Addenda, 1586-7

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 2, June 1586-March 1587. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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'Addenda, 1586-7', in Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 2, June 1586-March 1587, (London, 1927) pp. 439-440. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


Addenda, 1586-7

[The following papers have been inadvertently omitted from their proper places.]
Jan. 25./Feb. 4. Form of oath by the deputies of the States General for the observance of the treaty concluded with the queen on the 10th August, and ratified on the 4th September, and of obedience to the earl of Leicester. (fn. 1) Copy. 1 p. Latin. [Treaty papers XXXIII., two copies.]
[1586. June 25./July 5.] The COUNCIL of STATE to the KING of POLAND. (fn. 2)
Acknowledge his letters of 10 March last, and assured that his exhortations to peace proceed from goodwill, but fear that he has been deceived by the misrepresentations of their enemies. They were forced into war and the intercession of the emperor, the king of France and the queen of England had no weight with the king of Spain, who obstinately refused to allow liberty of conscience to his subjects, so that all hope of reconciliation proved vain. They have since made a league with the queen of England and cannot decide anything concerning war or peace of themselves. Beg him to think well of them and their cause. Copy. p. Latin. [S.P. For. Archives XC., p. 150.]
Acknowledges his letter of 28th July on behalf of Haya Maninga (fn. 3) ; refers to Sonoy's letters on the same subject of the 1st and 28th April. (fn. 4) To the first a suitable and proper answer had been sent, (fn. 5) which Sonoy had doubtless shown to H.E. Has nothing to add to that letter. The case is one for the decision of the Holy Roman Empire, to which it has been referred, and it is necessary to await the decision. Hopes H.E. will be satisfied with the explanation.From his house, the 21st August, 1586. Copy. Endd. States of Friesland to the Earl of Leicester. German. 2 pp. [Holland IX. 84a.]
Aug. 24./Sept. 3. Reply of the Council of State to the propositions made to them by M. Wilkes, ambassador of the queen of England on the 18th August, 1586. Thirteen propositions concerning revenues of the Low Countries, pay of the troops, troops required, cost of maintaining army in the field. 14 pp. [Treaty papers XXXIII., two copies.]
GREGORY SHEFFIELD to SIR JOHN CONWAY, governor of Ostend. (fn. 6)
Having suffered great and grievous punishment, and been thereby brought into much misery, his only hope has been in his worship's coming, whom he prays to hear his cause and consider his miserable state. [Undated.] p. One of the Conway papers. [Holland XIII. 133.]
The Council of States having authorised them to withdraw the companies of Captain Rancy and "Dailleurs," for the assurance of the country of Tertolle and the town of Bergen-op-Zoom, which they think will be besieged, they have written to the lieutenants of these companies, to transfer themselves towards their quarters, to serve when it shall be needful. Pray him therefore to suffer them to depart with the first tide. If he thinks it best to send them Capt. Dominick "Dailleurs," it will be all one to them, and they beg him to appoint him to the said end, as the enemy seems "ready to attend some enterprise upon the town and country aforesaid."Middelburg, 14 March, 1587. Signed, P. Rychert ; and for the States of Zeeland, "by me, Roelsius" [mis-copied Roelleells]. English translation. p. [Ibid. XIII. 128.]


  • 1. Also in S.P. For. Archives XC., p. 326, under this date.
  • 2. This would appear to be the reply given to the Polish Ambassador, Christopher Glookomus, on the 5th July, N.S., with Leicester's approval, although the date of the king's letter is there given as the 24 March. Japikse : Resolution der Staaten Generaal, Vol. V., pp. 275-6. A more lengthy reply from the States General and dated 2 July is given by Bor : Ned. Oorlogen Bk. xxi., fol. 34.
  • 3. At page 105 above.
  • 4. Vol. XX. of this Calendar, pages 468, 563.
  • 5. Id. page 540.
  • 6. Probably not long after Conway's appointment to Ostend on Dec. 29, 1586.