Mary: Miscellaneous, 1555

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1861.

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'Mary: Miscellaneous, 1555', Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558, (London, 1861), pp. 200-201. British History Online [accessed 12 June 2024].

. "Mary: Miscellaneous, 1555", in Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558, (London, 1861) 200-201. British History Online, accessed June 12, 2024,

. "Mary: Miscellaneous, 1555", Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Mary 1553-1558, (London, 1861). 200-201. British History Online. Web. 12 June 2024,

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Miscellaneous, 1555

1555. 446. Dr. Wotton to Petre. Understands that Florence de Diaceto (nephew to the Chancellor of Cleves), born in Antwerp of Florentine parentage, who had a pension in England, but since her Majesty's accession having been in trouble and dismissed, has left England, and been seen in Paris by John Somer within these two days. As contrary to his former habit he would keep no company with Somer, Wotton has caused an eye to be had upon him, and been informed that he has been divers times with the Constable and with the whole Council, whereby it should seem he is here for no good intent. The person who had offered to supply her Majesty with secret information of the Court here, asks 50 crowns per mensem, which is more than Wotton dare give without knowing her Majesty's pleasure therein. [Copy. Unsigned and undated. One page and a half.]
1555.] 447. "The negotiations of Sir John Masone at Bruxelles, in ye years 1554–55."
1. He was employed about taking up of money in Flanders for the use of the Queen.
2. He examined, as narrowly as he could, the authors of those numerous lewd bruits that were spread in Antwerp touching the affairs of England. He assured the Council his countrymen were not in fault, but that the news originated with Flemings who had come from London.
3. He declared to the Emperor and to Cardinal Pole the proceedings of the King and Queen with reference to the Cardinal's coming into England, and that their Majesties desired the Emperor to give the Cardinal licence to depart as soon as possible.
4. He informed the Emperor, in their Majesties' names, of: (a.) The order of Pole's coming into England. (b.) The honour shown the Cardinal by the way, and by the King and Queen at his arrival at the Court. (c.) His oration made at the Parliament, wherein he declared the benefit meant to the realm by the conjunction of the Queen with the Prince of Spain, and how much the English were bound to him for leaving his sword and kingly authority and undertaking a dangerous journey solely to serve the realm. (d.) The assured hope that God, for a further declaration of His mercy, had given the Queen of the fruit of marriage, whereof order was taken through the realm for thanks to be given.
5. He moved in favour of English merchants for the conveyance of certain quantities of corn from Flanders to England.
6. He moved for a safe-conduct of saltpetre and harness into England.
7. He solicited the Emperor for a licence to bring 5,000,000 crowns out of the Spanish dominions.
8. He obtained for the English merchants from the Emperor liberty to keep their fairs at Berghen, according to previous custom.
9. He made overtures in the Queen's name for peace between the Emperor and the French King, she having already been encouraged thereto by the King of France. [Three pages. In modern handwriting.]
[1555.] 448. "A copie of the Ambassador of Portingale's allegacion," in reference to alleged unlawful traffic of English merchants in Guinea. [Latin. Two pages. Indorsed by Petre.]
[1555.] 449. "A short declaration of the merchants' answer to the allegation of the Ambassador of the King of Portingale." [Four pages and a half. Corrected by Petre.]
[1555.] 450. Queen Mary to the King of Portugal. Concerning the preceding. [Minute. Two pages.]
[1555.] 451. "A brief note of all the Queen's Majesty's debts that be owing in Flanders." Amounting in all to 98,563l. 2s. 4d., and payable at 1st and 20th April 1556.
[1555.] 452. "Forme de Police et de Regime pour les Pays-Bas." [French. Sixty-four pages.]