Spain: February 1506

Pages 380-381

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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February 1506

9 Feb.
P. R. O. Orig. and Fr. R. 21 Hen. VII. m 3. (9.)
Obligations undertaken by Henry with respect to King Philip.
452. Henry VII. Treaty Of Alliance With Philip King Of Castile, &c.
A true friendship and alliance between Henry, his heirs and successors, on the one part, and Philip, his heirs and successors, on the other part, is concluded. It is to last for all time to come.
1. Henry therefore, binds himself, his heirs and successors, never to undertake or to favour any enterprise which might be prejudicial to his brother and son, King Philip, his heirs and his successors. On the contrary, he, his heirs and successors, will discountenance any such undertaking in prejudice of King Philip.
2. Henry binds himself, his heirs and his successors, not to assist in any way the enemies of King Philip, his heirs and successors. If any person, whoever he may be, and without distinction, whether he be an ally and confederate of England or not, should undertake to invade the dominions which the King of Castile now possesses, or which he, his heirs and successors, in future should have a right to possess, (fn. 1) or if any one should attempt to do what would be prejudicial to the King of Castile with respect to the undisturbed possession of his dominions (fn. 2), in such a case, Henry, if requested, is bound to send him, without delay, such an army in succour as he may be able to spare, and as the circumstances may demand, the King of Castile, however, paying the expenses.
3. With respect to the safety of the person and the states of the King of Castile, the King of England binds himself his heirs and successors, to be "a friend of the friends and an "enemy of the enemies of the King of Castile." This promise is made notwithstanding all the alliances with other Princes which Henry now has, or in future may contract. Henry binds himself to take care of and to favour the person, the estate, the honors, the dignities, concerns, property and affairs (fn. 3) of King Philip, exactly in the same manner as a good father takes care of the affairs of a beloved son.
4. Henry binds himself, his heirs and successors, not to assist the rebels, fugitives, and exiles of the King of Castile ; but, on the contrary, to treat them as he would treat his own rebels, &c.
5. Henry binds himself, his heirs and successors, not to permit the exiles, fugitives and rebels of the King of Castile to stay in his dominions. If they should be in future found in the dominions of England, he promises to have them arrested, and to see them conducted in chains to a safe prison, where they are to be kept in security. That done, he would write to the King of Castile. If the King of Castile wished to have his rebels delivered to him, Henry would send them to the frontier in order that they might be there handed over to the Commissioners of King Philip. Even if the rebels should have been by force retained in England, or be driven to the English coast against their will, they are to be subjected to the same treatment.
6. If the King of Castile should inform Henry in a letter, signed by himself, that some of his rebels are staying in England, Henry promises to have them arrested and delivered to such persons as the King of Castile should commission to receive them.
7. In case that Henry and Philip should have begun a common war, Henry binds himself not to conclude peace with the enemy or enemies without the consent of the King of Castile.
8. As the King of Castile has delivered to Henry a document, signed and sealed by him, in which he makes similar promises to those contained in this paper, Henry promises on his word of honour, and swears on the real wood of the cross of our Saviour a most solemn oath to fulfill all and every of the above-stated clauses.—Palace of Windsor, 9th February 1505.
Latin. p. 3.
Printed in Rymer.
9 Feb.
P. R. O. Orig. and copy.
453. Philip, King of Castile.
Treaty of alliance with Henry VII.
[Philip binds himself, his heirs and successors, exactly in the same manner towards Henry, as Henry binds himself with respect to Philip. There is, however, added what follows.]
Has concluded this treaty in his name, and in the name of his father, the King of the Romans.
Promises that the King of the Romans will ratify this treaty within four months, and send the ratifications to England.
Should the King of the Romans not send the ratifications within the time stipulated, the treaty remains in full force, as far as Philip, King of Castile, and his heirs and successors, are concerned.—Windsor, 9th February 1505.
Latin. pp. 8.
[This is the same document which is printed in Rymer, vol. XIII. p. 126, under the superscription 'Memorati tractatus per Regem Castellœ in Anglia existentem ratificatio." In fact, however, it contains only the promises made by the King of Castile to Henry, in return for those made by Henry in the preceding document.]


  • 1. "vel in futuro de jure possidere debet."
  • 2. "aut injuriam vel dampnum eidem Regi Castellæ, heredibus, successoribus et subditis infra regna, patrias, &c. inferre et facere voluerint."
  • 3. "necnon personam, status, honores, dignitates, causas, res et negotia ipsius Serenissimi Castellæ Regis, nobis intimo amore, fide et amicitiarum fœdere conjuncti et quam loco filii carissimi et dilectissimi reputamus, taliter cordi habebimus, sicuti pientissimum patrem dilectissimi filii honores, status, dignitates, causas, &c."