Venice: May 1509

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2, 1509-1519. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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'Venice: May 1509', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2, 1509-1519, (London, 1867) pp. 1-2. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

May 1509

A.D. 1509.
1509. May 25. Sanuto Diaries, v. viii. p. 243. 1. Receipt of Letters from the Ambassador Andrea Badoer, dated London, 26th and 28th April. Had furnished himself with gowns and plate. Wants a cipher. Had drawn on Venice in two bills of exchange for 500 ducats. The new King was a worthy King; he had received the allegiance of the whole kingdom, with the exception of two individuals, one of whom is a certain president of Scotland and supposed to be an agent of the King of France. This result may cause the King of England to take up arms against France, for he is already greatly inclined so to do.
Receipt of other letters from Agostin da Mulla, captain of the Flanders galleys, dated Hampton, 22nd April. He was unable to depart, by reason of the foul weather. Would endeavour to make haste, on account of the troublous times. Had hired a bark as convoy.
May 30. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xli. p. 195 tergo. 2. The Doge and Senate to Andrea Badoer, Ambassador in England.
In date of the 16th wrote to him of the rout, rather than defeat, of their troops by the French army, and in what manner he was to negotiate with the King of England. Inform him (Badoer) that the King of France has advanced farther, and is now master of all the Signory's cities and places in Lombardy, as far as the Mincio, from which territory he will derive a considerable revenue. Deep anxiety of the State, as all the French projects will doubtless succeed, unless some mode of prevention be devised by the Christian powers, each of whom should well ponder the power of France, now augmented by the present advantages obtained over Venice. Are of opinion that this consideration must impress itself on the King of England, both from personal interest and because he is well acquainted with the nature of the French, so that he should wisely provide against so many imminent misfortunes. He (Badoer) is to see the King, and, placing well before him all the aforesaid dangers, especially those which threaten his own territory, to beseech him no longer to delay making diversions in those parts; England being well supplied with brave and able men, whilst the King's own endowments also furnish all the requisites for such an object. Desire him to have frequent audience of the King, so as to kindle and encourage him to do as above; and the State will not fail to make every effort for the preservation of the rest of its territory.
[Italian, 32 lines.]
May 31. Misti Consiglio X. v. xxxii. p. 109. 3. Decree of the College for the acceptance of bills of exchange for 280 ducats, of the 480 drawn by the ambassador in England on the Foscari and Balbi, payable proportionally. The remaining 200 ducats to be disbursed in London out of the 400 ducats remitted to the said ambassador.
Ayes, 16, 0, 0.
[Italian, 3 lines.]
May 31. Ib. 4. Decree of the Council of Ten, with the Money-Junta, that the bills of exchange of Andrea Badoer, ambassador to the King of England, drawn on the noblemen of Cà Foscari and Balbi, be paid.
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