Venice: May 1513

Pages 101-103

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2, 1509-1519. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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May 1513

May 3. Sannto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 186. 239. Lorenzo Pasqualigo, Merchant of Venice, to his Brothers.
Dated London, 23 March 1513.
The King had sent out 70 ships, with 20,000 men in all, efficient and in good order. Is of opinion the French will not dare show themselves, as the English would give them the worst of it, as is their wont. The King said he should cross in May with as great a power as any of his predecessors, and with such pomp and outlay of money (of which he had no lack), that the like was never seen. Besides his English troops, he had 10,000 lansquenets and men-at-arms on horseback from the province of Hainault and from Germany, already on their march; and he was making such great provision for the war, that it was a marvel; and it was said he would go to Paris. Prays God that he may do what shall be for the best. Had repeatedly written to them to inform the Signory that the King was anxious for a letter from the State, and that one should be written. Had received for answer that this should be done, yet no letter was sent; and he was daily asked for it, and knew not what to reply. The ambassador Badoer was likewise without letters; and it was in truth monstrous that when the King or his ministers ask about anything, they should be at a loss for an answer. Does not know where the blame should rest, unless it proceed from holding English matters in small account, which will assuredly prove mischievous. Venice might have England for her friend for paper without farther cost, and yet does not choose to do so. Will say no more—they are sage, and he leaves the matter in their hands.
May 9. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 197. 240. Venetian Ambassador at Rome to the State.
Dated 5th May.
Receipt by the papal court of letters from England, dated 8th, 11th, and 18th April, concerning the very great preparations making by the King against France, and about the departure of his fleet in good order; it being his intention to cross in person. Also that he was in league with the Emperor, to whom he was giving 100,000 crowns, to attack France in the other direction. Considers this intelligence of the greatest possible importance, yet the Pope made no change on this account, and remains neutral.
May 10. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 205. 241. Andrea Badoer to his son-in-law, Francesco Gradenigo.
Dated London, 13th March to 11th April.
Already, on the 13th March, the English fleet against France was at sea, numbering upwards of 50 sail. The smallest of 18 butts, ten of from 800 to 1,500, and 20 of 400 butts and upwards, having good soldiers on board, besides seamen. The King was to cross in May with not less than 40,000 men; and those who were to accompany him had got their camp equipage in readiness.
By the second letter, dated 11th April, announces having received the Signory's missive on the 2nd, by way of Home; had been to the King, and replied in great haste according to the tenour of his despatch to the State. (fn. 1)
By a third letter, expresses his wish for a speedy reply to his despatch of the 11th, that he may know what he is to do, as the King would assuredly depart in forty days at the farthest, and he should not follow him without orders and [pecuniary] supply from the Signory. Apologizes for this, on the plea of being destitute of money, and of any outfit requisite for a person going to the wars. Says he must remain behind; that all the others who were going had already prepared their weapons, horses, attendants, baggage wagons, tents, and provisions; and that in a week the Earl of Shrewsbury was expected with 12,000 men, who were to encamp under canvas outside London. Other noblemen likewise were mustering their forces from day to day, so that if not on shipboard by the 20th May, the departure would take place shortly after.
May 12. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 213. 242. Venetian Ambassador at Rome to the State.
Bated 8th May.
Receipt there of letters from France from the Cardinal of Nantes, dated Blois, 26th April . . . . That the King was sending three ambassadors to Spain to make peace with King Ferdinand, who wished for it, and had recalled some ships of his then serving with the English fleet, the crews of which had landed in Britanny, and at other places, but had been repulsed.
May 12. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 214. 243. Statement made in the College by the Spanish Ambassador, Count of Cariati.
That he had received letters from the Viceroy in date of Piacenza, how the King of England, the Emperor, and his Catholic Highness, had made a league together, including the Duke of Milan and the Switzers. He then added that the report of a truce for one year between his King and the King of France was untrue.
May 17. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 240. 244. Venetian Ambassador at Rome to the State.
Dated 13th and 14th May.
Announces receipt there of letters from France, dated Blois, 3rd instant. That the English fleet had put to sea to attack France, and that Prejean with six galleys had taken two English ships, and was gone to relieve a certain harbour which the English had blockaded.
May 20. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 245. 245. Statement made in the Venetian College by the Papal envoy, who showed a letter received by him from Florence, dated 15th, giving the contents of a letter from Blois, in date of the 3rd, how the English and French fleets fought a battle, of which the English had the worst, one of their great men being missing; so they sent to ask him of the French, who had him not; then they dragged (fo pescà), and a body was found, apparently that of a man of rank.
May 23. Sanuto Diaries, v. xvi. p. 262. 246. Venetian Ambassador at Rome to the State.
Dated 19th and 20th.
The English and French fleets had fought a battle to the disadvantage of the former, and an English captain was missing.


  • 1. The summary of the public despatch does not exist in the Diaries of Sanuto, who merely mentions having read the private letter addressed by Badoer to his son-in-law.