Mary: July 1553

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1861.

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'Mary: July 1553', Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558, (London, 1861), pp. 1-2. British History Online [accessed 12 June 2024].

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. "Mary: July 1553", Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558, (London, 1861). 1-2. British History Online. Web. 12 June 2024,

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July 1553

1553. July 13.
1. Bruno to the Duke of Northumberland. Had written to his Grace on the 25th ult. The King of France with all his might collects an army, composed of his own subjects and foreigners, Swiss, and landsknechts, to go to Picardy; whither on the 1st of this month 10,000 Swiss marched direct through France. The 10 companies raised by the Queen in Prussia, near Spires, have left, and came in boats a long way by the Rhine to Flanders with all speed; they started about 15 days since under the command of Count Philip Deberstein. Duke Maurice is encamped at Hildesheim, having 22 squadrons of horse, among which are 1,500 light horse; these have been increased by others sent from the King of the Romans and from his father-in-law, the Landgrave, and it is thought he has in all 7,000 or 8,000 horse, besides infantry. Duke Henry of Brunswick and his son Philip are with him. Marquis Albert, after ravaging and burning the country of Duke Henry, has retired with his army, which is said to consist of 5,000 horse and 60 ensigns of foot, and is now a full league from Duke Maurice, to whom he intends to give battle. On the 4th of this month, Duke Maurice sent a letter of defiance to the Marquis by a trumpeter: the Marquis caused him to be shown over all his camp, treated him kindly, and sent him back to his master. On the following day the Marquis challenged his adversary to come forth from his encampment and meet him in open field; and on the same day Duke Philip of Pomerania and Duke John Albert of Mecklenburg arrived, endeavouring to arrange a truce of two days between the combatants. While the Marquis is in Saxony, the Bishops of Bamberg, Wurtzburg, and Nuremberg devastate his country. This intelligence he has from one who came in post from the camp of Duke Maurice. Has received melancholy accounts of his Majesty's health, but trusts that God will spare him. [French. Two pages. Indorsed by Cecil.]
July 29.
2. Henry II., King of France, to Queen Mary. Credentials of le Sieur de Noailles, Master of the Household, sent as Ambassador to the Queen of England. [French. Signed by his Majesty, and countersigned by Bochetel. Broadside.]
July 31.
3. Queen Mary to Dr. Nicholas Wotton, Sir William Pickering, and Sir Thomas Chaloner. Directing them to continue to act as her Ambassadors at the French Court, and intimating her Majesty's intention very shortly to send over a special personage. [Signed by her Majesty. Broadside.]