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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 13, 1578-1579. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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O'François d'
-, Seigneur de Fresnes, favourite of King Henry III., to have the government of Caen, 37
-, endeavours to get the Duke of Guise to Court, 553
-, Poulett applies to, 650.

O'Hely, Patrick, Bishop of Mayo (Episcopus Maionen.) :—

his intrigues in Spain, 7.

O'Neill, Shan, the greatest rebel in all Ireland, 7.

Oatlands, 149.

Obert, M., captain of town guard at Houdain, 60.

Obigny, Baron d'. See Aubigny.

Oblyen, 179.

Occurrents, 653, 661.

Ochialim, the, Occhiali, in command of Turkish galleys, 95.

Odenard. See Oudenard.

Odenburgh, put under contribution by Walloons, 447.

Odiham, co. Hants, letter dated at, 319.

Ohain, Ohen, M. d'. See Hinckaert.

Oignies. See Ongnies.

Oldenburg, route through, to Frankfort, 626.

Oldenseller, Hermann, of Lübeck, plundered by English pirates, 577.

Olinville. See Ollainville.

Olivença, Olzbenga, 682.

Ollianville, Dolinville, Olinville, near Paris. King's house at, 393, the King at, 579.

Ommeland, contribution from, to army expenses of the Estates, 585.

-, Oignies, M. d', Grand Bailiff of Bruges, arrested by men of Ghent
-, his castle seized, 695.

- See also No. 462 'M. de Willerval's brother.'

-, François de, Seigneur de Willerval, appointed Governor of Douai, 60 (p. 47)
-, Governor of Lille, Douai and Orchies, solicited to join malcontents, 338
-, consents to composition between Lille, &c., and the Walloons, 420
-, associated with Spanish party, 568 (3)
-, keeps Lille true to the Estates, 601
-, his brother to attend peace conference on behalf of the Estates, 642.

Oran, on coast of Barbary, Spanish fleet bound for, 347.

Orange, Prince of. See Nassau, William of.

-, Princess of. See Bourbon, Charlotte

-, subordinated to Lille, 58
-, applies for instructions, re Duke of Anjou, to Estates General
-, referred to the Local Estates, 104
-, probability of brigandage by unpaid soldiery in, 292
-, Spanish intrigue in, 363, 413 (p. 322), 425
-, composition between, and Walloons, 420, 444
-, reported authorization by deputies of, of dispatch of Agents to the Prince of Parma, 499
-, 'honest letters' sent to, by M. de Montigny, 535
-, deputies from, present at Arras, 581 (3)
-, estimate of sums to be raised from, for the expense of the Estates' army, 585
-, act with Artois, in insisting on withdrawal of Spaniards from Low Countries, &c., 642
-, not represented on the assembling of the Estates General, 647, 657.

-, Governor of. See Ongnies.

Ordnance Office, England, a surprise inspection of their accounts ordered by Queen, 122.

Orduña, Richard Grafton arrested at, 578.

Oresimeux, Me. Jacques de, magistrate of Arras, 374 (p. 289).

Oria, d', See Doria.

Orruparay, Jheromimo de, letter from, 547.

Orschot, M. d', Commissioner of Estates to confer with English Ambassadors, 65.

- See Aerschot, Duke of.

Osburn, —, servant to Poulett, 228.

Osenborch. See Osnabrück.

Osnabrück, Osenborch, route via, from Emden to Frankfort, 626

Oss, Ost, English contingent at, 23

Ostend, M. de la Motte's design on, 455.

Osuna, Duke of, represents King Philip in Portugal, 696 (2).

-, Odenard, expenses at, 59
-, spoiled by men of Ghent, 127
-, anti-Catholic revolution provoked in, by men of Ghent, 621.

Overloope, M. d', Usher, or 'Audiencer,' to Don John, devoted to his master, 53.

Over't Veer, 429.

-, deputies from, at Nymegen to settle offensive and defensive league with Holland and Zealand, 287 (p. 219)
-, refuse their quota towards pay of Duke John Casimir's force, 296 (p. 228)
-, join the Union of Utrecht, 339 (p. 259), 555
-, deputies from, petition against 'religion' in, 496
-, contributions from, to army, 585
-, represented at assembly of the Estates General, 656.

Oxford, Oxenford, Countess of. See Vere.

-, -, Lord. See Vere.