Spain: September 1506

Pages 398-400

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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September 1506

7 Sept.
A. G. d. D. d. N.
Affairs of Flanders and Gueldres.
486. Francis Marsin to William De Croy, Seigneur De Chievres.
Has negotiated about the affairs of Flanders and Gueldres with the Cardinal of Amboise and with the Chancellor. Has told them that as the Duke of Gueldres has rejected the offer of a truce, the King of Castile might entirely annihilate him. The Duke of Gueldres, however, wishes to have his dispute decided by France and England. With great difficulty he got an answer from the Cardinal of Amboise that he would recall his troops and advise the Duke of Gueldres to make peace.
The King of France has, moreover, told him that, for the sake of the King of England, he would force the Duke of Gueldres to arrange the affair amicably.
The King of England had ordered him to communicate the result of his conferences in France to him in person. As, however, the affair has been retarded so much, he prefers to write.—7th September.
Addressed : "To the Lieutenant-General of the King of Castile, Monsieur de Chievres."
French. pp. 4, in print.
Lettres du Roy Louis XII., vol. I. p. 87.
8 & 10 Sept.
G. H. Arch. Vienna.
487. G. De Croy to Maximilian, King Of The Romans.
[Minute details of the war between France and Gueldres.]
Henry has written to Maximilian respecting the secret affairs. Hopes he will soon answer. Has sent to the King of England requesting him to send the thousand archers.— Turnhout, 8th September. Boisleduc, 10th September.
Addressed : "To the King."
French. pp. 3, in print.
Printed in the Bibliothek des Literarischen Vereins in Stuttgart, vol. X. p. 249.
14 Sept.
P. R. O.
488. Maximilian to Henry VII.
The King of France has broken his solemn engagements to marry his daughter to the Archduke Charles [Charles V.], and given her to Francis, Dauphin of France. Warns Henry to beware of the "French foxes."
Has been heretofore advised by some good friends to marry his grandson to the Princess Mary of England. Has written to his son, the King of Castile, that he should treat and conclude this marriage. Is sure that his son will do as he has desired him, and hopes that Henry will treat the offers favourably.—Celeya, (fn. 1) 14th September 1506.
Latin. pp. 3. Printed in Gairdner's Letters, &c., vol. I. p. 301.
16 Sept.
B. M. MS. Addit. 21,404. Art. 6.
Proposal for settling the differences between King Philip and the Duke of Gueldres.
489. Henry VII. to Philip King Of Castile.
Since the last letter which he has written, the King of France has sent one of his equerries to him with a letter, wherein he expresses his desire, in accordance with the King of England's request, that the difference existing between the King of Castile and the Duke of Gueldres should be settled in an amicable manner. The King of France has also himself sent to the Duke of Gueldres, exhorting him to take this course, and has moreover withdrawn the troops he was sending to him, hoping that the King of England would, on his part, send none at present. Has thanked the King of France for what he has done, and told him he trusted he would not suffer any invasion to be made into the duchy of Gueldres or into other dominions of the King of Castile. Has delayed to send the succour he has promised, and which was ready to depart, till he should have seen the result of the negotiation. Has, moreover, said he would gladly join with the King of France in pacifying the said differences. If the King of Castile will submit them to him and the King of France, they will arbitrate justly upon them. Has also informed the King of France that he would notify the King of Castile's Lieutenant General and Council of the above-mentioned matters, that they might act accordingly. If the Duke of Gueldres will not listen to reason, he will send the promised succour.— Guildford, 16th September 1506.
Addressed : "To the very high and very mighty Prince our good brother, &c. the King of Castile, &c."
French. pp. 3.
Printed in Gairdner's Letters and Papers, vol. I. p. 294.
24 Sept.
P. R. O.
490. Maximilian, King Of The Romans, to Henry VII.
Has not yet been able to persuade his daughter, the Archduchess Margaret, to marry him. Will go to see her in order to persuade her.—Gretl, 24th September 1506.
Copy on a parchment roll.
Latin. p. 1.
Printed in Gairdner's Letters, vol. I. p. 305.


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