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Pages 515-516

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 2, June 1586-March 1587. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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-, the, Vaert (Vreeswyk), la Wart, Waert [Prov. Utrecht, Netherlands], nobility propose to seize, 255
-, strange doings at, 371
-, Clarhagen's company taken into, 405.

Vaerheilius, P., letter asking to serve at Flushing, 309.

Val, Daniel de, supposed conspirator, 146.

Valck, Valch, Walck, Walk, Jacob, Councillor of Zeeland, 226.

motion about pay of troops, 5
-, agreement about, 99
-, Wilkes urges fulfilment of promises of, 254.

document signed by, 105
-, recommends provisioning of Rheinberg, 243.

Buys jealous of, 123
-, to go on mission to queen, 183, 186
-, no particulars of coming, 126.

Leicester tells about keeper of seals, 238.

arrives in England, 245, 251
-, deputy of Zeeland, 336
-, efforts in Colston affair, 266, 359
-, asks for paper upon contributions, 269.

letters from, 246, 266, 269.

Valsingan. See Walsingham.

Valverdo, Don Pedro de, captain of horse, 293.

Van den Beke. See Beke.

Van den Broucke. See Broucke.

Van den Does. See Does.

Van der Aa. See Aa.

Van der Eee. See Ee.

Van der Eynde. See Eynde.

Vandermille, van de Myle. See Myle.

Van Diemen. See Diemen.

Van Eyck, Van Ecke. See Eyck.

Van Gellen. See Gellen.

Van Loen. See Loen.

Van Loosen. See Loosen.

Van Oyen. See Oyen.

Van Veken, Commissioner, sent to France, 438.

Varembon, marquis de. See Rye, Marc de.

Varluse, seigneur de, troop of, 299.

Vasto, marquis of. See Avalos, Cesar.

Vavasor, Vavisor, Capt. Thomas, company at Bergen op Zoom, 109.

payment to, 311
-, losses of company at Batenburg, 394.

Vawe. See Wouw.

Veare. See Vere.

Veenendaal, Venendael [Prov. Utrecht, Netherlands], complaint by inhabitants about behaviour of troops, 256-7.

Veltingh, Powel, secretary of Dockum, moves to offer queen sovereignty of Friesland, 291.

Veluwe, la Velewe [Prov. Gelderland, Netherlands], 329.

receiver of, 328.

Veluwe, Velou, fort of, Zutphen sconce :

Yorke complains of neglect of garrison, 246
-, Yorke will not muster at, 268.

soldiers die of cold at, 281
-, misery and poverty of garrison, 307.

Yorke takes pains with, 310
-, delivered to enemy, 326, 329-33, 341, 361
-, States write to queen about, 338
-, loss referred to, 340
-, cassed captains from, 390.

ill effects of may be turned to advantage, 416.

letters dated at, 247, 310.

Venendael. See Veenendaal.

Venlo, Vendelo [Prov. Limburg, Netherlands], 20.

Leicester sends troops to, 2
-, unlikely to offer much resistance to Parma, 8
-, Parma besieges, 14, 19, 33, 43
-, Leicester fearful about, 27
-, taken, 35, 45-6, 49, 50, 57-8, 182
-, people discouraged by loss, 37, 73, 125
-, bad impression caused by, 77.

tame surrender, 54-6
-, articles of surrender, 61
-, effect of loss, 121.

Parma weakened by garrisoning, 103
-, losses of Norris on journey to, 133.

attempt to relieve, 192
-, troops marched up to, 376.

Loo sees Parma at, 203-4.

letters dated at, 45, 58.

Verdugo, Col. Francis, 214.

troops and infantry of, 299
-, Hohenlohe said to be treating with, 426.

Verdun [Meuse, France], preachers expelled from, 123.

-, Edward de, earl of Oxford, gentlemen of, at Dunkirk, 69
-, Whithead gentleman of, 407.

-, Veare, Capt. Sir Francis :

sent to Berghen op Zoom, 367
-, declaration signed by, 376.

proposal to send about exchange of Teligny, 417
-, takes letters from Morgan and Fremin to England, 432-3.

Vere, la. See Ter Veere.

Verpundingen in Holland, 177.

Verreycken, signs document, 61.

-, Viana [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], Count Maurice makes provision for, 345
-, proposed meeting at, 353.

Vice Chamberlain. See Hatton, Sir Christopher.

Vigh, Amptman, governor of Tielt, 179.

Villiers, M. See Soete, Joese de.

-, the minister. See Oyseleur, Pierre de l'.

Vlisching, Vlishing, Vlissinge. See Flushing.

Vogelsanck, Jehan van, deputy of Venlo, signs articles of surrender, 61.

-, Vorn, island of [Prov. Zeeland, Netherlands], Thos. Cecil to have government of, 44
-, men quartered in, 360.

Vueren. See Fueren.

Vyllers, Captain. See Soete, Josse de, heer de Villiers.