Spain: March 1498

Pages 147-149

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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March 1498

7 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
Fernan Perez de Ayala sent to the King of Scots.
190. Ferdinand and Isabella to Londoño, Knight Commander.
Order him to go, by way of England, to Flanders, and after showing his credentials to Henry to tell him what follows.
De Puebla has repeatedly written that King Henry VII. is not content with the manner in which Pedro de Ayala, the Spanish ambassador in Scotland, transacts his business. Have, therefore, sent Fernan Perez de Ayala to the King of Scots. When he was about to leave, news came from England that disturbances had taken place. Did not at first believe it to be true, because De Puebla had not said a single word about it in his letters. Have sent, nevertheless, by the said Fernan Perez, a great number of letters and instructions to Spanish subjects in England to assist the King of England by land and by sea. Have, besides, given their new ambassador credentials to a great number of Englishmen, with instructions to act as a mediator between them and Henry, and to persuade them to remain faithful to their King. Have further desired their said ambassador to tell Henry that if he should wish for succour from Spain, it would be sent without loss of time. Their fleet has been armed and kept ready for sailing.
Perkin Warbeck arrested.
The ambassador had been detained a long time at the seaport by contrary winds. Before he was able to sail, letters from King Henry and from De Puebla arrived, announcing that Perkin (fn. 1) had been taken prisoner, and peace with Scotland concluded by Don Pedro de Ayala. Have prayed to and thanked God for this great victory of their beloved brother Henry. By the confession of Perkin, and the will of God, the truth has now come to light. Have always known that Perkin was an impostor. If anything more can be done in respect to the peace with Scotland, or to Perkin, it will be cheerfully done by them. Fernan Perez de Ayala was drowned on his way to England, and his instructions have been lost with him.
Dispensation for the marriage granted.
Are glad to be informed by the King of England and by De Puebla that the marriage between the Princess Katharine and the Prince Arthur has been concluded. Have written to Garsilaso, their ambassador in Rome, to join with the English ambassador in supplicating the Pope to dispense with the age of the Prince and Princess. Are informed that the dispensation has been granted, and will soon be sent to England and to Spain.
He must tell Henry VII. all this ; but before he goes to the King, he must see De Puebla, and inform him that he has conducted the business to their entire satisfaction, and will soon receive liberal rewards for his services. He must go to the King of England in company with De Puebla.—Alcalá de Hénares, 7th March 1498.
Indorsed : "Instruction of their Catholic Highnesses to the Knight Commander, Sanchez de Londoño. What he must do in England, on his way to Flanders."
Spanish. pp. 5.
7 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
191. Ferdinand and Isabella to the Knight Commander De Londoño.
The instructions of the 7th of March copied once more in the hand of Londoño.
7 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
192. Ferdinand and Isabella to the Knight Commander Of Londono, and the Sub-Prior Of Santa Cruz.
It may be that the King of the Romans wishes to hinder the marriage between the Princess Katharine and the Prince of Wales. In case they hear the matter mentioned they must always say that such a thing is impossible.
They are to inquire into the manner in which De Puebla conducts his business. It is said that he is entirely in the interest of King Henry.
They are to send a detailed report respecting the King and kingdom of Scotland, the revenues, &c.—No date. No signature.
Spanish. Draft. pp. 2.
14 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
193. [Unknown] to De Puebla.
The writer of this letter does not know whether his former letter, containing the news of the French embassy, has arrived Intends to repeat the tidings.
Treaties with France.
The Spanish ambassadors arrived at the court of the King of France before the English ambassadors. Their instructions were, not to conclude peace with France, if France did not at the same time conclude peace with the Archduke. England was not only to be included in this treaty, but a clause was to be added by which Ferdinand and Isabella reserved their liberty to assist Henry. The King of France objected to this condition. Thus the negotiations were interrupted for some days. Meanwhile the Archduke and Henry had concluded their treaties with France. When that was done, Spain likewise concluded her peace, reserving her right to assist Henry, the King of the Romans, and the Archduke. Can it be called breaking the peace and friendship for Ferdinand and Isabella to exhibit so much solicitude for their brothers and for their son?—Madrid, 14th of March.
Addressed : "To the very noble and virtuous Lord Doctor De Puebla, of their Highnesses' Council, and their ambassador."
Spanish. Autograph. Not signed. pp. 2.


  • 1. This is the first time that the name Perkin occurs in the correspondence. As long as he was not a prisoner, he was always called "the person who pretended to be the Duke of York."