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Calendar of State Papers, Scotland: Volume 10, 1589-1593. Originally published by His Majesty's General Register House, Edinburgh, 1936.

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Index: T

Talbot (Tabot), Lady: discharge from, for jewels received for use of Lady Arabella Stewart, 329.

Tanfield, Mr.: 116.

Tantallon Castle: Bothwell sent to, 96; 98; 99; 105; 113; home of Angus, 713; Colonel Stewart to be sent to; house of Angus to be delivered for the King's use, 729.

Tarbet (Tabott), laird of: caution for good behaviour of Moray, 460.

Tarnaway: See Darnaway.

Tassis, M. Jean Baptista de: 233.

Tate, George, a pensioner in Berwick: pardon craved for, 852.

Taxes, Collector of: See Colville, John.

Taylor, Robert: assurance of payment of debt given to, 758.

Tees, the: 395.

Teinds: See Tithes.

Teisdale, Roger, of David's Inn: in Edinburgh, 581.

Tennant, Francis: merchant in Edinburgh, 407, 408; James VI writes on behalf of, 476; licensed to arm, 478; 603-4.

Tenche, William: from Archibald Douglas on behalf of his servant (30 Dec. 1591), 606.

Terregles: home of Lord Herries, 715.

—— (Terikles), Lord: See Herries, Lord.

Teviotdale (Tiffedale, Tividale): 31; 34; 195; 536; 554; Stewart and Cochrane meet Bothwell at, 775; Borderers in, to leave Bothwell, 784.

——, West: parties from, raid the English Border, 844, 845, 847.

Theobalds: 40.

Theophilus, Dr. Nicholaus: from Denmark, in Scotland, 289; visits Bowes; devotion to Elizabeth, 296.

Thin (Thein), William: mentioned in intercepted letter, 798.

Thirlestane (Thurlestan), Lady: to wait upon the Queen, 262; sues for her husband's return to Court, 793; her information about her husband, 803.

——, Lord: See Maitland, Sir John.

Thomas, the: attacked by pirates, 353, 402; a Leith boat, laden for Bordeaux, 576.

Thompson, Mr.: shipowner, 396.

Thorburn (Thurbrand), George: transport of Spaniards committed to, 122.

—— (Thorneburne) . . . .: 456.

Thot, Andreis: gentleman from Denmark, 289.

Thriplow, Manor of: 78.

Throgmorton, Michael (Throckmorton): to William Asheby (20 July, 1589), 121; from William Asheby (1 Aug. 1589), 129; from Asheby (28 Nov. 1589), 205; to Asheby (8 Dec. 1589), 217; from Asheby (19 Dec. 1589), 220.

——, Thomas: a good Catholic, should be placed with the Duke of Savoy, 234; dissensions between him and other Catholics, 236; 237.

Tiffedale: See Teviotdale.

Tiger, The, Captain of: with the King, 96, 98.

Tinshome, Cirsysest: gentleman from Denmark, 289.

Tiree (Terie, Terry), Isle of: 464; 478; 613.

Tithes, the (Teinds): plan for the King resuming, 244; surrender of part of them by the possessors, suggested, 325; articles regarding stipends and, 326-8; quarrels among Borderers over, 395.

Tiviedale: See Teviotdale.

Todrigg, Captain George: 407, 408.

Tolbooth: See Edinburgh.

Tollye, George: to Lord Hunsdon (17 Nov. 1589), 194.

Tolquhone: the King going to, 117.

Torphichen (or Calder): home of Lord Torphichen, 715.

——, Lord: notes on, 715.

Torr Wood: 749.

Torray (near Buchan): 259.

Torrie, laird of, in Fife: (Torry) 155.

Tower (of London): 48.

Tranent (Treanent): 457.

Traquair (Troquair): 710.

——, Laird of: See Stewart, Sir William.

Treasurer, Lord: some of his men returned from York, 195; council held in his chamber, 237; See Glamis, Master of. See also Burghley.

——, Office of: may be given to Spynie, 451, 560; competition for, 586; restoration of Montrose to office of, in place of Glamis; surrender of Montrose in favour of Sir Robert Melville, 590; Lennox obtains fee of; Melville executes office of, 596; restored to Montrose; to be resigned in favour of Melville, 614.

—— Depute: See Melville, Sir Robert.

Trent, Council of: 337; 338; 339.

Treport (Tresport): 476.

——, Abbey of: 155.

Trevor, alias Charles: Bowes anxious to reckon with, 502; his whereabouts unknown, 507.

Trinity, Master of: See Style, Doctor.

Tripartite League: See League.

Trombells: See Turnbulls.

Trotter, Thomas: 264.

Trouterness: 612.

Trugard, Jacob: from Denmark, 289.

Trumpeter, an English: murdered at Leith, 122, 123.

Tullibardine, Laird of: See Murray, Sir John.

Tungesby: home of Caithness, 714.

Turenne, Viscount of: Morland brings despatch from, to Scotland, 441; letters from, to James VI; thanks the King for letters to German princes, 549; goes to Denmark with letters from France and Scotland, ib.

Turk: in cipher list, 799.

Turk, the: honour to Elizabeth by; James VI warns her against, 403-4.

Turnbull, Mark, of Nether Bonchester: 455.

——, Sir Thomas (of Bedrule): 243.

——, Wat, of Bedrule: See Bedrule.

Turnbulls (Trombells), the: 24; one to be delivered to the Warden of the East Marches, 456.

Turriff (Turreff): the King going to, 117.

Tussy, baron of: in cipher list, 799.

Tweed, the: 284.

Tweed-dale: 30; 31; 34.

Tweedies (Twedees), the: feud between, and the Veitches, 359, 370.

Twizell: Sir John Selby's letter dated at, 166.

Tyne, the: 627.

Tynedale (Tyndall): 518; raided by Scotsmen, 844, 845.

Tyrconnel: 691.

Tyrie, James: a Scottish Jesuit, sends news and advice from France, 415; sent with money for the Catholics, 576; to Thomas Tyrie (23 June, 1592), intercepted letter, 795.

——, Thomas: confesses, 2; arrives, 8; reconciles Bothwell and Hume, 273; thought to have taken letter from the King to Parma, 633; servant of Hume; entertained in foreign monasteries, 773; from William Murdoch (1 June, 1592); from James Tyrie (23 June, 1592); intercepted letters, enclosed by Bowes to Burghley, 795; confers with James Gordon, 812; pensioner of King of Spain, now Hume's servant, 816; accuses Bruce falsely, 822.

Tyrone, Earl of: O'Neill's complaints against, 284, 286; O'Rourke suspected of intelligence with, 512; 691.