Spain: May 1514

Pages 223-224

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 2, 1509-1525. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1866.

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May 1514

4 May.
S. E. Pat. Re. Cap. c. Pont. L. 2. f. 15.
174. Treaty between Pope Leo X., Maximilian, Emperor Elect, and King Ferdinand The Catholic.
His holiness having declared himself ready to conclude a preliminary treaty of alliance with the Emperor elect and King Ferdinand the Catholic, who has acted as mediator of this treaty,
The Commisioners of the Pope, viz.,—
Julius, Cardinal of Santa Maria in Dominica ; (fn. 1) and Barnard, Cardinal of Santa Maria in Porticu : (fn. 2)
The Commissioner of the Emperor elect, viz.,—
Mathaeus, Cardinal of St. Angelo ; and
The Commissioner of King Ferdinand the Catholic, viz.,—
Hieronymo de Vich,
conclude the following articles :—
This treaty is to be in force during one year after the date of it.
The Emperor elect and King Ferdinand the Catholic promise, on their imperial and royal word, always to honour and to defend the Holy Father and the Holy Church against all enemies.
The contracting parties bind themselves to act towards one another as true and faithful allies.
The contracting parties bind themselves to assist one another in the defence of their states in Italy. As, however, the Emperor elect is at war with an Italian state, the Pope is not bound to assist him in defending his disputed possessions, but only those which are situated between the river Adda and the territories of Verona.
The contracting parties bind themselves to do all in their power to induce the other princes of Christendom, and especially the King of France, the King of England, &c., to conclude a general peace of the whole of Christendom.— Rome, in the Palace of St. Peter, the 4th of May 1514.
Indorsed : "Copy of the League between the Pope, the Emperor, and King Ferdinand the Catholic."
Latin. Contemporary copy. pp. 4.
7 May.
S. E. Cor. d. Cast. L. 120. f. 232.
175. King Ferdinand The Catholic to Fray Alonzo Lozano.
He is to tell the Pope that he has no reason to complain that he (King Ferdinand) has concluded a truce with France. The Pope has always declared that he wished for peace. The Apostolic See and the duchy of Milan are included in the treaty.
Has more reason to complain of the Pope than the Pope has to complain of him. The Emperor, the King of England, and he undertook the war with France for no other purpose than to defend the Holy Church. It was, therefore, wrong of the Pope to reconcile himself with the King of France without his knowledge.
The Pope complains about the marriage ; (fn. 3) but it is not his (King Ferdinand's) fault that the ambassadors of the Pope have declared in public that they had come to conclude the marriage, when they had not spoken a single word to him on the subject. The Pope seems to be a good man, but he has bad advisers. It is a thing much to be regretted that the Pope has refused to give the Inquisitors canonical preferments at a time when the Inquisition is more needed than ever. —Madrid, the 7th of May 1514.
Addressed : "To the venerable and devout Father Fray Alonzo Lozano, of Madrid."
Spanish. Autograph. pp. 2.


  • 1. Cardinal de Medicis.
  • 2. Bernard de Tarlat, called D'Unce.
  • 3. The marriage of Giuliano de Medicis (?)