Spain: March 1507

Pages 403-406

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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March 1507

15 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 5. f. 94.
501. King Ferdinand Of Spain to Henry VII.
Before going to Naples, sent a letter to him from Castile by his ambassador Doctor Nicholas West. That letter contained all particulars concerning the arrangements made with the late King Philip.
Reasons why the marriage portion of the Princess of Wales had not been earlier sent.
Has written two letters to De Puebla, one from Castile, and the other from Barcelona, and has told him all the reasons why it has been impossible to send the marriage portion of the Princess of Wales to England. Those reasons were twofold. In the first place, the death of Queen Isabella, and the disturbances which have taken place in consequence of it, have absorbed all his attention and his means. Scarcely had peace been restored, when King Philip and Queen Juana came to Spain, and the disorders were renewed.
Has left the greatest part of the marriage portion of the Princess of Wales in the hands of the trustees of the late Queen Isabella ready to be sent to England. The small sum wanting to make up the whole amount of the portion was more than covered by jewels in the keeping of the said trustees, and it had been settled with King Philip that he should take them and give money in their stead. Had recommended King Philip to raise no obstacles to the trustees, and he had promised it. Before, however, the money could be sent to England, King Philip died. This death had caused him much grief, and to the Queen Juana unspeakable affliction. The consequence has been that the trustees could not send the money, because the Queen was unable to sign the order, and himself was absent in Italy. The trustees have, therefore, decided to wait for his return to Spain. That has been the will of God. Hopes soon to conclude his business in Naples, and to return to Spain. Directly after his return to Spain the money shall be sent.
Begs he may be excused, and his daughter treated as he would treat a daughter of his brother, the King of England.
Indorsed : "Naples, 15th of March 1507. Letter of the Catholic King to England, on the restitution (fn. 1) of the marriage portion."
Draft ; on the margin of which is written by Almazan "Fiat."
Spanish. pp. 5.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 5. f. 96.
Sorrow of Ferdinand for the trials of the Princess of Wales. King Philip the author of them.
502. King Ferdinand Of Spain to Katharine, Princess Of Wales.
Has received her letter sent with Cavallos. God alone knows the sadness of his heart whenever he thinks of her miserable and trying life. Loves her more than ever a father loved his daughter. May God forgive King Philip ; for, to tell the truth, he caused all her misery. The money of her marriage portion was ready to be sent to England, but he prevented it. He always was hostile to him, and to all his daughters. Queen Juana is unable to give orders, and the money cannot therefore be sent during his absence. Intends to return to Castile in the spring. Queen Juana and a great many other persons have written to him, saying that his presence is absolutely necessary in Spain for the conservation of peace. Directly after his arrival in Castile the money shall be sent to England.
In Naples there is not a fit person to be found to serve her as confessor, but a Spanish confessor will be sent to her from Castile.
Promises to send another ambassador to England. Don Pedro de Ayala, if he could be persuaded to go, would perhaps be the best person for that place.
Her jewels to be taken at the price they are worth in England.
If the King of England, as she believes, be not willing to accept the ornaments, plate, &c. for the price at which they were valued in Spain, he may take them at the price they are worth in England. She must, however, take care that nothing of the jewels, ornaments, &c. be lost before she is married, for they form part of her marriage portion, and it would be difficult to replace them. The ambassador whom he intends to send will easily persuade King Henry to arrange the affair to her satisfaction. Meanwhile, she must try to win the good will of the King, and always speak of her marriage as a thing beyond all doubt.
Proposal of Henry to marry Queen Juana.
Has read her letter, by which she has communicated to him the wish of the King of England to marry her sister, Queen Juana. She must tell the King that it is not yet known whether Queen Juana be inclined to marry again ; but if the said Queen should marry again, it shall be with no other person than with the King of England, especially as he has proposed such acceptable conditions. Expects that the King of England will send him an ambassador with whom he can treat about this marriage of Queen Juana, as soon as it is known in England that he has returned to Castile. But the affair must be kept most secret ; for if Queen Juana should hear anything about it, she would most probably do something quite to the contrary. No one knows her better than himself. For this reason nothing must be done before his return to Spain.
Sends a letter for the King of England in cipher. The person who is to decipher it must be a trustworthy person.
Has written something concerning the marriage of the King of England to De Puebla. She may make use of him till another ambassador arrives.
Indorsed : "Princess of Wales. This letter has been sent after the arrival of Melchior."
On the margin Almazan says "Fiat."
Inclosed in the same bundle with the letter of King Ferdinand to King Henry, of the 15th of March 1507.
Spanish, pp. 5.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 5. f. 97.
503. King Ferdinand Of Spain to Henry VII.
Has received his letters of the 29th of November and the 30th of December, and has heard all that his servant Melchior de Astudillo had been ordered to tell him. Is much pleased to hear of his good health and of his prosperity, and of the happiness of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Is his good brother, and always ready to render him any service in his power. Writes to the Princess of Wales and to De Puebla, who will make some communications to him.
On the margin Almazan says "Fiat."
Draft. Inclosed in the same bundle with the letter of King Ferdinand to Henry VII. of the 15th of March 1507.
Spanish, pp. 2.
15 March.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 5. f. 95.
Arrangements to be made for the Princess of Wales.
504. King Ferdinand Of Spain to Katharine, Princess Of Wales.
Has been so long a time on his voyage, and so much occupied with the affairs of Naples, that it has beer impossible for him to do for her as much as he desired. Hopes now to have more leisure, and promises to arrange matters respecting her in such a manner that ere long she will be comfortable with her husband in her house.
Begs her to do everything to preserve the good will of Henry, the love of the Prince of Wales, and the esteem of the people of England. Henry must see that he has no better chance of securing the succession to his son than by marrying him to her.
Draft. Inclosed in the draft of the letter of King Ferdinand to King Henry, of the 15th of March 1507.
On the margin is written : "With the Bishop of Giras ;" and, Almazan says "Fiat."
Spanish. pp. 2.


  • 1. It is clear that restitution is an error, as the letter does not speak of the restitution, but of the payment of the marriage portion.