James I: Volume 26, January-March, 1607

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 26, January-March, 1607', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp343-353 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 26, January-March, 1607', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp343-353.

"James I: Volume 26, January-March, 1607". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp343-353.


January-March, 1607.

Jan. 1. Grant, in reversion, to Thos. Levett of the office of Clerk of the Liveries, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 53.]
Jan. 2. Grant to Geo. Ramsay and Thos. Lunsden, of lands and tenements on the Borders; "rent, one good hare-hound at the feast of St. Michael." [Ibid., p. 58.]
Jan. 3. Grant to Thomas Viscount Fenton, and Elizabeth his wife, of the chief stewardship of the honour of Ampthill, for life. [Ibid., p. 52.]
Jan. ? 1. Reasons why Merchant Strangers should pay double duty for baize and all manufactures made of wool, the same as they do for cloth; with offer for the farming of this additional duty.
Jan. ? 2. Copy of the above.
Jan. 3. 3. Sir John Watts, Lord Mayor of London, to the Earls of Dorset and Salisbury. Has communicated their directions concerning overslipped customs to various merchants. Incloses,
3. I. Reply by the Merchant Strangers to an argument in 7 points, in favour of their paying the overslipped customs, i.e., double customs on baize, says, and other woollen goods, called the New Drapery.
3. II. Duplicate of the above, with slight variations.
3. III. Rejoinder, in reply to the above answer of the Merchant Strangers, proving that the double customs are neither against the tenor of treaties with foreign countries nor unjust, nor disadvantageous.
3. IV. Second reply of the Merchant Strangers, to prove that the King's customs do not lose by the manufacture of baize, says, &c., but would lose, in certain instances, by introduction of the double customs.
3. V. Copy of the above.
3. VI. Arguments drawn from treaties with Spain and France, against imposing overslipped customs on strangers, for baize, says, &c.
[Jan.] 4. Petition of the Merchant Strangers to the Council, against the proposed imposition on them of a double duty on baize, says, &c.; they have given in their arguments against it to the Lord Mayor.
Jan. ? 5. Reasons stated by the Merchant Strangers against the demand of Mr. Wright, for the scavage upon Cologne silk, and all other silks imported.
Jan. 5. License to Wm. Stallenge, for 21 years, to print a book called "Instructions for the planting and increase of mulberry trees, breeding of silkworms, and making of silk." [Grant Book, p. 20.]
Jan. ? 6. The King to the Deputy Lieutenants, &c., of Counties. To require the landowners to purchase and plant 10,000 mulberry trees, which will be delivered to purchasers in March or April next, at the rate of six shillings the hundred. A book of instructions on mulberry trees and silk worms is to be published meanwhile, for encouraging the silk trade in England.
Jan. 5.
7. Sir Thos. Smith to Dud. Carleton. Will embrace any opportunity of doing him service. It will be the better for him that the Earl of Northumberland does not favour him.
Jan. 8. Grant, in reversion, to Humphrey Jobson, of the office of overseer of tarring of the charge of newly built ships, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 58.]
Jan. 9. License to Rich. Penkevell to discover the passage into China, Carthay, the Moluccas, and other regions of the East Indies, for 7 years. [Grant Book, p. 20.]
Jan. 9. Grant to Ant. Dent, of the parsonage of Amport, co. Hants, for 40 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 52.]
Jan. 10.
8. Warrant for payment of the usual wages and allowances to Thos. Dodsworth, appointed Yeoman Pricker of the Privy Buck- hounds.
Jan. 10.
Tower Hill.
9. Sir Allan Percy to Dud. Carleton. Proposal by Lord Knollys for Carleton to accompany the Earl of Essex; this may be an opportunity to shake off the gunpowder fume.
Jan. 11.
10. The King to the Earl of Derby. To hear again a cause formerly decided by Sir Hen. Townshend, his deputy, relative to the claims of John Vaudry v. Edw. Vaudry, to the right of a lease of certain property belonging to the County Palatine of Chester.
Jan. 11.
11. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Objects to accept an assignment of Mr. Kerry's place, in the office of the Privy Seal.
Jan. 13.
12. Same to the Same. Thanks for attention to his affairs; if Mr. Kerry does not renew the proposal, will wait his turn for the office. Lord Wm. Howard passed yesterday that way towards London. Delays of my lady [the Countess of Clanricarde] and Sir Fras. Goodwin in paying him money.
Jan. 14. Grant to Henry Earl of Southampton, of the office of Keeper of the New Forest, &c., co. Hants, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 56.]
Jan. 16. Grant to Hen. Levingston of part of the goods of Sir Everard Digby. [Ibid., p. 64.]
Jan. 17. 13. Grant to John Price of the benefit of the recusancy of Fras. Pordage, of Radmersham, Sam. Lone, of Sevenoaks, Kent, and Cath. Gawen, of Norrington, Wilts.
[Jan. 17.] 14. Draft of the above.
Jan. 17. 15. Grant by the Earl of Northampton, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, to Sir Thos. Waller, Lientenant of Dover Castle, and others, of the office of Deputies for the charge of the passage at Dover.
Jan. 18.
16. Warrant for a grant to Rich. Harris, Gentleman Usher, of the recusancy of Mary Morgan, of Westham, co. Warwick.
Jan. 19.
17. The King to the Lord Chancellor and Lord Treasurer. To appoint a speedy day to determine a cause pending between Sir Sam. Saltonstall, Collector of the Customs, and his brothers and brothers-in-law [relative to the will of his late father.]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 8.]
Jan. 20.
18. The Council to the Bishop of Carlisle and other Border Commissioners, and to Sir Wm. Bowyer, Captain of Berwick. The Earl of Dunbar having done good service in the apprehension of some notorious outlaws, the horsemen and footmen of Berwick garrison are to be always ready at his disposal, in case he require their services.
Jan. 20. 19. Copy of the above.
Jan. 20. Grant to Wm. Bromley and Edw. Hooper of 2,317£. 17s. of the debt of Nich. Smith, Receiver. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 52.]
Jan. 20. Grant, in fee-farm, to Hen. Stanley, of lands and tenements, co. York. [Ibid., p. 52.]
Jan. 20. Grant, in fee-farm, to the Same, of the parsonage of Launderells and others, co. Cornwall. [Ibid., p. 52.]
Jan. 22.
20. Thomas Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, to Salisbury. Has examined Fras. Collingwood as to his traitorous speeches, which he professes to have uttered in a frenzy; thinks them unfit to be disclosed by a public arraignment. Incloses,
20. I. Examinations of Fras. Collingwood, late of Newcastle, relative to slanderous words spoken against the King, Dec. 24, 1606. Also examinations of Wm. Turgis, John Glass, Nic. Coyte, John Chadwick, of Gosport, Dec. 24, 1606; of Hen. Hazell, keeper of the gaol of Winchester, Jan. 16, 1607; of Andrew Hering, of Willow, Isle of Wight, Jan. 17, 1607; and of Ananias Plommer, of Gosport, Jan. 19, 1607, relative thereto.
Jan. 24. Grant to Sir Rich. Gargrave of the reversion of divers lands in Yorkshire. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 54.]
Jan. 24. 21. Sir Roger Wilbraham to Sir Thos. Lake. Signifies the King's pleasure for drawing up a letter prefixed, to Sir John Dives and - - Williams, of Bedford, to retain possession of the revenues of Bedford Hospital, according to a previous commission, until the cause be finally determined.
Jan. 24.
22. The King to the Lord Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer. To favour certain suits relating to the foundation of the Savoy Hospital, some of the possessions of which are injuriously detained.
Jan. 25.
23. The Council to the Attorney-General. For stay of Exchequer process entered by Fras. Antelownd against two merchants of the Netherlands, for bringing pins into the realm.
Jan. 25. 24. List [by Thos. Wilson] of the ordinary furniture, as it is now placed in Lord [Salisbury's] house.
Jan. 26. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Henson, of the office of Remembrancer of the First Fruits, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 53.]
Jan. 28. Grant to Sir Wm. Anstruther of the moiety of all goods, &c., of Sir Everard Digby, Amb. Rookewood, John Grant. Rob. Winter, Fras. Tresham, Rob. Catesby, Thos. Percy, and Hen. Garnet, attainted of treason. [Grant Bk., p. 20.]
Jan. 29. Lease, in reversion, to Edw. Sawyer of lands and tenements in Middlesex, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 52.]
Jan. 29.
25. Grant to Hen. Mynours, Serjeant of the Carriages, of the benefit of the recusancy of Ric. Brooke, of Lapley, and John Mynours, of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, Fras. Sheldon, of Aberston, co. Worcester, and Hugh Speake, of Hartley, co. Berks.
Jan. 30. License to Rob. Chantrell to make and forge iron and steel with slow coal, sea coal, pit coal, and peat coal, for 21 years. [Grant Bk., p. 20.]
Jan. ? 26. The King to the Fellows of Brasenose College, Oxford. Recommends them to elect, as Principal, Henry Walmsley, who has deserved well of the College, for his pains in reforming disorders.
Jan. 27. Memorandum [by Levinus Munck] of payments to be made by Lord Salisbury to Baldwin Burdeaux and Ph. Jacobson for jewels.
Jan. 28. Note of the ordinary fees for affixing the Great Seal.
Jan. ? 29. Notes relative to Masters in Chancery, the antiquity and former privileges of their office, and the contempt into which they are now fallen; with propositions to the Lords for their relief by increase of income.
Jan. ? 30. Titles of papers on the right of precedency disputed between the Serjeants-at-Law and Masters in Chancery; and heads of Mr. Noy's arguments thereupon.
Jan. ? 31. Capt. Thos. Mewtys to Salisbury. Begs him not to credit the scandal laid on him by a shameless woman, who sues him for a debt.
Feb. 1.
32. Bailiffs, &c., of Colchester, to Salisbury. Remonstrate against the imposition on Merchant Strangers of the double duty on baize.
Feb. 2 ? 33. [Earl of Salisbury] and others to William Lord Russell. Request his consent to a sale of the manor of Middleborne, part of the Earl of Bedford's unentailed estates, to Lord St. John. The Countess of Bedford consents to it, on condition of a compensation being made to her, it being part of her jointure.
Feb. 2 ? 34. Note of statutes by which Edward Earl of Bedford stands bound in heavy sums to Lord Russell, the Countess of Warwick, Thomas Lord Grey, and Lord St. John of Bletsoe, not to sell his entailed estates.
Feb. 2 ? 35. Objections by [William] Lord Russell against a request of the Earl of Bedford to be permitted to sell part of his entailed estates.
Feb. 2. 36. Notes [drawn up for Salisbury] of certain lands and manors belonging to the Earl of [Bedford ?] entailed, the reversion being in the Crown; and note of divers manors out of the entail.
[Feb. 2.] 37. Brief of the Bill relating to draining the Fens; with statement of its advantages, and replies to objections.
[Feb. 2.] 38. Statement of the course held in prosecuting the Fen cause, and for satisfying all persons who are interested in the Bill. The undertakers are to receive 12,000 acres out of 300,000 to be drained.
[Feb. 2.] 39. Copy of the above.
Feb. 2.
The Court.
40. Earl of Nottingham to the Boatswains of His Majesty's ships. Commands them to forbear attendance on any land service, and to obey orders from the principal officers of the navy.
Feb. 2.
41. Letter of revocation of Sir Rob. Dudley from foreign parts, on suspicion of disloyal conduct. [See May 21, 1606.]
Feb. 4. 42. Examination of Edw. Cottrell, alias Capt. Sampson. Was appointed by Sir Geo. Harvy to attend on Sir Walter Raleigh; conveyed letters and messages between him and Lawrence Kemys and Lord Cobham; lax keeping of Raleigh by Sir G. Harvy; the door of the Bloody Tower where he lay always open; his liberation expected last summer by Lady Raleigh.
Feb. 4. Lease to Fras. Needham of the parsonage of Duffield, co. Derby. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 58.]
[Feb. 4.] Grant to George, Earl of Dunbar, of 3,330£. 16s. 0d. for tithes of the diocese of Lincoln, and of 2,705£. 18s. 4d. for subsidy of the same, due by Fras. Bullingham. [Ibid., p. 55.]
Feb. 4. 43. The King to Sir Julius Cæsar, Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer. To deliver to the Earl of Suffolk, as a free gift, 50 papers of Venice gold, the moiety of 100 forfeited by John Hare, merchant of London, as being not duly customed.
Feb. 5. 44. The Same to Salisbury. Concerning the grant to Sir John Leigh of the forfeiture of - - Huddleston, of Essex, recusant.
Feb. 6.
45. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Particulars of various friends. The King will discharge the debts of young Lord Hay, Visct. Haddington, and Earl Montgomery, which amount to 44,000£.; his own are installed to be paid in 3 years. A cause in the Court of Wards between the Lord Treasurer and Sir John Leveson. Sends a letter from the Ambassador in Spain to the Duke of Lenox.
Feb. 7. Lease, in reversion, to Edw. Ferrers, of lands and tenements, co. Lincoln, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 55.]
Feb. 9. Grant, in fee-farm, to Sir Benj. Tichborne, of the castle of Winchester, &c. [Ibid., p. 55.]
Feb. 10.
46. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Has a violent cold. Sir Walter Cope to be reminded of his poor client.
Feb. 11. Grant, in fee-farm, to Wm. Harrison, of the parsonage of Wrangle, co. Lincoln, and others. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 61.]
Feb. 11. Grant, in fee-farm, to Simon Wiseman and others, of the tithe of grain in Rocester, co. Stafford. [Ibid., p. 62.]
Feb. 12. 47. Sir John Herbert and others, to the Council. On the overslipped customs payable by strangers on says, baize, &c., called the New Drapery; are of opinion that such a duty may be imposed without violation of treaties.
Feb. 13.
48. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. The Parliament begun. Sir Wm. Morris gained honour by defending Mr. [Rich.] James, member for Newport, arrested for debt. The King at Oking. The Queen said to be with child. The Earl of Northampton in high favour. The patent for the customs is to be revoked, and a fresh patent granted to Sir John Swinnerton. Sends a pamphlet of Lord Chief Justice Coke's, suppressed the day after publication. Court gossip, foreign news, &c.
Feb. 15.
49. The Council to the Mayor, &c. of Norwich. To levy a tax on the inhabitants, towards the decent maintenance of the established ministry. [See June 1621.]
Feb. 15.
50. Earl Dunfermline and Lord Balmerinoch to Salisbury. Recommend that a register be kept of all merchandise and goods transported between England and Scotland, in order that the conditions agreed on by the Commissioners for the Union relative to customs be not evaded.
Feb. 16.
51. Thos. Forster to Tobie Matthew. Deaths of Justice Coventry, Baron Clerk, and Baron Savile; a fearful inundation at Bridgewater and Bristol. Indorsed with a note by Matthew, that he regrets not having kept all Forster's letters, &c.
Feb. 17. 52. Account of customs that would have arisen from goods which have been imported without duty, or with diminished duty, during the 7 years ending Michaelmas 1 Jac. I. Indorsed by Dorset, as laid before the Lords Commissioners 17th Feb., 1606.
[Feb. 17.] 53. Speech by Sir Francis Bacon in the House of Commons, concerning the article of naturalization of the Scottish nation. Printed. 4to. London, 1641.
Feb. [19.]
54. Speeches in the House of Commons by Mr. Diet, Mr. Holt, Mr. Hedley, and Mr. Crew, upon the difference between the antenati and postnati, in the question of the naturalization of the Scots.
Feb. [19.] 55. Copy of the above.
Feb. 19. Grant to Fras. Ducket, of the parsonage of Beetham, co. Westmoreland. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 55.]
Feb. 20.
56. Grant to David Moyses of the second moiety, the first moiety being already granted to Wm. Damport, of the forfeitures of recusants, to the amount of 1,200£.
Feb. 22. 57. Warrant for renewal of lease to the farmers of customs, of tonnage and poundage, on their augmenting the rent from 112,400£. to 120,000£. per ann., paying 6,000£. for the two years past, and promising further augmentations, if judged equitable.
Feb. 22.
58. Sir Wm. Cranston to Sir Hen. Leigh. Is ready to stay where he is, but there are no Grahams within 24 miles of him, "except sum sekly bodyes."
Feb. 22.
59. Grant to Bevis Thelwall, Page of the Bedchamber, of the benefit of the recusancy of Hen. Carey, of Tadford, Southampton.
[Feb. 25.] 60. Petition from the merchants trading to Spain and Portugal to the King, &c., to protect them from the oppressions of the Spaniards, by granting them letters of marque; with arguments in favour thereof.
[Feb. 25.] 61. Copy of the above.
[Feb. 25.] 62. Copy of the above arguments.
Feb. ? "Opinion of ancient Doctors of the Law, whether it be lawful for Princes whose subjects have been wronged by a foreign Prince to stay the bodies and goods of that Prince's subjects by way of reprisal ?" with application of the same to his own case by a suppliant [to the Council], who, in reprisal for wrongs committed against him in Spain, has arrested a Spaniard. [Imperfect MSS., James I., No. 5. fol. 26.]
Feb. ? 63. Petition of Wm. Freeman, Rob. Brooke, and Co., merchants, to Salisbury, for assistance to recover the balance of an account due to them by the Spanish Government, for corn purchased from them in October, 1605.
[Feb. 25.] 64. Note of [Lord Chief Justice Coke's] speech at the conference between the two Houses, on the naturalization of Scots.
[Feb. 26.] 65. Sir Fras. Bacon's report of the first day's conference between the Lords and Commons on the question, whether Scotsmen born since the King's accession be naturalized in England.
[March 2.] 66. Sir Fras. Bacon's report of another conference with the Lords on the same question; which the Commons held in the negative, and the opinion of the Judges was for the affirmative. Imperfect.
March 2.
67. Grant to Jas. Palfreyman of the office of Keeper of the Armoury in the Tower and the Minories, in reversion after his father, Rich. Palfreyman.
[March 3.] Commission for Wm. Keeling and others, coming from the East Indies. [Grant Book, p. 26.]
[March 3.] Commission for duty on baize, cotton, &c., exported by strangers. [Ibid., p. 26.]
[March 3.]
Commission to Thomas Lord Howard, Viscount Bindon, to be Lieutenant in co. Dorset and town of Pool. [Ibid., p. 22.]
March 3. 68. Anonymous [a Scotchman,] to the King. Thanks for his vindications of Scotland from the unjust aspersions of certain of the House of Commons. They are prepared to prove that their country has never been inferior in Christianity, loyalty, fidelity, or liberty, to England. They only consent to "that Union so greatly hated by them and so little affected by us," from reluctance to thwart His Majesty in a project he has so much at heart. Pains taken by the Scottish Council to magnify its benefits and conceal its evils. Begs the King to give up the Union, employ the subjects of both kingdoms alike, and reside in each in turn.
March ? 69. Notes of Scotchmen and foreigners who have been created noblemen in England and sat in Parliament. Indorsed by Cecil, "All other laws make them Aliens; precedents contrary; reason; nature."
March 4. 70. Report [drawn by Thos. Wilson, for Salisbury,] of the day's proceedings in Parliament, on the naturalization of the Scots.
March 5.
71. Grant to Wm. Hickes of the benefit of the recusancy of John Draycot, of Painsley, Stafford, and James Willford, of Lynam, Kent.
March 6. 72. Collection of speeches on the restrictions proposed by the Lower House, in reference to the naturalization of the Scots, and the distinctions between antenati and postnati, in the Bill of Union.
March 7. 73. Copy of the above.
[March 7.] 74. Analysis of the above.
[March 7.] Docquet of part of the above.
March ? 75. Suggestions on the best mode of proceeding, in the conference with the Lords on the Union.
March ? 76. Analytical digest of the speeches of the Lord Chancellor and Earl of Salisbury, on the Union.
[March 7.]
77. Report of speeches at a conference between the Lords and Commons, on the naturalization of the Scots.
[March 7.] 78. Another report of the same conference.
[March 7.] 79. Considerations offered by the Commons to the Lords, in the conference on the naturalization of Scotchmen.
[March 7.] 80. Memoranda [by Salisbury] relating to the question of the postnati.
March 7. 81. Arguments, pro and con., relative to the postnati.
March 7. Grant, in fee-farm, to Vincent Skinner of the manor of Thornton, co. Lincoln. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 56.]
March 9. Grant, in reversion, to Edw. Cook and Edw. Sawyer of lands and tenements, co. Berks and elsewhere, for 40 years. [Ibid., p. 55.]
March 9. Grant to Lady Arbella Stuart of all sums paid into the Exchequer, from thelandsof Thomas Earl of Ormond. [Grant Book, p. 25.]
March 9. Grant to Roger Godsalve of the reversion of the manor of Caistor and others, co. Norfolk. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 55.]
March 10. Grant, in reversion, to Robert Earl of Salisbury, of the office of keeper of Hyde Park, for life. [Ibid., p. 56.]
March 11. Grant to Antony Viscount Montague of the reversion of the manor and site of Calcott, with manors and lands in Sussex, &c. [Ibid., p. 61.]
March 13. Grant to Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury of the office of Constable and Steward of Newark, and Forester of Sherwood, for life. [Ibid., p. 55.]
[March 14.] 82. Objections against the Bill for the Relief of the Curriers, showing that it will not be to the general advantage of the trade.
[March 14.] 83. Resolutions of the Committee appointed to consider of the inconveniences experienced by the Commons, by standing long and bare-headed at conferences with the Lords.
[March 14.] 84. Copy of the above.
March 14. 85. Collections out of Sir Edwin Sandys' speech at the conference with the House of Lords, touching naturalization, and the antenati and postnati in the Bill of Union.
March 15. 86. Copy of the above. Incomplete.
[March 15.] 87. [Thos. Wilson] to [Salisbury]. Will collect what particulars his friends can remember of Sir Edwin Sandys' speech. Sends notes of arguments as to whether the Scotch retain their former right of naturalization in France.
[March 15.] 88. Copy of the above.
March 15.
Whitehall, Sunday.
Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Has imparted His Majesty's letters to the Lords. The House desires to pass a definitive sentence on the invalidity of the Judges' resolution. The Speaker being ill, is excused attendance for a few days. [Dom. Corresp., March 20.]
March 18.
Same to the Same. Praises His Majesty's great judgment in all things, especially in the dispatch to the Scotch Lords, which will allay the ferment there. Great heat as to the postnati and antenati, in the Lower House. The Speaker shall be kept away by illness, real or feigned, till his return is thought advisable. [Ibid.]
March 19. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Thos. Lake of lands and tenements, co. Northampton, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 62.]
March 19. License to Edw. Morgan to exercise his religion, paying 20£. per month to the King. [Grant Book, p. 25.]
March 20.
Commission to the Earls of Dorset, Nottingham, and others, to take an inventory of jewels in the Tower. [Ibid., p. 19.]
[March 20.] 89. Note of subsidies paid by the City of London 3 James I., as compared with those of 5 Eliz.
March 20.
90. [Sir Thos. Lake ?] to Salisbury. Sir Wm. Cornwallis's grant of the bullion, &c., seized from the coiners in Essex is to proceed, unless it be found to amount to 600£. or 700£.; in which case it is to be taken into the King's coffers, and a lease of parsonages or some other reward granted to him instead.
[March 20.]
91. Same to the Same. Sends a packet of letters from Venice. The Speaker must be said to be absent from sickness, but shall have provisional directions.
[March 22.] Grant to John Sayer, of Worshall, co. York, a recusant, confined to his house and five miles compass thereof, to follow his game of hunting or hawking, out of his liberty of five miles, and to travel between his houses of Worshall, Colbourne, and Marrick, all in Yorkshire. [Warrt. Bk., I., p. 199.]
March 24. 92. Proceedings of the House of Commons from March 16 to March 23, during the illness of the Speaker.
[March 24.] 93. Extract from the Great Roll, 4 Jac. I., Devon, relative to the arrears of Hen. Warner, for the farming of the salting, &c. of fish, in Devon and Cornwall.
March 24. Grant, in reversion, to Edw. Monox of the office of assisting the Chief Officer of the Admiralty, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 67.]
March 25. 94. Inventory of jewels remaining in the hands of John Spilman, the King's Jeweller, and a memorial of all monies paid by him to Arnold Luls.
March 26. Grant to Rob. Brett of 150£., recovered by judgment of divers persons in the forest of Snowdon. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 67.]
March 26. Grant, in reversion, to Peter Mutton, of the office of Attorney in the Principality of South Wales and North Wales, and in cos. Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucester, Worcester, Chester, and Flint, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 67.]
[March 30.] Commission to Sir John Popham, to supply the place of the Lord Chancellor in Parliament, during his absence. [Grant Bk., p. 27. See Lords Journals, Vol. II., p. 404.]
[March.] 95. Accounts of the Court of Wards and Liveries from 1 to 4 James I.
[March.] 96. Another account of the revenue of the Court of Wards and Liveries, in certain years from 4 Eliz. to 4 Jac. I. With note by Lord Salisbury, specifying the period of his own appointment as Master of the Court of Wards, and those of Sir Wm. Cecil, Sir Thomas Parry, and Sir Francis Englefield.
March 30. 97. Wm. Fleetwood's note of sums extraordinary paid out of the receipt of the Court of Wards and Liveries, since the Earl of Salisbury's first coming to be Master of that Court.
March 31. 98. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To make a warrant for sale of as many timber trees out of Chute Forest, co. Hants, as will raise 180£., to be applied to the building of a fair lodge in Nonsuch Park, by estimate of John Taverner.
[March.] 99. [Earl of Salisbury, Chancellor of Cambridge] to the Master, &c. of Christ's College. Reproves their tardiness in following the King's recommendation of John Fish for election as a Fellow; unless they can account for their slackness, stricter letters will be sent them. Annexed is,
99. I. Certificate from the Master and Fellows of Christ's College, in favour of John Fish. March. Christ's College. Latin.
March. 100. Reply by the merchants of the Netherlands to the pinmakers of London, touching the importation of pins into England. [See January 25.]
March. Grant to Sir John Parker of the office of Keeper of Falmouth Castle, co. Cornwall, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 56.]
March. Grant, in fee-farm, to Martin White, of the manor of Aldborough, co. York, &c. [Ibid., p. 56.]
March ? 101. Estimate of the outgoing expenses of the Crown "communibus annis."
March ? 102. Memorandum [by Salisbury] of various presents made by his Majesty.
March ? 103. Assignation of the portions yet unpaid of the three subsidies, granted 3 Jac. I.
[March.] 104. Comparison of the revenue yielded by the customs, 44 Eliz. and 4 Jac. I.