James I: Volume 28, July-December, 1607

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 28, July-December, 1607', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp362-393.

"James I: Volume 28, July-December, 1607". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp362-393.


July--December, 1607.

July 1. Commission to Lord Treasurer Salisbury, for a new tax on every cwt. of logwood, and other prohibited dyeing woods. [Grant Bk., p. 30.]
July 2.
Warrant to allow Sir Thos. Bludder, of Mile End, Stepney, and other contractors for the pre-emption of white tin in Devonshire and Cornwall, 2,000£. advanced by them on account, and to pay them 200£. for interest. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 81.]
July 3. Grant, in reversion, to Isaac Wake, of the office of Keeper of the Hospital of Ewelme, co. Oxford, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 65.]
July 4. Grant to John Achmouty, of sums received by divers persons for the King's service in Ireland. [Ibid., p. 65.]
July 4? Extract from the King's speech, remonstrating against the High Commission Court being treated as a grievance in Parliament, and stating his intentions as to its modification. [Dom. Corresp., 1609, May 8.]
[July 4.] 1. Note of conferences between the Lords and Commons, during the present Parliament.
July 4. 2. Schedule of the Acts passed in this Parliament.
July 4.
3. License to Edmund Skory to travel beyond seas, for the study of languages.
July 5.
4. Oliver Lord St. John to Sir Thos. Lake. Has examined, according to order, Oliver Bateman, the Bishop of Lincoln's keeper, for killing a red deer, but finds it was done by accident. Entreats favour for him, being a poor man, and very useful to the Bishop. Incloses,
4. I. Examinations of Oliver Bateman, keeper of Buckden park, Rob. Ponyand, and Nich. Raby, of Brompton, on the above charge against Bateman, of hunting the deer.
July 7.
5. Address of George Blackwell to the Priests. Has been examined eight times at Lambeth; finds the Council have copies of the papal briefs, his letters, &c.; states his reasons for taking the oath of allegiance, and his opinion against the power of the Pope to ex-communicate the King; urges them to take the oath.
July ? 6. Reasons which induced Geo. Blackwell to take the oath of allegiance. Latin.
July 7.
7. Report of proceedings of Hen. Airay, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and others, Commissioners for improving the navigation of the river there.
July 8. Grant to James Colvell, of the arrears of divers yearly rents. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 66.]
July 9. Lease to Thos. Catchway and Rob. Corbet, of lands and tenements in East Greenwich, co. Kent, &c. [Ibid., p. 65.]
July 9. Grant to Sir Cuthbert Pepper, of the office of Attorney in the Court of Wards, for life. [Ibid., p. 71.]
July ? 8. Note recommending the revival of former statutes against the sale and export of coin, and that no refiner be permitted, but by royal license.
July 9.
Proclamation to repeal a statute of 5 Rich. II., which forbids the King's subjects from departing out of the realm, and to permit them to go abroad with a license from four of the Privy Council. Also to prohibit the transportation of gold and silver, jewels, &c. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 144.]
July ? 9. "A true and perfect way to keep the money within the kingdom," by instituting a register for all payments made by way of exchange; with answers to objections.
July 10. 10. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. Sends a draft of a Privy Seal prefixed, of which a docquet is to be drawn for His Majesty's better information, being a warrant to the Lord Treasurer for compensation to Sir James Hay, now Lord Hay, of lands passed to him at overestimated rates, as part of a grant of fee-farm rents, value 1,030£. per ann.; also to assign to Sir John Ramsay, now Visct. Haddington, lands value 1,070£., instead of 1,000£., as previously granted, and to rate such as were over-estimated only at the value given in, or a fresh survey to be taken thereof.
July 11.
11. Sir Hen. Lee to Thos. Wilson. Is very sorry for the loss of a certain fair lady. Probability of agreement between the King and the States.
July ? 12. Request for a patent to A. B., to collect old debts due to the Crown, one third of which is to be enjoyed by the patentee.
July 12. 13. Memorial by Lord Arundel, of the King's grant of a moiety of Crown debts to the party who shall recover and pay them in.
July 13. Grant to Tho. Mallory of the office of Dean of Chester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
July 14. Grant to Amb. Thelwell of all debts of Hen. Billingsley and John Moore, customers, supposed to be forfeited. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 16.
14. Warrant to Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Receiver of the Court of Wards and Liveries, to pay 1,200£. to the Earls of Salisbury and Suffolk, for furniture for the King's house at Theobalds.
July 17. Grant to Alex. Prescott, of the manor of Radminton Hall, in Essex. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 66.]
July 17. 15. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw out a Privy Seal warrant to Sir Rich. Molyneux, Receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster, to pay 286£. 13s. 4d. to Sir John Savile and Thos. Bland, as the King's free gift.
July ? 16. Petition of Sir Fulk Greville to the King, for a patent con-firming to him a grant of 4d. each, on all affidavits administered within the Principality of Wales, he being Secretary of the Council.
July 17. Grant to Sir Fulk Greville, of power to receive 4d. for every affidavit taken before the Council of the Marches of Wales, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 65.]
July 18. 17. The King to the Lord Mayor of London. To permit Julian Miccoti, an Italian, to keep a lottery for four months, and to assign him a suitable place to hold it in.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 21.]
July 18. 18. The Same to the Master, &c., of Trinity College, Cambridge. Urges them to admit Gabriel More Fellow of their College, his former recommendation of him having failed; with draft of a similar letter, not duplicate.
July 18.
19. Warrant to deliver to Sir Thos. Tyringham, appointed Master of the Buckhounds, stuff for his livery.
July 19. Grant to Edward Lord Bruce, of the parsonage of Northallerton, co. York. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 65.]
July 20.
20. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Is going into the country. The King left London yesterday. Entertainments and presents to the States' Ambassadors on leaving; they have been hand- somely feted by the City Companies; the Queen will not see them. Peace between Spain and the States. Christening of the Earl of Arundel's son. Lady Arabella godmother, by proxy for the old Countess of Shrewsbury.
[July 20.]
Sunday. Eton.
21. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. The journey undecided. Asks if Chamberlain intends to go. The Court will be at Eton on Wednesday. Thanks for Sir Mich. Dormer's book. Will meet him at Sir Wm. Burlacy's.
July 20. Grant to Nich. Downe and others, of the parsonage of Fremington, co. Devon. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 66.]
July 20. Grant, in fee-farm, to Thos. James, of the parsonage of Awre and Pulton, co. Gloucester. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 20. Grant to Humph. Flint, of the office of keeper of Theobalds Park, for life. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 20. Grant, in fee-farm, to Lewis Owen and others, of the tithe in Farley and Cotton, in the parish of Alton, co. Stafford. [Ibid., p. 67.]
July 21. 22. Warrant to re-deliver to the Duke of Lenox, Sir Oliver Cromwell, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, Sir Wm. Herrick, and others, to whom grants have been made of rectory lands, bonds by which they were pledged to pay the value of the woods growing thereon as per survey, the woods being found of small value.
July 23.
23. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. His master will soon decide about his journey. Sorry Chamberlain will not accompany him if he goes. The Court will stay six days at Eton. Statesmen surprised that Spain consents to the agreement with the States of Holland.
July 24.
Windsor Castle.
Proclamation of pardon for offenders about inclosures. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 146.]
July 25. 24. Draft of a proclamation against the makers of starch. [Different from that published Aug. 23.]
July 25. 25. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. To engross a warrant prefixed, for re-payment to Sir Baptist Hicks, on Feb. 1, 1608, of 12,000£. with interest, part of a sum of 24,000£., of which 16,285£. 9s. 6½d. was balance due to him from the Great Wardrobe, and the remainder advanced to meet the King's urgent occasions.
July 25. 26. Similar warrant for the repayment of the second moiety of the 24,000£. on Aug. 1st, 1608.
July 25. Grant, in fee-farm, to Cox Doilie of the parsonages of Stodham and Chesilhampton, co. Oxford. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 65.]
July 25. Lease to John Digby, of lands and tenements, co. Leicester, parcel of the lands of Sir Everard Digby, attainted. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 67.]
July 25. Grant, in fee-farm, to Rich. Lidall and Edw. Bostock, of the parsonage of Brigham, co. Cumberland, and others. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 25. Grant to Edw. Jones, of the office of receiving fines for licenses recorded, for 15 years. [Ibid., p. 67.]
July 25. Grant to John and Hen. Bing, of the office of Keeper of Records and Writs in the King's Bench, for life. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 25. Grant, in fee-farm, to John Earl of Mar, of money and debts to be paid to the King, by divers persons. [Ibid., p. 67.]
July 25. Grant, in reversion, to John Crompton, of the office of -- of the Common Pleas. [Ibid., p. 71.]
July 25. Grant to Edw. Jones, of the office of Receiver of Post Fines, for life. [Ibid., p. 71.]
July 25. Grant to Jacob Brown and Abraham Jacob, of the office about provision of sweet wines, for life. [Ibid., p. 71.]
[July 25.] Grant to Geo. Johnson and Edw. Bostock, of the chantry of Frome-Selwood, co. Somerset. [Ibid., p. 67.]
July 26. Grant to John Lord Stanhope and Charles, his son, of the office of Postmaster in England, for life. [Ibid., p. 65.]
July 26. Grant, in fee-farm, to Edw. Ferrers, of lands and tenements, co. York. [Ibid., p. 67.]
July ? Grant to John and Mar. Brett, of lands and tenements, co. Bedford, &c. [Ibid., p. 66.]
July 31.
27. Fras. Windebank to Sir Thos. Windebank. Sends him a specimen of his proficiency in Italian. Marriage spoken of between the Grand Duke and the Queen of Spain's sister. Would gladly join hisfather's sports, but hopes for permission to travel four or five months longer. Italian.
Aug. 2. 28. Names of the Commissioners of the first and second Commissions for Government of the Borders.
Aug. 2. Grant, in reversion, to John Shepley, of the office of King's Embroiderer. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
[Aug. 3.] Commission to Thomas Earl of Suffolk and others, to survey the wardrobe in the King's houses, and to take the accounts of Lord Knyvet, for things in his charge. [Grant Book, p. 29.]
Aug. 4. Grant, in reversion, to Sampson Darell, of the posts of Officer of the Admiralty and Surveyor of Victuals for the Navy, for life. [Ibid., p. 29.]
Aug. 4.
Warrant to pay 100 marks per ann. to Wm. Gateacre, for breeding, feeding, &c., the King's game cocks, during the life of Geo. Colmer, cockmaster. [Warrt. Book, II., p. 39.]
Aug. 8. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Gateacre, of the office of cock-master to the King. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
Aug. 11.
Warrant to pay Wm. Irving, Gentleman Usher to the Prince, Jas. Murray, Master Cook, and Rob. Browne, Yeoman of the Cellar, the moiety of old debts of the Crown to be recovered by them, not exceeding 9,000£. [Warrt. Book, II., p. 91.]
Aug. 11. 29. Extract from the will of the Earl of Dorset, bequeathing sundry jewels to his especial and dearest friend, the Earl of Salisbury, whose merits are described at length. [He died April 19, 1608.]
Aug. 12.
Court at Beaulieu.
30. Sir Daniel Drew to Lord Chief Justice Fleming. Refers to him the bearer, Edw. Jefferies, who has presented to the King a petition relative to his suit.
Aug. 13.
St. John's, Lichfield.
31. Dr. Simon Weston to Salisbury. Understanding that he is about to take a journey into Lancashire, invites him to his house at Lichfield.
Aug. 14. 32. Adam Newton to the Earls of Suffolk and Salisbury. A stag is to be hunted that morning at 4 o'clock, with their hounds. The Prince wishes they were with him, but will take their sons.
Aug. 14. Grant to Charles Chambers, for 21 years, of the moiety of all forfeitures on penal statutes. [Grant Book, p. 29.]
Aug. 14. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Boreman, of the office of King's Locksmith. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
Aug. 14.
Warrant to pay to John Simpson, Messenger of the Chamber, 2s. 6d. per diem., for conveyance of letters for the Earl of Dunbar on the Borders, during pleasure. [Warrt. Book, II., p. 43.]
Aug. 15.
Warrant to pay to Elizabeth, Frances, and Ann Dacres, daughters of Fras. Dacres, their pensions of 50£. per annum each. [Ibid., p. 37.]
Aug. 17. 33. Account of customs, subsidies, &c., paid into the Exchequer, from Easter 44 Eliz. to Easter 1 Jac. I., and for the year ending Easter 5 Jac. I.
Aug. 18.
34. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. The voyage stayed, and Sir Walter Cope sent for by the Earl of Salisbury. Sir Ralph Winwood talks of returning to settle in England, next year. News of private friends. Particulars of Virginia, whence Capt. Newport is returned. Capt. Warnam taken, when attempting to go to Spain, to betray there the affairs of Virginia. Sir Rich. Spencer gone into Holland, without formal leave-taking.
Aug. 18.
35. Capt. John Barley to Levinus Munck. Sends a list of prisoners in Spain. The Adventurers particularly wish the recovery of two savages, Manedo and Sasacomett, whom they hope to make very useful to them.
Aug. 19.
Warrant to pay to David Abercromby and John Gay, Deputies of James Earl of Perth, the moiety of 8,000£., old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Warrt. Book, II., p. 82.]
Aug. 19. Grant to John Verdon, of the office of assaying of tin, cos. Devon and Cornwall, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
Aug. 19. Grant, in reversion, to Edm. Randolph, of the office of Receiver. General for Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. [Ibid., p. 71.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Oliver Lloyd, of the bailiwick of Llanidar and Castle Moithen, co. Cardigan, for life. [Ibid., p. 71.]
Aug. 21. License, for 15 years, to Sir Edw. Hoby, to buy wool, in cos. Warwick, Stafford, &c. [Grant Book, p. 29.]
Aug. 21. Discharge to Sir Bevis Bulmer, Sir Rich. Martin, and others, of duty on sea coal, &c., and of rents on any demise or lease made by the late Queen. [Ibid., p. 30.]
Aug. 21.
Warrant to pay to Fras. Steward, brother of the Earl of Murray, 200£. per ann., in addition to former grants. [Warrt. Book, II., p. 41.]
Aug. 21.
Proclamation of His Majesty's patent, granted to Sir Edw. Hoby, for buying and selling of wools. Printed. [Proc. Book, p. 148.]
Aug. 23.
Proclamation concerning starch; Commissioners are appointed to see that it be made of bran, not of wheat, and that the manufactories be only in authorized places. Printed. [Ibid., p. 151.]
Aug. 23.
Court at Salisbury.
36. The Council to Sir Daniel Drew, Sir Thos. Lake, the Dean of the Chapel, and the Dean of Westminster. They are to examine and report upon a complaint, brought by the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury against Sir George Wriothesley, for wrongs done about the presentation to the vicarage of Barford.
Aug. 27.
37. Dud. Carleton to [John Chamberlain.] Particulars of the stay made by Salisbury to the journey of Sir Walter Cope, Carleton, John Pory, and Sir Hugh Beeston to France and the Low Countries. Private news. Tobie Matthias is allowed to visit Sir Fras. Bacon. Puritan Parliament men are put out of the Commission of the Peace. Commissions issued to enquire about inclosures.
Aug. 28. 38. Sir Rowland Lytton to John Chamberlain. Condolences on the loss of a friend. Casualties at Knebworth. Wm. Lytton has accompanied Sir Hen. Wallop into Cornwall.
[Aug.] 39. Case touching the Mastership of Caius College, Cambridge; and objections against the election of Doctor Gosling, as illegal.
Aug. ? 40. Memorandum of certain concealed lands to be thoroughly examined before the King grants them away, as they are reported to be of great value.
Aug. ? 41. Suit of [Lord Aubigny] to the King, for a grant of concealed lands, entailed on the Crown, to the amount of 1,000£. per annum.
Aug. ? 42. Copy of the above.
[Aug.] 43. Recapitulation of the above suit; with legal objections to several points thereof.
Aug. ? 44. Notes of abuses in Lord Aubigny's intended commission to exchange his grant of 1,000£. per ann. of land in charge, for an equal value of concealed lands, the entail of which is in the Crown; with similar notes of abuses in the commissions of Sir Jas. Auchterlony, Mr. Hacheston, and Mr. Cassinghurst.
Aug. ? 45. Names of parties to whom commissions were granted for concealed lands and concealed rents, Lord Aubigny, Sir James Auchterlony, &c.
Aug. ? 46. Note of the residences of the above, and other grantees.
Aug. ? 47. Notes by Philip Bainbridge concerning lands concealed, and the best mode of securing their restoration to the Crown with ease to the subjects, who complain against the proceedings of the Commissioners.
Sept. 3. Grant to Fras. Woolley of the office of Clerk of the Pipe of the Exchequer, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
Sept. 3. Grant to Thos. Cooke, of the office of Keeper of the Wardrobe at Theobalds, co. Herts, for life. [Ibid., p. 72.]
Sept. 7. Grant to Sir Wm. Andrews, of the office of Receiver of Fines in the forests of Hants and Wilts. [Ibid., p. 71.]
Sept. 7.
48. List of the DeputyLieutenants, under Lord-Lieutenant Eure, for several counties in Wales, and for Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire.
Sept. 8. 49. Grant by Wm. Camden, Clarencieux, of a coat of arms, to John Alden, of the Middle Temple.
Sept. ? 50. Arguments upon the respective dignities of Knights, Knights of the Bath, Knights Bannerets, and Knights Bachelors.
Sept. 11. Grant to Sir Hen. Montague of the office of one of the King's learned Counsel. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Sept. 12. Grant to Edw. Lawrence of the office of Governor of the almshouse of Gowarth, co. Norfolk, for life. [Ibid., p. 72.]
Sept. 16. Grant to John Gay and Wm. Ouseley of the moiety of 8,000£, old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16. Like grant to Wm. Murray of the moiety of 6,000£. old debts of the Crown. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16. Grant of pardon to Wm. Brock, of St. Albans, labourer, for burglary in the house of Robt. Palmer. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16. Grant to Sir Robt. Brett, Gent. Usher, of an annuity of 200£., on lands formerly appertaining to Fras. Tresham, attainted. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16. Grant to David Stewart of the benefit of the recusancy of Mary Gerard and Jane Watson, widows, and of Wm. Watson. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16.
51. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. The King, in passing through London, went to see the new building at Whitehall, and was displeased with it. He went also to Lambeth, to encourage the Archbishop to proceed against Nich. Fuller. Sir Herbert Croft and Sir Roger Owen put out of the commission for Wales. Northern recusants complain of hard measures, in being banished their countries. Sir Thos. Shirley, jun., sent to the Tower for turning Turk. The Scotch Parliament like the Union no better than the English. Sir Wm. Stone, of Cheapside, dead. The Duke of Luxemburgh's son arrived.
Sept. 17. 52. Dr. Wm. Branthwaite to Thos. Wilson. Condolences on his suffering from the prevailing agueish sickness. Advice how to bear ill health. Recommends three physicians, Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.
Sept. 18.
53. Cardinal Bellarmine to George Blackwell, the Archpriest. Reproaches him for having taken the oath of allegiance. Thinks it the result of fear or imbecility. Entreats him to undo what he has done, and not, by one act of weakness, to lose the reward of so many years of constancy. Latin.
Sept. 18. 54. Copy of the above.
[Sept. 20.] 55. Names of such persons as were assessed at 100£. and upwards, at the first payment of the second subsidy within the City of London, as compared with those assessed 5 Eliz.
[Sept. 20.] 56. Assessment of the Aldermen of London, towards the above subsidy.
[Sept. 20.] 57. Certificates of the first payment of the second subsidy, within the City of London.
Sept. 21. Warrant for an order to the Officers of the Ports, to demand certain duties on blockwood, logwood, and other woods imported for the dyeing of cloths. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Arthur Ingram of the office of Collector of the Duties on the above woods used in dyeing, and on white starch, for 12 years. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to John Barker of the moiety of 8,000£. old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to John Gay and Wm. Ouseley of the moiety of 8,000£. old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24.
58. Dud. Carleton to Sir Walter Cope. Explains his present position with regard to the Earl of Northumberland, as to the Florentine journey. The difficulty is, that he is about to be married, but he will be willing to go with his wife to Florence.
Sept. 24. License to Sir Hen. Neville and his son, to travel for 3 years, with Wm. Symondson, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Commission for the Earls of Suffolk, Worcester, Northampton, and Salisbury, with others, to examine and make inventories of the King's wardrobes in any of the Royal houses. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to John Gay and Wm. Ouseley of the moiety of 4,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Richard, Earl of Clanricarde, and Lady Frances, his wife, of the remain of a fine of 3,000£. imposed on John Danyell, of Dorsbury, Chester, for cozening the said Lady Frances, then Countess of Essex; and also of the benefit of an extent made on his lands. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Robt. Barefoot of the office of Woodward in Hainault walks, Waltham Forest, and Riding Bailiff of the manor of Barking, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Jas. Hotchin of an alms-room in Durham Cathedral. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. The like grant to John Hobson in Norwich Cathedral. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. The like grant to Wm. Hobson in the Hospital of Sandwich, Kent, whereof Sir Thos. Yellietts was founder. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Letter to the Warden, &c., of All Souls' College, Oxford, for Abraham Mockett, student of Brasenose College, to be elected a Fellow of All Souls. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Warrant to pay to the Receiver of Fines attending the President and Council of the Marches of Wales, certain sums due to the King upon obligations made by John Booth, late Receiver, and other obligations, fines, &c. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Rob. Bannister, Clerk Comptroller of the King's House, of certain lands, &c., at Westham, Essex, and escheated lands in the lordship of Denbigh, &c. [Docquet.]
Sept. 26. Warrant to pay to Fras. Spierinx, Merchant Stranger, 251£. 10s. for 3 pieces of fine tapestry hangings. [Docquet.]
Sept. 26. Lease to Nich. Faunt, Clerk of the Signet, in reversion after Marg. Englefield, of Fulbrook Park, co. Warwick, late belonging to Sir Fras. Englefield, attainted. [Docquet.]
Sept. 26. Grant, with survivorship, to John and Thos. Johnson, of the office of Surveyors of the West Riding, co. York, and of the woods in the East part beyond Trent, and of the keeping of the gaol of St. EdmundsBury, Suffolk. [Docquet.]
Sept. 26. Lease to John Scott of the farm of the Park of Addington, co. Kent. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 71.]
Sept. 27.
59. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Visit to Sir Rowland Lytton at Farleigh. Duel between two ladies in France. An ingenious fellow in Berkshire has invented a flying boat, and gone 20 miles in it, &c.
Sept. 29. 60. Digest of the whole revenue and debts of the Crown for the last year, with suggestions for increasing the income and paying off the debts.
[Sept. 29.] 61. Comparative account of the expenses of the late Queen, and of those of his Majesty.
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
Grant to Fras. James, Thos. Banes, and John Gay, of the moiety of 8,000£. of old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by them and others deputed by the Lord D'Aubigny. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 87.]
Sept. 29. Docquet of the above. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Warrant to pay the sums requisite for the funeral of the Princess Mary, and rewards to her servants, &c. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Usual warrant for 336£. for the watch liveries of the Captain and Yeomen of the Guard, Grooms, and Pages of the Chamber, &c. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Warrant to pay to the Yeomen, Grooms, &c., of the Buckhounds certain allowances, in regard of their pains and attendance for the summer season. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Lease to Tho. Overbury of twenty-five bullaries of salt water, with cribs, stalls, and other appurtenances in Droitwich, Worcestershire, parcel of the possessions of Robt. Winter, attainted. [Docquet, Sept. 29 and Oct. 17.]
Sept. 29. Grant to Hen. Neville, in reversion after Sir Hen. Neville, his father, of the office of Keeper of Sunninghill Park and Mote Park, in Windsor Forest, and of Riding Forester of Battleswalk. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Acceptance by the King of 199£. 2s. 6d., issues of the lands of Hugh Powell, Collector of the first payment of the subsidy of 23 Eliz., in co. Montgomery, and pardon of a bond for him and Thomas ap John Meredith. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to the Earl of Montgomery of the moiety of 20,000£. due to the Crown, profits of recusants' lands, &c., to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to deliver to Robt. Walker, Serjeant of the Privy Buckhounds, stuff for his liveries. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay certain allowances to Wm. Sale, Ric. Kilborne, and Wm. Kelsay, Yeomen and Groom of the Privy Buckhounds. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Geo. Ward and Robt. Morgan, in fee-farm, of divers rectories, tithes, and chantry lands, value 145£. 16s. per ann. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Gervase Rogers and Ralph Fetherston of the rectory of Bradburn, Derby, heretofore passed to Sir Francis and Wm. Anderson. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. 62. Commission to the Earls of Dorset, Suffolk, Worcester, Northampton, Dunbar, and Salisbury, &c., for sale of certain parsonages, tithes, and chantry lands, &c. in fee-farm; none to be sold under fifteen years' purchase.
Sept. 30.
Austin Friars.
63. Sir Fulk Greville to Salisbury. Keeps watch upon his going and coming, as the poor mariner upon the star which he finds most propitious to him; hopes to see him when the King is gone. Has been at Theobalds, &c.
Sept. 30.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation for proroguing Parliament. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 155.]
Sept. Letter to the Archbp. of Canterbury, to take order on the petition of Dr. Lloyd, respecting wrongs done him by the Bishop of St. Davids, touching the Chancellorship of that diocese. [Docquet.]
Sept. ? 64. Report [by Sir Edw. Coke] of the proceedings of some of the principal offenders in the insurrection against Inclosures; with suggestions for their trial.
Oct. 3. Grant to Sir Percival Hart and Edw. --, in reversion after Sir Jerome Bowes, of the sole making of Venice glasses. [Docquet.]
Oct. 3. Grant to Case Surley of the King's part of 169£., English money, lately seized by the searcher of Chester, as illegally shipped for exportation. [Docquet.]
Oct. 3. Warrant dormant to deliver stuff yearly to Sir Roger Aston for his livery, as formerly allowed to the Earl of Dunbar. [Docquet.]
Oct. 3. Grant to John Reynolds of annuity of 40£. for assistance to be rendered to the Assaymaster of the Mint. [Docquet.]
Oct. 3. Letter to the Chancellor, &c. of the Exchequer, to determine a cause between Wm. Chamber and others, plaintiffs, and John Arundel and others, defendants, relative to lands in Cornwall. [Docquet.]
Oct. 5. 65. The King to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnel have fled from Ireland in spite of their pardon, and have tried to raise disturbances in foreign parts; and, though they have failed, 100 horsemen are to be levied to keep all quiet, 20 of which are to be at the expense of the clergy of the province of Canterbury. Requests him to point out 20 persons who are able to be taxed therefor.
Oct ? 66. Memorandum [by Salisbury] of troops to be levied in [England] and Scotland, and the expense of them. Indorsed, "A note of the charges for suppressing."
Oct. 5.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation as to selection and nomination of jurors, lauding the honourableness of the office, and ordering that all freeholders shall serve in turn, unless exempted by Royal license. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 5.]
[Oct. 5.] 67. Draft of the above, corrected by Salisbury.
Oct. 5. 68. Indenture of obligation by Sir Thos. Smith of Hatherton, Cheshire, to pay an annuity of 80£. a year to Jas. Randolph, of London, secured on certain messuages, &c. in Chester.
Oct. 5. Grant to Rob. White of a prebend in Worcester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Oct. 5. Grant, in fee-farm, to the Earl of Suffolk of lands, value 300£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 5. Protection for Tho. Buck and Wm. Holliday, both of London, for year. [Docquet.]
Oct. 5. Grant to Hen. Jones, of an alms-room in St. Stephens, West- minster. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to allow the ordinary fees, diet, &c., to Tho. Cookes and Wm. Meredith, Keepers of the King's Wardrobe at Theobalds and Hinchinbrook. [Docquet, Oct. 6 and Oct. 8.]
Oct. 6. Grant to Robt. Gordon of two-thirds of the benefit of the recusancy of Wm. Dorrington, of Muckleston, and Walter Colman, of Cank, co. Stafford. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Grant to Laurence Hillyard, in reversion after Nichs. Hillyard, his father, of the office of Limner. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Warrant to Wm. Garway, Fr. Jones, and Nich. Salter, Farmers of Customs and Subsidies, to retain 4,000£. for their own use, in repayment of money lent, &c. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Grant to Edw. Kendall, Deputy Clerk of the Hanaper, of the goods, &c., of John and Chas. Markham, outlaws, indebted to him. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Warrant to pay wages to Ric. Brass, Serjeant of the Privy Buck- hounds, in the place of Robt. Walker. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Similar warrant for Robt. Walker, Serjeant of the Privy Buck- hounds, in the place of -- Joye, with allowance for feeding the buckhounds. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Warrant for allowance of diet to Stephen Peirce, Keeper of the Wardrobe, at Richmond. [Docquet.]
Oct. ? 69. Form of the oath to be taken by the Lieutenant of Dover Castle.
Oct. 7. 70. Muster roll of the garrison of Walmer Castle taken by Sir Thos. Waller, Lieutenant of Dover Castle.
Oct. 8.
Warrant to deliver to persons appointed by the Lord Chamberlain 100 pairs of "Pallyot Sheetes;" and to furnish the Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe with such provisions as he requires. [Docquet, Nov. 5.]
Oct. 10.
Warrant to deliver red cloth to the Grooms of the King's coaches, to make them gowns. [Docquet, Nov. 5.]
Oct. 10.
71. Thos. Thomson to [Thos.] Wilson. Apologises for delay in sending stone [for Salisbury's buildings]; the fault has been in wind and tide.
Oct. 12.
Proclamation forbidding the erection of new buildings in London without special license, and placing restrictions on the re-erections of buildings on former sites. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 6.]
Oct. 14.
72. Sir Robt. Beville to Mr. Willingham. He and Sir Ant. Mildmay have not yet settled the business between Mr. Smith and Mr. Willingham.
Oct. ? 73. Notes in the tithe cause, Sam. Willingham v. Millicent Smith, to be arbitrated by Sir Ant. Mildmay and Sir Rob. Beville.
Oct. 17. Letter to the Warden, &c., of All Souls' College, Oxford, for Edw. Say to have a fellowship, now void, or becoming so, by resignation of Geo. Darrell, or any other. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. Grant to Robt. Walker and Rich. Brass of the benefit of the recusancy of Fra. Lawson, Rich. Booth, and Wm. Clopton, co. Durham, and Ralph Rugby, co. York. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. Grant to Tho. Norton, of the benefit of the recusancy of Launcelot Brand, co. York, and Diana Bulmer, widow, co. Durham. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. Commission authorising Lord Compton and his assigns to take as many greyhounds as he shall think sufficient for the King's disport, and to seize all such dogs as may be injurious to the King's game. [Docquet, Oct. 17, bis.]
Oct. 17. Lease, in reversion, to Matt. Kay, of a tenement, &c., called Nethercombe, alias Estcombe, in East Greenwich, co. Kent. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. Lease to Sir Gilbert Wakering, of a messuage called Holbeach, in Kingswinford, Stafford. [Docquet.]
Oct. 19.
74. Sir Rowland Lytton to John Chamberlain. Compliments on his coming to London. Young Lytton studying hard at Cambridge. His own health fails.
Oct. 20. 75. The Same to the Same. Has an affection in one of his eyes. Requests him to tell Doctor Ridley of it. Hopes he and Carleton will join their party.
Oct. 21. Grant of incorporation of the Company of Starch-makers of England. [Docquet.]
Oct. ? 76. Thos. Erskine, Visct. Fenton, to Salisbury. Lays before him several proposals for his own advancement, in which he requests his influence with the King. With a note of requests which the King might grant, without diminishing his revenue.
Oct. 21. Lease, in reversion, to Thos. Erskine, Visct. Fenton, of Raynhoo Park wood, co. Bedford. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Grant to John Gay and Edw. Strickland of the moiety of 8,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Like grant to John Gay and Geo. Chambers of the moiety of 2,000£. of similar debts due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Like grant to John Wood and John Gay, at suit of Andrew Wood, of the moiety of 8,000£. of similar debts. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Commission for the Earls of Cumberland and Dunbar, to be Lieutenants, jointly and severally, of Cumberland, Northumber- land, and Westmoreland, and the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Letter to the Bp. of Winchester, to deliver to Sir Thos. Cornwallis, Groom Porter, the charge of Hambledon Chace, in the forest of East Beare, which His Majesty purposes to have in exchange of the said Bishop. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Grant to Edmund Hunt of 10,000£. of moneys levied by the Sheriffs for certain debts contained in a schedule. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Grant to Art. Ingram of the office of Comptroller of the Customs in London, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Oct. 26.
Warrant to pay certain sums to Humphrey Flint, Keeper of Cheshunt Park, for works there and at Theobalds. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 105.]
Oct. 26. Docquet of the above.
Oct. 26. Warrant to repay to the Earl of Salisbury 900£. disbursed by him, viz., 300£. to the Prince of Moldavia, 200£. to Sir Chris. St. Lawrence, 100£. to Mons. Jean de Barclay, and 300£. to Visct. Haddington. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Warrant to pay certain sums for levying and sending 100 horse and 800 foot into Ireland, and charges incident thereto. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Warrant to the Commissioners of unlawful purchases of Crown lands, to allow Sir Thos. Vavasour a moiety of the sums by him discovered, in respect of lands unlawfully purchased of the late Queen. [Docquet, Oct. 26 and Nov. 10.]
Oct. 26. Warrant dormant for payment of expenses to the gardener at Theobalds. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Letter to the Master of the Horse to cause all buildings to be removed, within the precincts of the mews at Hampton Court. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. 77. Opinion of Dr. Newman that the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports can be the only Judge to act as Coroner in the case of the death of -- Pickering, drowned off Dover pier, by a French ship running him down.
Oct. 27. Grant to the Earl of Montgomery of the moiety of 20,000£. of recusants' forfeitures, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Grant to Ric. Prescott of an alms-room at St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Grant to Eliz. Townshend and 10 others, attendants on the late Princess Mary, of pensions. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Discharge to the Duke of Lenox, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Sir Wm. Herrick, and 4 others, of the several values of all the woods, &c., growing upon all the rectories, parsonages, chantries, &c., granted to them by patent. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Grant to Geo. Waymouth of pension of 3s. 4d. per diem, till further advancement. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to Clem. Hyrne, in reversion, after and at the suit of the Earl of Montgomery, of certain manors and hundreds, co. Suffolk, value 16£. 17s. 9d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to John Suckling and Wm. Denman, in fee-farm, of the rectory of Falmer, co. Sussex. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to Phil. Chute and Ric. Moore, in fee-farm, of divers rectories and chantry lands, value 100£. 16s. 10d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. ? 78. Petition of Sir Chris. Heydon to the King for a grant, in fee- farm, in relief of his decayed estate, of small quillets of escheated lands in Norfolk, value 45£. per ann., for the sake of his own services, and those of his father and grandfather.
Oct. 29. Warrant to the Exchequer to accept 747£. 2s. 5&frac;14d., paid to the late Queen, out of the issues of the lands of Sir Hen. Woodhouse and Sir Chris. Heydon, in satisfaction of dues chargeable on them on the collection of the fifteenths and tenths, granted 31 Eliz.; the remainder to be paid in 5 years by Sir Hen. Woodhouse. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to Robt. Calvin, in fee-simple, of two messuages and their appurtenances in London and Middlesex, forfeited by attainder of John Deakin. [Docquet.]
Oct. 30.
Dorset House.
79. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. As these have been many mistakes touching the grants of recusants' fines, several being twice granted, and the value of others purposely concealed, no such grants are to be passed in future, without a previous certificate from [Henry] Spiller, of the Exchequer, of the true state of the recusants.
Oct. 31.
80. William Earl of Derby to Salisbury. Recommends Mr. Gamull, Recorder of Chester, who has a cause before the Council about a causeway on the river Dee.
Oct. 81. Minute of agreement between the Commissioners for sale of rectories and Sir Wm. Ryder, Tho. Cesar, Tho. Watson, Arth. Ingram Tho. Symonds, and Lion. Cranfield, for purchase of rectories, abbey lands, &c., value 32,000£.
Oct. ? 82. Commission by the Council for the Lords Chief Justices and Chief Baron, Sir Christ. Yelverton and Sir David Williams, Justices of Assize, co. Monmouth, to decide in a dispute between the Battery Works Company, Thos. Williams, and the Earl of Worcester, relative to the erection of waterworks, &c., at Treleck, Monmouthshire. Incloses,
82. I. The Council to [the Sheriff and Justices, co. Monmouth,] to examine whether the buildings and waterworks of the Company of the Mineral and Battery Works be erected on any land not belonging to the lordship of Treleck, the property of the Earl of Pembroke; and to punish any who disturb the works. Whitehall, May 1607.
Nov. 2.
Proclamation for restraint of the inhabitants of places infected from coming to the Court. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 163.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Ric. Lidall and Edm. Bostock, in fee-farm, of certain rectories, tithes, and chantry lands, not named value 244£. 12s. 11½d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Cock, Cofferer, 5,000£. for charges of the Prince's Household. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Warrant to pay to Lord Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber, 2,600£. towards the expenses of that office. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Presentation of Nathl. Wadsworth to the parsonage of Thorndon, diocese Norwich. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Jas. Spens, of Wirmerstone, of the moiety of 6,000£. of Crown debts, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Frs. Fox of pardon, for life only, for manslaughter. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Godfrey Goodman of a prebend in Windsor. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Edw. Wrightington, of all debts, &c., owing to Griffith Markham, attainted. [Docquet.]
Nov. 3. Grant to Edw. Doughty of the place of Dean of Hereford. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Nov. 3. 83. Estimate of arrears to be expected from the loan and subsidy, and of debts owing by the King, yet unprovided for.
Nov. 3.
84. Dudley Carleton to Sir Hen. Savile. Was married to his daughter at the Temple Church. Has had an offer of employment at Florence, but refused it on account of his marriage.
Nov. 3.
85. Lady Arbella Stuart to Sir Roger Wilbraham. Recommends the suit of Richard Alborne, an ancient servitor in Court.
Nov. 3. 86. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. For the King's signature to a warrant for payment of 2,600£., surplus expense of the King's chamber for the past half-year.
Nov. 3.
Grant to Jehu [or John] Webb, Master of the tennis court, of the moiety of 1,600£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 45.]
Nov. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, 2 Nov.]
Nov. 5. Grant to Jos. Mayne of the benefit of the recusancy of Henry Hast and John Mayne, co. Bucks. [Docquet, Nov. 5, 1607, and Feb. 4, 1608.]
Nov. 5. License to Greville Verney and Fulke Reade to travel for 4 years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 5. Grant to Tho. Cam of pardon for counterfeiting the King's coin. [Docquet.]
Nov. 5. Letter to Sir Alex. Tutt to effect a matter concerning Sir Jas. Douglas. [Docquet.]
Nov. 5. Grant to Sir Wm. Andrews, in reversion after Sir Jas. Marven and Thos. Knowles, of the office of master of the swans on the Thames, &c., bailiff of Witlesmere, and keeper of the swans there, and in cos. Huntingdon, Cambridge, Lincoln, and Northampton, during the lives of Edolph and William, his sons. [Docquet.]
Nov. 5. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others, to compound for conveyance of assart lands, wastes, and purprestures. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Grant in fee simple, to Geo. Ward and Robt. Morgan, assigns of Thos. Evelyn and John Good, of certain lands, in lieu of other lands exchanged with them, for enlarging Nonsuch Park. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Letter to Thomas Crawley, to assure the manor of Manaden and tithes of Elnb[orough ?], to Sir Thos. Meade, his next heir. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Grant to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere and his son, Sir John Egerton, of the stewardship of the lordships of Bromfield and Yale, Denbigh, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Licence to Robt. Townsend to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Grant to Peregrine Vaughan of an alms-room in St. Stephen's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Grant to John Wolfgang Rumler of the office of Apothecary [to the King], for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Nov. 9.
87. Dud. Carleton to Salisbury. Thanks for his favours. Regrets his unfitness for his Florence employment, on account of his marriage, but proffers his services to go for a limited time, "so as of a new married man, not to be accounted an old widower."
Nov. 9. Letter to the Lord Chief Baron and Justice Williams, to punish offenders who have killed the King's deer at Woodstock, and to warn others against like offences. [Docquet.]
Nov. 9. Letter to Sir Henry Lee, requiring him to send proofs against the above offenders. [Docquet.]
Nov. 9. Grant to Ric. Meredith of the deanery of Wells, void by death of Dr. Heydon. [Docquet.]
Nov. 9. Grant to Sir Roger Wilbraham, on surrender of Sir Cuthbert Pepper, of the surveyorship of the King's Liveries and the Court of Wards and Liveries, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Edw. Kendall and Edm. Bostock, in fee-farm, of rectories and tithes, value 46l. 13s. 4d. per annum. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Gift to Sir Thos. Somerset of the yearly rent of 400l., which Sir Tho. Shirley, sen., covenanted to pay the King for fines and alienations due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Warrant to pay certain sums to Lord Carew, Lieutenant of the Ordnance, and to Sir Hen. Lee, Master of the Armoury, for ordnance and arms sent to Ireland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Warrant to Lord Carew to deliver out certain parcels of powder and other munitions for Ireland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Robert Wells of pardon for not putting in bail. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Warrant to the Lord Chancellor to make letters patent for 40 denizations, at the nomination of Francis de Verton. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Rich. Church of the office of "Child of the King's Leash," in place of Peter Manning, with stuff for his yearly livery. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Similar grants to Ralph Williamson, in place of Abraham Avelyn, and Robt. Jackson in place of John Cuthbert. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Robt. Bromley, of London, of protection for a year. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Two usual warrants, in French, to the Sheriff of Wilts, the one to pay the keepers of Clarendon, Buckholt, Melchet, and Grovelegh, their accustomed wages; the other for payment of 10l. for hay for the deer in Clarendon Park. [Docquet.]
Nov. 11. Warrant for distributing part of 12,125l. the sum of the contract for sale of parsonages and chantry lands, as follows:-To Earl Hume [Dunbar], 2,000l.; Viscount Haddington, 2,000l.; Lord Aubigny, 375l.; Jas. Stewart, 1,500l.; the Earl of Perth, 1,000l.; Henri de Gunderrot, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, 250l. [Docquet.]
Nov. 11. Warrant to pay to Lord Hay 10,000£. out of moneys to be levied by sheriffs on debts due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Nov. 11. Warrant to the Lord Treasurer and others to contract with Sir Anth. Cope, Sir Wm. Ryder, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Tho. Lake, Sir Geo. Coppin, Sir Tho. Watson, and Arthur Ingram, for sale of certain parsonages, tithes, prebends and chantry lands, not comprised in his Majesty's entail. [Docquet.]
Nov. ? 88. A collection of all parsonages, tithes, and chantry lands taken out of the entail for the contractors, Sir Walter Cope and others.
Nov. 12. 89. The last week's bill of mortality of the parishes within and without the walls in London, specifying the numbers who died of the plague.
Nov. 12. Grant to the Lord Chancellor and Sir John Egerton of the office of Chief Steward of Lyons Castle, Marches of Wales, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk. p. 73.]
Nov. 13. 90. Account of assignments made by the Lords, of payments from the loans and subsidies.
Nov. 13. Warrant to pay to John Taverner, Surveyor of Woods south of the Trent, 217£. 1s., for impaling a warren for hares, near Hampton Court. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Grant to Sir Ric. Houghton, in fee-farm, of the rectory of Preston in Amounderness, Lancashire. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. License to Sir Wm. Foster, of Aldermaston, co. Berks, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. License for Hen. Rich, son of Lord Rich, and Robt. Oliphant, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Warrant to deliver certain parcels of stuff to Tho. Graves, for furnishing the Council Chamber. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Grant to Ph. Chute and Ric. Moore, in fee-farm, of divers parsonages, chantry lands, &c., value 12£. 3s. 6d. per ann., in satisfaction of a debt of 2,500£. due by the King to Lady Jane Drummond. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Grant to Arnold Oldsworth of the receivership of fines on suits in the Court of King's Bench. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Gift to Sir Jas. Sempill of the King's two parts of the site of the late dissolved monastery of Grace Dieu, and other lands in Leicester, in the hands of the Crown by the recusancy of John Beaumont. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Lease to Wm. Bradwell of 60 acres of land, near Nottingham Castle. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Warrant for issue of commissions to Alex. Hay, Deputy Secretary for Scotland, for finding out lands, &c., of persons heretofore attainted of treason or felony, which he is to have in fee-farm, to the value of 1,000 marks per ann. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Gift to John Patten, Keeper of the King's Closet, of 200£., fine lately imposed on Nich. Fuller, by the Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Warrant to pay to Wm. Chester, Constable of Wisbeach Castle, 75£. 12s. for diet, &c., of certain Romish priests, prisoners there. [Docquet.]
Nov. ? 91. Memoranda of certain points relating to Jesuitical works, to be observed in the examinations of priests and Jesuits.
Nov. 14. Presentation of Thos. Noke to the benefice of Tempsford, co. Bedford, void by resignation of George Eland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. License for four preachers, in addition to the twelve already established, to be yearly chosen in Trinity College, Cambridge, by the Master and eight Senior Fellows. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Grant of incorporation and confirmation of former liberties to the town of East Retford, co. Nottingham, &c. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. The usual French warrant for the wages and allowances of the Master and other officers of the King's Hart Hounds ; to be paid by the Sheriffs of Somerset and Dorset. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to Thos. Fisher of an alms-room in Gloucester Cathedral. [Docquet, Nov. 14.]
Nov. 16. Grant to Ph. Richards, of an alms-room in Ewelme, co. Oxford. [Docquet, Nov. 14.]
Nov. 16. Letter to Sir Wm. Bowyer, to retain in his hands quarterly 50£., out of the yearly pension of 600£. allowed to Edw. Nevill, who calls himself Earl of Westmoreland, and to pay the same to Lord Wm. Howard or Sir Richd. Thekeston, until they have received 140£. due to them from Nevill. [Docquet, Nov. 14.]
Nov. 16. Letter to Sir John Crooke and Sir Austin Nicholls, to keep a Court for the forests of Wolmer, Aylshot, and East Bear, Hants, according to a commission from the Earl of Nottingham. [Docquet, Nov. 14.]
Nov. 16. Warrant to pay 100 marks for building a dovehouse on Hounslow Heath, for wild fowl. [Docquet, Nov. 14.]
Nov. 20. 92. Edw. Reynoldes to Mr. Smith. His lease is not so well assured as it might have been, therefore he thinks Mr. Priaux had better take a new lease than purchase his interest.
Nov ? 93. Same to Sir Hen. Savile, Warden of Merton College. Sends the bearer, his kinsman [nephew], to be educated at Merton College. Thanks for favours in the time of his service to the noble Lord, whose fall he deplores [the Earl of Essex], since whose death he has lived in solitariness.
Nov. 22. 94. Deposition of Wm. Walton, relative to certain expressions uttered by Geo. Knight against the right of the Judges to interfere in a cause belonging to an Ecclesiastical Court.
Nov. 22.
Ludlow Castle.
95. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Has sent up a roll of the fifty soldiers levied in Shropshire and sent to Chester.
Nov. 22. Grant to Rich. Percivall, in reversion after Walter Tooke, Wm. Curle, and John Tooke, or any two of them, of an Auditorship of the Court of Wards and Liveries. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22. Presentation of Owen Hughes to the vicarage of Kingston, diocese Winchester. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. Grant to John Gay of the moiety of 1,600£. old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. Warrant to pay to Daniel Farrant, one of the King's musicians for the violins, 46£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. Grant to Ralph Clayton, of the office of Apothecary to the Prince and his Household, for life, as Wm. Weston of late held the same. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. Grant to Jehu Webb, of the office of Master of the King's tennis play, throughout England. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. License for Sir Hen. Bedingfield, and Francis, son of Lord Wm. Howard, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23. 96. Grant to Jenkin Marcus and Fras. Atee of the benefit of the recusancy of Lady Catesby, widow, of Ashby, co. Northampton, and of Fras. Daniell, Acton, Suffolk.
Nov. 23. Grant to Sir Rich. Coningsby of the benefit of the recusancy of Ann Throgmorton of Morehall, Simon Digby of Cosill, Barnaby Bushop of Brailes, and Thos. Parsons, co. Warwick, John Love and Wm. Rose of Easter-gate, Sussex, Anth. Flere, co. Devon, Andrew Bendloss, alias Bendishe, co. Essex, Ann Plumpton, widow, of Waterton, co. Lincoln, Hugh Farrington of Ribleton, Robt. Plesington of the Dimples, Thomas Singleton of Ingoldshead, Robert Kightley of Whiteleade, Wm. Latwise, of Goosnargh, Wm. Harris of Lytham, Tho. Procter of Belsnap, Edm. Threlfall of Goosnargh, and Peter Mason of Westham, co. Lanc., and John Farmor of Cookham, Berks, in lieu of 1,000£., due by the King to Coningsby, for surrender of his grant of licensing merchants to export tin. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23.
Letter to the Bp. of Chichester, the King's Almoner, to allow the Countess Dowager, of Pembroke, a portion of the goods of a servant of hers, who committed suicide, to the amount that he had stolen from her. [Docquet.]
Nov. 23.
Letter to the two Chief Justices and Chief Baron, authorizing them to call to them the other Judges to hear Counsel for the Queen, as to her right in the Aurum Reginæ. [Docquet.]
[Nov. 23.] First part of a treatise on Aurum Reginæ, presented to the Queen by Wm. Hakewill. [Dom. Corresp., vol. xxix., No. I.]
[Nov. 23.] Draft [by George, Lord Carew,] of the two last pages of the preceding. [Dom. Corresp., Vol. xxix., No. II.]
[Nov. 23.] Copy of the above draft. [Ibid., No. III.]
Nov. 26. Lease to Sir John Hungerford of divers messuages, &c., in cos. Gloucester, Worcester, and Hereford, being two-thirds of the lands belonging to John Halsey, of London, deceased, forfeited for recusancy. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Warrant to pay to John Banks 100£., for impaling a warren for hares, near Newmarket. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Grant to Simon Rogers and his sureties of protection for a year. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Grant to Julian Forster, on surrender of Joan Drummond, of the office of Sempstress to the Duke of York, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Grant to Sir Wm. Constable, in fee-farm, of the manor of Chopwell, certain woods excepted, with a proviso for coal mines, if discovered, &c. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Grant to Humphrey May and Tho. Bennett, in reversion after Wm. Mill and Sir Fr. Bacon, of the office of Clerk of the Council for the Court of Star Chamber, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Nov. 28. 97. Lease of a messuage, lands, and tenements in Loversall, co. York, demised by Thos. Butterall to Fras. Pashley, for a rent of 5£., and a Christmas goose and capons.
Nov. 28. Grant to Capt. Tho. Allen of the benefit of the recusancy of Giles Webb, of Wilts, Nich. Tymperly, of Hincklesam, Suffolk, John Ince, of Wigan, Wm. Rishton, of Harwood, and Wm. Richardson, of Merswe, Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Nov. 28. Grant to David Stewart of the benefit of the recusancy of Mary Gerard, of Trent, co. Somerset, William Rose, of Sopforth, and Rob. Thorpe, of Welwick, co. York. [Docquet.]
Nov. 29. Grant to Charles, Earl of Nottingham, or his heir apparent, of annuity of 3,000£. for seven years, payable out of customs and subsidies of tonnage and poundage in Ireland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 29. Warrant to Lord Knyvet, Warden of the Mint, to pay certain sums of money towards the charges of the King's mines in Scotland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 30. Grant to Rich. Church of the office of Sempster to the Duke of York, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 72.]
Nov. ? Grant to the Earl of Salisbury of the office of Keeper of Hyde Park, co. Middlesex, for life. [Ibid., p. 72.]
Nov. 98. Memorandum of the instalments hitherto paid, of subsidies from the clergy, laity, and nobles.
99. The King to the Board of Green Cloth. Orders them to raise the price paid for carriage of his goods, in his private hunting and hawking journeys, from 2d. to 6d. a mile, the former low rate being burdensome to his subjects.
Dec. 2.
Dublin Castle.
100. Sir Arthur Chichester, LordDeputy of Ireland, to Salisbury. To favour Sir Jas. Perrot, his brother-in-law, in his suit for the fee-farm of certain tithes and impropriate livings in Carmarthenshire.
Dec. 2. Grant to Tho. Garland, Yeoman of the Stirrup, of the moiety of 2,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 84.]
Dec. 2. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 2. Warrant to allow to Gregory Winter, Yeoman of the King's Otter-hounds, 2s. per diem, and 20s. yearly for his livery, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 2. Grant to John Rowland, of Stanley Regis, Gloucestershire, and John Hilton, of Burton, Westmoreland, of pardon for robbery. [Docquet.]
Dec. 3. Letter to the Dean, &c. of Salisbury, in favour of Ric. Sydenham, for a lease of the parsonage of St. Martin's, near Salisbury. [Docquet.]
Dec. 3. Presentation of Cadwallader Hughes to the parsonage of Lympsham, Somerset. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6. Grant to the Earl of Salisbury, in fee-simple, of divers manors, &c., before held in fee-farm, in exchange for other manors, &c., near Theobalds House, conveyed by him to the King. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6. Grant to Hen. Jones, in fee-farm, of the chantry of St. Catherines, the rectory of Llarneston, and other lands, value 10£. 16s. 8d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6. Grant to Sir Roger Aston and John Grimesdich, in fee-farm, of rectories, tithes, and chantry lands, value 129£. 6s. 7d. per annum, in consideration of the surrender of the manor of Soham, Cambridge, by Sir Roger Aston. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6. Grant of Incorporation for the town of Congleton, Cheshire, with confirmation of former liberties, &c. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6. Grant to Robt. Carr, Groom of the Bedchamber, of a yearly rentcharge of 600£., to be paid to him for 15 years, by John Warner and three others, in consideration of a grant to them of certain arrears of rents due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Dec. 7. 101. Lease of lands, &c., in Aston-sub-Edge, Gloucestershire, demised by Nich. Porter to Tho. Bloxam, both of Aston-sub-Edge.
Dec. 10.
Grant to Richard Hart, of the moiety of 1,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 79.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, 11 Dec.]
Dec. 10. Grant to John Patten, Keeper of the King's closet, of 200£., out of recusants' fines, in lieu of 200£. fine imposed upon Nich. Fuller. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Dispensation for W. Keble, for seven years, to hold his fellowship in Bennet College, Cambridge, with any ecclesiastical living within twenty miles of the University, valued at not more than 20£. in the King's books. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Warrant to the Commissioners for unlawful purchases of lands to pay the moiety of certain sums due to the Crown, recovered, or to be recovered, by Sir Thos. Vavasour. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Grant to Sir Tho. Monson of benefit of the recusancy of Dame Eliz. Bolle, of Thorphall, Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. License, in reversion, to John Trench of the bailiwick of the Duchy of Lancaster, cos. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Grant to Jas. Clapham of the moiety of so much money as is or may be due to the King, from the statute for purchases of lands at under-values. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Warrant to pay certain sums for works and devices, for a masque to be made this Christmas by the Queen. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Grant to John Tyson, in reversion after George Tyson, his father, of the office of Tinker in the Mint. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Warrant to pay 400£. to the Earl of Dunbar, Keeper of the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Grant to Tho. Simpson and Edw. Lepingdon of lease of lands, &c. in Thwing, co. York. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13.
Sheffield Lodge.
102. Earl of Shrewsbury (Chief Justice in Eyre for the North) to the Earl of Dunbar. Excuses him for not coming to his house. Ill conduct of the keepers of Brancepeth Park. Their untrue complaints against Mr. Sanderson and himself. [See Dec. 24.]
Dec. 14. 103. Account of assignations made by Act of Parliament to the Cofferer of the King's Household, from the Farmers of the General Customs, the Receivers of the King's lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Court of Wards and Liveries.
Dec. 15.
Warrant to pay 8£. per week for the charges of Thomas Lord Grey of Wilton, in the Tower; and 100£. per annum to Hen. Parker and Rob. Hughes, for physic and other expenses for him; also to repay to Lady Grey, his mother, 400£. advanced by her for his apparel, &c. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 70.]
Dec. 15. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 15. Warrant dormant to allow to Sir Roger Aston divers parcels of stuff for his livery, as Master of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Dec. 15. Letter requiring the Lord Chancellor to decide the cause between Tho. Roche and -- Stonard, executor of Elizabeth Bagley deceased, touching an alleged debt. [Docquet.]
Dec. 15. Grant to David Waterhouse, Clerk of the Crown in the King's Bench, and Lord of the manor of the town of Halifax, to hold two weekly markets and two yearly fairs there. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 104. Proposition, by David Waterhouse, for the more rigorous exaction of first fruits and tenths, as granted to the Crown, by Act of Parliament, but much fallen into abeyance, by suppression of the Court of Augmentations, and transfer of church lands to lay owners; with objections against it, and answers to the objections.
Dec. 15. Warrant dormant to pay to John Wolfgang Rumler, the King's Apothecary, sums due to him "for physical things, perfumes, &c.," since the death of John Clavee, the late Apothecary. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. 105. Tobie Mathew to Dud. Carleton. Returns the books he had lent him, and sends him two of his own; cannot seal his letter, for want of a piece of good wax, &c.
Dec. 18. Letter to Sir Nich. Bacon, Sir Wm. Walgrave, and Sir Robt. Drury, to preserve the King's game in Suffolk and Norfolk, within 12 miles of Thetford; offenders to be brought before the King or the Privy Council. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Similar letter to Wm. Fryer, for the game within 12 miles of Hitchin, co. Herts. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Letter to the Master, &c. of Peter House, Cambridge, to elect Rich. Blake a Fellow there, next after Robt. Derham. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Hen. Beswick of the moiety of 8,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Dec. 19. 106. Tobie Matthew to Dud. Carleton. Criticisms on a discourse on the Catholic Church of Christ; will confute the author in Carleton's presence, though he generally avoids conferences, whilst in prison.
[Dec. 19.]
107. Proclamation for apprehension of Lord Maxwell, who with Sir James McDonnel has escaped from Edinburgh Castle, and is now supposed to be in London.
Dec. 19. Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 166.]
Dec. 19 ? 108. Proclamation stating the aggravation of Lord Maxwell's crime in his escape, he not being accused of any capital crime.
Dec. 20. License to Sir Thos. Waller, of Kent, to travel for one year. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Geo. Hall of an alms-room in St. Stephen's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. License for Sir John Ferne, Wm. Massam, and Lionel Cranfield, merchants, to sell the ship Dragon, formerly belonging to Sir Thos. Shirley. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Aston, Master of the Great Wardrobe, 11,000£., by way of imprest. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Warrant for Sir Edw. and Sir Hen. Carey, Masters of the Jewel House, to take into their custody certain gold and silver plate, mortgaged to the late Queen, remaining in the Privy Lodgings at Whitehall, and now in the keeping of Lord Knyvet. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Warrant to pay to John Taverner 88£. 8s. 3d. imprest towards the year's charges for works, &c. at Nonsuch Park. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Like warrant for 68£. 1s. 9d. to Geo. Mynors, Under-Keeper at Nonsuch, for sums disbursed by him. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 109. Offer by [Sir Fras.] Stoner to rent the King's woods throughout England, on conditions specified, after a survey made thereof, paying 10,000£. per ann. more for them than they at present bring in.
Dec. ? 110. Articles of another offer made for farming all the King's woods and coppices; with objections to the offer, and answers to the objec-tions.
Dec. ? 111. Proposition of A-- B-- for farming the King's woods at 20,000£. per ann.
Dec. ? 112. Exceptions [by the Earl of Nottingham] to certain points in the above proposition.
Dec. ? 113. Further objections to the above proposition.
Dec. ? 114. Extract from a letter, stating that the King intends to let out all his woods for 20,000£., and has ordered a general survey of them.
Dec. ? 115. Suggestions [by Mawdsley] in reference to the terms of letting the King's woods; a previous survey of them recommended.
Dec. ? 116. Note of abuses of His Majesty's woods, and suggestions for the survey of the same.
Dec. ? 117. Course to be adopted relative to bonds taken out for the survey of woods since 1 Eliz.
Dec. ? 118. Memoranda for the Commissioners and Jury, in the execution of the commission for survey of woods, &c.
Dec. 21. Warrant to pay the charges of persons to be employed in a general survey of the King's woods. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 119. Note of the inconveniences and abuses resulting from empment of persons of quality as Surveyors of Counties; with suggestions for remedy of the same, by appointing an efficient Surveyor for each auditorship in the Exchequer.
Dec. ? 120. List of forests, parks, and chaces, within the survey of the Exchequer and of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Dec. 21. Letter to the Earls of Cumberland and Dunbar about a contribution to be made in Westmoreland and the Bishopric of Durham, towards the charge of arming and furnishing 200 men for Ireland, to be taken out of Northumberland and Cumberland. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Like letters to the town of Newcastle, the Bishop of Durham, &c. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to John Rogers, of Congleton, of pardon for felony[Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to Thos. Kerrich of the Guidership of the Hospital of Beccles, Suffolk, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grants to Jas. Partrich and Thos. Biggs of alms-rooms in Sand- wich. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Allowance to the Farmers of the Customs of 8,700£., from their half-year's rent, in recompense of 8,000£. advanced by them for payment of the Queen's debts, and interest thereon. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to Thos. Bland, of pardon of all corporal punishments imposed on him in the Star Chamber for perjury, &c. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to Jas. Dowell, of an alms-room in Newark, Leicester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to Hen. Zinzan, alias Alexander, of the office of the King's Brigandry [keeper of brigandines or coats of mail], for life, from the death of the late Sir Robt. Zinzan, alias Alexander. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23.
121. Ralph Barkesdale to John Ball, at Brussels. Presses him to come to England, and promises to secure his concealment. Mrs. Phillips has provided for his accommodation, and sends him her widow's mite. Encloses a letter from Mrs. Phillips.
Dec. 23.
Ludlow Castle.
122. Ralph Lord Eure, Lord President of Wales, to Salisbury. Discovery of certain priests, with a note of speeches uttered by Ric. Bubb. Death of Mr. Leighton, one of the Justices of Wales. Recommends Sir Fras. Eure to succeed him. Incloses,
122. I. Description of many priests and Jesuits discovered to the Lord President by Ric. Bubb, with the places and families frequented by them. Dec. 16.
Dec. 23. Grant to Tho. Gunns, of the benefit of the recusancy of Sir Fras. Smith, of Leicestershire, Hen. Atkinson, of Warwickshire, Ralph Rookesby, of Yorkshire, Dorothy Brookesby, of Leicestershire, Mary Pettit, of Kent, John Lewis, of Radnorshire, and Cadwallader ap Thomas. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to Wm. Moore, of the recusancy of Jas. and Wm. Thatcher, of Sussex, and John Gage. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to Lawrence Marbury, of the recusancy of Joan Fuliambe and Margery Eyer, of Derbyshire, Eliz. Wells, of Dorset, Tho. Westby, Jas. Gorsage, Wm. Formeby, Roger Bradshaw, Wm. Massy, Hen. Bannister, and Ric. Greenakers, all of Lancashire. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to John Corbet, Clerk of the Council, of the recusancy of Lady and Sir Hen. Constable, of Yorkshire. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to David Stewart, of Lancashire, of the recusancy of Hen. Bannister and Thos. Brockholes, of Lancashire, and Mary Gerard, of Somersetshire. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. The like to John Carse and Hugh Billy, of the recusancy of Geo. Jackson, of Yorkshire, Ric. Bouth and Chas. Ratcliff, of the bishopric of Durham, Geo. Powlton, of Northamptonshire, and Wm. Staunton, of Norfolk. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to Ric. Durham of an alms-room in Worcester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to Lord Arundel and the heirs male of his body, of the manor of Dunhead, and other manors, &c.; with remainder to the heirs of the body of Dorothy, one of the daughters of the late Sir Thomas Arundel. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. The like grant of the said manor of Dunhead, &c., to the Lord Treasurer and Earl of Worcester, in trust for the maintenance of Thos. Arundel, heir apparent of Lord Arundel, and Lady Blanche, his wife. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Commission to Sir Wm. Waad, Sir Tho. Waller, and others, to execute a former commission touching starch. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. License to Thos. Baker and Tho. Yeamaus to sell wines in the town of Bagshot, Surrey; and to divers others for other towns and counties. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to the Earl of Arundel and Robt. Cannefield, in fee-simple, of Arundel House, St. Clement Danes without Temple Bar, lately conveyed to the King by the Earl of Nottingham. [Docquet.]
Dec. 24.
123. George Rooke to Fras. Windebank or Thos. Stone. Hopes they have not repented their pleasures at Piacenza. Has collected almost all the books they wished him to buy. Will send Dr. Winston the pictures of wax. Glad to have made their acquaintance.
Dec. 24.
124. Earl of Dunbar to the Earl of Shrewsbury. The King thanks him for preserving the woods and game in the North, &c.; approves his proceedings respecting Brancepeth Park; Sir Geo. Freville does mischief there. [See Dec. 13.]
Dec. 24. 125. Account of payments made by the Farmers of the Customs and Subsidies for the past year.
Dec. 24. Warrant to allow to John Archibald, Groom of the Robes, certain stuff yearly for his livery, in place of Gavin Hume. [Docquet.]
Dec. 24. License to Lawrence Michelborne, of Winchester, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 24. Grant to Anth. Dodsworth of the benefit of the recusancy of Geo. Mallett, of Somersetshire, and Amias and Gertrude Chichester of Arlington, Devon. [Docquet.]
Dec. 24. Grant to John Baysey of an alms-room in Worcester Cathedral. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 25.] 126. Account by John Coston of receipts for collations and institutions of ecclesiastical benefices, in the province of Canterbury, from Midsummer to Christmas 1607.
[Dec. 25.] 127. Account of lead shipped out of London and other ports, in the past year.
Dec. 28.
Warrant to pay to Edmund Tilney, Master of the Revels, 20£. per ann., for rent of a house for the office of the revels. [Wt. Bk., II., p. 43.]
Dec. 28. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 28. Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Aston, Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 1,000 marks, to be disposed according to the King's direction. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. Warrant to pay to Sir Baptist Hicks and to Peter Van Lore, several sums due to them by assurance of letters patent from the King. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. License to Sir Tho. Beaumont to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. License for the Governor, &c, of the Company of the East India Merchants, to transport out of the realm such foreign corn as they have imported, to be employed in their intended fourth voyage to the East Indies. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. Grant to Euble Thelwall and Thos. Jones, in reversion after Ric. Fowler, of the offices of Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown, in cos. Carnarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. Grant to Hen. Fludd of pardon for all military services abroad, departures, and abodes out of the realm without license, and other offences committed before 45 Eliz., except treason. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. Grant to Edw. Careston, of Walden, co. York, of pardon for cutting a purse. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28. Letter to Lord Paget to grant to Tho. Duck, Serjeant, and Robt. Browne, Yeoman of the Cellar, a prolongation of lease of the parsonage of Harmondsworth, co. Middlesex. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30.
128. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Wishes him and his friends a happy new year. Sir John Fortescue dead. Sir Thos. Parry sworn in his office of the Duchy. Sir Robert Carr, a young Scot and new favourite, sworn Gentleman of the Bedchamber. False report that the Archbishop of York was dying. Mr. Fuller has paid his fine, but submissions are expected which he cannot digest.
Dec. 31.
129. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. The party amuse themselves with cards and fireside tales, and making war upon the blackbirds. Has just shot a doe. Asks if the Thames be frozen over, &c.
Dec. 31. Discharge to the Treasurer and Officers of Receipt of four parcels of plate, given by the King to the Queen, with particulars specified. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Grant to Thos. Oats of a prebend in Windsor. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Grant to Fras. Gill of a Gunner's place in the Tower, for life [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Letter to the Lord Warden of the Stannaries, to signify to officers in Devon and Cornwall, at assize and general sessions, that the Government matters of the Stannaries and Duchy of Cornwall will be executed by their own officers. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Like letter to both the Lord Chief Justices, signifying the appointment of several of the King and Prince's Council, to inform them concerning the maintenance of the privileges of the Stannaries. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 130. List of appointments in the gift of the Lord Warden of the Stannaries and High Steward of the Duchy of Devon and Cornwall.
Dec. 31. License to Hugh May, of Oxford, to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, to take order that no free-man exercise the trade of "poulting within the said city, until he shall first alter his copie into the Society of mere Poulters." [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 131. Names of poulterers licensed by the Lord Mayor to sell poultry in the city of London. Signed "Margaret Day."
Dec. 31. Grant of Incorporation for the borough of Newport, Isle of Wight, and confirmation of their ancient liberties, &c. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Grant to Roger Bolt and Hugh Thomas, of alms-rooms in St. Stephen's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
[Dec.] 132. List of grants of old debts of the Crown to certain noblemen and others.
133. Notes on the doctrines of Luther and others, relating to inherent and imputed righteousness, &c.
134. Abstract of a controversial tract on the power of the Church to ordain and alter its own ceremonials, administration of the sacraments, &c.
135. Arguments in favour of a proposed general pardon being granted at a low rate, the pardon granted by the King in Parliament being free, and a benevolence having since been asked from the subject.
136. Names of Dutchmen using the art or mystery of brewing within and about the city of London, with their advantages in trade over the English.
137. Petition of Edmund and Christabella Windham to the King, against the stay made by the AttorneyGeneral, of his Majesty's grant to them of the sealing of pleas on writs of error.
138. Babington, Bishop of Worcester, to Salisbury. Thanks for many favours, and especially for commanding a stay of an encroaching charter, sought by the citizens of Worcester. 139. Petition of Wm. Kemp and fourteen others, parishioners of Enborne, co. Berks, to the Earl of Salisbury, complaining of the suspicious conduct of Robert Brooks, parson, there. Inclose, 139. I. Articles objected against Robt. Brooks, clerk, for neglecting to read the book of Canons, and cutting and defacing the same, and also the register book, &c.
140. Sir Fras. Bacon to [Lord Salisbury ?]. Sends the two bills according to his directions; the book (or grant) is long and full of difficulty. Explains particulars of the grant.
141. Memorandum [by Salisbury] for renewal of Commissions for sale of lands, in which the Council are to be inserted by special name; with notes of the counties in which each Councillor is to act as Commissioner.
142. Note of benefices in the gift of the King, and of their value.
143. Statement addressed to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, of the cause between the Farmers of Tobacco and John Eldred, who refuses to pay the imposts on tobacco which he has imported.
144. Statement of the account between the late Thos. Felton and the Crown, in respect of a grant made to him in the late reign of the sixth parts of the revenues from recusants, increased by his means.