Appendix: January 1587

Pages 657-658

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 1, 1586-1588. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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January 1587

1586–7. [Jan. 12.] Note of the first part of William Stafford's Confession; (the whole of which is in S.P. Dom. Elizabeth, vol. CXCVII., No. 15.) 1 p.
Dorso. Memoranda by Sir Edward, concerning his brother's connection with the plot. 1 p. [Ibid, vol. XXX., 2.]
Same date. "The Declaration of the negotiation with the French ambassador at the Lord Treasurer's house, by the Lord Treasurer, the Earl of Leicester, Mr. Vice-Chamberlain and Secretary Davison."
Concerning statements made by William Stafford; du Trappes, servant, and Cordallion, secretary to the said ambassador, and Moody, a prisoner in Newgate; that the ambassador had seduced them to conspire to murder the Queen, in order to serve the Queen of Scots; for whom there was else no way but death; and sent his servant, Du Trappes to Newgate to engage Moody for that purpose, when Moody proposed to lay gunpowder under the Queen's bedroom and explode it.
Also, concerning the Ambassador's indignant denial of the accusations, alleging that the suggestion was made by Stafford himself, and that he threatened to expose him, being only prevented by his regard for his mother and brother.
Being told that he did not the part of a good ambassador by concealing the matter, he replied that he was not bound to utter it, for as an ambassador he was bound only to make report to the King his master, and conceal or discover it as he was directed. It was answered that as a Christian, he was bound to withstand such a wicked purpose as murder, but held stiffly to his opinion.
Draft by Burghley, 11 pp. [S.P. Dom. Addenda, Eliz. XXX., 3.]
Jan. 12. William Stafford's report [before the Lords] of his speech to the French ambassador: viz.: that it was a wicked action that he had begun against the Queen—to take away her life when he was here to preserve peace between her and his master. That the affair was begun by him and continued by Du Trappes, who urged him to the taking of the life of such a heretic, whereby he should be renowned throughout the world, and have a pension of 1000 crowns from the Pope. And he spake in the like manner to Moody.
Endd. with date by Burghley. French. 2 pp. [Ibid. XXX. 4.]
Jan. 16. Note of a letter from S. Jean de Luz.
Arrival of a Scottish ambassador at the Court of Spain. Great naval and military preparations, reported to be for Ireland. The Spanish mariners' fear of Drake. Endorsed as written "Jan. 16, 1586." ¾ p. [Ibid. 7.]