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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 10, 1603-1607. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Badoer, Angelo, or Anzolo, Venetian Ambassador in France, despatches from, to Doge and Senate, 77, 93, 98, 99, 100, 107, 108, 114, 124, 137, 138, 139, 148, 154, 161, 168, 179, 183, 189, 200, 203, 206, 212, 215, 222, 228, 234, 235, 239, 240, 244, 245, 247, 249, 258, 264, 265, 270, 308, 319, 320, 327, 335, 343, 351, 359. 370 375, 395, 402.

-, -, complimented and thanked by Doge and Senate, 137 and note.

-, Gianbattista, supercargo of the “Marubbin,” deposition by, 156.

Bailo, the, at Constantinople. See Contarini, Francesco, Venetian Ambassador. Cf. 269, 736.

Balance of power, Cecil's views on, 147.

Balbani, Angelo, Italian merchant in London, 260, cf. 35.

Balbi, Ser Nicolo, order for arrest of, 349,

on charge of murdering Englishman, 371, 379, 387, 388, 400, 409;

acquitted, 414, 417, 419, 429, 439, 447n, 615n.

“Balbi.” See Ships.

“Balbiana.” See Ships.

Baldwin, William, Jesuit priest, a Gunpowder Plot conspirator, 496, and note, 497;

released by Archduke, 499, 501. 520.

Balfour, Sir Michael, Lord Balfour of Burleigh, his mission to Italy, 190, 200, 259.

Balio, M. di, Chevalier, 494.

Ball, John, Irish, conspirator, 550, and note;

taken out of Spanish embassy, 553;

to be released, 556, 558, 560, 562, 565, 569, 581, 599, 632.

Balmerino, Lord. See Elphinstone.

Balsac d'Entragues, Catherine de. See Stuart.

-, Catherine Henriette, Marquise de Verneuil, daughter of Francois d'Entragues, “mistress” of Henry IV., mentioned, 189 note;

her plot, 235, 239;

banished to Verneuil, 244;

her case, 308, 320;

her kinship to the Duke of Lennox, 327 and note;

who intercedes for, 335,

with success, 351.

-, François de, father of the Marquise de Verneuil, his plot to obtain recognition of her son as Dauphin of France, 235;

anger of Queen, 244;

proof of his intrigue with Spain, 320;

his kinship to the Duke of Lennox, 328 note, the Duke intercedes for, 335;

condemned to death, respited to please the Duke of Lennox, 343,

and pardoned, 351,

confined to own house, 370.

Bancroft, Richard, Bishop of London, attends Queen's death bed, 32;

his translation to See of Canterbury expected, 199,

effected, after dispute between King and Chanter, 288;

proposition to make, primate of “Great Britain,” 312;

coerces Puritans, 347;

Earl of Northumberland confined in his palace, 445;

licenses a “broadsheet” suppressed at request of Venetian Ambassador, 730, 731.

Bar, Duchess of. See Catherine de Bourbon.

-, Henry, Duke of, his marriage, 578.

Barbarigo, Piero, Councillor, 616.

-, Ser Nicolo, 739 (p. 524).

Barbary, communications between, and Turkish capital, rare, 13;

saltpetre obtained from, 36;

a resort of pirates, 51, 69, 125, 170;

horses exported from, for King James, 141;

English trade with, 190;

mentioned, 220, 236, 237;

a “berton,” captured by English pirates, taken to, 681.

-, See also Algiers.

Barilla, 337 and note.

Barneveldt, M. de. See Olden-Barneveldt.

Baronius, Cardinal, his attack on Sir Henry Wotton, 505, 547;

roposed interlinear reply to, 642.

Basadonna, Giovanni, 518.

“Basilikon Doron,” 22n;

translated into French with King's consent, 93;

put on Index, 459.

Basing, King at, 113.

Bates, John, his case, 503, 517 and notes. See “Currant Tax.”

Bath, Order of, creations in, 105, 332.

Baynham, Edward, Knt., conspirator, his mission to Rome, 510 and note.

Beaton, James, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow, Scottish Ambassador, in Paris, 26;

his death, 38, 102.

Beauchamp, Lord. See Seymour.

Beaumont, M. de. See Harlay, Christophe de.

Bedda (Buggia), port of, near Tunis, 237.

Bedell Bishop, sometime chaplain to Sir Henry Wotton, 641n.

Beglierbey, of Cyprus, orders to, from Sultan, 134.

-, of Tunis, 42, 85.

Belgrade, 256.

Bellarmine, Cardinal, forecast of his book, “De Militia Ecclesiastica,” 505;

the book studied by King James, 532,

studied at Venice, 533,

in Scotland, 659.

Bellegno, —, a captain of galley slaves at Zante, 88.

Belt, The, 73.

Bembo, Zuanne, “Captain-General of the Sea,” instructions for, re English shipping, 729.

Benedictines, Italian, in England, 77.

Benevento, Count of, Viceroy of Naples 481.

Bennet, Robert, Bishop of Hereford, 384 and note.

Berenger, Baringier, Antonio, Vice-Consul 53.

Bergamo, 299.

Bergen, Count of, 615.

Bergen-op-Zoom, garrisoned by Scottish regiment, 527;

threatened by Spinola, 547, 550, 573.

relieved by Due de Rohan, 579;

rumoured capture of, by Spinola, 579.

Bern, letter dated at, 644.

Bertoni, 3, 7, 9, 14, 15, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29, 51, 85, 88, 152, 156, 195, 272, 284, 285, 302, 311, 336, 338, 437, 448, 470, 493, 494, 634, 681, 682.

Berwick on Tweed, James I. at, 12;

its importance, 739 (p. 506).

Béthune, Maximilien de, Marquis de Rosny, Due de Sully, appointed Ambassador Extraordinary from France, to James I., a Huguenot, 17, 28, 55;

his “Mémoires” cited, 55 note;

Papal Nuncio opposed to his appointment, 28;

and secures that he be instructed to recommend James to become Roman Catholic, 68;

awaits instructions, 38, 55,

receives them, 64;

his arrival anxiously awaited by “English” section of Privy Council, 73;

arrives, 78;

accompanied to Dover by Governor of Calais, and escorted by English Vice Admiral, who, however, fires on Governor's ship, 81, 86;

to wear mourning for late Queen, at first audience, changes it for “fantastic costume,” when received in audience at Greenwich;

his constant communications with, and support of, Dutch Ambassadors in England, 81;

anxious to conclude mission, “all the affairs of France” being “on his shoulders,” 81;

reports to his master, 86;

confers with commissioners, takes his leave, 87;

results of mission, presents bestowed on, 90;

expresses gratitude for favours shewn his brother (Philippe), 90;

recommends Roman Catholics to King James, 91;

omits to visit Ambassador of Archduke, leaves before Queen's arrival, 91;

speculation in Paris, as to results of mission, 93;

Henry IV.'s account of, reported, 98;

further account of, 100, 107;

précis of actual text of agreement, 118;

presents left by, in England, 127;

proposes match between Dauphin and Elizabeth (of Bohemia), 136;

his neglect of English Ministers, his negotiations conducted with King James in person;

ill results of neglect, 139, 141;

terms of treaty negotiated by, 147;

text of, 161, 162;

his action re payments to Dutch, 168, 200;

greater honours for Spanish Ambassador, than were accorded him, 207;

his correspondence with Henry IV. betrayed to Spain, 215,

consequent desire of King for war checked by, 222;

treaty negotiated by, not contravened by Anglo-Spanish treaty, 259;

recommends surprize of Gravelines and Dunquerque, 264;

his view of effect on validity of treaty, of King James' change of style, 301;

lavish (1605) in support of Dutch, 319;

complains of clause in Anglo-Spanish treaty, 343;

agrees with Villeroy (1607) as to small reliance to be placed by Venice on

English aid;

foretells ruin of Spain if deprived of Indies, 687, 688;

deprecates reliance on King James;

disavows M. de Fresne's suggestion of a Franco-Venetian league, 711;

historical review of his negotiations in England, 739 (p. 518).

-, Philippe dè, Comte de Seiles and de Charost, brother of above, Ambassador to James I., in Scotland, his brother's gratitude for favours shewn to, 90.

Bianchini, Giovanni. See King, John.

Bible, the, new translation of, the “suggestion of a devilish spirit,” 312.

-, - , in Spain, 246.

Biffi, or Biffis, Gian Domenico, Venetian Consul at Lepanto, despatch from, to Doge, 681;

fails to obtain satisfaction from Turks for cargo burnt by pirates, 676.

Bilbao, bankrupt stock of artillery at, to be utilized by Sir Anthony Sherley, 698.

Bills of mortality, 55. See Plague.

Bilson, Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Winchester, candidate for See of Canterbury, 199 and note.

Birch, “Court and Times of James I.,” cited, 456, 517, 652.

Birch, “Historical View,” cited, 427n, 436n, 523n, 524n, 550n, 632n.

Biretta, 347.

Biron, Marshal de, love letters of, to Marquise de Verneuil, 320.

Biscay, 141, 346.

Biserta, pirates at, 125, 170.

Blackwell, George, “Archpriest,” 397n;

Pope's instructions to, 432;

a would be successor to, 491.

Blanco, Cape, 196.

Blankets. See Trade.

Blount, Charles, Lord Mountjoy, Earl of Devon, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, sworn of Privy Council (1603), 34;

arrives in London, with Tyrone, 78;

a Commissioner to confer with M. d'e Rosny, 87;

created Earl of Devon, for King's Coronation, 105n;

appointed Ambassador to Spain, 160;

Anglo-Spanish peace Commissioner, 229;

escorts the Constable of Castille to Court, 266;

present to, from Archduke, 365;

appointed to command against rebels on discovery of Gunpowder Plot, 445, 447;

a Commissioner to attend examinations of prisoners concerned in plot, 454.

Bluch, Baron. See Buccleugh.

Boderie, M. de la. See Le Fevre de la Boderie.

Boleyn, Anne, her execution parallel to Mary Queen of Scots, 22.

Bologna, degree taken at, 147;

mentioned, 552, 708.

Bon, Ottaviano, Venetian Ambassador in Turkey, despatches from to Doge and Senate, 293, 322, 329, 342, 350, 437, 466, 470, 477, 485, 493, 508, 528, 567, 640, 649, 650, 657, 700, 712, 724.

“Bonaventura.” See Ships.

Bonham, Edmund, “pirate,” 146.

Book suppressed by Cecil's intervention, 368, 374.

Borough, the. See Southwark.

Bors (?) —, See Bower.

Bothwell, Earl of. See Stewart.

Botte, 337 and note.

Bouillon, Duke of. See Tour d'Auvergne.

Boulogne Conference, the, references to, 73, 227.

Bourbon, Cæsare de, bastard of Henry IV., 73.

-, M. de, Ambassador to England from Duke of Lorraine, 104.

Bow and arrow, English use of, 739 (p. 505).

Bower (Bors, Bour, Buer), Captain, his piracy, 26, 54, 55, 221, 232.

Bowes, George, and his gold mine in Scotland, 341 and note.

Brabant, States of. See Netherlands, United.

Bracciano, Duke of. See Orsini.

Brachia, Brasich, Brazzo, Robert an Englishman, master of the “berton” “Thomas William Good Fortune,” deposition by, 3, 4;

mentioned, 419.

Brandenburg, Marquis of, precedence of his Ambassador, 40,

who is lodged at English expense, 111;

gentleman of his House in England, 599;

claims of, jure uxoris to Cleves succession, 625.

Brandolin, Abbé otherwise the Abbé of Nervesa, a criminous clerk, dealt with by the civil power, his case provoking the dispute between Venice and the Pope, 554, 736, and notes.

Brasich, Robert. See Brachia.

Brazzo, Capt. Robert. See Brachia.

Brazzo di Maina, 273, 289.

Bremen, threatened by Denmark, English intervention sought, 251.

Brenta, Oriago on the, 615n.

Brescia, 151, 299, 524.

Breves, de. See Savari, François.

Bridgwater, floods at, 680n.

Brief of Pope Paul V., addressed to English Roman Catholics, 666, 667;

a menace to King James, 675;

his lively resentment of it, 689, 699, 700.

Brill, mortgaged to English, proposed permanent retention of, 73;

surrender of, to Spain required, 213, 233;

to remain in possession of English, 242;

provision for its defence, 474. See also “Cautionary towns.”

Bristol, floods at, 680n.

Britain. See Great Britain.

Brittany, 370.

Broadcloth, exported from England, 3.

Broadgate, —, Captain of H.M.S. “Adventure,” 436 and note.

Broadsheet,” suppressed in London, 730, 731.

Brochiero, Diego, Don, to command Spanish fleet, 460.

Brome, Andrew, 129.

Brooke, George, brother of the Lord Cobham, arrested, 101;

executed, 175.

Brooke, Henry, Lord Cobham, employed in peace negotiations with Flanders, 36;

arrested as concerned in Raleigh's plot, 101;

his relations with the Ambassador of the Archduke, 124,

and with Arabella Stuart, discovered, 164;

his sentence, 167;

the method of his reprieve, 175.

Brown. William, English sea-captain in the Levant, 57.

Browne, Anthony Maria, Viscount Montagu, Roman Catholic, sent to Tower, 454;

fined 4,000l., 538 and note.

Bruce, Edward, Lord Kinloss, his intimacy with King James, sworn of Privy Council, 22 and note;

report of conversation with, and praise of, 36;

appointed Master of the Rolls, 55;

his foreign, policy, 55;

supports Venetian Agent in repression of English, piracy, 72;

a commissioner to confer with M. de Rosny, 87.

Bruges, amnesty published at (1603), 36;

Archduke at, 251.

Brunswick, Duke of, Ambassador from, In England (1603), 96;

lodged at King's charges as the Envoy of a relative, 97;

attends coronation, 105;

lodged and boarded at Kingston, 111;

at banquet, takes leave, 113;

Ambassador from, in England (1606), to ask help for siege of Brunswick, granted, 464.

Brussels, 90, 191, 368, 524, 547, 565, 678, 738.

-, despatch dated from, 180.

Buccleugh (Blach, Bluch, Buclù), Baron. See Scott.

Buchanan, George, tutor to King James, the King's allusion to, 78.

Buckhurst, Lord. See Sackville. Thomas.

Buckinghamshire election, 205, 207, 214.

Bucquoy, Count de, in command of Spanish at siege of Ostend, 248.

Buer, —, English pirate in the Levant. See Bower.

Buffalo, Inocentio dal, Papal Nuncio in Paris, his action re de Rosny's mission, 28, 68;

his Agent in England, 104, 111;

freedom of worship in Embassies, question of, raised by, 131;

letters to, from England, intercepted, 213, 259;

his anxiety to repel belief of Papal sanction of Gunpowder Plot, 450, 472;

informs Pope of English pledge to support Venice, 590.

Buggia. See Bedda.

Bull-baiting at Tower, 201.

Buller, Buler, George, English Consul in Patras, in league with pirates, 681.

Bully, Pule, —, English seaman in the Levant, 303, 338, 352.

Burgundy, precedence of Ambassadors of ancient Dukes of, over Venetian representatives, 40;

the seventeen provinces of the Duchy of, to be recognized as a Protectorate under the Archduke, 73;

France exposed to attack from side of, 90;

ancient English alliance with Dukes of, 136;

liberties accorded by rulers of the. House of, the maximum of Dutch requirement, 268;

ancient precedency of, claimed by the Archduke Albert, 502.

Burleigh, Lord. See Balfour.

Burton, Francis, “broadsheet” printed for, at London, 731.

Buso, Francesco, deposition by, 58.

Bywater, Thomas, Puritan, his arrest by the King's orders, 352 and note;

his book condemning the King's conduct, 355 and note.