James I: Volume 40, Undated, 1608?

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 40, Undated, 1608?', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp478-483 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 40, Undated, 1608?', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp478-483.

"James I: Volume 40, Undated, 1608?". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp478-483.


Undated. 1608 ?

1. Andrew Downes, Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge, and one of the Translators of the Bible, to Salisbury. Desires part of the 160£. per ann. assigned for the better maintenance of the Lady Margaret's Divinity Lecture.
2. Earl of Dunbar to the Same. The King desires him to despatch Ronald Maxwell to Ireland, with letters to the Lord Deputy in his favour. The King's affection for Salisbury.
3. Lettice Countess of Leicester to the Same. Assures him of her faithful remembrance. Requests his opinion as to a proposed match for Wat. Devereux with Lady Stallenge's daughter.
4. Same to the Same. Solicits the wardship of Mr. Peto's son, &c.
5. Ed. Curll to the Same. Is sorry he has incurred his displeasure, and beseeches pardon for an offence against Sir Henry Butcher.
6. Lady Hatton to the Same. Thanks for his protection from false reports. Begs she may be no more styled his niece of the half blood, but his niece only; no child he has shall be more dutiful.
7. Earl of Salisbury to Mr. Bingley and Mr. Wardour. To examine into a list prefixed of deductions, by abatements to debtors and law expenses, on a grant of 10,000£. of Crown debts, assigned by the King to James Lord Hay. [See Docquet, Nov. 11.]
8. Sir Edw. Ratcliffe to Salisbury. Has petitioned the King, jointly with the Earl of Sussex. Is in distress; begs his favour towards him, an unworthy descendant of the house of Ratcliffe. [See 1609, April 26.]
9. Rocke Church, the King's Surveyor, to Salisbury. Prays his favourable recommendation to the Lord Chancellor of his cause against Edm. Church for inheritance of Maldon parsonage.
10. Thos. Whitesander to the Same. Desires a warrant to enable himself and Hen. Sivedale, his partner, to see the returns of conformed recusants, in order to levy fines on those who are non-communicants,-a point of the statute hitherto neglected.
11. Statement of the ill conduct of Lord William Howard in encouraging recusants in the North. Skelton, of Wetherall, a dependant of his, took the sacrament at Easter, but spat it out of his mouth. Lord William's servants erected a lord of misrule at Christmas last, who disturbed the congregation at Hampton, Westmoreland. By his influence at Court, he overrules the course of law in the North, and is aiming at the Sheriffwick of Westmoreland, that he may have a Sheriff of his own faction.
12. Lady Derby to Salisbury. His servant, Hopper, thinks the landing of [Hugh] Ellis, Lady Derby's servant, will hinder the business. Rejoices at the prospect of seeing him. Begs her cousin, Cranborne, may come with him.
13. Accounts relating to the property, debts, &c., of Thos. Hoord, Hen. Mansfield, and Jas. Braybrook, three recusants, granted to John Elphinstone, Gentleman Usher to the Queen. Indorsed [by Salisbury], "The state of the case which concerneth Mr. [Ralph] Sheldon."
14. Imperfect report on a petition from Sir Oliver Cromwell, for a lease of the fines in the Exchequer Crown Office, Assizes and Sessions, to be joined with those of the Common Pleas, which he has purchased from Rob. Franck.
15. Petition of Wm. Harborne to Salisbury. Complains of the dilapidated state of certain grist and fulling mills at St. Mary Ottery, Devon, as left by Rich. Sheerman, the late tenant, and of other annoyances from him. Prays that the case may be referred to Baron Altham.
16. Petition of Matthew Lawrence, of the Neate near Westminster, to the Same. Has been the means of apprehending Harrington, Superior of the Franciscans, Ant. Hickmott, and other priests. Prays for warrant to pursue his search for priests and Jesuits, and for remuneration.
17. Petition of Winifred, widow of John Morris, to the Same, as sole surviving Commissioner of the late Queen, for her manor of Bradfarton. Prays for redress against John Watson, who keeps her children out of their just inheritance.
18. Petition of Rich. Page to the Same. Prays for renewal of his lease of Aldingham Hall, and other houses and lands in Becliff, Lancaster, though not yet duly surveyed.
19. Petition of Rich. Wright to Salisbury, to be continued in his service as his lime-burner and dealer. Estimate of prices of lime annexed.
20. Petition of Henry Antonison Wissell, and others, to the King, against the frequency of bankruptcy and the oppressions of usurers. They have invented a means of preventing those evils, propounded in a discourse enclosed, and beg permission to put it into practice.
21. Copyholders of Harthurst, Suffolk, to Salisbury and others. Pray they may not be charged with higher fines than heretofore. Annexing,
21. I. List of the names of poor copyholders and householders at Harthurst.
22. Indenture of lease by the Earl of Salisbury, demising certain parcels of ground adjoining Durham House, to his servant, Thos. Wilson, of the Strand.
23. Statement of the loss sustained by the Crown, in the lease granted to the late Earl of Devonshire, of the farm of the imposts on French and Rhenish wines, by him sub-let to Garway and Salter; points in which the lease is not valid; and augmented offers of Sir John Swinnerton, the late lessee.
24. Memorandum that the readers of Gray's Inn solicit the Earl of Salisbury's letter in Mr. Ireland's behalf, to be elected their reader.
25. "A toleration" set down by the Council for stretching and straining a certain number of cloths of Suffolk, Essex, Somerset, Gloucester, and Coventry, contrary to the form of laws now in force, and for transporting the same to the Eastland countries, Muscovy, and Barbary.
26. Suggestion for reform in levying the custom on cloths, by making a difference between the imposition on fine and coarse cloths.
27. Plan of a horn-work covering the approach to some buildings, and of redoubts for attacking the work.
28. List of benefices and their occupants, cos. Lincoln, Bedford, Bucks, and Leicester.
29. Grant to the tenants of Hampton Court, of the preservation of their ancient rights and customs, touching alienation fines. Imperfect.
30. Memoranda of certain orders for the Exchequer, and of the duties of its officers.
31. Project for an office of assignment of collateral assurances upon purchases into his Majesty's hands.
32. Account of fines and penalties paid into the Pipe Office upon forfeitures, from 44 Elizabeth to 6 James I.
33. Particulars of the descent of the manor of Duntish and Develish, Dorset.
34. Names of the King's manors in various counties wherein there are copyholders for lives, and of the stewards who have made no certificates of keeping courts and making fines.
35. Names and rentals of the King's manors whereof the copyhold tenants have or pretend to have estate of inheritance, within Hercey's survey.
36. List of copyhold tenants in Bisley manor, with amount of fines payable.
37. List of the King's manors in Sussex belonging to copyholders of inheritance, with the annual rents.
38. Project for raising the King's revenue by compounding with tenants in the Northern parts, for their customary knights' service, &c. (fn. 1)
39. Account of the whole revenue of the Duchy of Lancaster.
40. List of the sources of the Crown revenues, certain and uncertain.
41. Abridgement of the above.
42. Account of receipts expected, and debts of the Crown growing due, before Christmas next.
43. Divers extraordinaries accrued and payed since the 1st of May, 1608.
44. Similar account from the same period, with additions.
45. Similar account from the same period.
46. Statement of the annual improvements of the revenue, and of the annual increase of expenditure.
47. List of receipts by the Crown in ready money, with deductions to be made, by assignment or by defalcation.
48. List of receipts and heads of expenditure of the Crown.
49. Memorandum of assignment of 120,000£. received from the customs.
50. Account of fees or wages to servants of the Queen, Prince, and Duke of York, and to divers stewards of the King's lands; annuities payable to divers captains for service in Ireland; and annuities granted by the late Queen, and still payable.
51. Another list of annuities to divers persons.
52. List of pensions granted to poor men and maimed soldiers.
53. List of annuities granted to divers persons for apprehending traitors, and to divers poor men and lame soldiers.
54. List of fees or wages to the officers of the Admiralty works, Jewel house, revels, tents, toils, and posts.
55. List of payments rendered with certainty to the Crown from various sources specified, quarterly or monthly.
56. Accounts of fees or wages to various officers, viz., to physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries; to tradespeople and others, the King's servants; to keepers of houses, wardrobes, and gardens; to keepers of forests, parks, walks, and games; to huntsmen and falconers; to captains of castles and forts; to the officers of armoury and ordnance; to gunners; fees and corodies in universities, and to readers therein; to the Poor Knights of Windsor; and corodies to hospital people.
57. List of annuitants; with the sums granted.
58. List of fees or wages payable to several officers of the Exchequer, heralds, serjeants-at-arms, &c.
59. Similar list of the officers and Clerks of the Exchequer, &c.
60. List of fees and wages to the officers of the King's Household, the Secretaries of State, Clerks of the Council, Privy Seal, and Signet.
61. List of fees and wages payable to the Judges and law officers of the Crown.
62. Ordinary wages due to the King's servants for the Christmas quarter.
63. Account of fees and wages due to divers officers of the King's Household, and those of the Queen, Prince, and Duke of York.
64. Account of receipts, from divers sources, of the Crown revenue since Michaelmas last.
65. Memorandum of sums of money issued to several persons specified.
66. Memorandum of receipts arising to the Crown from sundry articles.
67. Account of debts, ordinary and extraordinary, due by the King.
68. Statement of annuities and pensions due at Christmas last, which are in arrears and unpaid.
69. Memorandum [by Salisbury] of payments to the Royal family, &c.
70. Statement of the annual improvements of the revenue since the King's accession.
71. Warrant to issue 100£. towards making a vault (or sewer) for draining, &c. from St. Martin's Lane as far as St. Giles's, so that the King's passage "through those fields shall be both sweeter and more commodious." Imperfect.
Hampton Court. 72. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Attorney and Solicitor General. Requests them to draw up a commission to the Lord Chancellor and others, for sale, in fee-farm, of certain mills, parsonages, and unentailed quillett lands, not exceeding the value of 1,000£. per annum.
73. Note of delivery of certain lands, &c., to William Garway and others, contractors for purchase of quilletts and lands, to make up their grant of 2,000£. per ann.
74. Instructions from Salisbury to the Earl of Pembroke, to make a lease of the issues of post fines to Thos. Morgan and Edw. Leche.
75. Note [by Salisbury] of the rental of the post fines, pre-fines, and profits of the Seal, and of lease of the same to the Earl of Pembroke. Probably connected with the preceding paper.
76. Copy of the above.
77. Memoranda of business, [by Salisbury].
78. Leonard Mapes to [Thos.] Cæsar. Requests directions in the troublesome office committed to him, of Receiver of subsidies on stuffs and hose made in Norfolk, until determination of the dispute between the hosiers and the deputy patentee for sealing.
79. The King to the Bishop of [Winchester.] Requests a lease, in reversion, for Ferdinando Lilburn, Groom of the Privy Chamber, of Pendle-trenthide, co. Dorset, belonging to Winchester College.
80. The Same to --. In favour of Edmund Matthew, of Radder, Glamorganshire, who is an earnest suitor to his daughter for marriage.
81. The Same to the -- of -- College. To elect Wm. Boswell, six years student there, to a Fellowship now void.
82. Copy of the above.
83. The King to the Chamberlain of Bristol. To deliver up a recognizance for 2,000£., forfeited by Wm. Vawer of Bristol, executor of Peter Matthews, as being intended only for the use of the children of Matthews.
84. The Same to the Warden, &c. of All Souls College, Oxford. Recommends George Rawley, a student there, to the next vacant Fellowship.
85. John Osborne to Salisbury. Had entered into a bond on behalf of his brother, fined, with other gentlemen of Northamptonshire, for inclosure and depopulation. Prays that, until his brother can redeem the bond, his recognizance granted to Sir Thos. Somerset may not be exacted.
86. Estimate of provisions for 80 men to serve in the ship Gwyana for four months.
87. Particular statement of frauds committed by persons connected with the management of the Navy, the loss thereby amounting to 39,094£.
88. Plot of Rewardean Bailiwick, Forest of Dean, co. Gloucester.


  • 1. The papers Nos. 38 to 70 were evidently complied during the period of Lord Salisbury's treasury- ship, 1608-1612, for his guidance in his fruitless efforts to make the revenue of the Crown meet its expenditure. They were drawn up at different dates during that interval, but as they present no internal evidence by which their dates can be clearly ascertained, it is thought better to place them en masse at the close of the first year of his official duties.