James I: Volume 37, October, November, 1608

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 37, October, November, 1608', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp460-472.

"James I: Volume 37, October, November, 1608". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp460-472.


October, November, 1608.

Oct. 1.
Durham Gaol.
1. Ric. Skrymshaw to Salisbury. Complains of the unjust proceedings of Wm. Watson, of Standrop, from whom he bought the office of Palliser of Raby Park.
Oct. 1.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation suspending the commissions for inquiry into concealed fines for alienations, ansd granting remission of part of the fines due, to such as discover and pay them before Hilary Term, or within 4 months of their becoming due; with articles subjoined of the rates of the fines. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 183.]
Oct. ? 2. "Instructions for ordering his Majesty's revenue upon the alienations to his best benefit, with honour and justice."
Oct. ? 3. Notes relative to the power of the King to grant pardons and dispensations under the Broad Seal [for alienation of lands], to ratify or alter compositions made, to settle fines and fees, &c.
Oct. 2. 4. Sir Fr. Bacon to Salisbury. Desires directions upon the grant to Mrs. [Susan] Ellis of the extent of the lands, &c. of Rich. Young, her father, seized for debts to the Crown, additional debts having been discovered.
Oct. 3.
Bishop's Auckland.
5. James Bishop of Durham to the Same. Surveys have been made of the forces within the Bishopric, according to order. Recommends the bearer, Sir Charles Wren, Steward of the castles of Raby and Brancepeth.
Oct. ? 6. Petition of Robert le Gris to the King, for a lease in reversion of [Watlington] Park. Annexing,
6. I. Statement of the value of Watlington Park, with certain coppices appended, as leased by the late Queen to John Cade.
Oct. 4. 7. Certificate of Edm. Pigeon to Salisbury, respecting leases granted by the late Queen of the herbage, pannage, and agistment of the Park, &c. of Watlington. Indorsed "Gris his suit," [Rob. le Gris].
Oct. 7. 8. Account of payments to various persons by a Privy Seal, dated Sept. 28, 1607, for apparel, arms, furniture, &c. for Prince Henry.
Oct. 7.
Salisbury House.
9. Earl of Salisbury to Lord Hay. Sends three letters to be shewn to the King, on the proposition made to him (Salisbury) by some foreign power. Particulars of his intended reply to the same.
Oct. 7. 10. Certificate of the acquittal of Eliz. Gifford, of St. Andrews, Holborn, indicted for recusancy, on proof of her having been lately to church.
Oct. 8. 11. Certificate of lands, co. Flint, of the late Earldom of Chester, now in charge before the Auditor of Wales, drawn up for Fras. Neale.
Oct. 8. Commission to the Earl of Salisbury to compound for tenures of encroached lands. [Grant Bk., p. 43.]
Oct. 9.
12. Earl of Nottingham to the Same. Desires that the Musters in Surrey may be deferred on account of the sickness. Capt. Williams of the Tremontane dead. Note of places infected in Surrey.
Oct. 9.
13. Sir Thos. Lake to the Same. Forwards letters sent from the French Ambassador to the King, who marvels that the Ambassador should want so much good manners as to interrupt him by an express messenger, in an affair so trifling as the punishment of some Frenchmen for piracy. Directions on the reply to be given.
Oct. 10.
14. Letters Patent to the Earl of Northampton, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, giving him authority to take the charge and government of the passage, and to administer certain oaths to all persons going beyond sea.
Oct 11. 15. Names of parties to whom special charge is given to report upon the directions issued from the Exchequer in Trinity term, relating to different branches of the Crown revenues.
Oct. 11. 16. Extract from the court roll of the manor of Wyrardisbury, co. Bucks, admitting Rich. and Wm. Ledgold, of Echelford, co. Middlesex, as customary tenants.
Oct. 12. 17. Memorial of certain privileges of the Crown, as grants of leases, licenses, pensions, lands, &c., which cannot be alienated from the King's own private use without great prejudice; and of things fitting to be given away to others.
Oct. 14.
18. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. The news from Venice is pleasing to the King; he spends most of his time in writing.
Oct. 17. 19. Proposition to the Lord Treasurer for increasing the King's revenues, by composition with the tenants of Richmond and Middleham, Yorkshire.
Oct. 20.
20. [Sir] George Scrope and [Sir] Geo. Freville to Salisbury. In behalf of Tho. Morley, who has been ill used by the late Hen. Lawson, in reference to a lease of his cottage.
Oct. 20. 21. List of fines on admission of the King's tenants to certain manors within several counties specified.
Oct. 20. 22. Lease of a cottage and lands in Owdby, Leicester, demised by John Iliffe, of Owdby, to Henry Foxon, of Wigston Magna, same county.
Oct. 20. License for two years to Jas. Douglas to dig for gold and silver in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. [Grant Bk., p. 33.]
Oct. 21.
23. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. The King sent for him in a very pleasant humour, and told him he had kept his word with his Council, by being parsimonious, and not troubling them with directions, and they had performed their part by leaving him quietly to his sports. He now talks of returning, and asks if Sir Jas. Sempill's wrongs are redressed. [See Nov 17.]
Oct 21.
24. The Council to Sir Hen Lee, Lord Mayor, and the Recorder of London. Require them to examine a project for fixing colours dyed with logwood, in reference to which a petition is enclosed, and to report thereon. Inclose,
24. I. Desires and conditions for a grant to the inventors of a stuff for fixing colours dyed by logwood, of the sole import and sale of logwood, and sole manufactory of the stuff used to fix the colours.
Oct. 21.
25. J. Chamberlain to D. Carleton. The sickness but little abated. Some Brownists, with their preacher, Trundle, apprehended. The Bishop of Chichester is to answer Bellarmine on the oath of allegiance. Intercessions by Spain, Venice, and France for Mole, tutor to Lord St. John and Lord Roos. The Duke of Mantua in Holland, whence Sir Ric. Spenser is returning. Great mortality at Rome.
Oct. 22. Grant to Dr. Geo. Montaigne of the mastership of the Savoy, for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Letter to Lord Sheffield, President of the Council in the North, to admit Geo. Chaworth to a place in the Council, to which Sir John Jackson had been formerly recommended. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Letter for a grant to Dr. Elvyn of the benefit of the recusancy of Lady Fitch, of Essex. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and others, to determine a suit between the City and the Cathedral of Norwich, about their respective jurisdictions. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Grant to Val. James, to the use of Susan Ellis, of the benefit of the lands and goods of the late Rich. Young, Collector of petty customs, extended for a debt of 3,000£., and a release of two other debts due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. 26. Hen. Lok to Salisbury. The hearing of his causes being put off to Midsummer term, he is forced for safety to lead an obscure life. Solicits employment.
Oct. 24.
27. Gilb. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Hopes to give a good account of the black stone. Comments on his Lordship's buildings at Hertford and Durham House. Recommends Mr. Fowler the Queen's servant.
Oct. 24. 28. [The Council] to Lloyd Bishop of Chester. Have considered the King's letter to the late Lord Treasurer, which he enclosed to them, with respect to the stay of his proccedings against recusants. The King wishes not to stop them altogether, but to have him proceed with moderation, and only against obstinate persons.
Oct. 24. 29. Estimates of the masons, carpenters, bricklayers and other artificers, for expenses of repair of St. Paul's Cathedral: total, 22,537£. 2s. 3d.. With notes on the liabilities of the Bishop and Dean for repairs.
Oct. 24. 30. Valuation of the materials of Lions, alias Holt Castle, co. Den- bigh. [See Aug. 10]
Oct. 26. 31. Henry Lok to Salisbury. Craves employment, or leave to retire out of danger, until he can satisfy his creditors.
Oct. 26.
32. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Has been fishing at the Priory. Visited Lady Hatton; and is going to Sir Hen. Nevill's to salute the new married couple, Sir Rich. Brook and Nevill's second daughter, &c.
Oct. 27.
Hamly ?
33. John Blount to Salisbury. Dr. Rawlyns and Mr. Writt have returned from their travels; recommends the former.
Oct. 27. 34. Petition of Rich. Ellis, tenant of the Queen's manor of Hanslope, to Salisbury, for grant of a lease, in reversion, of his mansion house and farm, having sustained great damage by fire. With reference thereon to the Queen's Commissioners for leases.
Oct. 27. 35. Petition of Walter Foord, of Leeds, Kent, to the Same, in behalf of all the parishioners, that leases of certain tenements occupied by poor cottagers be not granted over the heads of the present occupants. With order thereon.
Oct. 27. 36. Petition of Jane Shelley to the Same, to be restored to possession of her house, Stondon Place, withheld from her by Wm. Bird; with reference thereon to the Barons of the Exchequer. Inclosing,
36. I. Mrs. Shelley's grievances against Wm. Bird.
Oct. 28.
37. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Family news. Guests come and expected. Lord Balmerinoch is committed to prison about a letter written long ago to the Pope, for making a Scottish Cardinal. He says he wrote by the King's direction, but the King disavows it. "It is like to prove Davison's case." A bill mooted concerning much land that should be alienated, on account of the alleged bastardy of Queen Elizabeth. Disturbances in Hungary, France, and the Low Countries.
Oct. 28. 38. Account of subsidies and fifteenths paid into the Exchequer from 13 Eliz. to Michaelmas last.
Oct. 29. 39. Certificate of such particulars as were rated this session, by the Commissioners for the sale of assart lands.
Oct. ? 40. Proposition for a plan by which the Auditors of certain revenues should bring in their payments at Easter, instead of Michaelmas.
Oct. ? 41. Note of decrease of revenues in certain counties.
Oct. ?
Salisbury House.
42. [Earl of Salisbury] to [the Board of Works.] To inquire into the state of the Office of the Works; the rates and prices of materials, &c., being so much enhanced.
Oct. ? Commission to the Earls of Salisbury, Northampton, and others, concerning depopulations, to compound with offenders, &c., the same as the former commission. [See May 21. Sign manuals, Vol. i., No. 1.]
Oct. ? 43. Points in which the corporation of [Norwich ?] usurp privileges beyond the limits of their charter, viz., enlarging the jurisdiction of the city courts, levying increased customs, licensing strangers, &c.
Oct. ? 44. Plea of the city of Norwich for the right of claiming forfeited recognizances, taken before them by the Mayor.
Nov. 1.
45. Mayor, &c. of Norwich to Salisbury. Request that the suit between the town and the dean, &c., of Norwich, concerning jurisdiction, may be settled by ordinary course of law.
Nov. 1.
46. Dr. Roger Goad, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, and others, to Salisbury. Result of an investigation in regard to unfounded complaints exhibited by -- Cotton and his wife against Doctors Cleiton, Cowell, Newcome, and Hill.
Nov. 2.
Warrant to pay to the Earl of Montgomery 6,000£., for relinquishing the residue of a grant of certain lands. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 65.]
Nov. 2.
Warrant to pay to Sir David Murray, 3,000£. for provision of apparel for the Prince. [Ibid., p. 130.]
Nov. 3.
47. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Message to Sir Rowland Lytton, who is coming to London. Will. Lytton returning from his travels. Private gossip.
Nov. 5.
Warrant to repay to Sir Thos. Hayes, Sir Baptist Hicks, and others, of London, 120,000£., lent by them to the King, with interest thereon. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 76.]
Nov. 5.
Warrant for augmentation of the fees of the Barons of the Exchequer, not exceeding 300£. per ann. [Ibid., p. 33.]
Nov. 6.
Warrant dormant to pay the expenses of the Court of Star Chamber, fees of the Officers of the Exchequer, rewards for special services, expenses of the receipt of the Exchequer, &c., and to restore moneys paid in when not due. [Ibid., p. 1.]
Nov. 6. 48. Abstracts of letters to Salisbury from the Earl of Sussex, Lords Hunsdon and Harrington, the Lord Admiral, Lord Darcy, Earl of Bedford, Countess of Oxford, Lord Morley, Earl of Pembroke, Lords Vaux, Compton, Willoughby of Parham, Norris, Stourton, and Paget, Earls of Southampton, Huntingdon, and Cumberland, Lord Monteagle, Countess of Leicester, Lord St. John of Bletsoe, Countess of Cumberland, Lady Anne Wentworth, Lord Zouch for the Lord Willoughby, and the Lords Sheffield, Scrope, and Rich, in reply to letters summoning them to pay in their debts to the Crown. All dated between 10 July and 6 Nov. 1608.
Nov. 6. 49. Duplicate of the above, with three omissions.
Nov. ? 50. Answer more at length by the Countess of Oxford, in her own behalf and that of the young Earl, in reference to the debts claimed by the King.
Nov. 7.
51. Earl of Huntingdon to Salisbury. Has been ill lately. Will wait on him about the business of the Isle of Man.
Nov. ? 52. William Visct. Cranborne to Salisbury (his father). Has never been out of love with his book. Will be glad to leave the University and go into France if his Lordship thinks fit.
Nov. 8.
53. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Sir Walter Cope sees no opening for him at prssent. Reported match between the Lord Treasurer's daughter and Lord Buckhurst. Lord Cranborne going into France. Confession of Lord Elphinstone [Balmerinoch] that he obtained the King's signature by fraud [to the letter to the Pope]. The King has held two or three conferences with the Judges about prohibitions touching the Clergy High Commission, and the Courts of York and Wales; he wishes to stretch his prerogative. The four disjoined shires likely to be annexed to Wales. Sir Thos. Edmondes has drawn his sword upon Sir Edmund Baynham. Factions in Holland.
Nov. ? 54. Declaration by the King that the counties of Salop, Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester, are to be accounted within the Marches of Wales, and subject to the jurisdiction of the President and Council.
Nov. ? 55. Proclamation for the continuance of the authority and jurisdiction of the Presidencies of Wales and of the North.
Nov. ? 56. Answer, [addressed to the Council,] to the petition exhibited to the King by "such as take upon them to be suitors for the inhabitants of the counties of Gloucester, Worcester, Salop, and Hereford," for exemption from the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales, which the King has twice expressed his pleasure to continue.
Nov. ? 57. Suggestions for obtaining a lease of fines upon writs under 40£. issuing from Welsh causes tried at Westminster, which now pay no fines.
Nov. 9. 58. Petition of Degory Honney and Gavin Gater, tenants of Launceston lands, Cornwall, to Salisbury. Request to be more moderately rated. With reference thereon.
Nov. 9. 59. Petition of Margery Greene to the Same, in behalf of her aged and blind husband, Robert Greene, of Lutterworth, co. Leicester, that an error in his lease may be corrected. With orders thereon.
Nov. 10. 60. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Fras. Woolley. To make out a grant of the lands of John Playdell, extended for a debt to the Crown, for Wm. Gomeldon. Prefixed is,
60. I. Particulars of the extent of the above lands.
Nov. 10 ? 61. Grant to Wm. Gomeldon, Groom of the Chamber, of the above lands, for the rent of 230£.
Nov. 10.
62. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Thinks the remonstrance from the French Church to the King too verbal and discursive. Probability of Sir Ralph Winwood's recall.
Nov. 11.
63. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Friends leaving town. The King spurs on the Bishop of Chichester to answer Bellarmine; he is pleased because Sprat, when about to be executed, has confessed something concerning the Gowrie conspiracy, that makes it hang more handsomely together. Truce in the Low Countries decided on. Pasquils at Rome on the King of Spain. The Indian fleet returned home. Pricking for sheriffs, &c.
Nov. 11.
64. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Begs him not to favour Sir Geo. Savile touching the mills, &c., at Wakefield; many hands working at the Blackstone quarry in the Peak.
Nov. 11. 65. List of pensions to be paid out of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
Nov 11. 66. Account of debts due in the Exchequer from Michaelmas to December; and of the instalments that have been paid already.
Nov. ? 67. List of persons to whom certain sums [of the King's moiety of old debts due to the Crown] are to be granted. Indorsed [by Salisbury], "A note of such sommes as his Majesty will bestow."
Nov. 11. 68. Account of "moneys paid out of the receipt, since the state of his Majesty's debts was shewed at Hampton Court, on the 20th of September last."
Nov. 11. 69. Memorandum of apparel for his Majesty, entered in the Office of the Robes during the last half year, amounting to 1,901£. 0s. 10d.
Nov. 12. 70. Petition of Thos. Hughes, of Branscombe, Devon, to Salisbury, for release of his goods seized for recusancy. With order thereon.
Nov. 13.
71. Sir John Hollis to Thos. Wilson. Begs to know when Lord Salisbury will be at leisure, &c.
Nov. 14.
Warrant to pay to Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, 42£. per ann. for the rent of certain lands adjoining the town of Farnham. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 55.]
Nov. 14. Grant to Fras. Morris, in reversion after John Riddlesden, of the office of Clerk of the Ordnance. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 78.]
Nov. 16.
72. The King to Sir John Herbert, Sir Julius Cæsar, and others. Appoints them Sub-Commissioners to consider on suits presented to the King, and to report thereon to the Council or the principal Commissioners. [Much damaged.]
Nov. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Nov. 18.]
[Nov. 16.] 73. Copy of part of the above, with alterations and additions [by Salisbury.] The Commissioners are to prepare a schedule of suits fit to be granted or refused.
Nov. ? 74. Declaration of the King's pleasure as to the necessity of limiting the granting of suits, on account of the poverty of the Exchequer, and appointing Commissioners, without whose approbation no suit is to be preferred. With a schedule containing a memorial of such suits as the King forbids to be presented, and of those which he is willing to grant.
Nov. ? 75. Draft of the latter part of the above memorial.
Nov. ? 76. Draft of the above. Imperfect.
Nov. 16.
Eton College.
77. Dud. Carleton to Sir Walter Cope. Begs him to forward the inclosed suit for some foreign employment. Incloses,
77. I. Same to Salisbury. Is weary of doing nothing; applies for foreign employment. Thanks for his former goodness in setting him right with His Majesty.
Nov. 17.
78. Sheriff of Lancashire and others to the Council. Result of their inquiry into the assault committed by Alex. Laythwait on Sir Jas. Sempill, in his attendance on the Count Fontenay.
Nov. 17. 79. Earl of Northampton to Mr. Offley and other merchants in London. Touching their offer to farm the tribute of the tenth fish from all strangers fishing within the King's seas. Negociates through [Rich.] Rainsford.
Nov. 17. 80. Account of fines made on the admission of divers of the King's tenants to manors specified, certified by the several stewards thereof.
Nov. 17. Warrant to pay 500£. for secret service money; and 150£. to Augustine Belloy, of the King's free gift. [Docquet, Nov. 18.]
Nov. 18. 81. Attorney General Sir Hen. Hobart and Sir John Dodderidge to Salisbury. Report on the complaints of Thos. Hampton against [Otho] Nicholson, concerning the sale of assart lands. They are groundless, and Hampton is stirring up people to disturb the King's title to the lands.
Nov. 18. License to Hen. Kenvill, Thos. Athew, and Rob. Gawsell, to buy from the Earl of Northumberland certain lands in Norfolk, with discharge of fines due by the Earl. [Grant Bk., p. 34.]
Nov. 18. Discharge to the Bishop of Rochester from the sum of 322£. 7s. 2¾d. due for his first fruits, and of 28£. 11s. 6d. due for the first fruits of the parsonage of Southfleet. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Grant to Sir James Ley of the office of Attorney of the Court of Wards and Liveries, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Order to Sir Edward Phelips or any other in his place for the time being, that after the death of Edward Lord Bruce, Master of the Rolls, his son Edward shall have the nomination of a clerk, after six others have been placed. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Re-grant to the Earls of Arundel and Suffolk, and Lord Wm. Howard, of the King's reversion of lands, &c., forfeited by attainder of Thos. Duke of Norfolk and Ph. Earl of Arundel. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. 82. Lord Balmerinoch to Salisbury. Hopes that as he has taken a course by which the King's honour is maintained, his Majesty's mercy may be extended for his heinous offence, and his life and property spared. Is now to return to Scotland.
Nov. 19.
83. William Earl of Bath to Salisbury. Sends a report of the Musters in Devonshire. Some claim exemption from serving in the horse militia, being tinners. Requests leave to appoint Sir Robt. Chichester his Deputy-Lieutenant.
Nov. 19. Warrant for continued payment to the Earl of Salisbury, of 1,200£. per ann., for intelligences, private services, &c., during pleasure. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 7.]
Nov. 19. 84. Note of bills signed for the Earl of Salisbury's buildings.
Nov. 19. Grant to John Freed of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 78.]
Nov. 19. Grant to Nich. Charles of the office of Lancaster Herald, for life. [Ibid., p. 78.]
Nov. 20.
85. Wm. Earl of Derby to Salisbury. In favour of the petition inclosed, for release of certain skins purchased by merchant strangers, and seized by the officers of the port of Liverpool.
Nov. 21. 86. Wm. Harmon to the Same. Prays payment of 1,200£. owing to him from Sir Geo. Gifford, for which the Earls of Salisbury and Suffolk gave him their word.
Nov. 21. 87. Baron Sir James Altham's agreement with Thos. Gaddesden and other copyholders of the manor of Hitchin, for the payment for timber and firewood growing on their copyholds.
Nov. 21.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To receive no entries in future for tin or pewter, but under the King's warrant; the patent to Sir Thos. Bludder and others, being granted to John Eldred and others. [Dom. Corresp., April 22, 1609.]
Nov. 21. Grant to Wm. Walker of the office of keeping the house and yards for pheasants, &c., in St. James' Park. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 79.]
Nov. 22. 88. Ric. Cockayne to Salisbury. Craves protection from his creditors, that he may wait on him and the Council. Complaints of oppressions from the Grand Duke [of Tuscany] and the Turkey merchants.
Nov. 23. 89. Petition of Thos. Jordan to the Same. For a prolongation of lease of a messuage and lands at Steeple Ashton, Wilts. With order thereon.
Nov. 24. 90. Account of the Receivers of Revenue in cos. Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, and Chester, for the past year.
Nov. 24. Grant to Thos. Tower of the office of Gamekeeper, in Southwark, Lambeth, Clapham, Battersea, and other places, co. Surrey, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 79.]
Nov. 24.
91. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Particulars of his attendance on his Majesty, whom he informed of the two petitions of the Levant merchants, one against the sentence in favour of the Venetians, the other for ships to suppress the pirates at Algiers. The King sighs over his debts. His Majesty's portion of a fine for smuggling to be given to Patrick Ramsay.
Nov. 25.
92. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury Has acquainted the King with the news from the Low Countries. Alteration of a warrant received from Sir Roger Aston.
Nov. 25. 93. Final agreement by Baron Altham with the copyhold tenants of Hitchin, for the timber and woods growing on their copyholds.
Nov. 26. 94. Sir Wm. Button to Salisbury. In behalf of his brother [James], who, in his office of Bishop's collector, was questioned in the Exchequer for defrauding the King.
Nov. 26.
95. Sir. Thos. Lake to the Same. The King will require an account from the two Judges, Sir John Croke and Sir John Dodderidge, of their proceedings touching the New Forest. He is angry that my Lord Chamberlain has not sent him the bill of sickness.
Nov. 27.
96. Same to the Same. The King wishes to fulfil his promise to the Venetian Ambassador, to prohibit merchants by proclamation from trading to any ports where the pirates resort. Grant for Lord Haddington's brother to be prepared. Beloe, the Queen's man, solicits an increased reward. The expenses of the masque not to be limited to 1,000£. [See Dec. 1]. Sir Edw. Howard to be created Knight Marshal, on surrender of Sir Thos. Vavasour.
Nov. 27.
Thetford, Sunday.
97. Visct. Fenton to the Same. Requests him to bestow on the bearer the place in the Low Countries, vacant by the death of Fenton's brother.
Nov. 27.
98. Order in Council in favour of Capt. Roger Orme, maliciously accused by Lieut. Edw. Ashpoole of wounding himself, thereby to cast a slander on Sir Wm. Windsor.
Nov. 27. 99. Brief of the present state of his Majesty's receipt.
Nov. 28.
100. Commission appointing Fras. Gofton, Rich. Sutton, John West, and Robt. Sharpey, Commissioners to inquire into certain abuses in the Customs; with articles of instructions annexed.
Nov. 28. Commission to Sir Wm. Waad and others, to see to the execution of a proclamation against making starch. [Grant Bk., p. 43.]
Nov. 28.
101. Sheriff, &c. of Staffordshire to the Council. Proceedings in the Musters; Sir John Bowes' sickness delayed the certificates.
Nov. 29.
Warrant to pay to Robt. Viscount Lisle the King's moiety of old debts due to the Crown, the other moiety thereof being granted to David Abercromby and John Gay, and to Fras. James and Thos. Banes. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 86.]
Nov. ? 102. Statement of the advantages to be derived from a perfect survey of the King's lands.
Nov. 29. 103. Names of the persons appointed to survey the Crown lands in England and Wales.
Nov. 29 ? 104. Names of the Surveyors of Lands, appointed for different counties left unsurveyed by Mr. Hercey. Similar to the above.
Nov. ? 105. List of manors wherein the tenants hold estates by inheritance with variable fines, as surveyed by Mr. Hercey; with statement of the customary rents, and of improvements thereof.
Nov. 29 ? 106. Notes [by Salisbury] of information desired on certain points concerning copyholders of Crown lands, as they are surveyed.
Nov. ? 107. Description of the manors of Wakefield, Pontefract, Knares- borough, and Tickhill, in Yorkshire, belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster, and of others in Lincolnshire, according to a recent survey, with entries of the nature of the tenures, the occupations and character of the inhabitants, and the feasibility of obtaining increased rents.
Nov. 29. 108. Account of moneys for assart lands, received and to be received to the use of the King, by bonds and compositions, from June 1608 to May 1610.
Nov. 30. 109. Names of Commissioners esteemed fit to survey the decays of Hurst Castle, co. Hants.
Nov. 30. 110. List of such of the nobility as have not paid the second instalment of the second subsidy of 3 Jac. I., and are now made accountants into the Exchequer.
Nov. 111. Memorandum of certain quantities of wheat and rye brought in during October and November.
[Nov.] 112. Petition of Ellis Rothwell to Salisbury, for warrant to receive certain rents granted to her by the King out of the estates of John Grant, concerned in the Gunpowder Treason.
Nov. ? 113. Petition of John Chalkhill to Salisbury, in behalf of the brothers and sisters of Sarah Venables, for relief out of the property left by her to displaced ministers. Annexed are,
113. I. Will of Sarah, widow of Rich. Venables, Merchant Tailor of London. July 23, 1606.
113. II. Inventory of the goods, jewels, debts, &c., of the late Sarah Venables, produced in the Court of Exchequer, Nov. 25, 1607.
113. III. Names of the brothers and sisters of Sarah Venables, with the number of their children, and their request for distribution of the money in hand.
113. IV. Another list of the brothers and sisters of Sarah Venables, the property belonging to her, and the circumstances under which the will above mentioned was made, by persuasion of divers ministers.
113. V. Decree of the Court of Exchequer dated June 9, 1608, setting aside Anthony Wotton and Edward Buckland, two executors of the will of Sarah Venables, and confirming John Slaney and Robt. Bateman, the other two.
113. VI. Petition of the brothers and sisters of Sarah Venables to Salisbury, for a termination of their cause, long pending in the Exchequer. With order thereon for its speedy hearing by Salisbury.
113. VII. Memorandum in favour of the brothers and sisters of Sarah Venables, to remind the Lord Treasurer to decide the case.