Rome: May 1575

Pages 203-205

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2, 1572-1578. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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May 1575

Vat. Arch.
Arm. xliv.
vol. 22. f. 350.
Arm. lii.
vol. 31.
398. Pope Gregory XIII to [Shane Oge] O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone.
Commending his proved faith and charity in these troublous times, and exhorting him to remain steadfast therein.
26 April, 1575. Rome. Latin. Copy.
The like briefs to be sent to Lord Tirconel, Macullian [sic McCoghlan], Lord of Lower Connaught, and Gerard, Earl of Gesmond [sic Desmond].
Vat. Arch.
vol. xciii.
f. 179.
399. Charles [Borromeo], Cardinal of Sta. Prassede to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“As to the present English earl the Nuncio of Spain furnishes me with the testimonial of which you will find herewith a copy; and, as the said earl has craved a letter from me to take with him to Rome, I commend him to you, as likewise all the rest that are exiles from that realm of England, and in many other ways harassed for refusing to abandon the holy Catholic faith.”
6 May, 1575. Milan. Italian.
Ibid. f. 180. 400. Nicholas [Ormanetto], Bishop of Padua to Cardinal [Borromeo].
“The bearer of this will be a very great nobleman of England, by title the Earl of Morley, who is an exile from his country for the Catholic religion's sake. He has lost his property; and his wife and children are in prison. He has been here, and his Majesty has given him pecuniary help. He is going hence to Italy, and will, I believe, go as far as Rome. He is deserving of sympathy and aid. And as he says he must go by way of Milan, I cannot omit to commend him to you, beseeching you to be so good as to give him such countenance and assistance as you may, which will be a very pious work, and one whereby I shall be much beholden to you.”
25 July, 1574. Madrid. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. viii.
p. 235.
401. [Antonio Maria] Salviati, [late] Bishop [of S. Papoul], Nuncio in France to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “Notwithstanding the Queen of England's evasive answer to the King, affairs have since been in course of arrangment, so that the old capitulation is confirmed. Of which confirmation I send you a copy. Likewise the Swiss have confirmed the capitulation which they had with the Crown of France. But they sent ambassadors for the express purpose, differing in that respect from England, all that concerned that country having been arranged by the ordinary ambassador and the King.”
9 May, 1575. Paris. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Arm. xliv.
vol. 22. f. 308.
No. 195.
402. Pope Gregory XIII to all Bishops and other Prelates, &c.:
Greeting, with hearty commendation of Edmund [Tanner], Bishop of Cork, now on his return to Ireland.
12 May, 1575. Rome. Latin. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. v. p. 152.
403. News Letter.
“The deputies of his Majesty went to Breda, where those of the Prince [of Orange] have not yet arrived; and it is said that they will not come, and that they desire to negotiate by writing. The hostages are still here and daily defer their departure, which gives occasion to question whether they will after all arrive there, notwithstanding that it is said that they will depart on the 16th. Anyhow, there is no hope of peace. One must needs say that God has not even yet sufficiently chastised these people.
“The Prince has allowed Mass to be said in Holland and the Calvinists to have the free exercise of their religion; to what end he has so done we know not, unless it be to conciliate everybody. The forts that were besieged by the enemy in Holland have been relieved, which is an excellent thing; and many infantry are going hence thither, so that there will be no more occasion for anxiety.
“We have tidings from England of the discovery of a new sect called Puritans, which has become so numerous that it will not be long before they give trouble to that Queen.”
14 May, 1575. Antwerp. Italian. From Vargas. Forwarded by the Nuncio at Turin to the Cardinal of Como.