James I: Volume 59, 1610? Undated

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 59, 1610? Undated', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, (London, 1857) pp. 655-659. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp655-659 [accessed 21 April 2024]



Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Mynne sums not exceeding 6,000£. per ann., for increased wages and allowances of the band of Gentlemen Pensioners. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 185.]
1. John Bradshaw to Salisbury. For his favour to the inclosed petition. Has served him three years, on recommendation of the Countess of Derby.
2. Robert Dudley, of Newcastle, to the Same. Requests him to nominate some indifferent person to decide the difference between himself and his son Ambrose.
3. Dorothy Countess of Northumberland to the Same. Thanks him for favour shown to her son at Court, in this time of his father's disgrace.
4. Earl of Essex to Sir Fulk Greville. Advice on the best course for availing himself of the services of others, whom he may employ in taking notes from books for him; urges the necessity of personal industry to make a good scholar.
5. Maurice Peeter to the Earl of Salisbury. Requests confirmation of a grant made to him by the King, at Sir Oliver Cromwell's house at Hinchinbrook, for reformation of frauds daily committed in the manufacture of bombazine cotton, and in the dyeing of silks. Has long been a suitor thereon to his Lordship and the Queen.
6. Capt. Edward Prinne to the Same. Prays that he may have the conveyance of a packet, which will enable him to go to Paris to speak with Don Christopher, son of Don Antonio, the deceased King of Portugal; has not means to journey at his own cost.
London. 7. John Sedley to Sir Dudley Carleton, his brother-in-law. Acknowledges favours; desires to do him service, &c.
8. Mary Lady Wingfield to Salisbury. Regrets her son's disorderly conduct. Professes her devotion to his Lordship.
9. Warrant to William Brookes to seize all setting dogs who destroy game, within five miles of Cooling Park, Kent.
Co. Dorset. 10. Petition of And. Buckler to Salisbury, that his tenement in the manor of Wyke Regis, Dorsetshire, may be resettled on himself and his intended wife. [See July 25, 1609.]
11. Petition of William Williams to the Same; prays for a Commission to the Chief Justice of the Circuit, or to the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, to examine the complaint which he has preferred by bill in the Court of Exchequer, against Sir John Wyn and others, for detaining from him the remainder of lease of a farm left him by his uncle, in Carnarvonshire.
12. Petition of Christopher Shaw, the Queen's Embroiderer, to the Same, for payment of embroiderer's work done for the Queen, for a masque on the creation of the Prince of Wales, &c.
13. Petition of Sir Wm. Walsh to the Same, for a lease of Alton Woods, co. Worcester, being within his manor of Aberley. With report thereon.
14. Petition of His Majesty's tenants of Kirk-Levington, parcel of the possessions of the late Countess of Lenox, to the Lord Treasurer. Understanding that lands not in the entail are now to be sold, they desire to purchase those which they hold.
15. Satirical paper assigning certain armorial bearings to Jesuits, puritans, usurers, pedants, and ignorami. Indorsed "Cambridge Heraldrie."
16. Allowances to the Gentlemen Ushers for making ready certain of His Majesty's houses, and for riding and hunting journeys, with causes of increase of such expenses this year. Annexed is,
16. I. Queries in reference to the regulation of expenses, to which the above is a reply.
17. Particulars of the value of materials at the old Banquetting. House, Whitehall, which have not been accounted for by the Board of Works. Indorsed [by Salisbury] "Note of abuses in the King's works."
18. Charges of repairs done at the old Close Lodge, at Elsholt, by Mr. Nairn.
19. Charges of repairs of lodges at Farnham Park, by Mr. Nairn.
20. Memorandum of the times and places of sitting of certain Courts and Commissions. Indorsed, "E. of Salisbury."
21. Note in the cause Sir Warwick Hele, executor of Serjeant Hele, and Sir Francis Hele v. Simon Killigrew, relative to lands extended by Serjeant Hele, for a debt due to him by Killigrew.
22. Table of profits of the Alienation Office, from the year 1576 to 1610.
23. Titles of original writs customarily issued from the Chancery at Lancaster; together with particulars of the fees thereon, alphabetically arranged.
24. Law case between John Parker and Thomas Allen, the latter having promised to repay a loan of 4s. 6d. made to him by the former, by giving him one grain of wheat for the first of the 36 buttonholes on his doublet, and doubling the amount for each of the others; the total is found to amount to 32,768 quarters of wheat, against the payment of which Allen remonstrates.
25. The King to the Judges of the Court of Exchequer, forbidding causes to be brought into their court by writs of subpona, not justly belonging thereto, and ordering the attorneys of the King's Bench to be allowed to plead in court, as the attorneys of the Common Pleas do.
26. Account of the sources from which fees are due to Officers of the Exchequer, and of persons receiving moneys from the Exchequer, who pay no fees.
27. Book of the remainder of all the lands within the last entail, not assigned to the Queen and Prince, and not already assigned nor to be assigned to the Duke of York.
28. Petition of the King's tenants of Brailes, co. Warwick, to Salisbury, to fix a time for their attendance, to purchase their several tenements in fee-farm.
29. Petition of George Anglesea to Salisbury, to be paid a debt owing to him by the widow Babington, out of certain money due to her out of the Exchequer, she being "a very wilful woman," and refusing to pay it.
30. Another petition to the same effect.
31. Petition of Wm. Beecher to Salisbury, to confirm his previous order to the Serjeant-at-Arms to fetch Mrs. Babington; which order is stayed, on her pretence that she will give satisfaction. Annexed is,
31. I. Petition of Wm. Beecher to Salisbury, that Anne Babington may be apprehended by his Lordship's Serjeant-at-Arms, and compelled to perform the decree of the Court of Exchequer.
32. Petition of the creditors of Anne Babington and Robert Bromley, surety to the late [Uriah] Babington, to the Same, that Anne Babington be enjoined some speedy course for their satisfaction, her husband having spent the public money which he received as accountant in the Exchequer, in the purchase of lands.
33. Petition of the Same to the Same, to establish the award given under the Commissioners' hands and seals.
34. Representation of the estate and assets of Widow Babington and Robt. Bromley, which are liable to meet the demands of the creditors of Uriah Babington, deceased, with request that Mrs. Babington may be compelled to perform the decree of the Exchequer, relative to their payment.
35. Account of the revenue of the manors of Falmer, Ford, and Climping, co. Sussex.
36. Valuation of manors in various counties, including those granted to Helena Marchioness of Northampton. Indorsed [by Salisbury], "Exchange."
37. Note of sums due to the Exchequer, by the Collector of the fifteenths, &c.
38. Statement of the revenue and expenses of the Bishop of Durham.
39. Statement that the inventor of a project, undisclosed, by which His Majesty may satisfy a great part of his debts, wishes a tenth part of the profits of it to be applied to establishing an institution for voyages of discovery, and bringing in merchandise.
40. William Brown's evidence respecting the abuse offered to Marmaduke Channer, of Waltham Cross, the Lord Treasurer's servant, by -- Raymente, &c.
41. Report concerning the fines called reliefs, due to the Crown on the death of a peer or landowner, his heir being of full age.
42. Note of certain lands, parcel of the manor of Ashburton, co. Devon, which are to be passed in fee-simple or fee-farm. With notes of land let in other counties.
43. Estimate of the fines that might be raised on certain demesnes and leaseholds taken out of the entail, if their present leases were extended for 50 years.
44. Difficulties on behalf of the King and of the tenants, in enfranchising the King's copyholds of inheritance.
45. Memorandum of common grounds inclosed by consent of the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the town of Cambridge, to the use of sundry Colleges.
46. Memoranda of divers particulars of grants of fines, debts, offices, &c., whereof it is fit that their values be known, before His Majesty grant any part of them.
47. Opinions on divers modes suggested for increasing the King's revenue. Raising money on the penal laws disapproved, as having been productive of mischief to Richard II. and Henry VII. The sale of offices and honours commended, and the creation of an order of Baronets, each to pay 1,000£. for the dignity. Debasing the coinage not advisable, but rather a coinage of copper money, to which a nominal value is to be given, and it is to be made legally payable with other money, in the proportion of 1 to 20. [Pages 33 to 44 of a MS. book. Imperfect.]
48. Estimate by Hen. Beale of the expense of setting forth a ship of war of 500 tons, being 4,077£. 10s.
49. Estimate for maintenance of the navy at Chatham, and keeping the shipping on the coasts of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; with a project for letting one of the King's ships of war to the East India Company.
50. Note of requests for grants, presented by different parties to Lord [Salisbury].