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Pages 653-654

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 13, 1578-1579. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Vado, 661.

Valdes, Valdez, Francisco, reported killed, or wounded, at Maestricht, 655.

Valdivia, in Chile, 615.

Valence, Bishop of. See Montluc, Jean de.

-, Valensia, description of, 60 (p. 47)
-, disturbances at, fomented by the Agent of Duke of Anjou, 178, 180, appeased, 211, due to the inhabitants refusing the nominees of Count Lalaing, 236, 237
-, the Count arrested by the burghers of, and confined in the Town House, 259, 276
-, expected to be faithful to the Estates, 338
-, Richardot employed on mission to, 374
-, Count Lalaing at, disliked by people, but supported by the magistrates
-, the Marquis of Havrech desires the Government of, 380
-, Count Lalaing compelled to quit, to avoid arrest, 398
-, the Prince of Parma writes to, 422
-, counteracts the treason of Arras, 449
-, Condé garrisoned from, 504
-, 'will never disjoin themselves from the generalty, 580 (4)
-, estimate of portion of expense of the Estates' army to be charged to, 585
-, secured for the Estates, 635, represented at general assemby of, 656, 670.

-, Governor of. See Hamet
-, Noyelles.

Valensia. See Valenciennes.

Vallano. See San Miguel.

Vanes (Fahnen, cornets) of 'reiters,' 142.

Vannes, 71.

Vas, bailiff of. See Haxelle.

-, Guillaume le, Seigneur de Valhuon, Secretary to Don John, 194 (p. 152)
-, deputy of the Prince of Parma, at meeting of the Estates of Artois, 580 (4), 581 (1, 2 and 3).

-, Isaac de, Seigneur de, Mouy, raises troops for Prince of Orange, 37
-, commands French cavalry for Estates, 125
-, killed in assault on Binche, 295 (p. 226)
-, in garrison at Herenthals, 587, 591
-, reinforces M. de la Noue in Flanders, 642.

Vaue, M. de. See Vaux.

-, Vaue, M. de, attempts to seize Bapaume for Don John, 33, lieutenant to Count Lalaing, Agent for Don John in France, 53, 60 (p. 48)
-, letter to, mentioned, 339 (p. 260)
-, letters to, from François de Moncheaux, on the affairs of Arras and Douai, 374, 379
-, in treaty with M. de la Motte, 443.

Venice :—

invited by Pope to protest against French intervention, in the Netherlands, 95
-, Ambassadors sent from, to the Duke of Anjou, 111, 120, 126.

news received in, of trouble in Cyprus, 95.

mentioned, 555.

England obtains equal rights with, in Turkish ports, 613.

news viâ, 686.

-, news-letters from, 32, 95.

-, antipathy to 'the religion' in, 496
-, mentioned, 535, 555.

Verdun, episode in history of, 130.

Vere, Anne de, Countess of Oxford, daughter of Lord Burghley, 48, 'the poor, solitary, Countess,' 86.

-, Edward de, Earl of Oxford, his servant commended to Davison, 12.

Vergisini, Philippo, merchant of the steelyard, 624.

Veurne, near Nieuport, Walloons at, 447.

Veyre, Berauld, de, merchant of Toulouse, 525.

Vice-Chamberlain. See Hatton, Christopher.

Vidame de Chartres. See Ferrières.

Vienna, Emperor suppresses 'exercise of religion' in, 212.

Vienne, Claude-Antoine, Seigneur de Clervant, uterine brother to M. de Malroy, proxy for Duke John Casimir, at baptism of child of Prince of Orange, 276.

-, Henri de, Baron de Chevreaux, commands regiment for Don John at Tournay, 263
-, withdraws to his home in Burgundy, on news of the Duke of Anjou's attack on Franche-Comté, 293
-, his own castle sacked by French
-, leaves Louvain to rescue, 295, 304
-, again leaves Louvain, with garrison withdrawn thence, for Burgundy, 398.

Vigues, John de, 21.

'Vil', 304 (p. 236). See Villiers.

Ville, M. de. See Lalaing, Georges de.

Villela, Gaspar de, notary public, 578.

Villequier, M. de, anxious to get the Duke of Guise to Court, 553.

Villeroy. See Neufville.

Villerval. M. de. See Willerval.

-, M. de, mentioned by Walsingham, 4
-, his theological views communicated to Lord Burghley, 14
-, dispatch to be shewn to, 26
-, in the confidence of the Prince of Orange, 227
-, does Rossel an ill-turn, 295
-, supports cause of Duke of Anjou, ibid.
-, malicious saying attributed to, by Rossel, 304 (p. 236)
-, Walsingham's allusion to his antipathy to England, 328
-, said to be practising the marriage of the Duke of Anjou to Queen Elizabeth, 338
-, the influence of 'Minister Villiers' with the Prince of Orange alleged by Rossel to be used in favour of the Duke, 397, 407
-, ealousy of, in Netherlands, as belonging to the inner Council of the Prince of Orange, 443
-, compliments between, and Davison, 449
-, upbraids Beutterich, 452
-, promises to assist Davison in obtaining bond from Ghent, 458
-, letter from, to Davison, in England, 692.

-, Vilvorden, offered by the Estates to the Duke of Anjou, 502, threatened by the Prince of Parma, 504, 609, garrisoned by M. d' Hargenlieu, 609
-, garrison of, sent to secure Brussels, 687.

Vineray, M., Captain for the Estates at St. Omer, 60.

Violins, one of the Queen's, 518.

Visch, Joris, Councillor of Ghent, executed there, 294.

Viseu, Bishop of. See Taitha.

Vivarais, the, reported revolt of, from French King, 468.

Vlendeta, in Morocco, 210.

-, Jacques du, Seigneur de Fontorte, Agent of Duke of Anjou, sent to England, 21 (p. 15)
-, report of the Queen's reply to, 25
-, his mission to England mentioned, 118, 151
-, assures Poulett of Duke's desire for the English alliance, 298
-, mentioned, 323
-, negotiating with Poulett, 348
-, informs Poulett of King's consent to the Duke's visit to England, 553, that Duke will shortly go, 619
-, alleged connexion of, with plot to rescue Mary, Queen of Scots, 686.

Vueren. See Wavre.