James I: Volume 51, 1609? Undated

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 51, 1609? Undated', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, (London, 1857) pp. 577-579. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp577-579 [accessed 21 April 2024]



1. Earl of Nottingham to Salisbury. Recommends the suit of Capt. Wm. Winter, of Portsmouth, to have his own life put instead of his nephew's, in a farm held of the Crown. He is the oldest Captain in the navy, and has served well for many years.
2. Fragment by Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, relating to a tripartite indenture to be prepared, of articles agreed on by the Commissioners, and to be presented to the King and to the next sessions of the Parliaments of England and Scotland.
3. Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to Lord [Salisbury ?]. Will attend the King on the business of Wales, which has been tedious and troublesome.
4. Henry Brooke, late Lord Cobham, to the King. Intreats restoration to liberty, after his six years' imprisonment. Prefers death to his present wretched state.
5. Michael Bruskett to Salisbury. His whole estate is overthrown. Solicits to have a company of the solidiers now levied for service in Ireland.
6. Sir George Douglas to the Same. Asserts his innocence of the imputations against him, and solicits a speedy trial.
7. Answer by Sir Wm. Waad, Lieut. of the Tower, to the petition of Wm. Hubbock, Chaplain of the Tower, claiming a residence there.
8. Petition of Robt. Fermery to Salisbury, for abatement of costs in a suit in the Court of Wards, relative to certain lands conveyed by Edw. Darwin, a supposed idiot.
9. Preamble of a petition from Thos. Greenhowe, of Barnastroppe, co. Worcester, relative to a messuage of which his great grandfather was seised.
10. Comparison of the position and conduct of three peaceable sovereigns, reigning at once in Europe [Henry IV. of France, Philip III. of Spain, and James I. of Great Britain]; drawn in favour of the last named, as being stronger in his insular position, and holding the balance of power between the other two.
11. Bill of expenses incurred in printing the King's book, and binding certain copies for the King and others; also for binding for the King, Prince, and Mr. Murray, sundry copies of the books of the Bishop of Lincoln, Mr. Barclay, and the Bishop of Chichester.
12. Memorandum of the term of years which Thomas Harley has, in his lease of the demesnes of Kingsland.
13. The charges of a coach (caroche) with the furniture to it belonging, made under the direction and oversight of the Earl of Worcester, for his Majesty, 7 Jac. I.
14. Account of arrears of rents which are to be compounded for by the Company of Grocers.
15. Note of purchase of certain articles of furniture for the Queen and for the wardrobe, during the year 1609.
16. Note of such places as have not paid for their victualling houses, during the years 1608 and 1609.
17. Duplicate of the above.
18. Account of Lawrence Stoughton and others, for charge of reparations about the King's park, at Guildford, for which they request a discharge.
19. Book of the King, Queen, Prince, and Duke of York's copyhold lands of inheritance or for lives.
20. Book of the first and second valuations of lands, &c., passed to the contractors for land, in fee-farm or fee-simple.
21. Warrant for a writ of ad quod damnum, to enquire of losses sustained by Sir John Cage, by enclosure of certain lands in Swaffham Bulbeck, co. Cambridge, for the purpose of making a park and warren.
22. State of the cause between the tenants of Armin and Mansfield Waterhouse, who purchased the manor and misused the tenants; with suggestions for redress.
23. Particular note of the land rented to the tenants of Rowde, Melksham Forest, surveyed according to the King's commission.
24. Project, by an Italian, for establishment of the office of a broker general.
25. -- to the King. Proposes to remedy the exportation of treasure, by erection of an office of brokerage, by which merchant strangers may be compelled to export goods equal in value to those which they have imported.
26. Note touching the meaning of Mr. Chambers's petition for leases of lands of convicted recusants, till he has received the sum granted him by the King; and exculpating him from harsh dealings with recusants.
27. Instructions to a person not named, how to secure a title to an estate of 400 acres, in Newborough, Stafford, the present title to which is contested between the families of Monox and Whittington. Imperfect.
28. List of suitors to whom grants have been made of moieties of old debts of the Crown to be recovered by them, and of parties who have obtained grants of the King's moiety of the same.
29. Memoranda of necessary considerations in projects for raising his Majesty's revenue, with suggestions of sundry plans for its increase.