Spain: October 1496

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Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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October 1496

1 Oct.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 3. f. 4.
163. Henry VII.—Treaty with Ferdinand and Isabella.
Power of Ferdinand and Isabella to Doctor De Puebla, dated Tortosa, 30th January 1496.
Power of Henry VII. to Thomas, Bishop of London, dated Windsor, 22nd September 1496.
1. Princess Katharine is to be married to Prince Arthur.
Conditions of the marriage treaty.
2. As soon as Prince Arthur shall have completed his fourteenth year of age, his marriage with the Princess Katharine shall be contracted per verba de prœsenti, either in person or by proxy. Both contracting parties promise to procure that the marriage be hereafter consummated.
3. In case either of the contracting parties should wish that the marriage should be contracted per verba de prœsenti after Prince Arthur has completed the twelfth year of his age, the other contracting party promises to do all in his power in order to have the marriage contracted in as complete a manner as though Prince Arthur had completed the fourteenth year of his age.
4. The Princess Katharine is to be sent to London, Gravesend, Southampton, or any other English port, as soon as her marriage is contracted, Ferdinand and Isabella paying the expenses. If the marriage take place before Prince Arthur has completed the fourteenth year of his age, the dispensation of the Pope must be procured.
5. The marriage portion of the Princess Katharine is 200,000 scudos, each scudo 4s. 2d. sterling. 100,000 scudos must be paid in money within ten days before or after the celebration of the marriage, 50,000 scudos in money within the next year, and 50,000 scudos within the second year. All these payments are to be made in England. The last 50,000 scudos can be paid in the following manner :—
15,000 scudos in gold ;
15,000 scudos in vessels of gold, silver, or gilt silver ;
20,000 scudos in diamonds and other precious stones.
The price of the vessels and precious stones is to be fixed by sworn valuers, according to the price for which such things can be sold in England at the time. All the property of Ferdinand and Isabella and of their subjects is pledged as security for the punctual payments of the said marriage portion.
6. The dower of the Princess Katharine consists of the third part of the revenues of Wales, Cornwall, and Chester. Good towns, villages, and cities, the revenues of which amount to the third part of the revenues of Wales, Cornwall, and Chester, will be assigned to the Princess within ten days before or after the solemnization of her marriage.
7. When the Princess Katharine becomes Queen of England her dower will be augmented to the amount of the dower of other Queens of England. Henry VII. pledges all his property and the property of all his subjects as security for the fulfilment of his obligations.
8. If the other children of Ferdinand and Isabella should die without heirs, the Princess Katharine is to succeed to the throne of Castile and Arragon in the same manner as though she had always lived in Spain. But from all other inheritance in Spain she is excluded.—London, 1st October 1496.
Latin on parchment. pp. 16.
1 Oct.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 3. f. 5.
164. Henry VII.—Treaty with Ferdinand and Isabella.
This is either a draft or a simple copy of the treaty of the 1st of October 1496.
Latin. pp. 16.
18 Oct.
B. M. Eg. MSS. 616.
165. Richard Of England (Perkin Warbeck) to Bernard De La Forse.
Has been credibly informed that he had shown great love, favour, and kindness to King Edward IV., his father, and rendered him signal services. King Edward, on the other hand, had held him in high esteem. Begs him to render him the same services he had rendered to King Edward, and to use his influence with his friends in Spain, in order that the King might favour him. Promises to be grateful to him and to his son Anthony De la Forse, who has accompanied him into different countries, and goes now with this letter to Spain.—From Edinburgh, in Scotland, 18th October.
Addressed : "To our trusty and right entirely beloved Bernard De la Forse, Knight, at Fuentarabia, in Spain."
Indorsed by Almazan : "To their Highnesses, from the Duke of York."
English. pp. 2.
Printed in Archœologia, vol. XXVII., p. 182.