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Pages 601-602

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 13, 1578-1579. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Iburg, Ibrugh, route via to Frankfort, 626.

Iceland, ships trading to, from Lübeck, 577.

Imbize. See Hembyze.

Inca of Peru, his chain discovered at Cuzco, 615 (p. 460).

Inchy, Seigneur d'. See Gavre.

India, Turkish prepare to open road to, 95.

Indians of vast stature, 615.

Inde, Van den, —, of Brussels, sent to Ghent, 304.

Indies, Portuguese, coveted by Spain, 661.

-, West, alleged design of French, in co-operation with Dutch to attack Spanish empire in, 185
-, Spanish supplies from, fall off, 243.

Innsbruck, Isebrooke, 194 (p. 152).

Inquisition, reported execution of Duke of Alva's son by decree of, 516 (p. 393).

Intercourse, the, Davison desires copy of, and of other treaties between Low Countries and England, 571.

Interim, or Religions freidt, 253, 329.

Ipper. See Ypres.

-, merchants of, taken by Dutch ships, on return from Spain
-, English demand for reparation, 662, 663.

Ireland :—

three causes of unrest in, viz., wealthy monasteries, Richard Craigh, and the mission to foreign princes of O'Hely and Fitzmorris, 7.

Lord Deputy and Council of, make urgent application for troops, &c., to withstand Stewkeley
-, Queen makes light of matter, 31
-, Stewkley's designs mentioned, 37.

'never better in quiet,' 299.

Walsingham tries to make, less 'chargeable to Crown,' 369.

James Fitzgerald's efforts for, 685.

Spanish design to invade, 686 (p. 518).

-, Primate of. See Creagh, Richard.

Iron cannon balls, exported to Morocco, 636.

Isebrooke. See Innsbruck.

Iseghem, spoiled by Walloons, 430.

Isenburgh, Count of, bringing horse to Spaniards, 339 (p. 260).

Isenstein. See Ysselstein.

Isla de los Lovos, 615 (p. 459).

Ismael II., Shah of Persia, the Sophia, his death, 32, 95.

-, for Don John, 95, arrive in Luxembourg, 112. serve with, 142
-, arrive in Savoy, on way to Netherlands, 323
-, demand that none shall serve in Netherlands, 568 (2)
-, to be employed against Portugal, 661, 677.

Italy :—

levies in, for King Sebastian, 32.

recruiting in, for Don John, ibid.

dread of religious changes in, 95.

Spanish garrisons in, depleted, ibid.

English refugee from, offers information to government, 111.

dispute in, between Lucca and Ferrara, 287.

Spanish garrisons in, to be drafted to Netherlands, and renewed from Spain, 407, 591, 641, 647.

troops sent to, from Spain, recalled for service in Portugal, 654, 661, 677, 686.

Protestant Church in, 673.

Iviça, 682.

Ivory, Alexander. See Every.