]
April 17 ? Names of Border rioters complained of in the Bishop of Carlisle's books. [Ib., fol. 204 b.]
April 18.
29. Thos. Edmondes to Sec. Cecil. Sends advertisements.
April 19.
30. The Council to Lord Chief Justice Popham and others. Direct them further to examine Philip May, now in the Tower, and to put him to the rack, if necessary.
April 19.
31. Examination of Philip May, servant of Lord Chamberlain Hunsdon, on his assertions as to the King's favouring Catholics, and on his threats against him, if the bills to be brought into Parliament for their toleration be rejected.
April 19.
32. Minutes of two further examinations of Philip May.
April 19. 33. Examination of Robert Prickett, as to May's threats against the King.
April 19. 34. Copy of the above.
April 19. 35. Examination of Michael Dicke, servant of P. May.
April 19.
36. Grant to Sir Thomas Egerton, of the Chamberlainship of Chester.
April 20.
37. Order in Council prohibiting Arnold James from raising a building in Soperlane End, Cheapside, higher than the shed which stood there before, lest it should injure the lights of the Golden Key, belonging to the Mercers' Company, the rents of which are appropriated to a Free Grammar School.
April 20.
38. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Purposes to labour to be admitted in the office of the Privy Seal, by favour of "Lord Harry" [Lord Henry Howard ?] P.S. Partly in cypher.
April 20. 39. Order of Referees in the Chancery cause Sigismund Franchettie and Laurence Burlamachi v. Bertran Rogues.
April 20. 40. The Council to the Justices of Peace for Essex. Thanks for their zeal in repressing disorders at Earl's Colne, excited by instigation of ill-disposed persons rather than by general discontent. The offenders are to answer at the Quarter Sessions.
April 20.
41. The Same to Sir John Peyton, Lieutenant of the Tower. The Attorney-General and others are to examine Phil. May by torture, unless he confess all.
April 20.
42. Second examination of P. May, as to his assertions touching the increase of Papists in England since the death of Queen Elizabeth, and his threats against the life of the King.
April 20. 43. Declaration by R. Prickett of P. May's intention to go over to Spain.
April 21. 44. Examination of John Tisdale as to his discourse with Captain Fitzgarrett, repeated by him to May, on the favour shewn by the King to Catholics. [See April 19.]
April 21.
45. The King to [Thos.] Scudamore, Receiver of Yorkshire. To allow an increase of pay to 50 horsemen of the garrison of Berwick, and to 50 others levied by the Laird of Johnstone, [Sir James Johnstone,] to suppress tumults on the Borders. If he have not the money in hand, he is to beg or borrow it.
April 22. Grant to Sir Robert Sydney of the offices of Governor and Captain of the town of Flushing during pleasure. [Grant Book, p. 3.]
April 22 ?
Belvoir Castle ?
46. Sir George Hume to --. The King has granted his request concerning the creation of Knights, who will be made at this castle. Sends a note concerning the Queen's journey.
April 23.
47. Queen Anne to Sec. Cecil. Acknowledges his proffers of services, and assures him of her favour.
April 26.
48. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Will be in London just before the Coronation. Would rather be a burgess of any other place than Weymouth.
April 26.
49. Certificate of Henry Robinson, Bishop of Carlisle, the Mayor and others of Carlisle, commending the activity of Captain Bowyer, of Berwick, in repressing the Border outlaws and thieves.
[April 27.]
[Burghley House.]
50. Proclamation for the apprehension of William and Patrick Ruthven, two brethren of the late Earl of Gowrie.
April 27.
Burghley House.
Copy of the above. [Proc. Bk., p. 9.]
April 28. 51. Draft of the ceremonial of the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth from the Palace of Whitehall.
April 28. Another draft of the funeral procession. [Domestic Papers, 1610, June 4.]
April 28. 52. Copy of the above.
[April 28.] 53. List of the principal mourners and attendants at the funeral.
[April 28.] 54. Copy of part of the above.
April 29.
55. G. M. to the King. Congratulates him on his accession to the English Crown; prays for his favour, and for permission to return home and live in peace, according to his conscience, having suffered much for the King's mother and himself.
April ? 56. The Catholics of England to the Same. Assure him of their devoted allegiance, and remind him of their sufferings in behalf of his own and his mother's cause. Four classes of religionists in England: Protestants, who domineered all the late reign; Puritans, who have crept up amongst them; Atheists, who live on brawls; and Catholics. Beg toleration for themselves as granted to others who do not coincide in the religion of the State. Good effects of toleration in France. Implore the free exercise of their religion, in private if not in public, by sufferance if not with approbation.
April 29.
57. Sir Walter Raleigh to Hen. Brooke, Lord Cobham, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. They have been waiting for him a week, and mourn his absence, because they fear his mind is changed.
April ? John Danyell to Lord Cobham and Sir Walter Raleigh. Is informed that the Countess of Essex would not have prosecuted him, but for a false report that he was bribed to betray the contents of the late Earl of Essex's letters to them, to the Queen, or to Sec. Cecil. Appeals to them to declare to the world that he never betrayed any letters to them. [Draft by Jane Danyell. Dom. Corresp., 1604, undated, No. 42.]
April ? 58. Sir Edward Coke, Attorney-General, to Hen. Brooke, Lord Cobham. His coming to London uncertain, while the King remains so near.
April 29.
59. [Lord Cobham] to the King. The French King has dispatched M. De Rosny to his Majesty; requests to know how he shall be received. Encloses letters from Count Aremberg with whom the late Queen desired him to correspond. Is restrained by the recent Proclamation from going to meet the King, but throws himself upon his promise to hear him in self justification against his slanderers.
April ? Proclamation touching Prices of Victuals. The clerk of the market to see it executed. [Proc. Bk., p. 11.]
April. 60. Warrant to issue to the officers of the County Palatine of Lancaster, new Letters Patent and Commissions, instead of those determined by the demise of the late Queen, and to permit them to use the same seals as before.
61. Warrant to the Lord Treasurer to order Chas. Anthony to engrave seals for the Privy Seal, Exchequer, Court of Wards, King's Bench, Common Pleas, &c.
April ? 62. Anne, Lady Herbert to Sir Robert Cecil. Thanks him for his favour to her boy.
April ? Grant, in reversion, to Fras. Savage [or Wm. Norris] of a prebend in Worcester Cathedral. Latin. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 47.]
April ? 63. Anonymous to his "dear friend." Advice how to propitiate the King towards the Catholics. Suitable persons to be chosen to intro- duce the subject to him. The general loyalty of the Catholics to be vindicated, and the names and plots of those amongst them who have opposed the King's title, and favoured "Spain, Parma, Derby, Arbella, and Hastings" to be discovered.
April ? 64. Petition of the Patentees for the manufacture of saltpetre and gunpowder to the Council, requesting letters of assistance to confirm their Patent, the validity of which has been vexatiously questioned, since the late Queen's death. With reference to Lord Chief Justice Popham, and his opinion thereon.
May 1.
65. Thomas Cawood to Sir Rob. Cecil. Tumults of the people on account of the sale of wood at Brigstock Park.
May 2.
66. Examination of Edw. Stanley, confronted with P. May, as to May's speeches concerning the King's inclination to Popery. [See April 20.]
May 2. 67. Draft of the above.
May 3. Grant to Edw. Harris and Edw. Wrightington, in reversion after John and Hugh Hare, of the Clerkship of the Court of Wards, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 1.]
May 6. Grant to Davie Fowlies, in fee-farm, of manors and lands, co. York, parcel of the lands of Matthew late Earl Lenox. [Index Warrt. Bk., p. 3.]
May. 68. Memorial of "things grievous and offensive to the Common- wealth," which may be reformed by the King or by Parliament; abuses in Church and State, monopolies, plurality of offices, &c.
May 6. 69. Draft of a proclamation against the monopolies granted by the late Queen. [Imperfect.]
[May 6.] 70. Draft of part of the above.
May 7.
Proclamation inhibiting the use of any charter or grant made by Queen Elizabeth, of any kind of monopolies, &c. [Proc. Bk., p. 12.]
May 7. 71. [Richard] Martin's Oration, delivered before the King, in the name of the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, congratulating him on his accession to the English Throne, and exhorting him not to be led away by evil counsellors, but to devote himself to the reformation of civil and ecclesiastical abuses.
May 7. Copy of the above. [Dom. Eliz., Vol. xlv., p. 131. Imperfect.]
May 8. Lease to Sir Hen. Guildford of Olney parsonage, co. Bucks. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
May ? 72. Grant to Wm. H[errick] of the office of Jeweller to the King, for life.
May 9. Grant to the Same of the office of Jeweller to the King, Queen, and Prince, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 33.]
May 10.
Howard House.
73. Declaration of the King in Council that he will not call more than 24 to his Privy Council, and will reduce them by degrees, with list of the Council nominated.
May 10. 74. The King to Sir Edw. Carey, Master of the Jewel House. Requires him to admit John Acheson, appointed King's Goldsmith, to the duties of his office.
May 10. 75. The Same to Lord Treasurer Buckhurst. To order the officers of customs to permit Edward Bruce, Lord Kinloss, to transport 2,000 broad cloths, for which a licence has been granted to him.
May 11. Grant to Thos. Lake, in reversion after Sir Thos. Gorges, to make writs of subpona, out of the Chancery Court. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 12.]
May 11 ? 76. George Shirley to Sec. Cecil. Proceedings in suppressing tumultuous assemblies at Brigstock Park. [See May 1.]
May 12. 77. H. [Henry Garnet, Superior of the Jesuits,] to a Lady. Spiritual advice; promises to recall from banishment one of the Society who will serve her instead of Mr. Anthony. Indorsed [by Cecil] "Walley's letter."
May 12. 78. Petition to the King of William Middleton, elected in the late reign Master of Bennet College, Cambridge, in place of Dr. Jegon, who was disapproved by the Queen. He desires to enjoy his place without molestation of the Fellows, who wish to restore Dr. Jegon. With order thereon.
May 13. Creation of Sir Edw. Wotton to the rank of Baron Wotton of Maherley, co. Kent. [Grant Bk., p. 3.]
May 13. Creation of Sir Wm. Knollys to the rank of Baron Knollys of Grays, co. Oxford. [Ibid., p. 3.]
May 13. Creation of Sir Robt. Sydney to the rank of Baron Sydney of Penshurst, co. Kent. [Ibid., p. 3.]
May 13. Creation of Sir Robt. Cecil to the rank of Baron Essendon, co. Rutland. [Ibid., p. 3.]
May 13. 79. Warrant for Lady Katherine Howard and Mrs. Ratcliffe to examine and sort the Crown jewels.
May 13.
80. Articles agreed upon by George Blackwell, archpriest, Rob. Tempest, and others, at a meeting of priests, respecting their discipline and policy.
May 14.
81. Warrant to Lord Treasurer Buckhurst and Sir John Fortescue, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to issue a commission of survey of certain portions of the Debateable Lands, a grant of which is solicited by George Ramsay.
May 14 ? 82. Warrant to pay to Sir John Parker 46£. 13s. 4d. per month, for the wages of 50 soldiers. Latin. [Imperfect.]
May 14. Grant to Thos. Pott of the office of Keeper of the Manor house and Park of Temple-Newsham, co. York, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 2.]
May 14 ? 83. Edward Lord Zouch to the King. Thanks for bestowing on him so great a gift, before it was asked for. [See April 13.]
May 14.
84. Rob. Parsons [Jesuit priest] to N. T. Hopes the King may become a Catholic. Prayers for him in the seminaries. The Pope delighted with Basilicon Doron. Recounts his own services abroad for the King's mother and himself. Prays pardon for his share in the "Book of Succession," and begs the intercession of some friends to protect him from his slanderers.
May 16.
Proclamation against unlawful hunting. [Proc. Bk., p. 15.]
May 16. Grant to Hen. Earl Southampton and his heirs, of pardon and restitution. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 3.]
May 16. Grant, in reversion, to Chris. Barker of the office of King's Printer, for life. [Ibid., p. 3.]
May 16. Grant to John Plumer and Geo. Paul of the office of Register and Clerk of the Acts, for life. [Ibid., p. 3.]
May 17. Grant to Wm. Earl Pembroke of the office of Keeper of Clarendon Park, co. Wilts, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 2].
May 17. Grant to Sir Amias Preston of the office of Keeper of Stores and Ordnance in the Tower. [Ibid., p. 2.]
May 17. Grant to Mich. Hicks of the office of Receiver General in co. Middlesex and elsewhere, for life. [Ibid., p. 2.]
May 17. Warrant to pay to Sir George Hume, keeper of the Privy Purse, 1,000£. for the King's use; and 200£. to such person as the King's Principal Secretary shall nominate, for relief and transportation of Lady Barbara Ruthven. [Docquet.]
May 17. Warrant to pay to Sir John Stanhope [Master of the Posts] 890£. 13s. for the Posts of the quarter ending 30th June, 1603; and 4,150£. per annum for the office of the Posts. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to [Ant. Watson,] Bishop of Chichester, of the office of King's Almoner. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to Edward Phelips of the office of King's Serjeant-at- law. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to Joseph Killigrew of the office of Butler of the Duchy of Cornwall. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to William Broderick, in reversion after John Parre, of the office of King's Embroiderer. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to John Norton of the office of King's Printer of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. [Docquet.]
[May 17.]
85. Proclamation charging all actors, &c., in the Border incursion, to resort to the Commissioners at a day limited.
May 17.
Copy of the above. [Proc. Bk., p. 17.]
May 18.
86. The King to Hen. Percy Earl of Northumberland [Captain of the band of Gentlemen Pensioners.] The Gentlemen Pensioners are to take the oath of supremacy, to be of ability to maintain themselves, and not to sell nor traffic for their places.
May 19.
Proclamation for the Union of England and Scotland. [Proc. Bk., p. 18.]
May 20. 87. Inhabitants of Brigstock and Stanion to Sec. Lord Cecil, of Essendon. Thanks for favour shown, and praying continuance.
May ? 88. The King to Lord Mordaunt, Sir Edw. Watson, and others, Justices of the Peace for Northamptonshire. Orders them to prevent injuries to the game in Brigstock Park, granted by the late Queen to Lord Cecil, who intends to keep deer there for the King's recreation when he passes that way.
May 20. 89. Commission to Sir Edw. Carey, Sir Thos. Gorges, Sir Thos. Knyvet, and Auditor Gofton to view and inventory all the jewels of the late Queen, in the custody of Mrs. Mary Ratcliffe, and to make a special inventory of such as are meet to be reserved for the Crown.
May 20. 90. Commission to the Lord Treasurer, Lord Admiral, Lord Chamberlain, Lord Cecil, Sir George Hume, and Sir John Fortescue to consider upon such preparations for the Coronation as are "accordable to honour without superfluity of charge."
May 20. 91. The King to the Lord Treasurer. To admit John Lepton as searcher of the port of Hull.
May 20.
92. Grant to Sir Rich. Thekeston of the office of King's Bailiff and Collector of Lands of the late Monastery of Bermondsey.
May 20. Grant to John Parker of the office of Keeper of Falmouth Castle, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 2.]
May 21. Grant to Wm. Hill of an auditorship of the Exchequer, for life. [Ibid., p. 16.]
May 21.
93. Lord Cecil to Thos. Windebank. To alter Sir Walter Raleigh's patent for the Island of Jersey, remitting 300£. a year, formerly paid to the Crown.
May 22.
94. Colonel Wm. Stewart to Lord Cecil. The King's disposition is excellent, but he relies too much on others. Advises Cecil how to guide him in this "new world," to which he is come.
May 22. Grant to Sir Robt. Wrothe to be a Walker in Waltham Forest, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 33.]
May 23. Grant to Sir Thos. Vachell of the fines of Fr. Perkins. [Ibid., p. 16.]
May 23. Grant to John Higham and Jas. Smith of the office of Steward of the town of Bury. [Ibid., p. 17.]
May 23. 95. Indenture granting to Wm. Killigrew the profits of sealing all writs, &c. in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, on his paying a yearly rental for the same.
May 25.
96. The King to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London. Recommends Henry Montague to be Recorder.
May 25. Grant, in reversion, to Fr. Mitchell of the office of Clerk of the Market, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 1.]
May 25. Grant, in reversion, to Thos. Morgan of the office of Overseer of the Woods of the South Parts, for life. [Ibid., p. 1.]
May 28. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Thos. Savage of the manor of Frodsham, co. Cheshire. [Ibid., p. 19.]
May 28. Grant to Fr. Egiock of the office of a Teller of the Exchequer, for life. [Ibid., p. 20.]
May 28.
97. Grant to Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury, of a lease of Gledthorpe Grange, part of the manor of Norton, co. Notts, lately belonging to the monastery of Welbeck.
[May 29.]
98. Proclamation commanding gentlemen to depart the Court and City on account of the plague.
May 29. Copy of the above. [Proc. Bk., p. 20.]
May 29. Grant, in reversion, to Rich. Cartwright of the office of examining witnesses in suits, and before the President of the Marches of Wales, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 16.]
May 30. Grant, in reversion, to James Erskine of the offices of Steward of the manor of Woking, co. Surrey, and Keeper of the Park. [Ibid., p. 16.]
May 30. Grant to And. Shilling of the office of one of the six principal Masters of the Navy, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 75.]
May 30. Grant, in reversion, to Jo. Kidderminster of the stewardship of Langley Mary's, and keeping of the park, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
May 31. 99. Grant to Dr. Thos. Crompton of the office of King's Advocate- General.
May ? 100. Petition of Sir Anthony Standen, and Anthony Standen, his brother, to the King, for arrears of pensions granted them by the late Queen of Scots. They went into Scotland with Margaret, Coun-tess of Lenox, and held posts in the Household of King Henry Darnley; have suffered exile and imprisonment for their attachment to the King's parents.
May ? 101. Copy of the above.
May ? 102. Narrative of Sir Ant. Standen having saved the Queen of Scots from being stabbed by one of Ruthven's followers at the time of Rizzio's murder.
May. 103. Accounts of the Privy Signet for the month.
May. 104. The King to the Lord Treasurer, &c. In addition to the 2,000£. already ordered to be paid to Sir Thos. Knyvet, to discharge debts due for bullion brought into the Mint, they are to pay additional sums, under warrant from 6 of the Council, for purchase of bullion, to encourage the merchants to bring in further supplies.
May. 105. The Same to Sir Thos. Knyvet. Order to devote the 2,000£. already granted, and other sums paid into the Mint, to coining monies.
[May.] 106. The Same to Sir John Egerton, Lord Keeper. He is to issue three instruments under the Great Seal, to the Privy Council, the King's Counsellors at Law, and the Clerks of the Signet, giving instructions in reference to the granting of Suits, the multiplicity of applications necessitating caution lest grants should be made prejudicial to the Crown or the subject. Six of the Council are to sit weekly to receive and decide upon suits, and no grants to be drawn up without their warrant. All petitions to be decided on within a fortnight.
May. 107. Copy of part of the above.
Syon House.
108. Hen. Percy, Earl of Northumberland, to Lord Cecil. Hears that a Commission is to be appointed for examining and allowing Suits; shall feel it a disgrace if he be not one of the Commissioners.
May. 109. The King to Sir John Egerton, Lord Keeper. Requires him to renew the dispensation granted by the late Queen to Thos. Mills, collector of the customs at Sandwich, for non-residence in that town.
May ? 110. Lord Sydney to [Sir Thos. Lake ?]. For a warrant to Sir John Fortescue, Master of the Wardrobe, to deliver two palls of cloth of gold, a traverse of crimson taffety, communion linen, books, &c., for the service of the Queen in the closet.
May. 111. Declaration by the King, that all letters of reprisal granted by the late Queen are become void on her decease, and summoning all to whom they were granted to desist from molestation or spoil, and return home.
May. 112. Declaration by Captain Baynard, that eight Dunkirkers have carried off a Portuguese prize, taken by him and left in Torbay harbour. With the draft of a request from the French Ambassador to procure its restitution.
[May.] 113. [Lord Cecil] to Queen Anne. Devotion to her service. Has not been consulted by the King in those accidents of Scotland [the Queen's quarrel with the Earl of Mar], or would have supported her cause. The King allows no middle power between himself and the Queen. Her interest in him paramount to that of all others.
Sir T Kingwell's Chamber.
114. John Stewart, Earl of Mar, to Sec. Cecil. Will be at his chamber at the time appointed by his letter.
May ? 115. Memoranda of certain annual receipts from the farmers of customs, imposts, &c.
May ? 116. Sir Richard Musgrave and Robert Vernon to the Council. Praying a warrant for payments at Berwick to Midsummer next, according to the late Queen's establishment.
May ? 117. Anonymous (signature of an eye) to the Same. Sends them a letter to certain parties, whom he threatens with the King's displeasure, if they persecute him for writing it. He is privy to His Majesty's "designs on the obstinate Puritans." Incloses,
117. I. A letter [to the Bishops ?] assuring them that the King is a Catholic, and threatening them with his heavy displeasure, and with severe punishments, if they cease not their proceedings against the Catholics.
May ? 118. Extract from the letter of a Jesuit, expressing surprise at the favourable tone of the King's book towards Catholics. Remarks on his promises to Catholics, and good treatment of them since his arrival.
May ? Orders for the posts, for the speedy carriage of the King's packets. [Proc. Bk., p. 70.]
May ? 119. Apology by Thos. Phelippes for meddling in the cause of Mary, Queen of Scots. He merely deciphered for the Government the intercepted letters relating to Babington's conspiracy.
May ? 120. Copy of the above.