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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 18, July 1583-July 1584. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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Talbot, George, Earl of Shrewsbury;

report that he has refused to take the Queen of Scots to Elizabeth, 299.

-, Mr., “of Peper Hill, co. Stafford,” the Pope sends absolution to, 534.

Talione, Lelio, beheaded in Rome, 650.

Tampel, Colonel. See Tempel.

Tartar Khan, the, Osman Bassa sent to compass the death of, 438;

loyalty of his army to, 502;

murdered by his brother, 502, 570.

-, -, children of, said to be murdered, 502;

one only murdered, the others safe, 570.

-, prince, Islam, brother of the Tartar Khan, put in his place, 438, 502, 570.

-, prince, another brother, murders the Tartar Khan, 502.

-, the two princes, reception of, at Turkish court, 439, 441.

Tartars, the, hold themselves neutral, 108;

said to be forced against their wills to fight against the Turks, 439;

their method of fighting, habits and customs, 439, 440;

present sent from, to the Sultan, 649.

Tavannes, Count of. See Saulx.

Taverna (Ludovico, Bishop of Lodi), nuncio to the King of Spain, 650.

Taxis or Tassis, Juan Bautista de, agent of the Spanish King at the French court, 4, 98, 231, 292, 351, 452;

packets of, seized, 3;

intelligence between the Queen Mother and, 71;

news given out by, 113;

has not visited Stafford, 164;

Stafford tries to get a spy in his house, 198;

visits Stafford, 199;

remonstrances of, 267;

a reported spy of, 233;

the reason of Mendoza's dismissal to be explained to, 301;

audience of, five times delayed, 318;

his opinion of Mendoza, 325;

Stafford interview with, on Mendoza's dismissal, 330, 331;

Waad goes to, 331;

messengers sent away by, 333;

the French King jealous of dealings with, 357;

Mendoza lodges with, 358;

the Venetian ambassador complains of England to, ibid.;

is to have audience, 365;

audiences of, 369, 562;

report that he is to give up his post, 379;

intimacy of, with the Duke of Guise, 422;

tries to drive Don Antonio to accept “composition,” 492;

anxiety of, concerning the Spanish King, 585.

-, -, letter to, from Flanders, alluded to, 20;

note by, alluded to, 29.

-, Jo. Battista von, lieutenant under Verdugo, in command of (Spanish) Friesland regiment, 51;

surprises Zutphen, 112;

skirmish between Capt. Williams and, 553, 555, 556.

-, -, letters from and to, 555, 556.

-, Leonardo de, news sent by, 208;

comes into Flanders, 561.

-, Don Pedro de, soldiers sent to Italy under, 163;

bringing forces to the Low Countries, 208, 447.

Taylor, Captain Thomas, one of the betrayers of Alost, 238, 240, 245, 246.

Teligny, Charles, Seigneur de, son-inlaw of Admiral Coligny, was deceived by the King's good usage “before the massacre,” 448.

-, -, widow of. See Orange, Princess of.

-, Sieur de, see La Noue, Odet de.

Tempel or Tampel, Colonel Adrian van, governor of Brussels, goes to Antwerp and Zeeland, 70;

Monsieur assures, of his affection, 89;

news sent by, 149;

reported to be slain, 404;

attempt of, to surprise Ghent, 451;

letters received by, from Monsieur, 489;

sends troops to Ghent, 498.

-, -, lieutenant of, see Jonas;

sergeant major of, 503.

Tenet, Peter, letters sent by, 183.

Terceiras (Azores), islands of, and Terceira, island of, fleets at or going to, 6;

the Marquis de Santa Cruz's voyage to, 55, 66;

Spanish forces, said to have reached safely, 75;

French ships returning from, 75;

conflicting reports from, 68;

reported repulse of Spaniards at, 82;

the French surrender of, alluded to, 105, 215;

Portuguese garrison in, 108;

Spanish fleet returns with prisoners from, 113;

the “easy winning” of, 114;

fugitive from, 123;

residents in, ibid.;

Spanish victory at, alluded to, 133;

the French said to have behaved “like Hectors and Hercules” in defence of, 149;

loss of, confessed by Don Antonio, 151;

Spanish army for, 163;

troops having served in, 208;

account of the Spanish seizure of, 242;

Portuguese troops in, cowardice of, 242–244;

Spanish forces from, 252;

report that the Spaniard is defeated in, 286;

expedition of Don Antonio to, 290, and see Antonio;

narrative concerning, alluded to, 366;

islanders of, cowardice of, 366;

a nobleman of the Council in, information given by, 368;

the Marquis of Sta. Cruz's services at, alluded to, 378;

sea-forces retired from, 378;

soldiers returned from, 650, 652.

-, castle of Mina or La Mina in, 136, 653.

-, sergeant-major at. See Servigi.

-, viceroy of, mistakes or mal-governance of, 242, 243.

Terence, quotation from, 438.

Tergoes or Tergoes-land, dyke-reeve at, 505;

proposed enterprise to, 580;

in danger of falling into the hands of the Malcontents, 569;

the States of Zeeland have set order in, ibid.;

the enemy will go to, 606;

forces sent to defend, 614;

Scots troops sent to, 643.

-, town of, garrison of, to be increased, 614.

-, -, burgomaster and magistrates of, letter of, 505.

-, -, letter dated at, 506.

Terloso, Brother Ignatius, to have the church at Alatri, 209.

Terneusen, Terneuse (Dirneuse), in Zeeland, “on the Flanders side,” Count Hohenlohe sent to, 193–196, dykes or sea-banks near, cut, 193, 211, 326, 522, fort at, 207, 220, 363;

troops sent to, 319;

siege of, 484;

forces sent from, 480;

garrison of, successful sally by, 615, 625, 641;

the enemy entrenched at, 614;

is now fully fortified, 643.

Terra Florida, ship from, 287.

Terra Nova, Duke of. See Grimaldo.

Tertolle or Tholen, Count Hohenlohe at, 261;

the States of Zeeland have set order at, 595.

Testu, Laurens, Maitre d'Hotel to the French King, Captain of the Bastille and of the watch for Paris, certificate by, 515.

Tete de Flandres, a fort built at, 151.

Teutonic Order, Grand Master of. (Henry von Bobenhausen) Commissioner for the Emperor, 385, 408, 429.

Thanet, Isle of, 78.

Themis, fort of, between Dermonde and Ghent, held by the enemy, 629.

Thermes, General Paul de, defeat of, at Gravelines (in 1558), alluded to, 430.

Thirsites, allusion to, 570.

Thomas a Becket, St. Thomas of Canterbury, his banishment to France, alluded to, 289.

Thomas, James, his dealings with Pena, 146.

Thomasin, of Vatteville, master of a I ship taken and spoiled, 287.

Thomaso [a captain under Taxis], company of, near Zutphen, 553.

Thorpe, ensign-bearer to the Earl of Westmorland, 517;

wife of ibid.

Throckmorton, Throgmorton, Francis, Mendoza accused of plotting the invasion of England with, 301;

casket of papers sent to Mendoza by, 333;

sentenced to be hanged, 501;

the Pope sends absolution to, 534.

-, Thomas, reported traitorous practices of, 483;

is going to Scotland, 505, 515.

Thuringia, proposed Diet in, the new Calendar may be discussed at, 134;

deputies of the Electors to meet in, 154.

Thwin, Ingram, has helped in the printing of insults against Elizabeth, 300.

Tibante, Alessandro, of Tuscany, recommended to the Queen, 19;

ill-treatment of, 276.

Tiburtio, Signor, wrongs of, 238.

Tinesche, Temsche, Tensicke, held by the enemy, 208, 210.

Tirell, Captain, refuses to march without pay, 30;

mentioned, 31.

Tirol, Tyrol, forces levied in, by the Bavarian party, 51.

Tivoli, traveller from, 210.

Toledo, Ferdinand Alvarez de, Duke of Alva, government of, alluded to, 80;

one serving under, in Flanders, 114;

his way of making war, 430;

plots of, to kill the Queen and Prince of Orange, alluded to, 524;

Carenzone's negotiations with, alluded to, 549.

-, -, a relative of, 609.

-, Don Luis de, Spanish captain, killed,

-, Don Pedro de, 244.

Toledo, a captain of (a Toletano), death of, 609.

Tomson, Harry, ship of, 515.

-, Laurence, is going to Scotland, 74.

-, -, letter from, 73.

-, -, notes, endorsements, drafts, etc., by, 3, 58, 61, 74, 157, 172, 225, 232, 237, 248, 531.

Tongres, 415.

Toplef, Mr., one of the revolters at Alost, 516.

Topmack, Sultan, Persian general, defeated by treachery of the Turks, 180.

Torcy, M. de, information from, 633.

-, -, brother of. See La Pré.

Torres Vedras, Count of. See Silva, Manuel de.

Torsac, M., a “minister,” may give Stafford intelligence, 166.

Torture, application of, 47.

Tossanus, letters of, alluded to, 409.

Toul, reception of the Duke of Epernon at, 60.

Toulouse, traveller to, 198;

those of, lay siege to Montreal, 272.

-, an abbot living near, sent for by the King, 37;

has returned, 54.

-, governor of. See Cornusson.

-, Grand Prior of, brother of the Due de Joyeuse, gift to, from the Pope, 99.

Toupet. See Tupper.

Touques, in Normandy, resident at, 146.

Tour d'Auvergne, Henry de la, Vicomte de Turenne, negotiations for delivery of, 118;

is released, 592.

Touraine, an Italian merchant in, 119;

the Queen of Scots' chancellor going to, 557.

Tournay, the Prince of Parma at, 10, 69, 174, 278;

artillery sent to or from, 77, 202;

news from, 270, 522, 523;

the Marquis de Santa Cruz reported to be at, 310, 326, 378;

assembly of States at, 326;

travellers to or from, 461, 484, 517;

reports at, 500;

is bound to the Queen for money owed to her, 576;

treaty at, alluded to, 568.

-, castle of, prisoner in, 194.

-, commissioners or deputies of Flanders going to, 383, 426;

from Flanders and Brabant, at, 447, 451, 459;

of Flanders, sent back to, 466, and see Ghent, deputies from.

-, letter dated at, 487.

Tours, Monsieur may go to, 143.

Transom, Edward, alias Francis Wyllece or Willec, priest, a student in Lyons Inn, 534.

Transylvania “of Hungary,” adultery in, punished with death, 571.

Treaty Papers, 653 et seq.

Trencal, —, a merchant at Padua, 464.

Trent, Trient, travellers to, 557.

-, Council of, efforts to procure the execution of, in France, 5, 75, 103;

and in Germany, 94;

proposed league against the supporters of, 530.

Treport, ship of, taken and redeemed, 287.

Tresham, William, in Paris, 282.

-, [qy. William], said to have been captured, 423.

Treslong, M. de. See Bloys.

Tridentin, the, forces levied in, 51.

Trier or Treves, Archbishop and Elector of. See Schoenenberg.

Triest, Francois, eschevin of Ghent, made prisoner at Dermonde, 152;

commissioner to treat with the Malcontents, 375.

Troyes, in Champagne, grands jours of the Parlement at, sentences:

of, 257;

sittings of, prolonged, ibid.

Truchsess, Charles, brother of the Archbishop, the Emperor sends a letter to, 92;

holds Bonn, 96;

taken prisoner, 330, 410;

sent to Bouillon, 411.

-, Gebhard, deprived Elector and Archbishop of Cologne, nothing done for, at the assembly at Speier, 3;

is in Westfalia, ibid.;

the princes of Germany urged to defend, 5;

Casimir marching to the aid of, 9;

is breaking down images and taking down bells, 49;

coinage stamped with his shield and initial, ibid.;

chances in favour of, 63; 111;

his character, marriage and proceedings, 92;

is a Calvinist, 94;

has raised the siege of Bonn, 96;

report that Cologne will receive again, 101;

those of the Empire forbidden to serve either for or against, 107;

blamed for the loss of Zutphen, 112;

threatens to stab one of i his captains, ibid.;

has withdrawn into Westfalia, 128;

a soothsayer's promises to, 130;

preparations against, 133;

does nothing but treat, 177;

report that he is to retain his place for the present, 178;

offers of money, to induce him to give up his claims, refused, 195, 226;

Dr. Zuleger writes on behalf of, 206;

his change of creed, alluded to, 228;

relation by, of his affairs, 234;

is guarding the passage of the Rhine, 257;

has retired towards Westfalia, 295;

league of, with the States, said to be concluded, 324;

forsaken by those who brought him into play, 360;

desperate state of his cause, ' 403;

means for defence of, proposed, 408;

endeavours of the Pope and Spain against, 410;

near Wesel, 429;

going to the Prince of Orange, 431;

defeat of, near Wesel, 437;

expected at Delft, 458;

is in Holland, 461, 469, 489;

business of, to be discussed at. Rotenburg, 530;

message to, from Elizabeth, 599;

has Burghley's book translated into “high Dutch,” 628;

his going into the Low Countries has alienated the Princes of Germany, 632.

-, -, letters from, 227, 234, 578 (2).

-, -, wife of. See Mansfelt, Agnes of.

-, -, aid for, promised, 95;

expected from the free cities, 97;

asked for, from Elizabeth, 235, 236;

the Protestant princes to consult how to give, 236;

must be given, or all will be lost, 330;

hoped for, from the Evangelical princes, 410;

asked for, from the King of Navarre, 494;

all hopes of, from Germany have failed, 576;

given by Casimir, see John Casimir.

-, -, adherents of, deprived of offices, 35;

ambassador from, to Zeeland, 71;

commissary for, see Swartz;

a counsellor of, sends a list of the armies, 49;

deputies from, to be sent to Frankfort, 112;

messenger sent to, from the Duke of, Anjou, 159;

party for, in Cologne, 144;

princes joining, list of, 96.

-, castle of, taken, see Godesberg;

Estates of his countries, send him money, 355;

places belonging or swearing fidelity to, 226, 241, and see Berck;

see Ordingen;

territories of, the gospel preached throughout, 235;

places taken from, given to foreigners, 490.

-, -, troops or forces of, 3, 6, 96, 355;

retire to Deutz, 112;

to go to succour Bonn, 208, 302;

successes of, 213, 223, 263;

disposition of, 226;

with Count Neuenaar, 256;

spoiling and pillaging by, 296, 462;

reinforcements for, 385, 428;

hesitate to engage the enemy, 429;

urged to fight, 430;

reported to have captured the new Elector, 551;

States' troops with, called home, 655;

mustered, 372.

-, -, -, leaders of, 95, 99;

reiters or horsemen, 50, 55, 111, 371.

Tuam (Tome), report that a Franciscan friar is made bishop of, 624.

Tucker, Mr., recommended to Walsingham, 65.

Tundorff, steward to the Princess of Orange, sent to France, 594.

Tunis, the Beglerbey of, lately deceased, 87;

the enterprise of, see Charles V;

the vice-roy of, orders sent to, 536.,

Tupper (Toupet), John, a messenger, brings packets to and from France, 38, 46, 325, 331, 357, 387, 459, 500, 549, 551.

Turenne, Vicomte of. See Tour d' Auvergne.

Turin, the Duke of Savoy's guard at, 164.

Turk, the, the port of Larache said to be given to, by the King of Fez, 12, 154;

evil meaning of, feared in Spain, 103;

league of, with Venice, 136;

Roger, Williams proposes to take service under, 309;

“extraordinary Traffic” of the English with, complained of, 358;

business of, may hinder Spain, 368;

war of, with Prester John, alluded to, 554;

a device of, 634.

Turkey, controversy between the clergy in, is appeased, 40;

truce of, with Spain, said to be agreed upon, 55;

English, French and German merchants in, 308;

proposals sent to, by the King of Poland, 327;

castles on the frontiers of, razed, 327;

league of, with Spain, prolonged, 329;

Christian captives in, rescue of, 330;

a new French ambassador said to be going to, 440;

“the circumcision” [of the Sultan's child] in, money subscribed for charges of, 442;

punishment of adultery in, 571;

“ancient canon”of, alluded to, ibid.;

change of officials in, 649.

-, Sultan of (Grand Signor, the Great Turk). See Murad.

-, -, the late. See Selim.

-, officials of:—

Admiral. See Occhiali.

Aga of the janissaries, 442, 649.

Bassas, 571, 649.

Bassa Vizier (of Greece), 649.

Beglerbeys (governors), 86, 649.

Cadis (judges), 86.

Casas bassa (constable of the watch), 571.

Chiaus, Chaous (steward), 87, 88.

Cogie (Master of the Rolls), 571.

Chief Dragoman of the English embassy. See Mustafa.

Generals. See Osman;

Ferat Bassa.

Grand Vizier, Vice-re or Viceroy.

See Siavus.

Master of the Horse, 40.

Master of Requests, 309.

Naipe (under-judge), 571.

Naisangi (chancellor), 308.

blind Viceroy [Vizier], at the funeral of the Imperial ambassador, 88.

Turkish army, defeat of, by the Persians, 108;

on the frontiers of Poland, 179;

in Persia, see Persia.

-, fleet, the King of Spain wishes to recover El Arnish from, 154;

movements of, 180, 572;

captains of, 443.

-, soldiers:—

Aza Moglanes [or Agiamoglans;

recruits], 571;

janissaries, 438, 571;

spahis, 443.

-, carpets, 329;

converts, 440;

letters, intercepted, 340;

merchants, 180, 439;

vessels, not to be attacked in Venetian waters, 136.

Turks or the Turks, go into Barbary, 62;

have made great spoils in Italy, ibid.;

a prize of, captured, 99;

murdered by Cossacks, 179;

coming of, into the parts of Spain, feared, 304;

Christian ambassadors murdered by, 327, 649;

foragers and victuallers, 328;

Christian ships intercepted by, 340;

will assist the King of Fez if he is attacked by Spain, 440;

said to be coming to attack Germany, 442;

fatalism of, 572;

suspected intelligence of the knights of Malta with, 643.

Tuscany (“or Liguria”), a mountain of, seized by the Duke of Ferrara, 20;

galleys of, prize taken by, 99;

traveller to, 210.

-, Grand Duke of. See Medici, Francesco Maria de'.

-, Grand Duchess of, gifts from, to the Due de Joyeuse, 99.

Tutti, Monsieur, a gentleman of the Queen of Navarre, apprehended, 53;

released, 67.

Tuve, Peter, a post, 36.

Twelfth Night, preparations for, 284.

Tyburn, Jesuits put to death at, 627.