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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 24, 1636-1639. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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Aberdeen, Lavardino, co. Aberdeen, Scotland :

force sent against Huntly at, 520
-, captured by Covenanters, 524.

Abram, merchantman :

exports currants from Zante, 453-455.

Abthorpe, co. Northampton :

Charles writes to Arundel and Leicester from, 51n.

Acher. See Hacker.

acids :

English wish to export from Levant, duty free, 29, 30.

Acua, Antonio de, viscount de Crecente, Spanish ambassador at Venice :

asks for arrest of William Agostini, 444.

Admiral, lord High :

reserved for James duke of York, 394
-, Northumberland appointed, 394, and installed, 398.

-, Dunkirk. See Colaert, Jacques
-, Hoces, Lope de.

-, Dutch. See Coin, Jan
-, Dorp, Philip van
-, Jol, Cornelius
-, Kats, Joris van
-, Tromp, Martin
-, Witte, Cornelis.

-, English. See Mansell, Sir Robert
-, Pennington, Sir John
-, Percy, Algernon, earl of Northumberland
-, Rainsborough, William.

-, French. See Sourdis, Henry d'Escoubleau de, archbishop of Bordeaux
-, Lorraine, Henry de, comte d'Harcourt.

-, Spanish. See Castro, Andrea de
-, Enriquez, Juan Alonso
-, Oquendo, Antonio de
-, Toledo, Garcia, marquis of Villafranca.

Admiralty :

commissioners of the, Oate Stewart case referred to, 384
-, Oate urges despatch of case, 396.

Court :

cases of reprisals referred to, 467.

-, judge of. See Marten, Sir Henry.

Adriatic, Gulf, 436 :

Venetian lordship over, 19
-, Graswinckle writes in favour of, 214
-, granted by pope, 394n.

Venice asserts intention to uphold lordship, 228, 246, 330.

Ragusan trade infringes Venetian rights in, 329.

Graswinckle asked to respect Venetian claims, 414
-, Graswinckle revises passages on, 431
-, his undertaking about, 517.

raid of pirates into, 444n.

Aerssens, Arsem, Harsem, Francis, lord of Sommelsdijk, Dutch ambassador extraordinary to England :

selected, to excuse attack in Downs, 592
-, departure pressed, 593.

held up by contrary winds, 595
-, arrives, public entry, 596
-, first audience, 597
-, stratagem to obtain audience, 601.

to remonstrate at return of Spanish ships and men, 597
-, complains of help given to Spaniards, 599, 602.

justifies action in Downs, 597
-, further audience delayed, 598
-, further audience of justification, 599.

asked to put proposals in writing, 600
-, much helped by queen, 601
-, puts in written proposals, 603.

relations with other ambassadors, 600, 603
-, makes self very agreeable to king, 603.

tries to improve terms for Dutch, 603
-, expected delays in negotiations, 604.

opposes use of English ships to take men and money to Spain, 606.

Africa, 294, 400.

agents. See under ambassadors.

Agli, Aiglie, Count Philip d' :

Fielding will not treat with, 406.

Augstini, Agostini, Gieronimo, secretary of the Ambassador Giustinian :

Zonca detained until arrival, 445
-, Giustinian asks for speedy despatch, 456.

gratuity for equipment and journey, 509
-, reaches London, 544.

sent to pay respects to Aerssens, 600.

Aiglie. See Aglie.

Aitzema, Foppius van, Dutch minister in Germany :

Bavaria refuses interview to, Arundel will not discuss cooperation with Spain against Dutch with, 79.

encourages belief of coalition against Spain, 103.

negotiations to get Mrs made principality, 135n.

Albert, Charles d', duke of Luynes, Luines :

Herbert challenged to a duel, 363.

Aleppo, Syria :

consulship at Cyprus subject to, 431n.

Alexander, William, earl of Stirling, Sterlin :

Panzani cultivates, 302n
-, loyalty suspected, arrest anticipated, 533.

Alexandretta, Iskanderun, Scanderoon [Syria] :

English cloth trade at, 361.

Algiers, North Africa :

Morocco suggests joint attack on, 377.

rich English ship carried off to, 377.

attack abandoned, 393.

Morocco ambassador asks protection against pirates of, 400.

Venetians capture galleys at Valona, 44, 448.

Mansell's expedition against, 448.

Turkish encouragement of injurious to trade, 492.

- See also Barbary.

Almoner, the queen's. See Noel, Jacques le, bishop of Angoulme.

Alsace [France] :

Leicester wants fortresses given to Palatine, 220.

Bernard of Saxe Weimar enters, 243.

France likely to keep, 262.

Charles promises to unite with Austrians for restitution of, 503, 532.

Alva, duke of :

Chevreuse lodged in house of, 320.

Amalia Elizabeth, widow of William V. landgrave of Hesse Cassel :

follows husband's policy, 404.

Ambassadors :

immunity claimed for, 314, 321, 324, 335, 341.

Venetians claim parity of treatment for, 323, 349.

presents to, 15, 102, 168, 241, 256, 319, 369, 400, 417, 419, 420, 490.

-, refused, 271.

no distinction between agent and resident, 256, 271
-, Venetian receives less, 435, 438
-, no difference in treatment of Venetian, 472.

salary paid to extraordinary, 175.

salary and allowances to Venetian 105, 253.

attendance on, at entry, 323.

Catholics frequent chapels of, with impunity, 69, 217, 358
-, order in Council against, 324.

king declares for immunity of baggage, 407.

royal ship usually reserved for, 467, 490.

intimation that not to follow king to Scotland, 536.

Ambassadors, agents, bailo, envoys, ministers, papal legates and nuncios, residents, secretaries :

Danish, in England. See Belaw, Henry.

Danish, to the emperor. See Pentz, Christian count of.

Dutch, in Denmark. See Cracouw, Carel.

Dutch, in England. See Aerssens, Francis, lord of Sommelsdijk (extraordinary)
-, Beveren, Cornelis van(extraordinary)
-, Caron, Noel
-, Joachimi, Albert.

Dutch, in France. See Boetzelaer, Gideon van, lord of Langerach
-, Knuyt, Jan van (extraordinary)
-, Lier, William van, sieur d' Oosterwijk
-, Vosberghen, Gaspar.

Dutch, in Germany. See Aitzema, Foppius van.

Dutch, at Hamburg. See Cracouw, Carel.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Haagen, Cornelius van.

Dutch, at Venice. See Lier, William van, sieur d' Oosterwijk.

English, in Denmark. See Bertie, Peregrine, lord Willoughby d' Eresby
-, Herbert, John
-, Jenkinson, Anthony
-, Rogers, John
-, Vic, Henry de.

English, in Flanders. See Gerbier, Balthasar (agent)
-, Norgate, Edward (envoy).

English, in France. See Augier, Rene (agent)
-, Herbert, Edward baron, of Cherbury
-, Scudamore, John viscount
-, Sidney, Robert, earl of Leicester (extraordinary)
-, Vic, Henry de (agent)
-, Windebank, Thomas (envoy).

English, in Germany. See Anstruther, Sir Robert
-, Curtius, William (agent)
-, Howard, Thomas earl of Arundel
-, Taylor, John (agent).

English, at Hamburg. See Avery, Joseph (agent)
-, Roe, Sir Thomas
-, Vic, Henry de (agent).

English, in Morocco. See Blake, Robert (agent).

English, in the Netherlands. See Boswell, William (agent).

English, in Poland. See Douglas, Sir George
-, Gordon, Francis (agent).

English, to the pope. See Digby, Sir Kenelm
-, Hamilton, Sir William (agents).

English, at the Porte. See Crow, Sir Sackvillo
-, Wyche, Sir Peter.

English, in Savoy. See Fielding, Basil viscount (extraordinary)
-, Morton, Peter (agent).

English, in Spain. See Aston, Walter lord
-, Hopton, Sir Arthur.

English, in Sweden. See Berkeley, John (agent)
-, Fleetwood, Sir George.

English, in Switzerland. See Fleming, Sir Oliver (resident).

English, at Venice. See Fielding, Basil viscount (extraordinary)
-, Rowlandson, Thomas (resident)
-, Talbot, Gilbert (secretary).

French, in England. See Angennes, Jean d', Marquis of Pougny
-, Bellievre, Pompone de
-, Duval, Francois, marquis of Fontenay Mareuil
-, Senneterre, Henry Sieur de.

French, at Hamburg. See Mesmes, Claude de, sieur d' Avaux.

French, to the princes of Italy. See Bellievre, Pompone de.

French, in the Netherlands. See Brasest (secretary)
-, Charnass, Hercules Girard baron de (extraordinary)
-, Estampes, Jean d', de Valencay
-, Estrades, Godefroy d' (envoy).

French, in Poland. See Avaugour, baron d'.

French, at the Porte. See Harlay, Philip de, count of Cesy (acting).

French, in Spain. Basili, friar (envoy).

French, at Venice. See Cognet, Gaspard, sieur de la Tuillerie
-, Mallier, Claude de, sieur de Houssay.

Hesse, in England. See Sengel, Jean Louis.

imperial, at Brussels. See Nassau Hadamar, Count John Louis of.

imperial, in England. See Radolti, Clement.

imperial, at Hamburg. See Kurz, Count
-, Soldner, Dr.

imperial, at the Porte. See Kinsky, Froiherr van (resident).

imperial, in Spain. See Gonzaga, Don Annibal (extraordinary).

Lorraine, in Spain. See Moleur, abb de.

Lucca, in Spain. See Arnolfini, Jacopo.

Morocco, in England. See Gaudar ben Abdala.

Palatine, in England. See Curtius, William
-, Williams, Abraham (agents).

Palatine, in France. See Leuchtmaer, Romelian de (agent).

papal legate, to Cologne congress. See Ginetti, Marco, Cardinal deacon of S. Maria Nuova.

papal minister, in England. See Conn, George
-, Panzani, Gregorio
-, Rossetti, Count.

papal nuncio, in France. See Bolognetti, Giovanni, bishop of Ascoli.

papal nunico, in Germany. See Baglioni, Malatesta, bishop of Pesaro.

papal nunico, in Spain. See Campeggi, Lorenzo, bishop of Sinigaglia.

papal nunico, at Venice. See Vitelli, Francesco, archbishop of Thessalonica.

Polish, in England. See Rey, Andrea, de Naglowi
-, Zawadski, John.

Polish, in Germany. See Ossolinsky, Prince George.

Polish, in the Netherlands. See Rey, Andrea, de Naglowi.

Savoyard, in England. See Cisa, Benoit, count of Pezze
-, Parella, Marquis
-, Tornone, baron of.

Spanish, in England. See Axpe, Don Martino d' (designate)
-, Braccamonte, Gasparo (designate)
-, Cardenas, Alfonso de (resident)
-, Guevara, Inigo Velez de, Count of Oate and Villa Mediana
-, Guzman, Juan Claros de, Marquis de Fuentes (designate)
-, Necolalde, Juan (resident).

Spanish, in Germany. See Guevara, Ninigo de, count of Oate
-, Monroy y Zuniga, Sancho de, marquis of Castaeda
-, Pacheco, Juan, marquis of Cerralbo.

Spanish, at Mantua. See Saavedra, Diego.

Spanish, at Rome. See Moura, Manuel de, Marquis of Castel Rodrigo.

Spanish, at Venice. See Acua, Antonio de, viscount de Crecente
-, Benavides, Christofforo de
-, Rocca, count della.

Swedish, in England. See Blom, Michael de
-, Scottish colonel
-, Smalzius,

Swedish in France. See Grotius, Hugo.

Swedish, at Hamburg. See Salvius, John.

Swedish, in the Netherlands. See Spieringh, Peter.

Tuscan, in England. See Salvetti, Amerigo.

Tuscan, in Germany. See Griffoni, Ugolino.

Venetian, at Cologne. See Pesaro, Zuane.

Venetian, in England. See Agustini, Gieronimo (secretary)
-, Contarini, Alvise
-, Contarini, Piero (extraordinary)
-, Correr, Anzolo
-, Giustinian, Giovanni
-, Gussoni, Vicenzo
-, Pesaro, Zuane
-, Zonca, Francesco (secretary).

Venetian, in France. See Contarini, Alvise, di Nicolo
-, Correr, Anzolo.

Venetian, in Germany. See Ballarino, Giovanni Battista (resident)
-, Grimani, Giovanni.

Venetian, at Mantua. See Martinengo, Count.

Venetian, in the Netherlands. See Dolce, Pietro (secretary)
-, Giustinian, Gieronimo
-, Michiel, Francesco.

Venetian, at the Porte (Bailo). See Contarini, Alvise
-, Foscarini, Piero
-, Veniero, Sebastiano.

Venetian, at Rome. See Nani, Giovanni (extraordinary).

Venetian, in Spain. See Contarini, Alvise di Nicolo
-, Giustinian, Giovanni.

Venetian, in Switzerland. See Vico (resident).

Amiens [Somme, France] :

despatches dated at, 83, 89, 93, 557.

Amsterdam [Prov. North Holland, Netherlands], 442 :

ships of, 6n, 14n.

mart for gun powder, 461.

people object to reopening of question of Indies, will only accept judgment of own Company, 550.

losses suffered from Dunkirkers, 559.

ships sent from to blockade Grave, 577.

Anclan. See Anklam.

Ancona [Prov. Ancona, Italy] :

English desire trading facilities at and freedom of conscience, 217
-, Venetian concern about, 228
-, idea discouraged, 246.

trade of Ragusa with, 331, 338.

Angennes, Jean d', Marquis of Pougny, Poygni, Poygne, Poigny, Poyne, French ambassador in England :

tells Correr of reply to Scudamore, 4, 5
-, version of Miniken affair, 6.

taxes English with insincerity, 5
-, suspicious and perplexed, 47.

remonstrates at seizure of French frigates, 23
-, makes most of circumstances, 60.

Correr informs of Spanish overtures, 39
-, curious about issue, 92.

Senneterre goes to audience without, 53
-, long audience of king, 64.

kept in dark about negotiations at Paris, 66
-, comments of proposals, 82
-, professes to know nothing, 86, 90, 96.

applying for levy of Irish, 67, 76, 84.

to give Palatine title of elector, 86
-, Correr will follow example, 87.

Conn visits, 92
-, friendly relations with Correr, 96.

says negotiations approaching conclusion, 93
-, Beveren complains to of not being informed about, 123.

sudden death, 128
-, funeral service at Somerset House, 135.

-, [Charente, France]
-, bishop of. See Noel, Jacques le.

Anjou, France :

friar Basili comes from, 249n.

Anklam, Anclan [Pomerania, Germany] :

feared capture by imperialists, 364.

Anne of Austria, queen of France :

convicted of intrigues with Spain, to prevent English alliance 260
-, enquiry into relations with duchess of Chevreuse, 268
-, Count Parella sees once, 360.

pregnancy made public, 371
-, congratulations on, 378, 380, 411.

makes difficulty about audience of the Palatine Princes, 372.

Lady Scudamore not allowed to sit before, 414, 425
-, Scudamore takes leave of, 496.

congratulations on birth of dauphin, 458.

warns Chevreuse against returning to France, 473, 474.

-, Princess, daughter of Charles I : birth, 174
-, congratulations on, 178
-, christening, 188.

Anne, of Denmark, Queen of Great Britain :

Princess Mary Godmother to sister Anne in name of, 188
-, Samuel Turner, physician of, 368.

Anne Marie Louise
-, duchess of Montpensier, daughter of Gaston, duke of Orleans
-, Mlle. d'Orleans :

Leicester to suggest marriage to Palatine, 51.

proposed marriage to Rupert, 77.

Annibi. See Danvers, Henry, earl of Danby.

Anstruther, Sir Robert :

chosen as ambassador extraordinary to Hamburg, 400
-, opposition to appointment, 401.

instructions preparing 404
-, appointment announced at Paris, 405.

asks to be excused, 410
-, change reported at Paris, 411
-, reason for change, 413.

Antelmi, Antonio, secretary of the Collegio, 289 :

reads office to Fielding, 279.

Antelmi, Valerio, 284.

Antelope, royal ship :

equipped but lacks captain, 60
-, in Salee expedition, 252n
-, brings back word of success at Salee, 282n.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium], 433, 599 :

glass trade through, 42.

ordinary of, 101
-, couriers of, 388.

Tomaso sees Cardinal Infant at, 316.

Muranese fugitives from, in England, 390.

Apulia, Italy :

exportation of oil from, 36, 94.

Aquila, Pietro :

charged with conspiracy against Hyde, 449, 450, 528, 530
-, summoned to Cephalonia, 451
-, interest in new impost, 452
-, sent to Corfu, 508, 530-532
-, proceedings against, 528, 529
-, terrorism by, 530
-, excluded from Zante and Cephalonia, 546.

-, -, Zuane, son of :

charged by Proveditore, 451
-, engaged in brawl, 451.

sent to Corfu, 508, 530-532
-, proceedings against, 529.

Aragon, Spain :

duchess of Chevreuse arrives in, 279.

Archipelago, Aegean Sea :

king will allow attack on, if trouble over Valona, 488, 491
-, Giustinian to watch proceedings about, 494.

Arfort. See Seymour, William, earl of Hertford.

Argostoli, Cephalonia :

lading place for currants, 28, 43, 61
-, day of expectation allowed at, 62
-, question of paying duty at, 29, 30
-, safe transport of money from, 44.

Ark, merchantman :

puts in at Constantinople for cargo, 408.

Armada, the Spanish :

defeat of, 574.

army, the royal :

King busy gathering, 492
-, to be assembled at York, 494, 512.

muster of gentry, appointment of commanders, 496
-, king reviews horse, 500.

number of troops in king's pay, 509
-, force to take the field, 525.

discussion upon employment of, 512
-, fleet to support movements of, 521.

to assemble at Newcastle, 533, 534.

infantry sent to Newcastle by sea, 534
-, advance to Tweed, 544
-, stationary at Tweed, 546, 548.

made to take oath to king, 536
-, Treasurer supplies money to, 545.

new levies raised for, 536
-, re-inforcements raised hurriedly, 545, 550.

Scots demand withdrawal, 550
-, Scots advance on, 550.

disbanded, except a few companies, 556.

king proposes to gather a new with various designs, 605.

- of Hesse. See under Hesse Cassel.

-, of Saxe Weimar. See under Saxe Weimar.

-, Scottish. See Scotland, army of.

Arnheim, Harnheim, General :

arrested, 194.

Arnolfini, Jacopo, ambassador of Lucca in Spain :

letter to Giustinian, 441.

Arsem. See Aerssens.

artillery. See Guns.

Arundel, countess of. See Howard, Alethea.

-, earl of. See Howard, Thomas.

Ascoli [Prov. Ascoli, Italy] :

bishop of. See Bolognetti, Giovanni.

Assos, Asso, Cephalonia :

recommended as port of lading for currants, 30.

Astenay. See Aston, Walter lord.

Astley, Axelle, Axele, Bernard :

appointment at Plymouth, 477n.

-, Sir Jacob :

recalled from Holland, 477
-, made captain of Plymouth, 477n
-, made sergeant major general of the field, 496
-, sent to attack Scots, repulse, 550
-, fears fortifications of Berwick may provoke Scots, 500.

Aston, Astney, Astenay, Hasteyn, Astny, Walter lord, English ambassador in Spain :

sends secretary to England for supplies, 76
-, efforts to obtain renewal of trade with London, 154.

long conference with Olivares after despatches from England, 163
-, thinks equivalent might be accepted for Palatinate, 178.

expresses readiness for general accommodation, 257.

account of Oate escapade sent to, 258
-, Oate advises reprisals against, 263.

makes known dissatisfaction with Oate, 285.

sends secreatry to England, 349
-, to ask for recall, 371
-, recommended Fanshawe as successor, 374.

informed of ship for Chevreuse, 353
-, ship to fetch back, 413.

recall, 390, 391, 396, takes leave of king, 399
-, departure, 420.

encourages hopes of alliance, 418.

despatches to Coke, 357n, 407n.

secretary of. See Fanshawe, Richard.

Attorney General. See Bankes, Sir John.

Augier, Oger, Ogier, Ogger, Rn, English Agent in France :

returns home, 56
-, to take treaty to England, 101
-, summoned to Rueil to treat with Richelieu, 117.

expected in England, 130, 134, 136
-, takes articles of treaty, 131
-, report likely to be made public, 137.

arrival, reported to have brought ratification, 141
-, waiting to take back treaty, 147, 152, 153.

sent back with treaty, 155, 158, 161, 182
-, arrival at Paris, 164.

remarks about Scotland likely to make bad blood, 557.

Augsburg [Bavaria, Germany], 184, 197.

-, William
-, English merchant :

absconds from Seville to Venice, Spanish ambassador asks for arrest, 444.

Aulic councillors
-, See Haubitz, Tobias
-, Radolti, Clement
-, Walderode.

auricular confession :

Laud has advocated, king favours, 217
-, Anglicans accept, 303.

Austria :

Bavaria promises to give up for Upper Palatinate, 306.

-, archdukes of. See Leopold, bishop of Olmutz
-, Philip, archduke of Austria.

Austria, House of, 307 :

emperor's policy directed to secure domination, 306
-, Sweden avenged injuries on, 337.

1636 :

only force will induce to restore Palatinate, 5
-, excessive power a threat to England, 16
-, Senneterre draws attention to strength of, 54.

Arundel building on weakness of, 18
-, partiality of English ministers for, 20.

promises to England for alliance, 56
-, suggested alliance with England, 114.

imperialists try to delay England moving against, 65.

Oate increases feeling against, 80
-, clamour in England against, 83.

French want general alliance against, 82
-, alliance against agreed, 89.

England will not break with, 86, 87
-, Leicester says breach will follow alliance, 108.

Oate professes desire of to satisfy England, 90, 91
-, negotiations broken off, 115.

Spanish interests inseparable from, 111.

1637, 258 :

Charles threatens revenge on, 122
-, but cannot break with without parliament, 123
-, parliament will give supplies for war with, 125.

Oate gives assurances of friendship, 127
-, good fortune an asset to England, 133.

French ask for open breach with, 130, 141, 199
-, Charles does not like breaking with, 132, 137, 146, 187.

enemies powerless to injure, 131
-, Oate only minister in England, 182.

Arundel declares has no desire to settle Palatine's affairs, 133.

strained relations with obstacle to appealing against Denmark, 136.

proposed allied forces against, 136
-, Oate resents threats against, 146.

French give up demand for England to break with, 146
-, France's objection to war with, 152.

needs checking in interests of balance of power, 147
-, England's undertaking to break with, 152, 164, 218
-, England disposed for war with, 157.

English suspicious of French alliance with, 153, 187
-, Richelieu wants coalition against, 187.

England reserves right to declare against, 183
-, relations with broken off since Arundel's return, 186.

Coke and Holland enemies of, 186.

France unable to make headway against, 198
-, too strong for Palatines, 244.

not desirable for England to break with, 199
-, reports issued of fruitless negotiations with, 219.

Oate protests against measures hostile to, 213
-, enemies of not to assemble at Hamburg, 223.

English doing utmost to avoid breach with, 238
-, difficult for Dutch to break with, 287.

Dutch requires strong inducements to break with, 245
-, suspected negotiations of French Swedes and Dutch with, 255, 263.

hopes for Palatine from difficulties of, 255
-, settlement with Palatine would discourage enemies, 320.

not interest to make peace while victorious, 264
-, benefits by recrimination between France and England, 266.

Swedes disposed to peace with, proposed terms, 290, France and Sweden will not make separate peace with, 347.

English want Venice committed against, 312.

1638 :

Zonca rejoices at good fortune, 354
-, allies do not understand England hanging back, 359.

ill relations with Sweden make marriage with queen unlikely, 378.

proposed union with Venice to drive French from Italy, 398.

few approve of England breaking with, 422
-, does not desire marriage alliance with England, 424.

Roe asked if England means to break with, 439
-, Swedes will not undertake not to settle with, 463.

fear of France making separate peace with, 479, 486.

Swedes require England to break with, 481.

1639 :

English treating for alliance with, 522, 541
-, offers to for reinstatement of Palatine, 532.

Bellievre wants to pledge England to break with, 548.

England offers alliance with for help against Scots, 549
-, Dutch resent English preference for, 566.

wants to keep Palatine negotiations fluctuating, 551.

English offer to join for recovery of Lorraine, 599.

Austrians. See imperialists.

Avaugour, baron d', M. d' Avancurt, French minister to Poland :

appears at Hamburg with papers for d' Avaux, 364.

Avaux M. d'. See Mesmes, Claude de.

Avery, Joseph, English minister at Hamburg :

sent to Denmark, 2, 3
-, to promise energetic action if Arundel fails, 38
-, presents proposal to Oxenstierna, 47, 48.

to urge Oxenstierna to send representative to Paris, 230
-, to inform Oxenstierna of French treaty, 237.

instructions for Hamburg congress, 241, 251, 281, 287.

more positive instructions desired for, 309.

report on negotiations with emperor, 356.

French ministers deny having powers for treaty to, 359
-, reports arrival of Avaugeour, 364.

Salvius gets no satisfaction from, 359, 364.

has full powers to treat, 390
-, and to ratify treaty, 391.

reports offer of Salvius to Palatine, 422.

Avo, M. d'. See Mesmes, Claude de, sieur d' Avaux.

Axele, Axelle. See Astley.

Axpe, Don Martino d', d' Aspi, secretary to the Cardinal Infant :

expected in England as resident, 390
-, Chevreuse waits to sail with, 396.

Aytona, marquis of. See Moncada, Francis de.