Accredited Diplomatic Agents in Venice

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 1, 1202-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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TABLE No. 7.

Diplomatic Agents accredited by the Crowns of England and Scotland and by Great Britain to the Republic of Venice.
Agent's Name. By whom accredited. Date of Credentials. Date of arrival in Venice. Date of letter of recall. Date of Departure from Venice. Documentary Evidence proving the Appointments, &c, and General Remarks.
Friar Richard, Bishop of Bisaccia (in the Neapolitan territories), chaplain, and of the household of King Robert of Naples. Edward III. 1340 April, 1340 Venice Archives, “Commemoriali.” vol. 3, p. 171.
Anonymous Envoy. Richard II. 1382 February Venice Archives, “Misti Senato,” Vol. 38, p. 12.
Anonymous Ambassadors, two. (Extraordinary) Henry IV. 1406 January 1406–7 Venice Archives;, “Misti Senato” (Miscellaneous Acts of the Senate), vol. 47, p. 91 recto.
Anonymous Envoy. Edward V. 1472 May 21 Venice Archives, “Senato Mar,” vol. 9, p. 134.
Christopher Urswick, Ambassador Extraordinary. Henry VII. 1486–7 1487 St. Mark's Library: Letter from Zaccaria Contarini, Ambassador to the Emperor Maximilian. Date Augsburg, 30 April 1496.
Anonymous Ambassador. Henry VII. December 1502 St. Mark's Library: Sanuto's Diaries, vol. 4, p. 176, 179. Sanuto mentions that the Ambassador was on his return from Hungary; and from another passage in the Diaries, date 31 January 1502–3, it may be inferred that this diplomatist was Dr. Thomas West, that be had accompanied Christopher Urswick to Venice in 1487, and that his mission to Hungary in 1502 concerned Richard de la Pole, or his brother Edmund.
Marco Alvise, Envoy. James IV. of Scotland. 1506 Sanuto's Diaries, vol. 6, p. 331. 30 December 1506.
Anonymous Envoy. Henry VII. December 1508 Sanuto's Diaries, vol. 7, p. 525. This mission concerned wine of Wippach, (3 leagues N of Trieste) for the King's own use.
Sir Thomas Newport and Sir Thomas - [Sheffield?] Knights of Rhodes. Henry VIII. Sept. 3, 1513 Sanuto's Diaries, vol. 17, p. 8–10. These Knights were on their way to Rhodes, and presented letters both of credence and recommendation from Henry VIII. to Doge Loredano.
Richard Pace, Ambassador Lieger (orato-rem legatum ambasiatorem), and Plenipotentiary. Henry VIII. 1522 March 12, London. August 1522 October 1525 Venice Archives: “Patti varij” (miscellaneous unregistered treaties) and Sanuto's Diaries. In the Senate's Registers, Land, date 23 June 1523, Re find Pace requesting the Signory to grant a privilege to the famous Greek scholar Nicolo Leonico Torneo to publish a Latin version of Aristotle's “Parva Naturalia.
Vincent Cassalis (Prothonotary), Ambassador in ordinary. Henry VIII. 1525 January 1525–6 After Sept 1533 St. Mark's Library: Sanuto's Diaries.
Sir Gregory Cassalis, Ambassador Extraordinary. Henry VIII. 1527 June 1527 July 1527 St. Mark's Library: Sanuto's Diaries.
Sir Gregory Cassalis. Cardinal Wolsey. (fn. 1) 1527 August 27, Amboise. Embassy performed at Ferrara on the 15th Nov. 1527. Venice Archives: “Commemoriali,” vol. 21, p. 61.
Richard Croke, and John Stokesley, Bishop elect of London,Ambas-sadors Extraordinary. Henry VIII. 1530 June 1530 August 1530 Venice Archives: “Parti Secreti” (secret motions) Council of Ten, and Sanuto's Diaries.
Sigismund, alias Edmund Harvel. Henry VIII. and Edward VI. 1535–1546 1536 Deceased at Venice, in the parish of St. Jeremiah, January 1549–50. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Prin[cipi,” vol. 1, p. 9. “Deliberazioni Senate” (Senate's decrees), 8 June, 1546. Book of Ceremonies of St. Mark's church, p. 315. Ellis's Letters, series 2, vol. 2, p. 70. Turnbull's Calendar (1547–1553) passim. Information received at Venice in January 1858, from Rev. J. S. Brewer.
Lodovico Dalle Arme, a Venetian nobleman (Agent Extraordinary). Henry VIII. 1546 1546 June. Venice Archives; “Deliberazioni Senato,” 8 June and 17 December 1546.
Peter Vannes Edward VI. and Queen Mary, also Philip and Mary. 1550. 8 August, and 1553. 1550 October. 1556 November. Venice Archives; Register of the Council of Ten, and correspondence.—Letter of the ambassador Giovanni Michiel, date London, 4 January, 1556–57. — Turn-bull's Calendar, passim.
Anthony Browne, first Viscount Montague of England (Ambassador Extraordinary on his return from Rome). Philip and Mary. 1555 1555 June. Venice Archives; Register (Comuni) Council of Ten, and Lord Hardwicke's State Papers, vol. 1, p. 62 to p. 102.
John Ogleby, Baron of Pury (Agent Extraordinary). James VI. of Scotland. 1595 1595 November. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi,” January 23, 1595–6. Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Thomas Birch, vol. 1, p. 407 to p. 421; vol.2, p. 22.
Sir William Keith (Agent Extraordinary). James VI. of Scotland. 1595 30 Sept., Falkland. 1595–6 January. Venice Archives; Communications from the Council of Ten to the Senate 16, 19 January 1595–6, and “Esposizioni Principi,” 25 January 1595–6.—Birch as above, vol. 2, p. 417.
Sir William Keith (2d Mission, Agent Extraordinary). James VI. of Scotland. 1596 31 Dec, Holyrood. 1598 May. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi,” 29 May 1598.
Robert Lord Crichton of Sanquhar. James VI. of Scotland. 1598 1598 August. Venice Archives; vol. 1 “Cerimoniali,” p. 195 tergo, 25 August 1598.
Sir Anthony Standen, Knt. James I. of Great Britain. 1603 25 June, Greenwich. 1603 August. 1603 September. Venice Archives; File, No. 33, letters Kings and Queens of England.
Sir Henry Wotton, Knt. James I. 1604 30 June, West-minster. 1604 September. 1610 13 August, West-minister 1610 December. Venice Archives; File No. 33, letters as above.
Sir Dudley Carleton, Knt James I. 1610 13 Aug., West-minster. 1610 December 1615 4 Sept., Windsor. 1615 October. Venice Archives; File No. 33, as above; and File “Esposizioni Principi.”
Sir Henry Wotton (2d mission). James I. 1615–16 4 Jan., West-minster. 1616 June, 1619 7 March, West-minster. 1619 May. (fn. 2) Venice Archives; File “Esposizioni Principi,” and File No. 33, as above.
Gregorio Monti (a Venetian), Secretary resident Sir Henry Wotton. 1619 5 May. “Esposizioni Principi” passim.
Sir Henry Wotton (3d mission). James I. 1620 3 June, Greenwich. 1621 March. 1623 20 May, Greenwich. 1623 September. Venice Archives; File No. 33 as above, and File “Esposizioni Principi.”
Sir Izaak Wake James I. 1624 31 March. 1624 December. 1628 October. Venice Archives; File “Esposizioni Principi.”
James Hat Earl of Carlisle, Ambassador Extraordinary. Charles I. 1628 10 April. 1628 29 August. 1628 October. ” ”
Thomas Rowlanson, Secretary Resident. Sir Izaak Wake and Charles I. 1629 13 Jan., Turin, and 1631 31 July, Greenwich. 1624 December, as secretary to Sir Izaak Wake. 1634 17 Sept. Theobalds. 1636 April ” ”
Jerome Weston (son of the Lord Treasurer), Ambassador Extraordinary. Charles I. 1632 15 July, Oatlands. 1632 November. 1632 November. ” ”
Basil Viscount Fielding, Ambassador Extraordinary. Charles I. 1634 14 Sept. 1635 February. 1637 28 Nov., West-minster. 1638 March. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi.” Register.
Gilbert Talbot, Secretary Resident. Viscount Fielding. 1638 8 March, Venice. Query, as secretary with Lord Fielding in February 1635. Superseded by the return of Lord Fielding in February 1639. After Lord Fielding's return as Ambassador in Feb. 1638–9, Talbot remained as his secretary. ” ”
Viscount Fielding, Ambassador Extraordinary. Charles I. 1638–9 18 Jan., Westminster. 1638–9 February. 1638–9 4 February, Westminster. 1639 April. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi.” Files.
Gilbert Talbot, Secretary Resident. Viscount Fielding. 1639 15 April Venice. Qu. With Lord Fielding as secretary in February 1635. 1644 27 May. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi.” Register.
Sir Gilbert Talbot, Envoy. Charles I. 1644–5 5 Jan. Oxford. 1645 April 1645 May. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi.” Files.
Thomas Killigrew, Resident. Charles II. 1649 26 Aug. St. Germain. 1649–50 Feb. 1652 14 March Paris. 1652 27 June. ” ”
Thomas Bellasis Viscount Fauconberg, Ambassador Extraordinary. Charles II 1669–70 2 Jan. Westminster. 1670 June. 1670 Sept. ” ”
John Doddington, Secretary Resident. Charles II. 1670 16 Sept. Westminster. 1670 June, as secretary to Lord Fauconberg. 1672; 29 April West-minster. 1672 Nov. ” ”
Sir Thomas Higgons, Knt.,M.P. Envoy Extraordinary. Charles II. 1673 3 Sept West-minster. 1674 July. 1677; May. ” ”
Bevill Skelton, Esq., Envoy Extraordinary. James II. 1668–89 26 Feb. St. Germain. 1689 May. 1689 27 May. ” ”
Charles Montague fourth Earl (first Duke) of Manchester, Ambassador Extraordinary. William III. 1697 21 April Kensington 1697 Dec. 1698 22 March. ” ”
Charles Montague; Earl of Manchester. (2nd mission,) Ambassador Extraordinary. Queen Anne 1706–7 20 Jan. Kensington 1707 4 July. 1708, 20 July Windsor. 1708 Sept. ” ”
Christian Cole, Secretary Resident. Queen Anne 1708 31 July Windsor 1707 July, as secretary to the Earl of Manchester. 1713 30 Nov. Windsor. 1714 Aug. ” ”
Christian Cole, Esq., Secretary Resident (2nd mission). George I. 1715 May. 1715 3 Aug. St. James'. 1715 Sept. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Prin-cipi.” Files.
Alexander Cunningham, Esq., Secretary Resident. George I. 1716 prior to June. 1719 8 & 9 May St. James'. 1719 19 Oct. ” ”
Elizeus Burgess, Esq., Secretary Resident. George I. 1719 8 & 9 May St. James'. 1719 Oct. 1721 31 Oct. St. James'. 1722 March. ” ”
Ferdinand Crivelli, Agent. George I. 1726 8 & 19 Feb. St. James”. 1726 Dec. ” ”
Colonel Elizeus, Burges, Secretary Resident. George II. 1728 18 Dec. Died at Venice on the evening of Wednesday the 14th Nov. 1736, and his tombstone is yet visible within the fortress of S. Nicolò on the Lido. The ambassadorial statements from 1722 to 1733 make it appear that during that interval the Consul Neil Brown acted occasionally as Charge d'affaires. In the ambassadorial statements from 1739 to 1743 there is no mention of any diplomatic or commercial agent accredited by Great Britain to the Republic of Venice during that interval.
Robert D'arcy, fourth Earl of Holderness. Ambassador Extraordinary. George II. 1744 31 June Kensington. 1744 29 Oct. 1745 25 March St. James'. 1745 30 April. Venice Archives; “Eposizioni Principi.” Files, and file No. 33, letters Kings and Queens of England.
Sir James Gray, Bart., Secretary Resident. George II. 1746 17 March St. James'. 1746 May. 1753 24 Sept. 1753, 27 Nov. ” ”
John Murray, Esq., Secretary Resident. George II. 1754 19 July Kensington 1754 14 Dec. 1765 26 Nov. St. James'. 1766 5 May. ” ”
Charles Compton, seventh Earl of Northampton, Ambassador Extraordinary. George III. 1762 26 Aug. St. James'. 1762 Oct. 1763 8 May St. James'. 1763 June. ” ”
Sir James Wright, Bart, Secretary Resident. George III. 1766 4 July. St. James'. 1766 Oct. 1773 15 Oct. St. James'. 1773 June. Venice Archives”; “Esposizioni Principi.” Files, and file No. 33, letters Kings and Queens of England.
During the absence of Sir James Wright, from June 1769 to August 1771, the post of Chargé d'affaires at Venice was filled by Sir Robert Richie, and on the final departure of Sir James Wright, in June 1769, the Consul John Udny acted as Charge d'affaires until the arrival of John Strange in Sept. 1774. (fn. 3)
John Strange, Esq. Secretary Resident. George III. 1773 15 Oct. St. James'. 1774 Sept. 1790 25 Feb. St. James'. 1786 3 April. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Prin-cipi.” Files, and tile No 34, letters Kings and Queens of England.
Sir Francis Vincent, Bart. Secretary Resident. George III. 1790 25 Feb. St. James' 1790 30 June Died (apparently in the neighbourhood of Venice) on the 17th August 1791, and his tombstone is yet visible within the fortress of St. Nicolo on the Lido. ” ”
Sir Richard Wolsey, Bart., Secretary Resident. George III. 1793 24 Oct. St. James'. 1793 5 Dec. 1797 12 May with a pass port signed by the French secretary Villetard. Venice Archives; “Esposizioni Principi.” Files, and file No. 34, letters Kings and Queens of England; and printed volumes entitled “Memoria degli ultimi otto anni della Repubblica di Venezia.” London, 1798, pp. 376, 377.


  • 1. Wolsey, in this “large commission to Gregory de Cassalis,” styling himself, among his other titles, the King's Lieutenant-General, and reciting that Henry VIII. had appointed him to that office, and had granted him the amplest diplomatic powers to treat and conclude with every Sovereign of Christendom, “cum facilitate et aucloritate substituendi quamcumque personam idoneam esss censuerimus, then proceeds: “Notum facimus quod nos plene confidentes de probitate, fide, prudentia, circumspectione, industriaque magnifici Domini Gregory Equitis Casalis eiusdem Serenissimi Regis consiliarij, eum vigore predicti nostri mandati verum ac legitimum deputatum nostrum, constituimus per præsentes, plenamque facultatem ei dedimus et concessimus, ac tenore præsentium damus et concedimus,” etc. etc.
  • 2. On the 5th May, 1619, Sir Henry Wotton, on taking leave, presented the Venetian, Gregorio Monti, to the Signory as secretary; in which capacity he acted until Wotton's return in March, 1621. Monti died at Venice, in February 1621–2. (See Esposizioni Principi.) In the “Esposizioni Principi,” date 5 May, 1619, the precise words of Wotton, on his taking leave of Doge Antonio Priuli, and accrediting Monti, are recorded thus: “Lascierò di quà Gregorio de Monti, persona assai prattica e discreta, “della Serà. Vra ben conosciuta, che supplirà a quanto potesse occorrer; anzi in ciò può comprender la “nostra sincere intentione, e può veder il nostro sincero proceder, quando si valemo de' proprij suoi “sudditi senz' ombra o gelosia di sorte alcuna.” At the close of his audience, Wotton added: “Desidcro “poi che resti fermato questo punto del rimaner Gregorio Monti, al quale la Serenità vostra si com-“piacerà dar grata audienza in quelle cose che occorreranno.” The Doge replied: “Il Secretario Monti “sura sempre ben veduto per parte di chi rappresenta, come richiede l'osservanza verso il Re suo Signore; “e passando l'ambasciatore altre parole di complimento, e presentato il Secretario Gregorio Monti, prese “l'ambasciatore licenza e partì.” In date 2 August 1619, Monti announced to the Doge the receipt of a letter from the secretary, Sir Robert Naunton, (a proof that Wotton's appointment had been acknowledged at home,) and he added that he did not understand one word of English, and that he had had the letter translated “dal solito mio mercante.” In 1850, Mr. Geo. Tomline printed for the Roxburghe Club some of Monti's letters, written from Venice to Sir Robt. Naunton, in this very year 1619.
  • 3. By the letters of the secretary Luigi Ballarin, written from Venice to the ambassador Dolfin in Paris, date 14 Feb. 1784, it appears that for resigning the post of Secretary Resident, Sir James Wright received from his successor an annuity of 300l. (See Lr. No. 185 MS. in the possession of Cavr. Toderini.)