Spain: August 1500

Pages 241-243

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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August 1500

13 Aug.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
Marriage of the Princess of Wales.
285. Ferdinand and Isabella to De Puebla.
You will see by the letters which we have already written to you, and by the duplicates which are now despatched, what we wished that you should do in regard to the coming of the ambassadors of the King of England, our brother. We desire, namely, that when the Prince of Wales shall have completed his fourteenth year, the ceremony of marriage shall be performed anew, in his name and by his authority, with the Princess of Wales, our daughter, by proxy, so that she may then depart for England in the name of God.
Ceremony to be performed afresh.
We likewise wrote to the effect that although the marriage had been performed, and so firmly concluded that it could not be undone, yet, notwithstanding, it is usual to perform the said ceremony afresh, and that it is necessary it should be done. It now appears, that in order it may be performed more effectually, it is better it should be arranged by the King of England, our brother, in the manner that we decreed it should be done, So that when the Prince of Wales completes his fourteenth year the said act of matrimony must be done over again with the Prince in person. To facilitate this proceeding, authority is sent to you from the Princess of Wales, our daughter ; therefore the coming of the ambassadors may be excused.
Moreover, when we know that the said Prince of Wales has completed his fourteenth year, which will be on the 22nd of September next ensuing, and when the ceremony of marriage by proxy has taken place, then, as we have said, we will send over the said Princess, our daughter.
Say this to the King of England, our brother ; and as soon as the Prince of Wales shall have completed his fourteenth year, let the said ceremony be performed. Send us attestation of it by the courier, as we desired ; and on receiving it we will send it to the Princess of Wales, our daughter.—Granada, 13th August 1500.
I, the King.
I, the Queen.
Miguel Perez D'Almazan.
Written in two different keys of cipher, constantly mixed up the one with the other. The keys are not extant. The deciphering is by the editor.
26 August.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
Postponement of the journey of the Princess of Wales.
286. Ferdinand and Isabella to De Puebla.
Have received his letters of the 21st and 23d of July. Are much pleased with Henry for consenting to the Princess of Wales remaining in Spain till the Feast of St. John next, as her voyage during the stormy season would be dangerous. The negotiations concerning this subject were very well managed by him. Present their thanks to Henry, and promise to send the Princess of Wales earlier, if the weather should be fine.
The letter of the Knight Commander of Haro, together with the letter of Henry, and the paper which they are asked to sign, has not yet arrived. If he had sent them, all these papers would have already been in their hands. He must tell the King of England that they are willing to do all he wishes. As soon as the paper in question arrives, it will be signed by them and sent back to England.
Her marriage.
Desire very much that the Prince of Wales should perform the marriage ceremony once more after he has completed the fourteenth year of his age. Have sent by the Knight Commander of Haro the authority of the Princess of Wales for him to act as her proxy. There is no doubt that the marriage is already indissolubly concluded ; but in such cases as this it is the general custom to repeat the marriage ceremonies after the parties have attained the age fixed by the Church for contracting lawful marriages. He is expected to send the attestation of the fresh solemnization of the marriage to them by a special messenger. Intend to show it to their officers of State and other influential men in Spain, in order to satisfy their wishes. Desire that the Prince of Wales should also swear the treaty of alliance lately concluded.—Granada, 26th August 1500.
Indorsed by De Puebla : "From Granada in the month of August 1500. Their Highnesses declare themselves satisfied with the prorogation which I have concluded."
Another indorsement : "Deciphering of the letter of their Highnesses, which is written in very good cipher. They are contented with the prorogation, &c."
The ciphered original is in existence. The deciphering is in the hand of Johan de Tomayo, Secretary to De Puebla.
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