Rome: June 1576

Pages 271-272

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2, 1572-1578. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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June 1576

Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. x. f. 179.
522. [Nicholas Ormanetto, Bishop of Padua,] Nuncio in Spain to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“Though to-day it is the vigil of the Easter of the Holy Spirit [Whit Sunday] I have not yet received the King's answer about the affairs of Germany and the remaining business as to the League; but somehow I have learned that it will soon reach me, and also that a courier will be sent to Germany; and moreover that the King has already commended the business of the League to the Emperor, from whom his Catholic Majesty received a letter by a courier that arrived from Germany a few days since; and that the business was to set the King of the Moscovites and the Soffi (fn. 1) in motion against the Turk, and that already a man had been sent to the Soffi, who by this time ought to be well on his way, and that another might have been sent by another route. God grant that matters may go ahead! I fail not to do my part with zeal.
“I am also informed that the pretended [Queen] of England is making ready to aid the Prince of Orange, and in such a sort that we may almost say that she will make open war upon this King; and that she does so against the will of the more part of her Council, against the judgment of Cecil, which will help our business. The King is apprised of all this.”
9 June, 1576. [Madrid.] Decipher. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. Germ.
vol. xcvi.
pp. 23–24.
523. [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como to [John,] Cardinal Moroni, Legate in Germany.
Apprising him that the establishment of a College of Jesuits at Ratisbon has been more than once mooted in the German Congregation, for which purpose the Scots' Monastery in Ratisbon, now tenanted only by a single monk called the Provost, who spends all the revenue, which is very great, and leads a life that is by no means good, seems to be of all places the most suitable. As the monastery is in no way subject to the Senate, there would be no opposition, besides which the Duke of Bavaria, in whose State are most of the sources of the revenues of the monastery, promises to assign them pursuant to his Holiness' order, which, however, to avoid any possible opposition, will be deferred until the close of the Diet. Meanwhile the legate should go to Ratisbon, and dexterously get information as to all matters, for use, so far as may be necessary, in due time. To the Provost, slight though his merit is deemed to be, it will be necessary, for respect to his nation, to assign something by way of douceur, and likewise to the Scottish students in Flanders some little bit of pension. In fine it is thought that of the 1,500 florins which the monastery is worth [by the year] 1,000 might remain for the College to be founded, and 500 be distributed in pension to the Scots. And since these Scots, as appears at large by their memorial, claim rights in many monasteries in Germany, the Pope desires that the truth be ascertained, and endeavour be made to realise them.
9 June, 1576. Rome. Italian. Draft.
Vat. Arch.
Arm. xliv.
vol. 28.
f. 69. no. 130.
524. [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como to [Charles] Count of Berla[y]mont.
Soliciting at the instance of the Pope the Count's aid in accelerating the installation of John Gibbon, Englishman, student in the German College at Rome, in a canonry in the Church of Utrecht, to which the Pope has recently appointed him.
16 June, 1576. Rome. Latin. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. ix. f. 187d.
525. The Same to [Nicholas Ormanetto,] Bishop of Padua, Nuncio in Spain.
… “Did I not know the good will which you bear to Sir Thomas Stucley, I should commend to you his secretary who has just come to this Court with his mandate for the despatch of some of his affairs. But knowing as I do that you will not fail of your own accord to show him all due favour, I will say no more save to place myself entirely at your disposal.”
22 June, 1576. Rome. Italian. Draft for cipher.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. Germ.
vol. xcvi. P. 34.
526. The Same to John, Cardinal Moroni, Legate in Germany.
… “I wrote you word of what the Pope was purposing to do for the establishment in the Scottish monastery at Ratisbon of a Jesuit College; and it should now be the more readily carried into effect by reason of the disappearance, reported by the Nuncio Delfino, of that abbot that was there.
“You will therefore, as soon as you shall deem the time ripe, be able to negotiate this business.”
23 June, 1576. Rome. Italian. Draft.


  • 1. i.e. the Sophy of Persia.