Spain: February 1500

Pages 216-217

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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February 1500

5 Feb.
Fr. R. 15 Hen. VII. m. 2. (16.)
256. Henry VII. to Fernando De Beruny.
Licences to Fernando de Beruny and Martin de Gamarache, merchants of Spain, to bring into England divers quantities of Toulouse woad, and dispose of the same, &c.—Westminster, 5th February.
Latin. p. ¼.
25 Feb.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
257. Ferdinand and Isabella to Don Pedro De Ayala.
Have received all his letters, and are well satisfied with their contents. He must always write all that passes in England.
The treaties of marriage and of alliance which Doctor De Puebla has concluded are approved by them. Send the ratifications. Have altered nothing in the treaties, except that they have included the King of Portugal in the treaty of alliance. The King of England must include him likewise. Another addition to the treaty of alliance is made by them. Have added that they are at liberty to assist certain Princes in defending their present dominions. As these Princes, however, were already excepted, this addition does not alter the treaty.
[The following paragraph is written in cipher.]
With regard to Scotland, you must do your best to preserve the friendship of the King of Scots, and to know what his intentions are respecting his marriage ; whether he still hopes to marry our daughter, or our niece ; or whether he is reconciled with England.
We believe it is already known in England that C ... and Genoa and Florence, Lucca, Sienna, Milan, the Duke of Urbino, and Micer Juan de Bentivoglio, for the city of Bologna, have surrendered to the King of France. We do not write more on this subject, because we wish first to know the opinion of the King of England, our brother.—No date. —No signature.
Spanish. Written in two keys of cipher, neither of which is extant. Deciphered by the editor.
25 Feb.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
258. Queen Isabella to De Puebla.
As the marriage of the King of Scots with the daughter of the King of England was not concluded until now, we did not like to mention what follows. But since the Kings of Scots and of England have become such near relations, it is reasonable that the King of Scots should be included in the treaty of alliance between us and England. You must see how that best can be done.—25th of February 1500.
I, the Queen.
Addressed : "By the Queen. To Dr. De Puebla, her ambassador in England."
This note is included in the preceding despatch to Don Pedro de Ayala.
Spanish. Written in two keys of cipher, neither of which is extant. Deciphered by the editor.