Elizabeth: June 1573

Pages 353-354

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 10, 1572-1574. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1876.

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June 1573

June 1. 1010. Sir W. Drury to Lord Burghley.
One part of the prisoners remain with him in his own lodging, the other with the Regent. It was determined Lethington to have been lodged in the custody of Mr. Killegrew, but the exclamation and outcry of the people was such at his first bringing from the Castle to the house he (Drury) lodges in, that he thought good to remain with him. Beseeches his good means to the Queen for her speedy resolutions how the prisoner shall be bestowed. Will with all diligence haste him and his charges to Leith for the speedy shipping of the ordnance, and will stay there until he receive instructions. His own part being only an executioner by force, he thought best to like of such conditions as the Regent allowed them. Has sent home the artificers and gunners of Berwick, and discharged the labourers except sixty, whom he stays for the carriage of the ordnance and munitions. Prays that the treasurer of Berwick may have money to clear the reckoning. Also that he will procure licence for him to repair up after his return to Berwick.—Edinburgh, 1 June 1573. Signed.
Add. Endd. P. 1.
June 1. 1011. H. Killegrew to [Burghley].
Now the Castle is won is to put him in remembrance of Lord Huntley and the Commendator of Arbroath's suits to obtain the Queen's advice to the Regent touching the spoils and the deaths of the two Regents, according to his promise made at Perth, without which no peace had been concluded. If she send it not they can have no security, [the inquiry about] the deaths of the Regents being but deferred, and so hanging over their heads. Reminds him of the pensions to be granted to the Regent, Argyle, Huntley, &c., and of the league defensive if it be thought necessary. If the Queen intend to proceed no farther but with the Castle desires him to procure his return. Refers him to the bearer, who was an eye witness, for the matters of the expugnation. The Regent is about to restore the abbeys of Arbroath and Paisley to the Duke's sons, which are yet holden against his will, and must be recovered by force. Knows not what to write of the prisoners more than he has done. Sends a letter to the Queen from the Earl of Huntley, and refers the delivery of it to his wisdom.—Edinburgh, 1 June. Signed.
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