James I: Volume 34, June, 1608

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 34, June, 1608', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp436-444.

"James I: Volume 34, June, 1608". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp436-444.


June, 1608.

June 1.
Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to demise or grant such manors or lands as are forfeited to the Crown for recusancy. [Dom. Corresp., Dec. 15, 1609.]
June 1. Grant to Sir Walter Cope of the office of Chamberlain of the Exchequer, on surrender of Sir Wm. Killigrew. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 75.]
June 1. 1. Edw. Reynoldes to Fras. Mills, Clerk of the Privy Seal. The Lord Privy Seal has been informed that the clerks conceal the fees. Protests his own innocence, and hopes in that of his comrades. This is his first day of attendance.
June 1. 2. Thos. Thacker to the Council. For renewal of his commission for Hide and Waite in a certain cause, the defendants not being prepared.
June 1.
3. Sir Wm. Waad to Sir Thos. Lake. Requests the reversions of Warders' places in the Tower for certain servants of his, who "were employed to keep that wicked rable of traytors," committed for the Gunpowder Treason.
June 2.
4. Wm. Combe to Salisbury. Dearth of corn in Warwickshire. The common people threaten to resist turning arable land into pasture. Complaints of leniency to Jesuits and seminaries.
June 2.
Exchequer Chamber.
5. Memorandum of causes appointed to be heard in Trinity Term.
June 2.
Proclamation for preventing and remedying the dearth of grain and other victuals. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 174.]
June 3.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To levy a duty of 20s. on every fodder of lead, and 10s. per cwt. on all tin or pewter exported. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
June 3.
Salisbury House.
Same to the Same. To permit Sir Ralph Winwood, Ambassador in Holland, to export 18 tuns of beer half yearly. [Ibid., Sept. 21.]
June 3.
6. Sir Rich. Hawkins to the Earl of Nottingham. Trial at Plymouth of Thos. Trontes, and his company, for robbing a Frenchman; seven condemned, and one executed. Has sent the captain and two others to London. Question of Admiralty jurisdiction, in reference to their trial.
June 4. 7. Charles Earl of Nottingham to Salisbury. Begs him to give effect to his grant of an annuity for seven years, out of the Customs of Ireland.
June 5. 8. Lord Stanhope to the Same. Purposes to go into Northamptonshire for the benefit of his health. Prays his favour if any prejudice should arise against him for his absence.
June 6
9. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Clerk of the Signet in attendance. For a Privy Seal for payment of 553£. 5s. 6d., due to Thos. Larkin, the King's locksmith, to be paid in June 1609 and June 1610.
June 6. Warrant to establish certain officers to attend the lading and unlading of all coast ships. [Docquet.]
June 6. Patent to Nich. Romero and Jas. Jackson, for 21 years, of the sole use of their invention for saving fuel, in the King's house, and other places. [Docquet. See June 10.]
June 6. Warrant to the Officers of Customs to permit the merchants trading to Russia and Muscovy to export 200 oz. of plate, custom free, and 2,000 weight of bell-metal, on paying the usual duties. [Docquet.]
June 6. Grant to Sir Geo. and Sir Robt. Moore of an annuity of 106£. 10s., for their lives, on surrender of the office of Constable of Farnham Castle and Chief Keeper of the Parks and Chaces there. [Docquet.]
June 6. Grant to Sir Jas. Douglas of the benefit of the recusancy of John Middlemore, of the Bream, Newland, co. Gloucester; Geo. Throg- morton, of Temple Grafton; and John Hunt, of Rowington, co. Warwick. [Docquet.]
June 6. License to Alice Owen to purchase eleven acres of ground whereon to erect an hospital for ten poor widows, and to vest the same and other lands, to the value of 40£. a year, in the Brewers' Company. [Docquet.]
June 6. Discharge to the Dean and Chapter of Ely of 135£. 7s. 3½d., rent for lands, manors, and tenements, heretofore granted to the Bishop of Ely, and unclaimed through neglect. [Docquet.]
June 7. 10. Speeches of the Judges, &c., in the Exchequer Chamber [6th ?] on the question of the antenati and postanati in reference to the naturalization of the Scots [in the case of Calvin v. Smith. See May 7.]
[June 7.] 11. Speech of Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, in the Exchequer Chamber, on the above case, and to the same effect. Printed, 1609; with preface, assigning the reasons for its being printed.
June 7. Grant for 15 years to Wm. Lord Knollys of all profits from fines called post fines. [Grant Bk., p. 35.]
June 8. License for 21 years to Edw. Jordan, to extract silver out of lead ore in all parts of England and Ireland. [Ibid., p. 35.]
June 8. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others to compound for defective titles. [Ibid., p. 45.]
June 8. Grant to Hen. Kingsmill, in reversion after Sir Wm. Kingsmill, of the office of Keeper of Freemantle Park, co. Hants. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 76.]
June 8. 12. Sir Thos. Lake to George Calvert. To draw a grant of the benefit of the recusancy of John Wright, of Livedon, Essex, for Mr. Corbet, in part compensation for that of Sir Hen. Constable, who has conformed.
June 8 ? 13. Petition of Wm. Morse to Lord Salisbury, that he may continue in possession of a small cottage near Cirencester, held by lease from the late Queen, but now claimed by Thos. Staughton and Ph. Breach. With reference to the Court of Commissioners for letting leases.
June 8. 14. Petition of the Same to the Commissioners for Leases, to the same effect as the preceding. With opinions by Salisbury thereon.
June 9.
Warrant to pay certified sums for coat and conduct money, &c., for 700 men to be sent into Ireland. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 28.]
June 9. Grant to Cuthbert Armourer of the office of Chief Steward of Hexham, co. Northumberland, during pleasure. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 76.]
June 9. Grant to David Armourer of the bailiwick of the same. [Ibid., p. 76.]
June 10.
Warrant to pay 627£. 6s. 10½d. a year to the Earl of Dunbar, in lieu of an allowance of a diet of ten dishes of meat, he engaging to maintain 25 additional horsemen on the Borders. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 73.]
June 10. 15. Edw. Reynoldes to Fras. Mills. The Lord Privy Seal professes to have proof of certain fees withheld from him by the clerks. Thinks he will order a sequestration of their fees until he has ascertained his rights. Sends the draft of a form of apology, to be signed by all the clerks, and presented to him.
June 10.
16. John Launcelot to Salisbury. Statement of defects in the Commission of 4 Eliz., for granting leases, &c., of Crown lands in Wales. Necessity for a general survey and revision of tenures. Bromfield and Yale should be preserved for the Prince. Transations with the late Lord Treasurer thereupon.
June 10.
17. Sir Thos. Chaloner to the Same. Recommends Mr. Beling for some recompense for 20 years' service.
June 10. License to Nich. Romero and Jas. Jackson to erect furnaces, engines, &c., of earth, stone, or metal, for sparing of wood and coal. [Grant Bk., p. 36.]
June 11.
18. Sir Saml. Saltonstall to Salisbury. Cannot obey his commands to attend him at the Custom House, because his adversaries have procured a writ for his apprehension.
June 12.
19. George Lord Audley to the Same. Will put in an answer to the Bill exhibited against him in the Court of Wards. Solicits the charge of a company of the force about to be sent into Ireland. Has served in Ireland, the Low Countries, and France.
June 12. 20. Statement of particulars of the loan advanced to the King by the Citizens of London.
June 13.
Serjeants' Inn.
21. Injunction from the King's Remembrancer's Office to Thos. Haughton, John West, and Rob. Hastings, to yield possession to Sam. Willingham, Clerk, of a messuage, &c., claimed by him as pertaining to the parsonage of Stane, Lincoln.
June 13.
Warrant to pay to the Earl of Dunbar 4,000£., in compensation of the imposition laid upon logwood, Brazil wood, &c., which was formerly granted him in lieu of a patent for the sole manufacture of logwood, revoked by Parliament. [Wt. Bk., II., p. 57.]
[June 14.] 22. Names of Commissioners for demising the mortgaged lands.
June 14 ? 23. Considerations to be had for demising the lands for lives or years.
June 14 ? 24. Estimate by John Hercey of what might be raised by demising the late mortgaged lands.
June 14 ? 25. Valuation of the mortgaged lands in cos. Surrey, Hants, Wilts, Devon, Dorset, Berks, and Northampton, with the fines to be exacted on granting leases thereof.
June 14.
Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to receive surrenders of certain lands, &c., mortgaged by the late Queen to the City of London for the sum of 60,000£., which is now repaid; and to re-let the same for 40 years or 6 lives. [Dom. Corresp., Dec. 15, 1609.]
June ? 26. Digest [drawn up for Salisbury] of the commission granted to him and the Chancellor of the Exchequer [May 20, 1608,] for letting Crown lands, showing wherein it differs from that for letting mortgaged lands.
June 15. 27. Grant to Thos. Vause, Groom of the Confectionery, of the office of Prior, Guide, or Governor of the Hospital of Magdalen, between Gaywood and King's Lynn, Norfolk.
June 15. 28. Indenture of grant to Thos. Wilson, on payment of certain sums, of the benefit of the marriage of Thos. Baxter, the King's ward.
June 15.
29. Commission for Sir John Mewys, Sir John Leigh, and others, to survey Sandown Castle, in the Isle of Wight, and the decays there. Annexed is,
29. I. Schedule by the above of the defects in the castle, and estimate of the charges necessary for the repair of the same. Dated Aug. 3.
June 16. Grant to Barth. Rogers of the office of Door-keeper of the Court of Wards and Liveries, on the death of Lawrence Michell, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 76.]
June 17. Grant to John Kiddermister and Wm. Gerard of the office of Steward of Langley Mary's and Wicardesbury, and Keeper of the Park of Langley Mary's, co. Bucks, for life. [Ibid., p. 76.]
June 17.
30. Sir Griffin Markham to Salisbury. Congratulations on his appointment to the Treasurership.
June 17.
31. Grant to the Earl of Mar of manors, lands, &c., value 56£. per ann., in lieu of the manors of Walton-on-Thames and Sandon, Surrey, and Haringay, Middlesex, formerly granted to him, and now resumed by the King.
June 17.
32. Warrant to Lord Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay the gardener of Somerset House, Strand, for expenses of the gardens there.
June 17. 33. Note of such particulars as were that day rated by the Commissioners for lands, cos. Northampton, Lincoln, and Somerset. [See June 14 and 21.]
June 17.
Warrant to pay certain sums to the Earl of Cumberland, for the wages of a Provost Marshal and twenty-five horsemen on the Borders. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 26.]
June 17.
Warrant to pay to Sir Chas. Hales and Sir Ric. Williamson, 20s per diem each, for services in the administration of justice on the Borders. [Ibid., p. 26.]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 23.]
June 18.
Warrant to pay to Sir Willm. Selby, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Sir Chris. Pickering, and Sir John Fenwick, 100 marks per ann. each, for their services as Joint Commissioners with others of Scotland, for the preservation of peace on the Borders. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 27.]
June 18.
Exeter House.
34. Wm. Earl of Exeter to Salisbury. Recommends the bearer, who has married Bess Morrison, their cousin german, and who wishes to purchase the reversion of the receivership of Lincolnshire.
June 18. 35. Edw. Honing to the Same. Certifies the number of trees felled in Hitcham manor, towards the reparation of the town of Bury St. Edmonds.
June 19. 36. Fras. Neale, Auditor of the Exchequer, to the Same. Certifies particulars relative to the patronage of the Church of Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln, the liability for its repairs, and amount of tithes. [See Feb. 26, 1608]
June 20.
37. Thos. Erskine, Visct. Fenton, to Dud. Carleton. Settlement of the controversy between him and Lord Norris. Begs information relative to certain Low Country debts belonging to himself in right of his wife.
June 20. 38. Sir Rich. Trevor to Salisbury. Fears that he is displeased with him. Entreats that he may "not lose the King's promised good turne," for which he has expended 500£.
June 20.
Warrant to pay 1,000£. to Lord Gordon, son and heir of the Earl of Huntley, as a free gift. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 71.]
June 20. 39. List of yearly pensions to be paid to various persons out of the receipts of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
June 21. 40. Note of arrears of rents and fines assessed by the Commissioners for the mortgaged lands.
June 22. 41. Gilb. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Recommends George Ann to his favour.
June 22. Commission to Sir Wm. Waad and Sir Hen. Montague to search for starch imported without paying duty, and to reform abuses touching starch. [Grant Bk, p. 43.]
June 22. Grant to the Earl of Salisbury of the office of Keeper of Somerset House and Garden, during the Queen's life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 77.]
June 23.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To levy only 5s. per cwt. on tin and pewter unwrought, and 2s. 6d. per cwt. on pewter wrought. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
June 23. 42. Brief of particulars rated by the Commissioners for confirming defective titles in various counties.
June 24.
43. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Looks daily to hear good news from the Court. Went to Ascott to dinner; found the knight and lady gone to Hampton. Sir W. Burlacy ill, &c.
June 24.
44. William Earl of Derby to the Council. Has directed a view and Muster of the 700 soldiers for Ireland. Sends a letter of his Deputy Lieutenants stating their defects.
June 25. 45. Certificate by Thos. Smythe and others, merchants of the East India Company, in behalf of Tristram Eldrich, for the office of Waiter or Controller at the water side.
June 26. 46. Copy of the information in the case of Willingham versus Haughton, and others, June 13, with warrant to Sir George Fitzwilliams, and others, to survey the said lands belonging to the church of Stane, co. Lincoln, dated Westminster, June 15, and copy of the inquisition taken of the same lands, Sept. 20, 1605. Annexed is,
46. I. Lease granted by Samuel Willingham, of Stane, to Thomas Payne, of Beseby, Lincoln. Lease of the rectory of Stane, co. Lincoln, with certain appurtenances. Oct. 1.
June 27.
47. Grant to Thos. Pinckney, Anth. Dodsworth, and Jerome Metcalf, of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Pudsey of Barforth, York, Grace Knoll of Samford Dorcas, Somerset, Leonard Wilmot, Oxfordshire, Robt. Barnes and John Gittons of Cowdry, Sussex, and Sir Geo. Speke.
June ? 48. Statement by Lord Carew, Lieutenant General of the Ordnance, of accounts between him and the Crown.
June 27. Grant to Geo. Lord Carew of the office of Master of the Ordnance, for life. [Grant Book, p. 44.]
June 27. 49. Grant to Sir Ric. Bulkley, jun., late of East Greenwich, Kent, of pardon, for manslaughter of John Note, late of Challock, Kent.
June 28.
50. John Lord Lumley to Salisbury. Begs protection for his servant, Geo. Smithe, a recusant, as being necessary for his old age.
June 28. 51. Barons of the Exchequer, Solicitor General, and Recorder to the Council. Desire further time to confer with the rest of the Judges respecting the legality of the appointment of a special officer to collect fines upon actions of debt, &c., out of London.
June 28. 52. Orders agreed upon by the Barons of the Exchequer for levying the King's debts in the vacation time ensuing, with note concerning arrears due by Sir Thos. Shirley. Annexed is,
52. I. Offer by Sir Thos. Shirley for the payment of a debt due to the Crown, on account of rents for his patents, by assurances on his lands, and by disposal of the remainder of a grant. June 30.
June ? 53. Petition to the King to grant to A -- B --, the office of col- lecting all debts henceforth growing due by writ, escheat, &c., on the same terms as those of the patent lately granted to Lawrence Baskerville, for the use for Sir Thos. Shirley, sen.
June 28. 54. Inventory of the estate, debts, funeral expenses, &c., of Cuthbert Burby, stationer of London, exhibited by George Cole, Proctor for the executrix.
June 28. Congé d'elire to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, to choose a bishop. [Docquet.]
June 28. Letter to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, recommending the election of Dr. Neile, Dean of Westminster. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to the Bishop of Gloucester of the advowson of the rectory of Odington, to present Henry Chamberlain, Preacher. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to Thos. Foster, of Lincoln, yeoman, of pardon for highway robbery of Lewis Somersall. [Docquet.]
June 28. Commission to the Bishops of Chichester and Bath and Wells, to determine a certain cause as to the ruins of Christ's Hospital, or Sherburn House, diocese of Durham. [Grant Book, p. 44.]
June 29.
55. Thos. Colbeck to Margaret Colbeck, his sister. Sends her 40s. to buy her a gown.
June 29.
56. Michael Lok to Salisbury. Reports that the King of Spain, the Pope, and the Grand Duke of Tuscany, are preparing for war against Venice. If this be false, their preparations must be designed against Ireland.
June 29.
57. Sir Thos. Clerk to Edw. Anthony. Hopes he or Mr. Reynoldes will take his month of July at the Privy Seal Office, being too unwell to attend himself, and his son being also ill.
June 29.
58. Grant to Case Surley, Geo. Seaman, and Thos. Williams, of the benefit of the recusancy of Ric. Mornington, of Sarnesfield, John Bullock, of Whittington, Johan Lochard, of Pembridge, Margery Vaughan, of Kinnersley, Ralph Hopkin, of Walford, all co. Hereford, and Chas. Vaughan, of Linton, Radnor.
June 30. Grant to Sir Rich. Coningsby of the goods of John Lovell and Wm. Rose, recusants. [Grant Book, p. 44.]
June 30. 59. The Council to the Lieutenants of Hertfordshire. Directions for holding general Musters of the Trained Bands and other forces of the county, for supplying defects in arms, and laying in a proper store of powder. Similar Musters are to be held throughout the kingdom.
June 30.
60. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Holcroft and Sir Roger Aston, of Chester. Reproves them for omitting to appoint collectors of the fifteenths granted last Parliament.
June 30. 61. Bill of Geo. Mynors for work done about the keeper's lodge in Nonsuch Great Park.
June 30. 62. Account by John Coston of receipts for collations and institutions of ecclesiastical benefices in the Archbishopric of Canterbury, for the past half year.
63. Anonymous to -. Describes the canonization of St. Francesca. Hearty welcome given by the Pope to the Earl and Countess of Tyrone, and other Irish. Sends by Father Mitford 42 Agnus Deis. Commendations of Father Parsons.
[June.] 64. Note of commissions, &c., issued in Trinity and Easter terms, to inquire of concealed and forfeited lands in several counties.
June ? 65 Statement of the inconveniences that will ensue by the new intended imposition on tin.