Spain: February 1495

Pages 53-54

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1, 1485-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1862.

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February 1495

1495. 25 Feb.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
92. Secret Instructions for Doctor De Puebla to take to England.
1. Ferdinand and Isabella had promised the English ambassador, who had come to Barcelona, to send an embassy to England, which, however, had been delayed by the illness of Sasiola, who overtook him on his way thither.
De Puebla goes in his place.
Peace with France.
Have made peace with France, because their counties of Roussillon and Cerdana had been restored, and because they knew that Henry had already made peace with the King of France.
The Pope.
2. The Pope is in great difficulties on account of the wars in Italy. He has asked for assistance from Spain, and intends to write to the other Christian Princes on the same subject. Spain has sent to his assistance all the ships in port, and 1,000 lancers from the guards; is now sending 2,000 foot, and intends to send more. Henry is bound to do what every Christian, but much more a Christian Prince, is obliged to do. (fn. 1)
The King of the Romans.
Are told that certain movements have taken place in England, likely to produce a quarrel between Henry and the King of the Romans. If Henry wish to make use of their good offices they will reconcile him with the King of the Romans, as they had done already on a former occasion. In case the King of the Romans offers reasonable terms, Henry is advised not to reject them.—Madrid, 25th February 1495. (fn. 2)
Indorsed : "Copy of the instruction which Doctor De Puebla took with him to England, which instruction was to be kept secret."
Spanish. pp. 7.
(Inclosed in the letter of De Puebla of the 19th July 1495. See that letter.)
25 Feb.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2.
93. Ferdinand and Isabella to De Puebla.
Another copy of the same instructions, to which a paragraph is added concerning the Spanish merchants trading with England. Henry VII. is desired not to deprive them of the privileges which they have hitherto possessed.—Madrid, 25th February 1495.
Indorsed in the hand of De Puebla : "A copy of the instruction of their Highnesses for the King of England."
"Another instruction which your Highnesses ordered to be given to me concerns the merchants."
Spanish. Copy. pp. 4.
S. E. T. c. I. L. 2. 94. Henry VII. to Ferdinand and Isabella.
1. Accepts the excuses for the delay which has taken place in sending the embassy, though he has been otherwise informed respecting it.
Assistance to be sent to the Pope.
2. As for the assistance to be sent to the Pope, there is no more zealous Christian in the world, and no one more disposed to aid the Holy See, than he. But cannot believe that the Pope is really in danger, for he has not told him so, and communication between Rome and England is not obstructed. It would show a great want of respect in the Pope to England, if he required her assistance and yet would not even send a letter. Thinks the Holy Father incapable of doing so.
King of the Romans.
3. Does not remember, during the last three years, to have given the slightest pretext to the King of the Romans for quarrelling with him. On the contrary he has, without regard to trouble, expense, and the odium of the world, done more for the King of the Romans than he was at all bound to do, and more than any other prince has done. In spite of the ingratitude which he has met with, he is not disinclined to reconciliation, if the King of the Romans wish it. Prefers the good offices of Ferdinand and Isabella to those of any other prince.
Spanish merchants.
4. The Spanish merchants have never possessed the privileges which they now claim, nor were they conceded to them by the treaty which King Edward concluded a short time before his death.
[A postscript in the hand of De Puebla.]
Henry spoke of the marriage between Katharine and Arthur. He acknowledged that the former treaties no longer existed. Nothing more was said on this subject.
Indorsed : "Secret instruction which Doctor De Puebla took to England, and the answer made to it by the King of England."
Latin. pp. 5½.
(Inclosed in the letter of De Puebla of the 19th of July 1495.)


  • 1. There is another copy of the same instructions in the same Legajo, but without the clause about the King of the Romans.
  • 2. Here follows a paragraph which is cancelled. Its purport is, taht if Henry speak about the marriage between the Princess Katharine and Arthur, De Puebla is to hear all, and to report. The old treaties are annulled, because Henry and his ambassadors refused to sign them.