James I: Volume 7, April, 1604

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 7, April, 1604', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp90-103.

"James I: Volume 7, April, 1604". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp90-103.


April, 1604.

April 1. 1. The King to the Council. Is surprised to hear reports that the House of Commons, instead of submitting to the opinion of the Judges, in the point in dispute between them and the King, [the election of Sir Fras. Goodwin,] take upon them to judge both of the Judges' opinion and of the royal prerogative. They are either to give the King satisfaction, or to send in writing a statement of their doubts, that they may be set at rest, and no other business is to proceed, till this is determined.
April. 2. Purport of Sir Robt. Wingfield's speech in the House of Commons [March 30,] relative to Sir Fras. Goodwin's election, in opposition to Sir John Fortescue; with original notes vindicating himself from any intention to offend.
[April 3.] 3. Address of the House of Commons to the King, in answer to the four objections on the affair of Sir Fras. Goodwin.
April 4.
Kingwell Street.
4. Thos. Watson to Geo. Calvert. Has made an addition to his former certificate, and sent it to Sir Thos. Smith.
April 4.
Wenlock Water.
5. Geo. Bowes to Lord Cecil. Encloses a proclamation procured by Mr. Bulmer, which led people to suppose that he (Bowes) would not work. Asks advice whether he should have a similar proclamation, which the Scotch Council offer him. Presents to Lord Cecil pieces of gold and lead found in the washings. Suggests a better mode of washing the gold, &c. Incloses.
5. I. Proclamation authorizing Bevis Bulmer to search for gold and silver mines in Scotland, ordering owners of lands to permit him to work at pleasure, guaranteeing them from loss. Edinburgh, Feb. 16.
April 4.
Wenlock Water.
6. The Same to the Earl of Suffolk. Details his proceedings for the discovery of gold by washing and digging for a vein in Glangrese Gill.
April 4. 7. Lord Admiral Nottingham to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw out a joint patent for Peter Buck and his son Peter, to be clerks of the King's ships, with one clerk under them.
8. Petition of Wm. Udall to Lord Cecil. Confesses his offences, and prays to be restored to liberty, &c.
April 5.
9. The Same to the Same. To the same effect and intreating for pardon.
April 6. 10. Certificate of burials the last week, in the liberties of the Duchy [of Lancaster] at Westminster and the Strand, total 13; whereof 5 died of the plague.
April 6. Grant to Wm. Stirrop, of Bolton, Lancashire, of pardon for the death of Ambrose Brooke. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Thos. Pate, merchant of London, of protection for a year. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Dr. John Harding, of the Hebrew lectureship in Oxford, founded by Henry VIII. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Rich. Barnard, Rich. Brasse, and John Wallis, of the office of Yeomen Prickers of the Privy Harriers. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Walter James, in reversion after Robt. Lane, of the keeping of South Castle, and certain bulwarks at Portsmouth. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant, in reversion, to John Stockledge of the office of a Messenger of the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Sir Geo. Hume and his heirs of the castle, &c., of Norham, co. Northumberland, lately belonging to the Bishopric of Durham. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to James and Thos. Hudson of a pension of 120£. per ann., for their lives. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to Sir Wm. Waad, in fee-farm, of lands, value 60£. per ann., of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
April 6. Warrant dormant for delivery of stuff for liveries, for the six principal masters of the King's ships. [Docquet.]
April 6. Licence to Dudley Digges, of Poppeshall, Kent, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
April 6. Grant to John Rowdon, in reversion after Wm. Goddard, of the place of Carrier of the Rolls and Records of the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
April 6. Warrant to the Receiver of the County of York, to pay to Lord Home the wages of 50 horse, allowed for service on the Borders. [Docquet.]
April 7. 11. Hen. Bowcher to the Heads of Houses at Oxford. Explains the circumstances under which Mary Worley visited him in man's attire.
[April 7.]
12. Sentence of the Heads of Houses on the above case. Bowcher and Worley are to confess their offences in the parish church, and to be married there on the 16th of April.
All Soul's [Oxford.]
13. Hen. Bowcher to the Proctor of the University. He is in debt; begs the Vice-Chancellor will not authorize his arrest; will be asked publicly in St. Mary's church, and be married the following Sunday.
April 7.
14. The King to the Earl of Northumberland. To admit Sir Edm. Ashfield as one of his Majesty's pensioners in ordinary.
April. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, April 9.]
April 7. Licence to Sir Noel Caron to transport 600 tons of beer in one year. [Docquet.]
April 7. Warrant to the Lord Admiral to order that no timber be sold or felled, but by warrant under sign manual. [Docquet.]
April 7. Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, to examine the petition of Robert Woodrove. [Docquet.]
April 7. Licence to Geo. Erskine to provide and carry into Scotland 12 tons of cast iron ordnance, to furnish a ship. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to Thos. Page of an alms-room in Canterbury. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to Wm. Smithers and John Greenwood of pardon for felony. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to John Hutton of an alms-room in Durham. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Pickering of the office of master workman of the "Almaine Armourers of Greenwich." [Docquet.]
April 7. Warrant for John de Crites, His Majesty's Serjeant Painter, to do all needful works about the King's ships. [Docquet.]
April 7. Warrant to pay to Sir Geo. Hume, Keeper of the Privy Purse, 1,000£. to be employed by the King's directions. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to Sir Rich. Leveson of the Lieutenancy of the Admiralty of England, for life. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to the Earl of Mar, of the advowson of the parsonage of Pulham; to present John Hepburn. [Docquet.]
April 7. Warrant to allow to Wm. Allen and Wm. Abercromway, footmen to the Lady Elizabeth, 30£. each. [Docquet.]
April 7. 15. Warrant to draw up a lease to the Earl of Suffolk for the subsidy on currants, on his offer to pay for it 500£. per annum, more than the average value of custom on currants, during the last ten years of the late Queen.
April. 16. Copy of the above, dated April 17.
April 9. 17. Valuation of the manor of Axminster.
April 10. 18. Sir Thos. Knyvet [to Sir Thos. Lake]. Wishes a certain office within the privy lodging of the Tower, to be granted to Edmund Doubleday, in conjunction with the present patentee.
April 11. Grant of charter for the town of Harwich, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to Simon Higinson of an alms-room in Worcester. [Docquet.]
April 11. Warrant to allow to Chas. Forty, and 5 other footmen to the Prince, 30£. per ann. each. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to George Brough and Francis Aslaby of pardon for coin- ing. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Rich. and Sir Thos. Smith, of the receivership of the Duchy of Cornwall. [Docquet.]
April 11. Re-grant to Sir Rich. Warburton of the bailiwick of Rigby-Wray. [Docquet.]
April 11. Warrant to pay to Robt. Seale, 200£. for the liveries of the Guard, at 20s. per man. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to Thos. Fountaine, of the woodwardship of the manors of Cookham and Bray, co. Berks, and the keeping of Cranborne lodge, in Windsor forest, for life. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to Thos. Oglethorp of the guidership of St. Stephen's Hospital, Norwich, for life. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant, in reversion, to Jas. Bishop of a receivership in the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to Chris. Danby of licence to travel. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to Edm. Colthurst to convey a stream six feet broad, from any springs in Hertfordshire to London, so that no navigable river be injured thereby. [Docquet.]
April 11. Warrant for allowance of diet to the Officers of the Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
April 11. Letters on behalf of the Earl of Rutland, touching his claim to the barony of Roos. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to David Moyses and Wm. Ryder of 1,000£. [See 24 May. Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to David Lindsay, Bp. of Ross, of pension of 200£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
April 11. Remission to John Bridges, Bishop of Oxford, of the first fruits of that Bishopric. [Docquet.]
April 11. Allowance to Euphemia Cromway, waiter in the Prince's house, of diet for wages. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to the Earl of Nottingham of the castle of Welburne. [Docquet.]
April 11.
19. Capt. Sir Wm. Bowyer to Lord Cecil. Disorders among the companies at Carlisle and in Scotland.
April 12.
Holyrood House.
20. Sir James Elphinstone to the Same. The plague brought to Edinburgh in a vessel from Yarmouth. Recommends his little suit to his lordship and Sir George Hume, who were the first movers of it.
April ? 21. Questions and answers relating to the summonses to Parliament of the Barons Abergavenny, and other proofs of their descent, and the nature of the entail of their titles and lands.
[April 12.] 22. Declaration drawn up for Lord Cecil, of the claims of Mary Neville, widow of Sir Thomas Fane, to the barony of Abergavenny, against Edw. Neville. [Produced before the House of Lords. See Lords' Journal, ii. 276. Endorsed with memoranda by Cecil.]
April 12.
23. Rich. Ogle and Thos. Lambert to Cecil. Remonstrate against a petition to Parliament, designed by the towns of Kesteven, to the prejudice of the Queen's tenants in Spalding.
April 13.
24. Licence of the High Commission Court for Fras. Barneby, now prisoner, to go into the country for a season.
April 13. 25. Roger Earl of Rutland to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a grant of the keepership of the game at Royston, for Rich. Westley.
April 13. 26. Lord Admiral Nottingham to the Same. To draw grants in reversion of the clerkship of the navy to John Legate, after Peter Buck, sen.; and of the clerkship of the cheque at Chatham, to Peter Buck, jun., after John Legate.
April 14. 27. Lord Cecil to Sir Thos. Parry. Explains the dispute between the King and Commons, on the election of Sir Fras. Goodwin, as member for Buckinghamshire in opposition to Sir John Fortescue.
April 14. Licence to Sir Robt. Chamberlain to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
April 14. Warrant dormant to allow to Edmund Mondy, Yeoman of the Tents, cloth and stuff for his livery. [Docquet.]
April 14. Warrant to pay to Silvester Dodsworth, Serjeant of the Buckhounds, 40£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Antiocheston Lovell of pardon for burglary. [Docquet.]
April 14. Warrant to pay to Dr. Atkins, physician, sent to Scotland to attend Prince Charles, 50s. per diem. [Docquet.]
April 14. Licence to Lord Burleigh, to be absent from Parliament and from St. George's Feast. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to And. Lamb of pension of 200 marks per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Ann Vavasour of pension of 100 marks per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to John Palmore of a guidership of St. Stephens' Hospital, Norwich. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Bartrobe and Thos. Lukin of the bailiwick and collectorship of certain lands between Bow Bridge and Morking Mills, the surveyorship of the said lands, and the bailiwick of the Hundred of Bekentre, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant, in reversion, to John Legat of the office of Clerk of the King's ships, for life. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant, in reversion, to Peter Buck of the office of Clerk of the Prick and Cheque of the Navy at Chatham. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to John Hill of advowson of the rectory of Fulbourn, co. Cambridge. [Docquet.]
April 14. 28. Edward Bruce Lord Kinloss to Sir Thos. Lake. In favour of the suit of Dr. Oliver Lloyd, for dispensation to hold a living without cure. [See May 12.]
April 15. 29. The King to Lord Chief Justice Popham. To apprehend certain loose people of the "damned crew of swaggerers," who seek to create disturbance against Scotchmen, and bind them over to keep the peace.
April 16. Grant, in reversion, to John and Edw. Trench of the office of Clerk of Writs in the Star Chamber, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 36.]
April 16.
30. Examination of Fras. Gray, alias Cooke, late of Norwich. Became a Papist through the persuasion of Edw. Browne, but refused to join him in a murder, &c., and was assaulted by him.
April 16.
31. Confessions of Henry Bowcher and Mary Worley publicly read in St. Mary's Church, Oxford, and certified by the minister. [See April 7.]
April 16.
Coleshill, Warwickshire.
32. P. Clasquin to his father, Capt. Clasquin. Desires answers to his many letters of assurances of affection. French.
April 16. Re-grant to the Countess of Kildare of lands late the Lord Cobham's. [Docquet.]
April 16. Warrant to pay to Sir Chas. Hales 120£. for Border service. [Docquet.]
April 16. Commission to Thos. Lincoln, Yeoman of the King's Armoury at Greenwich, to purchase things necessary for that service. [Docquet.]
April 16. Grant to Christian, wife of Thomas Weech, co. Norfolk, of pardon for witchcraft. [April 14 and 16. Docquet.]
April 16. Grant, in reversion, to Laurence Washington, junr., of the registrarship of books, orders, decrees, &c., in Chancery, for life. [Docquet.]
April 16. Discharge to James Ambler of all issues of land, goods, &c., owing to the Crown by him, as collector of the 2nd subsidy of 31st Eliz. [Docquet.]
April 16. Letter to the Warden, &c., of All Souls College, Oxford, for a lease in reversion to the King, of Bleching Court and Scotney manor, in Kent and Sussex, for the Duke of Lenox. [Docquet.]
April 16. Warrant to Viscount Bindon to preserve the King's game, in co. Dorset. [Docquet.]
April 17. 33. List by Sir George Hume, Master of the Wardrobe, of the articles required for a suit of apparel for Patrick Maull, for which a warrant is to be drawn.
April 17. Allowance to Patrick Maull, Page of the Bed Chamber, for his apparel. [Docquet.]
April 17.
34. Petition of Geo. Ognell to the King, for release for 3 months, being imprisoned by the unjust proceedings of Otes Nicholson; with reference thereon.
April 17.
Court at Whitehall.
35. Petition of Mary Courcelles to the Council. Having sustained much loss in the service of the late Queen of Scots, whom she delivered from the Castle of Lochleven, thinks the pension of 20£. per ann., granted her by the King too small; prays that it may be increased to 30£., and that the arrears, 340£., due on the pension granted her by the Queen of Scots may be discharged. With reference to the Council and their report thereon. [See May 29.]
April 17. 36. Draft by Sir Thos. Fleming, Solicitor General, of a re-grant to Fras. Browne, of the office of Registrar General of the Diocese of York. With note by Rob. Browne, of an error in the former grant, which is now corrected.
Docquet of the above re-grant. [Docquet, July 22.]
April 18. 37. Orders prescribed by the King to be executed by the Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
April 18 ? 38. [The King] to [Lord Cecil.] Bids him "adjure the Judges," on their conscience and allegiance, to declare whether he cannot use the title of Great Britain, by warrant of an Act of Parliament, without direct abrogation of the laws of the two kingdoms. [Fragment in his own hand. Indorsed by Cecil, "The King's addition to his speech."]
April 18 ? 39. Copy of the above.
April 18 ? 40. Discourse on the Unions of Kingdoms in name, alleging precedents from ancient and modern history, and arguments in favour of the King's adopting the title of King of Great Britain. Imperfect.
[April 18.] 41. Abstract of a speech in the House of Commons, in favour of the union of the two kingdoms. Indorsed "Reasons for the union with Scotland, gathered out of Hollinshead."
[Apr. 18.] 42. Copy of the above.
April 19 ? 43. Act to supply defects in former statutes for the relief of the poor, and for punishment of rogues.
April 19 ? 44. Petition of prisoners for debt to the House of Commons, in favour of a bill for their relief, the project of which they enclose. Printed.
April 19 ? 45. Petition to [Lord Cecil ?] to further the passing of the bill for relief of poor debtors, and recovery of small debts in London.
April 19. Warrant to allow to John Danson, the King's tailor, black velvet for garding the coats of 50 Yeomen of the Guard. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant for 50 halberds for the said Guard. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant to pay 78£. 15s. for red cloth for coats of the said Guard. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant to pay to Giles Simpson, the King's goldsmith, 731£. 13s. 4d. for gold and silver for spangles for rich coats of the said Guard. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant to pay to John Danson 50£. for silk linings for the said coats. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant to pay to John Parre, the King's embroiderer, 166£. 19s. 11d. for embroidering the said coats. [Docquet.]
April 19. Grant to James Buddough of the place of an ordinary footman to the King. [Docquet.]
April 19. Letter to the Lord Chancellor, to summon the Bishops of Oxford and Chichester, to determine a controversy between Drs. John Drury and Anth. Blincow, about an exchange of ecclesiastical offices. [Docquet.]
April 19. Letter to the Lord Chief Justice and Judges of the King's Bench, to decide a controversy between All Souls' Coll., Oxford, and Lord Cromwell. [See 1606, March. Docquet.]
April 19. Re-grant to Edw. Ewer and his heirs of the manor of Caversfield, co. Bucks. [Docquet.]
April 19. Grant, in reversion, to Thos. Seale, of the keeping of the armoury at Greenwich, for life. [Docquet.]
April 19. Grant of purchase to Sir Robt. Carey and John Barton, in fee- farm, of lands, &c., in Goteland and elsewhere, cos. York and Durham. [Docquet.]
April 19. Grant to Rob. and Francis Raynes, of the keeping, &c., of Marwood Hag, part of the manor of Barnard Castle. [Docquet.]
April 19. Grant to Phineas Pett, in reversion after Matthew Baker or Joseph Pett, of pension of 12d. per diem. [Docquet.]
April 19. Warrant to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster to pass to Sir Henry Bromley any parcels of manors already dismembered. [Docquet.]
April 19. Letter to the Bishop of Lincoln, to induct William Osborne in the benefice of Stoke-hammond, co. Bucks. [Docquet.]
April 19. Letter to King's College, Cambridge, to grant to Sir Wm. Anstruther a lease of the priory of Kersey. [Docquet.]
April 20. Re-grant to Geo. Watkins, Rich. Prince, and Edw. Benyon of lease in reversion of Yorkes farm, Twickenham, and other lands in cos. Middlesex and York. [Docquet.]
April 20. Letter to Nich. Stallinge, in favour of Sir Rob. Steward, suitor for marriage to his ward, Eliz. Kenne. [Docquet.]
April 20. Letter to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, limiting a former grant to Sir Hen. Bromley. [See April 19. Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to Sir Robt. Mansell, on surrender of Sir Fulk Greville, of the treasurership of the navy, for life. [Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to Walter and Thomas Janveryn of pardon for piracy. [Docquet]
April 20. Warrant for allowance to George Shiers, Apothecary for the Household, for medicines for the poorest servants. [Docquet.]
April 21. Letter to the Provost, &c., of King's College, Cambridge, for a lease to Rich. Harris. [Docquet.]
April 21.
Brampton- Bryan.
46. Thos. Harley to Lord Cecil. Desires a lease in reversion of lands in the manor of Kingsland, of which he is tenant.
April 21.
47. Propositions by Sir Wm. Bowyer as to the pay of the soldiers at Berwick, their residence in the town, and discipline; and as to reparations of the palace. [See May 4. Docquet.] Annexed is,
47. I. State of the buildings, stores, &c. at Berwick, with queries as to their disposal.
[April 21.] 48. The King's explanation of his meaning in the project which he sent to the House, concerning an Act for authorizing Commissioners to treat of the Union. [See Com. Journ. Vol. i., p. 280.]
[April 21.] 49. Draft of the above by Lord Cecil.
April 22 ? Hen. Wright to Sir Thos. Chaloner. The discoverer can set down the names of 60 plotters, instead of 20 that were asked for. Charged him to discover 13 or 14 taken from his list; he promises it, but waits two days till Tesmond and Kemp come to town. [Jos.] Davies will not declare the treason, till his pardon under the seal, which is in great forwardness, is ready. [Gunpowder Plot Book, No. 236. The pardon of Joseph Davies, dated 25 April 1604, is on Pardon Roll. 2., Jas. I., Rolls Chapel.]
April ? 50. Names of the Jesuits in England, with the places of their abode or confinement.
April 22.
51. Mayor and Aldermen of Exeter to Lord Cecil. Complain that the Dean and Chapter of Exeter are endeavouring to free their houses, tenants, &c., from the jurisdiction of the County of the City of Exeter.
April 23. Grant of purchase to Sir Phil. Sherard, in fee-farm, of the manor and bailiwick of Stapleford, of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
April 23. Grant to Wm. Waugh of an alms-room in Peterborough. [Docquet.]
April 23. Presentation of Wm. Helliar to the rectory of Silverton, co. Devon. [Docquet.]
April 23. Grant to John Garrett of a pension of 40 marks per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
April 23. Grant to Rich. Westley of the keeping of the King's game near Royston, for life. [Docquet.]
April 23. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Vincent Skinner and Wm. Skinner his son, of the keeping of Kirkby Park, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
[April 23.] 52. [Proposed] address from Parliament to the King, requesting him to assume the title of King of Great Britain, and to appoint Commissioners to treat of the Union of the two kingdoms.
[April 23.] 53. Copy of the above.
April 24. 54. Certificate by Launcelot Browne and Martin Schoverus, Physicians to the King and Queen, that they think the Spa waters beneficial for such diseases as are complained of by [Henry] Jernegan, sen.: viz., "the rheum, vertigo, convulsions, palsye, melancholia hypocondriaca," &c. [See April 27.]
April 24. 55. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To expedite the King's signature to the Bill inclosed, "The Great Privy Seal for the Exchequer," it being similar to that which expired by the late Queen's death, but more advantageous to the King.
April 25. 56. The Same to the Same. To obtain immediate signature to a warrant prefixed, for payment of necessary repairs in the King's stables at Greenwich, Hampton Court, Oatlands, &c., which else will run to great decay.
April [25.] 57. Abstract [by Sir Fras. Bacon] of objections in the House of Commons, relative to the King's adopting the title or name of King of Great Britain.
April [25.] 58. Copy of the above.
April 25 ? 59. Analytical digest of arguments against the Union.
April 25 ? 60. Copy of the above.
April 25 ? 61. Speech on the Union of Kingdoms as being threefold-in head, in laws, and in privileges.
April 25 ? 62. Copy of the above.
April 25.
The King to the Lord Chancellor and others. To allow Thos. Fleetwood, Prince Henry's Attorney-General, to take precedency next after the King's own council. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 108.]
April 25. Docquet of the above.
April 26. Safe conduct for Capt. Wm. Turner. [Docquet.]
April 26. Letter to the Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls, to grant their registrarship to John Drake. [Docquet.]
April 26. Grant to Sir Thos. Erskine, of the baronage of Dirleton, in Scotland. [Docquet.]
April 26. Grant to the town of Berwick of a charter. [Docquet.]
April 26. Grant to John Pigeon, in reversion after Bristow Pigeon, of the keeping of the garden and wardrobe in the Tower. [Docquet.]
April 26. Warrant to allow to Sir Edmund Carey 1,000 marks, paid by him for a lease of Whorlton park and castle, "in regard of some prejudice growne to the sayd lease." [Docquet.]
[April 26.] 63. Notes of a speech [in the House of Commons] by Sir Edwin Sandys on Unions as being threefold; by marriage, by election, or by conquest: there is no precedent, in either of the former cases, of union of laws and privileges and of change of title; inconsistency of the proposal that the King be styled "King of Britanny" only in his dealings with foreign princes. Urges that a committee consider three objections, omitted in Sir Fras. Bacon's relation, against the change of style, viz., that it would free subjects from their oath of allegiance, dissolve treaties with foreign princes, and create confusion in point of precedence. [No. 57, supra.]
[April 26.] 64. Copy of the above.
April 26 ? 65. Discourse on the Union of Kingdoms as fourfold; by marriage, by election, by gift or purchase, by conquest. Precedents of unions by marriage during 600 years, and of their conditions, which confine the union to the princes only, without changing the laws. Conditions of the union by conquest of Portugal with Spain and of other unions, none of which were attended with any change of laws, excepting that of Lithuania with Poland.
April 26 66. Copy of the above.
April 26 ? 67. Occasions and means of uniting the great Dukedom of Lithuania to the kingdom of Poland; with the conditions.
April 26 ? 68. Copy of the above.
April 26 ? 69. Account of the union by marriage of the Duchy of Bretagne to France; with the conditions.
April 26 ? 70. Copy of the above.
April 26 ? 71. Translation from "The History of Bretanie, by Bertrand d'Argentré," touching the union of Bretagne with the crown of France; including the Charter of Union in 1532.
April 26 ? 72. Speech [in the House of Commons] in favour of the Union, alleging historical precedents for the union of kingdoms.
April 26 ? 73. Extract from the above.
[April 27.] 74. Particulars [by Dudley Carleton] of the conferences with the Lords, and debates in the lower House touching the Union.
[April 27.] 75. Copy of the above.
[April 27.] 76. Digest by the Committee for the Union, of objections to be urged against changing the title of England into that of Great Britain, as being without precedent, dangerous in point of law, &c.
[April 27.] 77. 78. Two copies of the above.
April 27 ? 79. Extract from a speech [in the House of Commons, by Sir Fras. Bacon,] on the third sort of union-that of conquest, proving that a kingdom once united cannot be lawfully severed, nor conveyed away from the rightful heir.
April 27 ? 80. Memoirs by J. D. of the principal unions of kingdoms that have taken place in Europe, viz., Wales with England, Navarre and Aragon with Castile, Spain and Portugal, Normandy and Bretagne with France, the Netherlands with the House of Austria; and the conditions of each. With a note to Sir Walter Cope, stating that they are drawn up at his request, but that the business of the writer's vocation preventing his having recourse to his old studies whilst in London, renders them imperfect.
April 27 ? 81. Observations on the reign of Henry VII., to whom the union of both kingdoms is referable.
April 27. Warrant to the Exchequer for mitigating forfeitures upon account- ants to the King, and for divers other matters. [Docquet.]
April 27.
Letter to the Warden, &c. of All Souls College, Oxford, to admit John Smith to the fellowship lately held by Henry Butcher, [Bowcher ?] now void. [Docquet.]
April 27. Grant to Sir Ralph Hare and his heirs, of the return and execution of writs and process of Clackclose, co. Norfolk, and of the office of coroner there. [Docquet.]
April 27. Warrant to allow to John Green, the King's coffer-maker, and Thos. Larkin, his smith, stuff for their liveries. [Docquet.]
April 27. Grant to Sir Edw. Dimock, of the advowson of Alderkirk, co. Lincoln; to present Jas. Merton. [Docquet.]
April 27. Licence for ten years to Peter Vanlore to export 15,000 broad cloths duty-free, with a proviso in reference to a previous grant to the Earl of Cumberland. [Docquet.]
April 27. Warrant for ordering of sundry payments, bonds, debts, forfeitures, &c., in the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
April 27. Licence to Hen. Jernegan, senr., to travel for 1 year to the Spa. [Docquet.]
April 27. Re-grant to Sir Pexall Brocas of pardon. [Docquet.]
April 27. Re-grant of licence to Sir Phil. Herbert and Sir Jas. Hay to export within 7 years 17,500 broad cloths, with the defalcation of 2s. 2d. on each. [Docquet.]
April 27. Warrant to pay to Peter Beeston and Gregory Riggs, Captains of the Block-houses at Milton and West Tilbury, 79£. 1s. 8d. for the charges there. [Docquet.]
April 27. Grant to John Pierson of a Poor Knight's place of Windsor. [Docquet.]
April 27. Licence to the town of Sheffield, co. York, to erect a free school. [Docquet.]
April 27. Grant to Dr. [Edmund] Suckling, in reversion after Geo. Montgomery, of the deanery of Norwich. [Docquet.]
April 28. 82. Arthur Hall to the King. Corruptions in the election of members of the present Parliament. Advises him to dissolve it, and to have fresh elections made, in conformity to his proclamation. Annexed are,
82. I. Notes of subjects who have been punished by Parliaments.
82. II. List of the House of Commons. [Bound together in vellum.]
April 28. 83. Thomas Lord Gerard to Sir Thos. Lake. For a warrant for 10£. diet and 10£. wages for Capt. [John] Vesey, as Constable of Castle Rushin, Isle of Man.
April 28. 84. The King to [John] Shelbury. Appoints him his officer in granting and gathering the rents, revenues, &c., of wine licences, which the Council have determined shall be continued, but they have not yet been able to settle the business.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 1.]
April 28. 85. [Lord Cecil] to Sir James Elphinstone, Secretary of Scotland. Opposition to the Union of the two kingdoms. Declaration of the Judges that the adoption of the title of King of Great Britain will invalidate all legal processes. The King has therefore consented to postpone it, till agreed upon by Commissioners appointed for the Union, and confirmed by Parliament.
April 29. 86. Information sent to Lord Cecil of the movements of Fathers Owen and Baldwin, of Colonel Jaques who rules the Archduke, of Father Parsons, and others, on some great cause [the gunpowder plot?], which is to be kept secret. The King would permit toleration, were he not influenced by the Council.
April 29. 87. Memorandum of a tenement in Stagbach, manor of Ivington, co. Hereford, in the occupation of Rich. Blunt.
April 30. Licence to Sir Thos. Crompton, of Cherry-Burton, co. York, to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
April 30. Confirmation of grant to the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, of a farthing per ann. from every householder within the diocese. [Docquet.]
[April 30.] 88. Objections of the shoemakers against the fines for faulty leather, which ought to be paid, not by them, but by the curriers. [Stat. 1., Jas. I., c. 22., Sect. 41.]
April ? Grant to Sir Thos. Middleton of the offices of Steward and Recorder of Kenleth Owen, co. Denbigh, during pleasure. Latin: [Wart. Bk. I., p. 161.]
April ? 89. Note of books and other effects taken from Wm. Webster, priest, and from the poor woman with whom he lodged.
April. 90. The King to the Mercers' Company. In favour of Wm. Leveson, brother of Sir John Leveson, and one of their company, for a lease, in reversion after Thos. Cranfield, of certain tenements without Aldgate.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, March 8.]
April. 91. Petition of Sir John Cutts to the King, for renewal of the office of Master of the Game, and keeper of the park, chace, and manor, of Somersham, co. Huntingdon, which have devolved on the crown by a recent exchange with the Bishop of Ely.